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Can I get a headcanon where Yoosung is feeling romantic or something? Like he starts attacking MC with cute kisses? Which leads to er--more kissing and stuff? 😂 sorry if this bothers you. I like the way you write hc's for Yoosung. Where he's not a sub crybaby who yells RIKA RIKA every second. Thank you <3

sorry it took me so long~ even longer to post a hc
I missed work all week bc of the con lol I don’t want to go tomorrow sOB

  • so you came home pretty earlier from work and hella tired
  • and with bad mood
  • you found yoosung spending his day off playing LOLOL ofc
  • so you just plop on sat on his lap
  • pretty much using his shoulder as a pillow
  • he lost oh well
  • cuddles you then picks you up and carrys you to bed to be more comfortable
  • you’re still refusing to talk about your day
  • more cuddles
  • he run his fingers through your soft hair
  • then peppers your face with lot of kisses
  • and your neck
  • especially where you’re ticklish 
  • he won’t stop until you’re at least giggling
  • and you do
  • guess what?.. more cuddles and then your stomach make noises
  • trying not to laugh at it
  • t r y i n g
  • makes for you lunch in bed
  • feeds you btw
  • also feeds you mouth to mouth 
  • welp probably last time he’s asking seven for advice
  • lol nope
  • soon it escalates quickly to fun time eue