Dokyvngsoo (previously dorkyungie) First Follow Forever!!! Q^Q

It’s already been a while since i got 1k followers and i really2 want to make a follow forever since i have time now!!!! really guyyzzz i’ve been only learning photoshop since 2 months ago and i just like reblogging stuff and posting some unquality gif last year orz when i first start tumblr i don’t know a thing.. and i thought having 100 followers are already enough.. but since i entered exo fandom all of you are so nice sobs you don’t know how grateful i am especially for those who follow me, thank you so much for keeping up with my blog and even decide to click that follow button i just can’t- *brb crying*

okay i’m back. AND FOR MY TUMBLR FRIENDS!!!! i’ve met a bunch of amazing friends, with amazing blogs, amazing personality, amazing music taste, amazing cats, amazing fangs, amazing life, amazing humour, amazing edits, amazing heart, AMAZING EVERYTHING!!!!! it feels amazing to be able to communicate with people across the globe and discover their various life and interest… thank you for being my friend.. *sobs* i really222222 appreciate it, thank you so much for giving more colors to my life :)

IRL Friends <3 :

Baek-star  Chanyeolly  Mrsjoohyun

Amazing Blogs (Bolded are those who left something special for me)

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