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I'LL TALK TO YOU ABOUT JINMIN lol but first what made you like jinmin above other ships? They're not my top jin ship but man are they quite special

/takes a deep breath/ thank you! okay but listen jinmin is literally (for me) the sweetest ship and jimin is so soft for jin that it made me love jinmin so much

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falling in love with you was the easiest part.

It was supposed to be routine. Easy, even. Clear the outpost, alert the blade of marmora, move on.

It should’ve been fine, really. Sure, Lance got distracted, and sure, he took a hit to the side. His armor helps, though. They’ve all taken hits like that, they’ve all lived to fly another day.

But Lance is silent.

“Lance?” Keith calls anxiously.

“I didn’t like the looks of that laser.” Pidge admits. “If it somehow made it through his armor…” She doesn’t complete her sentence. She doesn’t have to.

“I’ll be fine in a second.” Lance says, sounding a bit out of breath. “Just, uh, just go on without me. You’ll be fine without me. Fine.” His voice breaks on that word, and then he starts coughing. It’s a horrible, hacking cough, and Keith doesn’t miss the pained sound he makes.

“Not a chance.” He says. “We’re a team. All of us or none of us.” There’s silence from Lance’s end for a moment, and that silence gnaws on Keith’s stomach. Then Lance laughs bitterly, and Keith realizes with a jolt that his mouth is bloodstained.

“You had to make it even harder. You had to say that.”

“Lance?” Keith asks, panicked. “Shit, Lance, what’s happening?” Lance lifts his hand from his side, and they all see the scarlet stain, slowly spreading over his armor. Keith races across the floor to his side, skidding on the slick surface. “Oh my god.” He breathes. “It’s gonna-its gonna be okay, we’ll get you back to the castle. We’ll get you to the healing pod. It’ll be fine.” He glances up at the team. “Come on, guys, let’s go.” The team doesn’t meet his eyes.

“Keith.” Allura says eventually. “The castle is almost a varga away. We won’t make it in time.”

“No, we will. Lance will be fine. It’ll be fine.” He repeats like a mantra. “It’ll be fine.”

“Keith…” Lance says.

“Come on, guys, we have to go. We have to get him to the healing pod, we have to-” Nobody will meet his eyes, nobody will even look at him. “Come on!” He shouts, his voice breaking.

“Keith.” Lance grabs his wrist, his grip strong even now. “Look at me.” He does, his eyes brimming with unshed tears.

“Don’t do this, Lance. Its gonna be fine.”

“Yeah,” Lance agrees. “It will. Everything will be fine, soon.” Hunk chokes back a sob, his hands flying to his mouth. Pidge makes a sound halfway between a whimper and a scream. Keith is frozen, rooted to the spot.

“No. Lance, no.”

“I remember, by the way.” He attempts a smile, but starts coughing again. His hands are stained with blood when he stops. “I remember. The ‘bonding moment” He clarifies, gasping slightly for breath. “And I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” Keith asks, his heart leaping into his throat.

“Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. Any of you.”

“Tell us what?” Allura asks in a strained voice, seeming to be the only one capable of speech.

“That you have the coolest accent, Allura, and you’re so freaking brave, and you’re always sacrificing so much.” She shakes her head and buries her face in Hunks shoulder, trying to hide her grief clouded eyes. “And Pidge… you’re so smart. You can do so much, you know so much. You’re like a super cool little sister.” Pidge is openly sobbing.

“And y-you’re a b-brother to me. I’m sorry Lance, I’m so sorry.” She manages. Hunk places a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“And Hunk, you’ve always been there for me no matter what. You’re my best friend, and you have been for years. I love you, man. I love all of you. I’m s-” He starts coughing again. “I’m sorry.” He completes. “I’m sorry I took so long to tell you guys.”

“We love you too, Lance.” Keith manages, taking both his hands.

“And Keith. Where do I begin, oh my god. I hate that mullet, you know. Nobody should be able to make a mullet look that attractive. And you’re so stupidly brave. You’re so freaking self sacrificing, and reckless. Mostly out of spite. Maybe…maybe try to calm the temper, just a little? I swear, if you die I’ll kill you. With love.” He’s gasping now, struggling with each breath. His eyes are half closed. “Because I-I love you. I love your stupid face and your stupid hair and your stupid bravery and how you’re always so badass and cool but you’re also such a dork and-” He starts coughing again, wincing each time. He closes his eyes briefly.

“Hey, no.” Keith whispers. He puts his hand on Lance’s cheek. “Stay with us, stay with us, come on.”

“Keith.” Lance says softly. “Does this count as a bonding moment?” Keith throws his head back in hysterical laughter, tears flowing from his eyes. It turns into a sob almost immediately, a wounded animal scream escaping from his throat.

