Hyotei Location: A Speculation

I was curious when this came up on the PoT wikia page:

So I did a bit of digging on the internet.

Let’s take a look at the second episode of Another Story ~ Messages From the Past and Future ~ : Turbulence, The Young Atobe.

The episode starts with Oshitari boarding the wrong train. Two trains were present at the start. Both have the same colour strips on their bodies, meaning they belong on the same service line.

Here’s the next clue:

Hyotei Academy lies somewhere between Shinjuku and a station whose first character is only shown in the episode.

Not very helpful is it?

There are so many services operating at Shijuku Station, but Odakyu Odawara Line (小田急小田原線) passes through a station that begins with . Two in fact: Sagami-Ono (相模大野) and Sobudai-mae (相武台前); both situated in Kanagawa. In addition to Shinjuku, this line serves four other wards in Tokyo: Shibuya, Setagaya, Komae and Machida.

There are 21 stations along this Tokyo route, and Hyotei can be anywhere within these 4 wards.

Let’s narrow it down. Take a look at the Odakyu-Odawara route map below:

In the second screenshot showing the information board, Oshitari should have taken the 7:16 Express (急行) train towards Sagami-Ono, which stops at any of those 7 stations between Sagami-Ono and Shinjuku.

There’s an interesting line at the bottom of Hyotei’s information on the Japanese Wikipedia page. It seems that Hyotei is modelled after a real school, Seijou Gakuen. It has a station closeby called Seijougakuen-Mae (成城学園前駅) which incidentally sits perfectly on our route.

My final confirmation? Compare this screenshot from Jirou’s Awakening episode and Google Map.

I suppose in the PoT universe, the station should be rightfully named Hyoteigakuen-Mae.

My assumption: Hyotei resides in Setagaya Ward.