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Moments , Part One

Word Count: 2220 (I was too into it)

Characters: Reader X Platonic Dean & Sam, Ellen and Jo.

Warnings: None I can think of.

A/N: Week 2 of @one-shots-supernatural‘s hiatus challenge.

 Prompt: “I know! Isn’t it great?”

Somethings were tailored to fit my story, mainly the Roadhouse never being destroyed.

Also I plan for this to have three parts, the prompt was just too good and I got this whole story in my head. Also song mentioned in the story is “You Really Got A Hold On Me” by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles :D

Everyone has moments in life that are life changing, game changers. There are three moments in your life that forever changed the outcome of your world. It goes without saying, there are moments that mean so much to you, ones that have effected your life greatly. Losing both your parents, mom when you were younger and your dad a few years back on a hunt, it all has weighed on you. But there were three moments that made your life worth living, three things that have made your life special.

The first one happened three years ago, after your Dad was killed by vamps, you went to Ellen. She helped you recover, letting you work for her and slowly easing back into the hunter life. Jo became the little sister you never had, the two of you would go on hunts, Ellen trusted you with Jo, and the two of you always came back better and stronger. Jo was always going on and on about some hunter and his brother. You usually rolled your eyes at Jo’s school girl crush, but you never met them. And then, you lost Ellen and Jo. You had gone off on a job with a few local hunters, Ellen had called when you were gone. You weren’t able to get the call, but she left a message saying she was going on a case with the Winchesters and that she’d see you at home. On your way back from the hunt, you got the call. It was like reliving your parents death again, you cried for days. You became angry, wanting answers, but getting none. You decided it was time to meet these Winchesters. It took you a few weeks and many calls to hunters, but you finally tracked them down at some motel in Vermont. You noticed the black Impala, the one Jo talked about, right away. Parking your blue jeep next to the classic car, you started shaking. You knew it wasn’t their fault, Ellen and Jo were hunters, all of you were. The deal was simple, hunters died, it was a fact. But you needed someone to be angry at, someone to blame for the death of the last two people who you truly loved.

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The 1975 'Thank You' Signs

last night was my last show of this tour and it was an emotional roller-coaster. i had printed out about 150 copies of signs reading thank you, and some people in line were so wonderful and had seen my post and brought their own. during the day i passed them out and everyone spread the word that we were going to be silent during me and hold up the signs.

i have never been so proud of a crowd in my life. during me the venue was silent. as soon as the song started we held up our signs and the effect was instantaneous. matty saw the signs and walked forward to the barricade and took as many as he could fit in his hands. at this point i was sobbing so hard everything was blurry, but the look on his face meant everything to me. he looked so touched and his eyes were teary. after grabbing some of the signs he walked back and looked out over the whole crowd holding up their signs, just staring at us. i hope that all of our gratitude was visible in that moment. i hope that he could see how much we owe to this band, and how much we appreciate all they sacrifice for us to see them on tour.

ultimately matty will never know who made those signs. he will never know how much me means to me, or how much its done for me. and thats almost better. because the memory for him will always be of this sea of people gazing up at him silently saying thank you for everything this band has done. it will be an connection between him and the crowd that will exist forever, because we shared that moment together. the whole crowd and the band being present and appreciating the fact that music can connect us in ways that are truly magical. 

thank you all so much.