“I love you too.” He manages. “You idiot. I love you so much.” Lance reaches up a hand to wipe away Keith’s tears and Keith grasps wildly at the hand, closing his eyes. He feels it when the hand goes limp, hears the rattle in Lance’s chest stop. He doesn’t open his eyes. He can’t.

The ghost of Lance’s last smile is still etched on his face when Keith presses his first and last kiss to the cold lips, when he presses their foreheads together desperately, sobbing Lance’s name, even when he reaches out with trembling hands to close his eyes for the last time.


haikyuu ❈ fairytale pages

picking up some small pebbles, he dropped them into the pitcher one by one.
with each pebble the water rose a little higher until- at last!
it was near enough so he could drink.

                                                      (aesop, the crow and the pitcher)


*silently sobbing*

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Wanna see what that letter says? Go read @jennijam07 `s soul-wrecking letter here (bruh thank you so much for letting me give it context AND ANOTHER HUGE THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE bc i know this took hella long ^^;)

Au belongs to this precious muffin:  @doodledrawsthings

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A/N: Request from anon. A lot of depression and angst here but I’d say it’s fluffy too. It worked well with that idea I had in mind, so without further ado… enjoy!

Words: 1662
Warnings: angst, depression

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icarus burned fast,
 but not fast enough for the gods.
(apollo, later, screaming

they had time to think, to deliberate,
as icarus fell in slow motion;
“if we save him he’ll become arrogant,
‘the first man to fly,’ he’ll say.
no man should fly.”
“but it could bring forth inventors,
a genius to help the humans-”
“they will come to it in their own time.
it is still too early now.”

artemis kept her lips sealed, knowing.
 (apollo, later, accusing

“let him fall.”

and the slow motion stopped.
and time sped up
and icarus slapped the oceans surface,
still burning, barely a ripple
disturbing the mirror-stillness.

(apollo, later, sobbing

—  t.d.v
What Dean Wants

Castiel was a gentle lover, to a fault really, clearly terrified of hurting Dean. He supposed it was hardly surprising, with the strength of an angel all it would take was one moment of carelessness and he could destroy Dean. After all, before Dean, Cas had never had sex while in possession of his grace. Dean bore it out for as long as he could, but soon he couldn’t take it. Every kind word and soft caress sent agonising shards of guilt radiating through him, far worse than anything he had experienced in hell. He didn’t deserve this, couldn’t.
“Cas?” Dean spoke into the sheets as Cas softly topped him from behind.
“Yes Dean?”
“Can we…” Dean trailed off, he couldn’t say it out loud, couldn’t vocalise something as personal as this.
“Can we what? What do you want?” Cas walked around the bed to where he lay, kneeling down so his face was level with Dean’s, concern creasing those beautiful features. Dean sat up slightly.
“I just… It just…” He couldn’t find the words.
Cas reached a hand out to stroke Dean’s cheek, no doubt feeling the tension in his jaw, seeing the fear of rejection in his eyes.
“What’s wrong?” Dean looked down, scared that Cas would read his thoughts, and be scared away. Cas leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on Dean’s lips. “You know you can tell me anything.” He said quietly, eyes conveying the heartfelt conviction of his words, the honesty of an angel.
“You’re being…Too nice to me.” Dean looked directly at him with those last words. Too late to turn back now.
He could see confusion cloud Castiel’s expression, he wondered if the angel would even have the human knowledge to understand his meaning, then it cleared.
“I don’t have to be.”
With that, he slammed Dean back down on the mattress, holding him down with a firm hand pressed into the small of his back as he moved to straddle him. He thrust into Dean, hard enough for the headboard to crash against the wall.
Dean cried out. He felt Castiel falter for a moment, lessening the pressure on his back with the hint of a question. Dean nodded his head a fraction of an inch, and that was all the confirmation Cas needed. He resumed fucking Dean, each thrust somehow harder than the last, reaching depths Dean didn’t know he had.
Dean grabbed the sheets, fists curling around the material in an attempt to ground himself. Cas noticed his movements, then in a single smooth motion, pulled his arms away from the bedspread and pinned them to his lower back, effortlessly holding them there with one hand as the other grabbed a fistful of hair and shoved his face down hard into the mattress.
Dean shook as an orgasm was wrenched from his soul, his hips violently bucking beneath Castiel’s punishing weight. Castiel’s own orgasm following close behind.
Cas collapsed on top of Dean, releasing his hands and his hair as he did so. Dean just lay there as Cas planted tender kisses across his shoulders and the back of his neck. It was only when he moved up to kiss his cheek that Cas realised he was crying, tears streaming down his face and soaking the mattress below, his shoulders starting to shake from the silent sobs. Cas hurriedly rolled him onto his side, horrified that he had caused such pain in the man he loved so much.
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” The words rushed out, the panic increasing as Dean only seemed to cry harder, his sobs vocal now. “Dean I-”
“Thank you.” Dean spoke hoarsely, the tears not letting up despite his words. Cas was utterly confused.
“I can heal you if you’re hurt, let me-” he reached out a hand to heal whatever damage he had done, but Dean took hold of his wrist and gently moved it away.
“I’m not hurt Cas. I’m… I’m great. I just… I’d needed that for so long…” The tears that had begun to let up flowed down his cheeks once again. Dean turned his face away, feeling shame redden his face as his senses returned. Cas sat back down beside him, pulling him up with the lightest of touches, then brought his face to his and kissed the tears away. Dean leant into the angel’s touch and kissed him softly, slowly, and completely honestly.
“Thank you.” Cas murmured against his lips, his voice deep and emotional.
“What for?” Dean asked, feeling that he should be the one doing the thanking.
“For letting me see you, the real you.”
Dean responded with a deep kiss, not knowing the words to describe all that he felt in that moment, he didn’t need to. Castiel knew all he wanted to say. He let out a blissful sigh, and lay down to rest in the warmth of his angel’s arms, at complete peace for the first time.

