remember that time when Jean was so fed up with everything that he ran off to join the singing anime


fuk the teetans im gunna sing

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Omg do like a pref/blurb of like telling mikey your leaving him but you don't wanna but you feel like you do and he gets all pleading and loving and he tells you all this lovely stuff and wow tears

Oh no. The fEELS!

“I-I need to leave Michael” I brokenly sobbed.

“No. Y-you can’t leave me!” He panicked

“I have to t-this isn’t working anymore” I whispered making my way into the bedroom and grabbing a suitcase. I began throwing all my things I could find into it.

I really didn’t want to leave him. I loved him so much. But he was never here and when he was he was either too moody to notice me or too tired to pay me any attention and I couldn’t do it anymore.

“I love you. You can’t leave me, not after all we’ve been through, I need you. Oh god please don’t leave me” he said grabbing my suitcase from my hands and chucking it to the other side of the room.

“M-Michael” I whispered “I need to do this” I cried, tears rolling freely down both of out cheeks. “Give me a reason not to” I sobbed loudly

“B-because I love you. Isn’t that good enough” he shouted, his voice cracking in the process. “I love you” he whispered sliding down the wall Fierce sobs over took him as he tried to even out his breathing but his breaths were coming out fast and rushed.

“ I can’t live with out you” he whispered looking me in the eyes. “ I refuse to live with out you. I promise you, I will try to be home more, please … I can’t … Don’t go” he pleaded sadly.

I crouched to the floor where he was sitting and he instantly grabbed me tightly holding me in a bone crushing hug desperate to not let me go.

“Please….” He whispered

“Oh god… I-I don’t know… I love you so much Michael” I said kissing him on the head and running my hands through his freshly died hair to comfort him.

I held my hand out and led him to the bed.

“Let’s get some sleep” I yawned tiredly

“Please don’t leave me”

“I won’t” I said knowing I wouldn’t be able to cope.

“Promise?” He asked hopefully

“I promise” I smiled before falling asleep wrapped in his tight embrace