I Just Finished Watching LOVE RAIN… OTL My feeeeelsss. eoteokie?? DA BEST LOVE STORY EVUUUUUURRR! I feel a lot of emotions in here. I even learn a lot of lessons not only about love but how important your famliy is, on how you sacrifice yourself for their own good. I have a lot of words to say on how really good it is. Especially the ending.. very lovely and fantastic! My heart keeps pounding. I swear, u better watch it. You will never fail. #teary #eyes

Im happy but sad though cuz it already ended and I feel missing something so precious that had succesfully made me smile, laugh, cry, angry, yet feeling warm inside… I WILL BADLY MISS YOU  JOON AND HANA. ~~♥♥♥

Lesson Learned: “ LOVE is never having to say you`re sorry.”

(mianhe for spamming. lol)