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Do u ever ugly sob when you remember how Derek's anchor is Stiles being kind to him?

This is everything to me. The way Stiles acted in that dream scene, so gentle and understanding and soft, says just so much about Derek and what he wants, and what he pictures Stiles as.

Stiles is his safety.

And just… it’s honestly the most beautiful thing. This is someone who took refuge in anger for so long, who tried to take on the world himself because he couldn’t trust anyone, anything, anymore. Who tried to dictate everything, couldn’t explain himself because opening up was weakness and betrayal lived around every corner. Who couldn’t believe in anything except his own strength and the fact that the world would probably take the next opportunity to screw him over.

And then there was Stiles. Being there for Derek, time and again. Even if he was snarking the whole time–– hell, especially if he was snarking the whole time, because that just meant Stiles honestly didn’t want to be driving around a wounded Derek or doing research for him or treading water, holding him up while a giant lizard stalked around them… but he did it anyway because Derek needed him to. Because Stiles would always be there for him. Because Stiles understood him. And how could Derek see all that, experience all that, time after time and not let his walls slip down?

Stiles worked his way into Derek’s heart despite Derek’s best intentions, and seeing that progression of trust, seeing Derek soften to Stiles, bit by bit, seeing in the dream scene everything Derek wished for and believed Stiles to be, and the complete, vulnerable trust Derek had in Stiles at that point…

This is why Sterek is eternal.

Lost and Found

Prompts: 44. “I really want to kiss you right now. I know I shouldn’t, and somehow that makes me want it more.”

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, night terrors

Word Count: 835

A/N: So, this is part 3 of nightmares and bruises!!!! I hope you all like it. Requests are open.

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Originally posted by myvainsoul

Y/N made her way cautiously back to her house in the dark. She had met Dustin and Steve at Dustin’s house and Steve was armed with his nail bat as she pulled out her crowbar. Dustin had led them to the outside cellar, opened it and then stood back for the two of them to descend. When they got down there they noticed that they had a bigger problem. Dart, as Dustin called the baby Demogorgon, had managed to dig out of the cellar and was now somewhere in the woods. The three of them had agreed to meet in the morning to try and find Dart. Dustin had told them to bring all the raw meat that they could find.

As Y/N turned down her street, she could already see Billy sat on the hood of his Camaro with a cigarette between his lips. This time there were no fresh bruises breaking his perfect skin. Her parents clearly weren’t home and she could only wonder if it had something to do with the sudden appearance of the baby Demogorgon. Billy smiled, climbed down off his car and stamped out his cigarette as he saw her approaching. She smiled back but clutched the bag on her shoulder a little tighter just in case Dart decided to show up.

“Everything okay, princess?” Billy questioned as she reached him and quickly looked around before pulling him to the door.

“Yeah, just let’s get inside.” She replied before unlocking the door, ushering him inside and quickly looking around before locking it again. She quickly began checking every lock in the house while Billy watched with confusion.

Billy laid a hand on her arm and she jumped. “You sure you’re okay? You seem very… tense.”

“Yeah of course.” She smiled and began to walk upstairs. “I just got spooked by a cat walking home.”

“You should have let me give you a lift.” He told her as she replaced the bag under her side of the bed; making sure it was open in case she needed to defend herself in the night.

“Probably should have.” She muttered. “You staying?”

“If you want me too.” Billy said as he stood with his hands in his pockets.

She nodded and laid down in bed after kicking off her shoes. She didn’t want to be alone tonight. Billy watched her closely before pulling his shirt and shoes off and joining her. She faced away from him and he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her into his chest. He pressed a kiss to the back of her neck as they both drifted off.

Billy hadn’t been asleep long when he was woken by Y/N tossing and turning. There were tears running down her cheeks and she was shaking violently. “Y/N?” He shook her lightly and she shot bolt upright before wilding looking around the room. Billy rested his hand on her arm and she jumped away from him. “Hey, it’s just me.”

