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Aoba giving Mink a smooch
  • Aoba giving Mink a smooch
  • MinAo Drama CD, CD 2, Track 1

So, I mentioned this earlier but just like, this part is just so gosh darn cute. Its so freaking cute, you guys and I just had to make a little snippet of it. 

(translations come from @shibaface and @memera - you can read their entire translations here and here. Also, tumblr has been fucking up audio posts lately so if it doesn’t play when you hit the play button, just click on the upper right corner of this post which will take you to my tumblr and listen to it there.)

M: Go to sleep. Give that to me.

A: Ah, yeah. (he hands over the tea then settles back into bed) Mink? You’ll stay with me, won’t you?

M: Yeah. Move over a little.

A: Huh? Mmhm… (he moves over and Mink lies down beside him)  You’ll sleep by my side?

M: Yeah. (Mink sighs then embraces Aoba) So that you won’t get anymore nightmares. Let’s stay this way.

A: Ah…mhm. Mink–

M: Hmm? (Aoba gives him a smooch, Mink makes a pleased sigh)

A: Goodnight

M: Goodnight

its just so freaking cute. they’re so fucking domestic and i love it so much


Good luck with the camp!

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Bring back Zouis!!!!!!!

P.S. I loved Zayn’s hair like this. I hope he’s growing it long so it can be like this again :-)


Maybe next time Jeonghan (*´▽`*)

A big advantage to the role of Gwen is that she experiences her first true love with Peter Parker. Through her, I could act out this crazy, totally carefree feeling again that I had myself when I was in love for the first time. That had faded. Because Andrew and I got along so well straight away, we had a lot of room to play, to improvise. That way we could build up our characters’ relationship piece by piece–and then the chemistry between Andrew and me developed as well.

How Emma fell in love with Andrew while filming TASM