sobs sorry this looks so awful

Look!! Less than ten drafts heh!

No- seriously- I need to celebrate somehow with you guys. This means the world to me and I’m so, so happy about it just…

Let me smooch you all ;3; I’m gonna cry ahhhHH

anonymous asked:

recently my brother visited and he wanted to take me shopping. we went to a Levis store and he gave me jeans to go try on, I was already having a bad day and when the jeans werent even close to fitting I had a meltdown and I couldnt stop crying. My brother and an employee that was helping us was right outside the room so I had to suck it up and leave the fitting room and face them. when they asked if it fit I started sobbing again and I saw everyone in the store looking at me and it was awful

oh my gosh :( that sounds like a nightmare. i’m so sorry :( that happened to me once but i cried in the dressing room. i hope ur brother gave u a big hug.