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“Love Me Again”, by John Newman - Happy’s imagine

Personal Idea: Happy’s imagine based on the song “Love Me Again”, by John Newman.

Hello friends,

I really like this song and I don’t why but I think about Happy when I hear it. I’m sorry that this is cruel, but this song inspires this for me…

Enjoy! Love you all!

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: can be triggering, violence, torture

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His blood was boiling, but all he could feel was cold, shivers and angry. All the Samcro family around him wasn’t helping and the silence was killing him. He was ready to revenge, but first he needed to know if you would be okay…

“Happy…”, he heard Gemma’s soft voice and looked up to her. She had a cup of coffee in her hands. He took it but didn’t drink it. He was lost in his own mind.

You were an angel, different from everybody else he ever met. First, he thought you were too innocent for hanging around Samcro, but then you proved to be strong and he couldn’t help himself. Happy had to have you, though he thought he was the last person on Earth to deserve you. He was a cold heart killer, closer to the evil’s dictionary definition and doing things that the devil himself could only imagine.

However, you didn’t care about all that. Day after day you came closer and got into his skin. He told you, a bunch of times, that you were a fool, but you just ignored. Happy felt for you, hard, and in the day you became his old lady, officially, he swore to God he would protect you with his own life.

Now, he had failed and he was desperate…Would you be able to forgive him? He didn’t think so, he had broken your heart in the worst way possible.

          Know I’ve done wrong

          Left your heart torn

          Is that what devils do?

          Took you so low

          Where only fools go

          I shook the angel in you

He noticed everybody getting up and then Tara was entering on the room. Happy got up and practically ran to her, his eyes begging for good news.

“She has a few ribs broken and bruises on her face”, she swallowed. “She will be okay, but…the baby…”

She didn’t need to finish the sentence, Happy clenched his jaw so hard that everyone near could hear it. He was almost sobbing like nobody ever saw him do. Gemma looked to everybody, keeping them away as she hugged Happy.

“Listen to me sweetie”, she whispered in his ear. “You need to be strong for her. Cry, all you have to, right here and right now. When you walk through that door and look in her eyes, you will be her rock. She need you”

“I dragged her into this Gem”, he mumbled.

“She is a big girl. She knew what she was signing for”, she said. Happy nodded and wiped the tears.

“You go first”, he said, looking at her and at his brothers. Gemma nodded and Tara took her to your bedroom. Happy was taking deep breaths trying to put his stoic face back on.

Gemma was back to the waiting area a few moments later, she looked at Happy and told him to go. Feeling like he was under water, he walked to your bedroom, slowly opening the door.

There were flowers on the nightstand and you looked so fragile under the sheets that he felt the tears back on his eyes. You turned your head, looking away from the window to face him.

“Hi”, you said, your voice weak. Happy took slow steps towards you.

“Hi baby”, he whispered, taking your head between his hands. You could see the twitch on his jaw and tell the conflicts going on inside his mind.

“Happy, I’m fine”, you said, in an attempt to comfort both of you.

“Shit”, he breathed. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I dragged you into this baby. I failed in protect you. You must hate me”

“Listen to me…”, you whispered. “I don’t hate you. I hate them. I hate those bastard that did this to me. You are not a bad man Happy, you just do what you need to do to survive. I admire you baby and I love you”

Happy looked up, not believing in your words. After what you had suffered in the last hours, things that came from your relationship with Samcro…You still loved him? He was amazed and grateful.

“Now I need just one thing for you”, you said, getting his full attention.

          It’s unforgivable

          I stole and burnt your soul

          Is that what demons do?

          They rule the worst of me

          Destroy everything

          They bring down angels like you

Everybody looked at Happy when he went back to his family. Tig noticed the killer look on his face and nodded, picking up his phone. He walked towards Gemma, “Stay with her mom, I’ll be back soon”

“Of course”, Gemma blinked surprised with the change on his mood and with all the guys getting up to follow Happy. She prayed for them to be fine and walked to your room.

Meanwhile, Happy and his brothers were riding their bikes around town, going back to the warehouse where they had found you, to being their hunt. Juice was at the clubhouse, tracking down phone and cars. Tig was talking to some people he knew on the bars around town. Night was almost ending when they found the group on the docks, hiding like rats.

Happy didn’t have mercy, he tortured them using all the tools and all he could think about. He let the adrenaline and the rage took over his body and mind, only stopping when Jax touched his shoulder saying it was enough. He watched the flames consuming the bodies and held the teeth of those men in his fists. He drove back home and took a shower before go back to the hospital.

         Now I’m rising from the ground

         Rising up to you

         Filled with all the strength I’ve found

        There’s nothing I can’t do

Gemma was sleeping on a chair when he arrived and he woke her up, lying in bed with you after she was gone. He thought you were sleeping, but you sighed on his arms and whispered in the dark, “Did you find them?”

“Yes”, he whispered, running his fingers through your hair. “I killed them”

“Good”, you said and closed your eyes again. “I love you Happy”

“I love you too girl”, he said, closing his eyes too and finally getting the rest he needed.

         I need to know now, know now

         Can you love me again?

Well, I started shipping Peter/Gamora with the comic book, months ago and I was just “sob nobody seem to like them, no fanfics no gifset nothing even on Tumblr”

Then the movie came out

and I was

(plus, the movie was totally, incredibly AMAZING. Good job Marvel and Disney, you did a great work and the characters were so great and well portrayed! A 10/10!)