“Todoroki was clearly shaken by your first attack. I had hoped to get the ten million points, but things don’t always go as you wish. Even so, I got one. I took the one on his head where his guard was the weakest. Midoriya, this was thanks to the opening you created with your last spurt.”

Yuri and Otabek for the Modern Witch - Pagan AU I’m cooking up 

btw Yuri is 110% the most fashionable witch you’ll ever meet

I just rewatched the clip and realized Yousef waited a few more seconds to reply to Sana’s last question “what do you mean?”.
I can totally picture him freaking out behind his screen and saying to himself : “that’s it boy, it’s time, now you have to tell her for good”.
And then he wrote it, knowing how important that step was and fearing the irreversible consequences it might have on his relationship with Sana.
He dropped this fucking bomb more than 12 hours ago.
And Sana has been MIA ever since.

ladykazoo  asked:

I'd love to see baby Sans and Papyrus in your style, if you're interested in this request. I imagine they'd be very cute! :) Thanks for your consideration!

*tosses a heap of baby bones art in the general direction of tumblr and runs away*

@ladykazoo, you have allowed me to fulfill one of my dreams. I love art of baby bones Sans and Papyrus and when I saw your ask I got VERY excited. …aaaand proceeded to go a little bit overboard, but I was having so much fun that I didn’t want to stop.

Special mention to @stuffedart, because their baby bones art is my very favorite of all baby bones art, and I took some inspiration from their work when I did this.

@ladykazoo, thank you VERY much for this request!✨