That was all it took and she broke down. He pulled her into his chest as sobs began to rack her body. He pressed kisses to her hairline and whispered comforting things but this time she couldn’t calm down. It had been so real. Steve, Nancy, Jonathan, the party, Joyce, Hopper and Billy had all been massacred. She couldn’t shake the image of Billy’s lifeless form from her head as she clutched onto him.

Eventually her sobs stopped and she pulled away from him to wipe her eyes. One of Billy’s hands didn’t leave her arm as the other one moved up and cupped her cheek; forcing her to look into those ocean blue eyes. “You want to talk about it?”He asked but she shook her head. He suddenly started chuckling to himself.

“What?” Y/N questioned.

“You look beautiful right now.” He said with a smile. “I really want to kiss you right now. I know I shouldn’t, and somehow that makes me want it more.” He suddenly revealed and Y/N’s voice hitched in her throat.

With a sudden surge of confidence and the need to feel close to him, she pulled him forward and pressed their lips together harshly. Billy responded immediately by pulling her into his lap and threading his fingers into her hair. Every untold feeling and emotion from the past few months was suddenly released all at once. Y/N kissed him with force and passion as one thought continued to race through the back of her mind:

Whatever had happened last year was happening again in some way, and this time, Y/N wanted to make sure it never came back.

Needing Comfort

Hi! Hope you enjoy this spontaneous little one shot. 

Plot: Harry and Y/N have been fighting for days. On day four, Y/N starts to cry.

Picture isn’t mine. 

Nothing was working out the way it should. This morning I spilled coffee all over my new shirt which permanently ruined its white collar, my keys were nowhere to be found and once they did reappear I was already running late for my classes and additional to all of that, Harry and I had been fighting for the past three days.

It wasn’t uncommon for us to disagree on some subjects, just like any other couple sometimes would, but we hardly ever fought. In the two years we’d been dating I could recall Harry raising his voice at me a total 6 times and each time he’d apologized for it instantly. He’d never thrown or kicked a chair, had never allowed either of us to go to bed angry and instead had been focused on finding a solution with me.
This had changed. And coming home after a busy day was anything but a happy reunion.

Now that he was on his break Harry was usually home when I arrived in the evening, since he could easily schedule his meetings to be in the after noon. Normally I was happy to have him to come home to but now that with us fighting… Instead of music, the smell of food or his open arms, I was greeted by Harry ignoring me from the moment I set foot into our apartment to when we fell asleep, he of course rather on the couch than in bed with me. And if he didn’t ignore me than he made a mean remark on everything I did until he provoked me to react, which then in turn was his cue to resume his yelling.
Maybe I was being dramatic, given that it was only three days so far, but I missed Harry terrible. The one he was only a week ago. With every word he yelled into my direction he broke my heart a little more and with every venomous look he gave me my stomach turned.

Today, I couldn’t handle it.
Of course I was feeling down because of our argument pretty much every hour of each day but so far my daily routine would at least helped taking my mind off it. However my day hadn’t become better and instead turned into a complete mess. I returned home with a pounding head, an aching body and exhausted nerves. The last thing I could bear tonight was my boyfriend’s cruel attitude of ignoring me until I gave him some excuse to restart the argument.

I opened the door to the apartment with a trembling breath leaving my chest. My shaking fingers released the bag I was holding, then pushed off my thin jacket and then slipped out of my shoes, all the while with tightly closed eyes as I willed myself not to cry.

Silence. Nothing.

I’d long stopped expecting a kiss or a hug, but I didn’t even get a hello now. Any other day when I was upset Harry was there to comfort me from the moment we were reunited. He’d do anything to make me feel better, sometimes pamper me like I was his baby he needed to look after. I’d always feel better afterwards and with my boyfriend’s warm shoulder to lean on it was easy to forget.
Harry had always been my number one cure for a bad day.

Today, however, he didn’t even say hi.

I saw him sitting on the couch when I quietly walked past the living room. His fingers were busy typing away on his computer resting on the coffee table and when he heard me pass him he made a point not to look up. Great.
My heart fell and my eyes watered, but instead of saying something like I knew he expected me to, I turned around and left for the bedroom. Don’t give in, my mind whispered, don’t give him a reason to freak out on you again. Not now.
My feet made a dragging sound when I excited the living room and my body flinched when Harry cleared his throat behind me.

“Oh, I had a great day, sweetheart. Thank you for asking,” he spoke mockingly, but I ignored him and the sting in my chest.

