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omg the proudofzayn twitter trend is literally the sweetest thing??? soooooo many people are saying such nice things about zayn and his happiness and his success and im crying??? to see with my own eyes exactly how many people love and support him is overwhelming; its literally the best feeling in the world. like so many people have z's back just bury me right where i stand

Interviewer: The first half of the season lacked interaction between Carol and Daryl. Will we get more of them together in the second half?
Melissa: Yes, we’re going to have some more Daryl and Carol moments. Each of them is dealing with their own thing. Other characters have close bonds, but these two’s histories resonated with each other from the beginning. They were both under the watchful eye of somebody towering over them and telling them what to do and that they’re not good enough. They recognized that from the get-go in one another.

Interviewer: Is there love there?
Melissa: I’m reluctant to define it because I can’t define it myself. I believe they care so deeply for one another that they love each other. But romantic love, I don’t know, I’ll leave that up to the writers.

*interview for TV Insider (x)

Aaand thats how you answer a shippy question in the most beautiful but non-trolly way ever. And I agree, Caryl IS something you can’t really define….it means so many things to so many different people and that’s why i LOVE it….Both Unique AND Universal!


160209 kjm830911 IG update with Donghae .

He wrote that Donghae said he misses Seowon(his daughter). If Seowon could write a letter to Hae, It would help him get well soon. So it seems like this is an old pic and Hae’s condition is still not good ㅠㅠ [c]

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so basically a bunch of senior boys at my hs dressed up in short shorts and tights and crop tops and pink headbands and were acting 'gay' by saying ridiculous things in valley girl over excited voices and they cornered this tiny gay junior and were insulting him really bad and he was crying but then this fucking skyscraper of a sophomore (aka his boyfriend) came and beat the shit out of every single one of them and he was so fucking pissed and once he mutilated their asses he pulled his

boyfriend into his lap right in the middle of the hallway and was saying all these nice things to him like ‘don’t cry sweetheart’ 'they’re shitheads and don’t believe for a second what they said to you’ and it was just sort of amazing and I’m so happy for them


Andante: “Since when did I ever mention being a legendary had anything to do with my capabilities?”

Andante: “You think I haven’t ‘tested’ my skills against anyone I could? Anyone who opposed me!?”

Andante: “I didn’t make it to the top by myself by yelling, “I’m a fucking Mew”!”

Andante: “Now leave before I fucking finish you.”