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I recently read Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat and I fell in love with watching Damen and Laurent fall in love… ;o;

After the betrayal of Zarkon, It was difficult finding a new Paladin for the Black Lion. Where accepting the position would instantly be put on top of Zarkon’s kill list. The King himself piloting was too much of a high risk and the Black Lion herself refusing to search out for potential candidates since the broken trust of the previous Pilot. 

At that moment, only one name was coming to Coran’s mind that had the chance to reach out to the Black Lion and lead Voltron. 


in other words, I just realised how well ‘Xom’ fits in the Black Paladin role.


forearms (◡‿◡✿) tattoos (◕‿◕✿) HANDS (◑‿◐✿)


ereriweek, day 1: pining

i actually finished this i can’t believe it

there’s no reason for this to be this late, please forgive my lazy butt

the idea is levi having this HUGE crush on eren but he doesn’t want to break the friendship and stupidly he doesn’t know that eren feels the same way. pretty cliche but well..

hope you like it! it’s the first time i actually draw so many panels, hope it turns nice enough ; w ;

here’s a better resolution (i suppose)