Sweetheart. A nickname he normally used to affirm his feelings for me, not to taunt and humiliate me. It felt like a slap across the cheek and so my feet hurried to get distance between us.
Once I entered our bedroom I wasted no time and began to undress. My skin was covered in goosebumps when I stood in front of the wardrobe and I quickly changed into an old shirt and some pijama bottoms, both mine as I couldn’t bear to wear his clothes tonight, before crawling into the cold bed. I pulled the covers up to my head and wrapped both arms around my frame.

Finally, I allowed myself to break down. Sobs made my shoulders shake and I had to press my fingers against my puffy lips to quieten my cries, not wanting Harry to hear me. He didn’t need to know that I was feeling vulnerable, by the state of his mood he would probably use that to his advantage and taunt me further.
I cried until my eyes stung and the fingers I still held to my lips felt ice cold against my flushed cheeks.

I couldn’t do this anymore. I was done.

My boyfriend probably hated me. He might even break up with me in the near future. It wouldn’t even come as a surprise.
And after today, all my exhausted body needed was a break, but the upcoming exams required me to study, so technically I shouldn’t allow myself to lay down now either. I couldn’t afford taking time to myself, especially since I also had a job I needed to show up to.

I shook my hurting head and turned to bury my face further into my pillow, wetting the fabric with the salty liquid leaving my eyes. I whimpered when pain shot through me.
I stumbled earlier today and fell down an entire flight of stairs which had not only been embarrassing, but also bruised my hips, one of my elbows and scraped my knees so they bled through my jeans and had been burning painfully ever since.

I was hurting physically and emotionally. And if you’re lacking the comfort in your home, it’s really hard to cope.

The door opened without me hearing and so I didn’t notice his presence until the bed dipped and I had two other arms wrapping around me additional to my own. Instantly, my body tensed and although feeling his warm chest pressed to my back felt good, I didn’t want his touch. Or at least I couldn’t admit that I did.
Harry’s soft curls tickled the exposed skin of my neck when he rubbed his nose against it and I could hear him taking in a deep breath.

“What are you doing?” I whimpered mid-sob.

My shaking fingers balled into fists and I refused to turn and look at him.

Harry tightened his hold. “You’re sad. Wanna make it better.”

I’ve been sad because of you for three days and now that you’re actually not the main reason for my tears, you choose to care?
But I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t bear to hear him yell again. There was simply no energy left in me.
So I just lay there, crying and in pain. But at least his presence meant that my body was slowly warming up as well.

“I’m sorry,” Harry continued softly.

His lips pressed a soft kiss to the back of my neck and his hands found mine, opening my fists gently before intertwining our fingers and squeezing them.

“I have been incredibly unforgiving with you and awful, too. I knew I kept on hurting you and didn’t stop… I’m sorry. So sorry, baby.”

He left another kiss on my skin before cuddling himself closer against me, his forehead pressing to my shoulder. I released a deep breath and allowed myself to relax a little, leaning slightly into him. My heart hammered in my chest and I was relieved to have him back.
But my crying only increased. I wasn’t a fan of holding grudges but the fact that I didn’t even try to argue back or defend my point one last time, proved once more how done with everything I was. And I couldn’t stand it.
When I didn’t cease to cry, Harry whimpered quietly and pushed one of his legs in between mine.

“What can I do, Y/N?” he breathed.

I shook my head, my voice no where to be found. Harry sighed and leaned up to press his mouth to my flushed cheek. He hummed and breathed against my skin, but nothing worked. I wouldn’t calm down.

“I didn’t even realize how much too far I took it,” Harry whimpered into my ear, his soft lips trailing kisses along my jaw, “M'sorry, my love. Please… no more tears. I can’t bear it when you cry. Especially when it’s because of me.”

My hands searched for his, hesitantly at first but my grasp was bold once I found his fingers.

“S'not just you,” I whispered, the sobs stopping just long enough for me to form the words.

Harry stayed silent at my words and began to draw small circles against my palm. Finally my tears slowly stopped falling and I dared turning around so I could press my flushed face against his neck. My lungs felt full when I breathed in his familiar scent and Harry sighed, relieved to have me show him some affection.

“Fighting with you,” I began quietly, voice thick, “is tough, Harry. I hate it when we don’t talk. I can’t take it.”

My voice broke and I braced myself for more tears, yet no came.

“Oh, baby,” Harry breathed and I shuddered when his lips pressed to my skin in an effort to mend my heart, “I hate it, too.”

I hummed and squeezed his hand. “M'not just crying because of you.”

He squeezed me, motioning for me to continue.

“I was late,” I murmured, “I forgot my wallet so I had no money for lunch. One of my teachers just announced a huge exam and I don’t understand the subject at all. I fell down an entire flight of stairs which wasn’t just super embarrassing but also very painful and if that wasn’t enough I feel like my head is going to explode. And my shift tomorrow is going to be longer than usual cause we’re short on staff.”

