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anonymous asked:

Headcannons for GoM's sleeping routine with their fem s/o??? (Like their fave sleeping positions with their s/o, who sleeps first, who wakes up first, etc.)

Here you go, anon. Personally I’d give a limb to snuggle up to Aomine (or Kiyoshi), but oh well.


-       Likes physical and emotional closeness, so sleeps in a cradling position with you

-       Your head is usually on his shoulder, legs entwined, your palm on his chest

-       Usually falls asleep around the same time as, or after you

-       This is because he tends to stroke parts of you (like your arm or back) and it’s just so soothing (for the both of you)

-       Just about always wakes up before you, no matter what you try; you wonder if he predicts it in his sleep

-       Will positively melt into a puddle of cuteness if you take charge and caress his hair

-       Doesn’t move about much in his sleep, so you’re usually in the same position you started in  

-       Likes to watch you sleep peacefully and give you a long, leisurely kiss when you wake up

-       Bonus: Makes a purring noise like a cat when he’s all snuggled up and happy

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AoKise has always been a big part of this blog (and of my art) and I just can’t miss not contributing to their day! So here you guys go~!

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