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You Being Scared Of Thunderstorms: Pentagon

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Jinho: When he walked into your shared bedroom after practice, he got curious to see a bundle of blankets, which was obviously you. He pulled up the covers and saw you quivering, a large sound of thunder causing you to squeak in fear. He would be concerned, convincing you to leave your home of blankets to watch a movie and cuddle. He would try his best to make sure you weren’t scared anymore. 

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Hui: Be prepared for lots of kisses and hugs. He’s sad that you didn’t admit your fear of thunderstorms to him, but he’ll make sure that you were happy. He’ll sing softly to you while you two cuddled, making weird voices to make you laugh and forget the storm outside. Don’t forget the large hugs! He’d just be an angel. 

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Hongseok: He didn’t expect to see you hugging yourself under the swarm of blankets. Immediately, he’d slip under the blankets, pulling you into his chest. He’d whisper to you, having a conversation to try to remove your fear of the thunderstorm. He would bring you snacks and watch a movie, hugging you under the blankets, kissing your head at random times. 

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E’Dawn: The man of very little words. When he saw you scared out of your mind, he’d just go to the kitchen and bring you your favorite snacks, making you smile, before cuddling you close. He’d tell you that you didn’t need to be afraid, as he was there, but to make sure you couldn’t hear the storm outside, he would make funny faces and put music on in the background. With him, you forgot your fear. 

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Yeo One: He’d be extremely worried about your state. He’d ask you many questions before ultimately putting your favorite movie or show on, cuddling you close and eating snacks. He wouldn’t leave your side until the storm was gone or you two have fallen asleep, your head on his chest. 

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Shinwon: He’d probably freak out. When he saw your tear-stained cheeks, he will think the worse. Be prepared to be bombarded with lots of useless questions. He’ll find the answer when lightning struck, making you cringe and let out a strained whimper. He would hold you close to him, catering to all your needs to make up for your tears. 

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Kino: He hated to see you cry, so he’d do anything to make you smile and laugh. He’d pull the blankets off your head and do a weird face, causing you to smile. Him being the child he is, he would slide under the home with you, poking your cheek before whispering to you, asking if you could build a fort for room. You and him would build a fort, laughing and hiding within it, causing you to forget the storm completely. 

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Yuto: He’s also a man of very few words. When he saw the pile of blankets over your form, he was confused. But it made sense when he came closer and heard your quiet sniffles and whimpers. It saddened him to hear this. He would look under the blankets, his eyes making contact with your glossy ones. To make you feel safe, he would smile gently, sliding his hand into the blanket home you made to push your hair out of your face. He would place your face into his neck, holding you close. 

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Yanan: You being his first girlfriend, he honestly would go blank. He would stand in the doorway before thunder resounded through the room, resulting in you letting out a quiet shriek. Being the confused bear he is, he would probably look under the blanket and ask if you were okay. After this, he would kiss your forehead and pull you out of the blankets, ignoring your small protests. He would make you go into the living room, surrounding you two in blankets and cuddling as you watched a show or movie of your choice. 

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Wooseok: This large teddy bear would look at the bundle that was you for a couple moments. When lightning covered the room in extra light, thunder following soon after, you let out a small sob of fear. He would quietly ask if you were okay, pulling the blanket off of you after no reply. You loudly protest, but he wiped your tears before pulling you into the kitchen, placing you on the counter. You two snacked as the storm roared outside, his hand in yours to make you feel safer. 

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I hope you liked this! The power went out when I was half-way done. So this is from scratch, after like 3 hours of no power. Have a wonderful day, sweetie. 

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