I shook my head and sniffled noisily. I tiredly reached up to wrap both arms around Harry’s neck, finally allowing myself the much needed contact with his skin. Harry reacted by pulling me flush against his body, our intertwined legs bringing the both of us even closer together.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured, his words quickly followed by a kiss to my cheek, “Should’ve been there for you to call. M'sorry I made you feel like you couldn’t.”

He hummed lowly and I just shrugged before my lips found his collarbones to kiss. His hands squeezed me once more, then he pulled back slowly. He easily slipped out of the hold I tried to tighten on him and climbed off the bed, a hand held out for me to take.

“What are you doing?” I asked confused, a frown on my forehead, “I really don’t feel like getting up, Harry.”

“I know,” he assured quietly, “And you won’t have to for long. Just wanna take care of you for a moment, then we can go to bed.”


I was sitting on the closed toilet seat as I watched Harry move around the bathroom in search for our first aid kit. He looked funny, I noticed. His hair was ruffled and messy and his appearance strangely resembled the comic figure Waldo. A white/red stripped shirt adorned his torso, a pair of blue sweat pants his legs. I couldn’t help but smile and once he noticed, Harry did too. We hadn’t acknowledged each other in this way in days… it felt good to be back.
Once victorious, he knelt down before me and took my hands.

“Hold on to my shoulders to steady yourself,” he instructed, setting them down just by his neck, then his own fingers found the top of my pijama bottoms


“Need to get these off you so I can take look at those knees.”

“I think I can undress myself, Harry,” I murmured and rolled my eyes, but my heart warmed at his caring actions and I happily allowed him to pull the material off my legs with a quick yank, before I could even so much as get up.

Harry hissed at the sight of my bloody knees and his pink lips instantly pouted. My hands continued to hold on to his board shoulders when he began to clean out the wounds with a disinfected piece of cotton and I was cautious not to hiss too much, afraid Harry’s guilt would only increase. Not that any of this was his fault, of course. But he’d said it himself. If we hadn’t fought, I would have called him. It was quite the sight though, I thought, Harry Styles on his knees before me, his face bearing an expression of pure concentration as he tended to my injury like a private nurse. A very handsome one, I might ad. And an incredibly gentle and tender one, too. Almost afraid.

“I won’t fall apart,” I whispered.

My fingers found the back of his neck and I gently massaged his scalp, earning a low moan from him.

Harry shrugged. “Won’t let you.”

A band-aid was carefully applied, than he pressed a kiss to it. I leaned down to kiss his cheek and murmured a quiet thank you against his skin. I was happy. The pounding in my head had slightly lessened, thanks to the painkillers Harry had made me take and with his kind gestures and tender touches he was doing a great job at mending my previous heart break.
I watched him get back to his feet and complied quickly when he gestured for me to get up.

“Stay home tomorrow,” Harry suggested, his hands finding mine, “I can call the studio and arrange a day off. We could make up for the lost time.”

His green eyes stared into my own and as always I wanted nothing else but comply to whatever he asked. A day at home with Harry sounded perfect. But I couldn’t.

“I can’t, Harry. Told you I have to work tomorrow.”

My fingers looked small compared to his and I giggled when the pout on his face increased. He pulled at my hands.

“You don’t have to, though,” he argued, “I feel like you keep on putting more and more onto your plate. No wonder you broke down, love.”

I was about to open my mouth but he quickly continued.

“I know I added to your stress, too. M'not trying to belittle my fault in this. But you know I can easily afford paying both of our bills. Paying both of our food, rent, everything. You wouldn’t be the burden you think. I’d be happy to help support you.”

“I can’t,” I protested, “No way I’d let you do that. I can’t be depending on your money.”

Harry rolled his eyes. “You wouldn’t be forever. Only for now. Until the stress at school is over. After, you could pay me back if that will get you to agree.”

I wanted to argue, wanted to decline, but Harry shook his head the moment I tried to find my voice.

“You’re the most precious person to me, Y/N. I won’t let you wreck yourself any longer.”

His hand reached up and cradled my face, making me look at him for a moment before he leaned in and captured my lips with his.
Nothing was decided yet and I surely would fight him on the subject, but for tonight I decided I would let myself to just enjoy that I had my loving and caring boyfriend back.

Hope you enjoyed it! This was completely spontaneously and written in one go, so I apologize for any mistakes. 

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The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Ten- Dean x Reader

The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Ten

Summary: Dean finds out you’re a virgin and begins to try to charm his way into your pants. Little does he know he’s about to fall in love.
Word Count: 2,115
Warnings:   Oral Sex (Female Receiving).    Language.

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I’m so addicted to all the things you do
When you’re rollin’ round with me in between the sheets
Oh the sounds you make, with every breath you take
It’s unlike anything, when you’re lovin’ me…
From Addicted by Saving Abel

The pure radiating contentment that filled his belly was achingly foreign to the oldest Winchester.  You had long fallen asleep and he had stayed awake thinking about the events of the past few days.  He hadn’t realized that what started out as a good old game of flirting was going to boil over into this.  That night at the bar, he had been annoyed that you had chased away the blonde.  Now he couldn’t help but chuckle at the memory.  You had no idea that innocent act of jealousy had stirred up all his old feelings.  It had given him the incentive to pursue what he had first felt five year prior.    

Things were more than a little complicated for him over the past several years and he had pushed down anything good.  You were good.  Actually too damn good, for all the shit he would have put you through..  You were innocent and light- he would have never chosen to burden your heart.  Pressing his lips to yours gently, he couldn’t help but feel pure bliss.  His heart thumped against his ribs as you stirred in your sleep.  

“Ummmmmmmm.”  You hummed as your eyes fluttered open.  An instant smile lite up your face when you meet Dean’s forest green eyes.  

“Hi.”  You mumbled as you rose up to peck his lips.  Dean eagerly accepted it and cupped your face to hold you in the kiss.  You moaned softly as his fingers brushed through your hair.  Pulling away, Dean smiled again as his feelings threaten to spill over.

“Hi beautiful.”  He murmured in reply as he pulled you against his chest.  You sighed quietly as a feeling of fullness spread through you.  Reaching over, you allowed your hand to ghost down his back.  You grinned when you felt it prickle with goosebumps and Dean shiver.  You had never felt anything this magical before and you would’ve sworn it was a dream.  Yet, the dull ache from between your thighs remained.

Then there was also the reality of your suddenly growling stomach.  You nodded your head and rolled your eyes.  Only you could interrupt a romantic moment with your bodily functions.  Dean chuckled softly before pressing his lips tenderly to you forehead.

“Sounds like my baby is hungry.”  He whispered in a low rumble against your ear.  The breath tickled you causing you to giggle.  Leaning down, he gently nipped at the sensitive spot in your neck.

“Maybe…  A little.”  You squeaked as Dean nipped you.

“Pizza?”  He mumbled against your neck.  

You practically drooled at the thought pizza and nodded vigorously.  Dean chuckled again before pulling away from you to roll off the bed.  You sat up and watched as his naked form walked away.  Clamping a hand over your mouth with a giggle threatened to spill out as you took in the beauty of him.  

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gosh this one was kinda challenging!! heres what i came up with anyway i hope u enjoy her aaaaAAAAAA ////

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#10 please!!

#10: “I wanted more.”

“You don’t have to go.” you whispered so softly Harry almost didn’t hear you as he was struggling to find his belongings scattered around your room. You watched Harry’s shoulders tense as you reached over and turned on the lamp on your bedside table. Harry let out a sigh as he turned around to look at you. “I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to wake you up.”

You shrugged your shoulders, pulling the covers tighter against your bare chest. “I always notice when you leave.” Harry let out a wince, even though it wasn’t intentional, he knew you were referencing all the nights where he would leave before the sun even came up.

Every time Harry was in town, he found himself getting lost in between your sheets. It became a routine to find him knocking on your door. At first, it was great. The sex was amazing. Harry knew every spot to hit, every place to kiss; he knew your body more than you did.

When you started developing feelings for Harry, everything changed. At least for you. Harry still came around, you guys still had phenomenal sex, but you found yourself wanting more. Every time he left the bed, you wish he stayed. You wish he told you about his day, you wish he told you about the latest song he was working on at the studio. You wanted, no, you needed more.

But you could never tell Harry that. Your feelings for Harry were so strong, you were afraid that if he found out that he would stop whatever was going on between the two of you. So you kept your mouth shut.

Harry just threw his shirt over his head before he turned to look at you. You were staring down at your hands on your lap. Harry bit down on his bottom lip, a sense of guilt overcoming him. He took a seat beside you, causing you to look up at him. “Isn’t your sister’s birthday party tomorrow?”

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. You told Harry about this a while ago. Frankly you didn’t think he was paying attention, nor did you think he cared. You were surprised that he managed to remember. You nodded your head. Harry cleared his throat, “Do you mind if I tag along?”

You couldn’t help the smile that was fighting its way onto your face. “Really? You would want to go?” Harry chucked at your expression as he nodded his head, “Why not? It’ll be fun.” Harry grabbed you by the waist and pulled you closer to him. Your cheeks turned a crimson red before you nodded your head. “Alright,” you agreed. Harry gave you a smirk before he pressed a kiss to your lips. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

You were standing outside the club your sister was hosting her birthday party at. You wrapped your coat around you tighter as you glanced at your phone. No messages from Harry. You let out a sigh as you looked around, hoping Harry would pop out of nowhere and apologize for being late. Your sister came up behind you, a drink in her hand. “Y/N? What are you doing out here? Come inside!”

You looked at your sister and looked back at your phone. “I will, I will. I’m just. I’m just waiting for someone. He said he would come tonight.” You let out a sigh as your phone was still bare of any messages from Harry. Your sister pursed her lips together as she stared at you. “Is something wrong?”

You shook your head as you plastered on a fake smile. “Nothing’s wrong! Why would anything be wrong?” Your sister shook her head. She’s seen you hurt many times. She’s seen you cry. She knows when you had a broken heart and tonight, you were glowing with hurt. Although you’ve never told her about Harry, she knew that the “someone” you were waiting for was the culprit of your sadness. Your sister grabbed your hand softly. Your eyes slowly drifted towards her. Your sister gave you a small smile. “Y/N, whoever hurt you and is making you wait up for them…they’re not worth it. You’re worthy, you know that right?”

You let out a sigh as you shook your head. You pulled your sister in for a hug, careful not to spill her drink. “I know. I just forgot for a little bit.”

You looked at the time on your phone. You let out a sigh. You knew exactly who it was knocking on your door at this time. You let out a sigh before you made your way to the door. You opened the door to find Harry standing at your doorstep, his hands in his front pockets. Your mouth set in a straight line before you crossed your eyes and leaned on the door frame.

“I’m sorry, love. I forgot.” Harry apologized sheepishly. You shook your head. “It’s fine. I should’ve known you had better things to do.”

Harry stepped closer to you. “Let me show you how sorry I am, yeah?” He was just about to place his hand on your waist before you took a step back. “I’m sorry, H. I can’t do this anymore?”

Harry’s eyebrows furrowed. “What?” You gestured your hands towards the both of you. “Whatever this is…was… I can’t do it anymore.”

Harry took a step forward again but again, you took a step back. Harry sighed, “If this is because of tonight, I’m sorry. I’ll be there next time. Don’t say things you don’t mean.” Harry was looking into your eyes, trying to get a sense of what was going on in your mind but all he saw was sadness.

You took a step towards Harry and placed a kiss on his cheek. “I’m sorry,” you whispered before you stepped back into your apartment. Before Harry could process what was happening, you already closed the door on your face.

You leaned on the door, your arms wrapped around yourself as you listened to Harry knocking on your door repeatedly. You tried to hold back the sob ripping its way through your body. “Love! What happened! What changed!”

You shook your head as your head hung low, a tear managing to find its way out. “I wanted more.”

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wow… it’s been 13 years. where do i even begin to say how proud i am of how far dbsk has come? as changmin once said (i paraphrase, since i can’t find the exact interview) that being together for 10 (and more) years was an accomplishment by itself, regardless of the number of fans they had or the number of awards they had won. that the fact that they could make people happy around the world was rewarding in itself, and their long journey was fulfilling in itself.

honestly, this gifset is not enough to encompass all that you have done. whether one considers the numbers above small or big, according to me, you have accomplished so much more than just your awards and milestones. i think you have shown your fans the true meaning of working hard and not giving up, no matter how many obstacles fall your way. from the start, you’ve had a tough journey and yet you’ve persevered. being broke, having sasaengs, having anti-fans, having practically no audience in a foreign country, being lonely in a foreign country, broadcasting at the weirdest timings, having an insane schedule, splitting up, dealing with more anti-fans, almost not returning as a duo, losing huge amounts of fans, amongst so many other things. and yet, all of you have come out stronger and better. 

even with those difficulties, you have strived to show the best of you to us, and there has hardly been a moment you have not made us proud. so, be it as five or two, thank you for carrying the name of ‘dong bang shin ki’ far and wide across the world. thank you being such a huge part of what k-pop is today, and thank you for giving your 110% all the time, even though you know you don’t have to. thank you for everything in the past 13 years, and here’s to many more to come. 

gifs are from: the latest tour, with: live tour 2015
compilation of statistics can be found here.

Aren’t I Good Enough? C.H

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warning: smutttttt

word count: 2200+

summary: Luke cheats on y/n with Arzaylea and Calum is there to support her and help her through it. 

requested?: yes, hope you liked it anon! Hannah wrote this one, she was very excited about it so I hope y’all enjoy it :)

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“He what?” I asked Ashton, not believing a single word of what I was hearing. “Y/N, I’m so sorry for not telling you sooner. Luke snuck Arzaylea on the bus countless numbers of times during the last few weeks of tour and it’s been eating me alive hiding that from you. You deserve so much better.” He told me with sympathy and I could feel the tears instantly streaming down my face. 

Normally, I wouldn’t believe anything until I talked to Luke about it first, but Ashton was one of my best friends and I knew that he would never lie to me. I sat there and repeated the words he just told me in my head, and there was a sudden knock at the door. 

“Well, thank you for being honest. I appreciate it, but I better let you go. Somebody’s here.” I told him. “Stay strong Y/N, I’m always here for you. Just remember that you deserve better than that dirty scumbag.” He told me. 

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