sobs it all started with this album

How To Avoid Drinking Your Paint Water And Other Art Tips

  •  See the coke up there?  it’s in totally the wrong place.   KEEP YOUR BEVERAGE AT 4 O’CLOCK.  or 5, if you’re a leftie.  Keep your paint water on your table in front of you, and your beverage off to the side so that you have to physically turn around to get at it.  You will teach your brain that Drink Is Over There, Not On The Desk; your coffee will last longer that way, AND YOU WILL AVOID SPILLING IT ALL OVER YOUR WORK.
  • if you DO spill your drink, cover the page and call it “Organically Dyed Paper”  it ain’t coming out, run with it.
  • Instead of 7-hour continuous playlist, listen to albums so you’re stopping every 40 minutes or so to change the music THEN STRETCH YOU FOOLS.
  • Alternate caffeinated beverages with non-caffeinated.  your hands WILL start to shake if you keep mainlining coffee like that.
  • get this freaking pencil sharpener.  yes, that’s a lot for a sharpener, but this SOB will work forever, won’t eat pencils, and gets you the finest points possible.  this has been stress-tested by scientific illustrators and I promise we are the pissisest possible people when it comes to pencil points.  Mine it literally 6 years old now.  it’s great. (Yeah, yeah, it’s missing from the pic.  Have a backup in case of forgetfulness.)
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ART IN POOR LIGHT.  this means both too little AND too much.  You eyes, brain and spine will all thank you.  This mean making sure you’ve got direct, full-spectrum light indoors (it’ll make laptops and winter easier too, I promise) and wearing sunglasses outdoors.
  • FUCK PRISMACOLOR PENCILS.  The pigment’s good but the binder is brittle and breaks, and the wood is frequently warped.  literally 1 in 5 of the last prismacolor pencils I’ve had were totally unusable.  Faber-Castel is comparable in price/sometimes cheaper and had very high quality.
  • like, not shitting on cheap art supplies, because god knows I use them all the time, but pirsmacolors are EXPENSIVE and having the lead snap for the 7369205790235969th time will give you a goddamn stroke.
  • Remember to Eat maybe????
  • about every 2-3 hours, get up, leave the room, and do something else for at least 20 minutes.  Do the dishes maybe.  Gives your eyes and shoulders a break, lets your brain re-set and you’ll be able to see things that Need Fixing when you get back.
  • FOR FUCKS SAKE, USE REFERENCES.  All the greats did, you’ll stress less, and things will look so much better.  Just google image the sucker.
  • srsly eat something.  even some cheetos.  pls.
  • ok kids it’s 3AM i’ll think of more in the morning.  take care of yourselves.

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How about s/o being happily married to Gabriel and is devastated by his death and about a year later Reaper confronts them, hoping that s/o will want him back? A lot of emotions and NSFW (not non-con) please.


There was never a time that you were happier than when you became Gabriel Reyes’s spouse. You were used to all the time he spent working, always waiting for him to come home with open arms and a smile on your face; happy to help him relax at the end of a frustrating day. 

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“Wait. I didn’t mean that. Come back” - Choi Minho

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Request: (anon) “wait. i didn’t mean that. please, come back” with minho please? like really dramatic but with a good ending? xx

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Swearing a little

Celebration of 800 followers, list here


A/N: This is pretty short. Like not even a thousand words. I hope you like it! I know I have a lot of other requests to take care of but I have to get home work done, and if I don’t post/finish prompt requests today, they’ll hopefully be done tomorrow. Inbox always open, this is still going on for the week. 

~ Admin Brooklyn


“I’m sorry,” Minho apologized, his eyes were wide in shock. You shook your head tears started to fall down your cheeks slowly. Minho stepped forward, ready to grab your hand. You stepped back before he could touch you, your hand retracting back into your chest. You held your arms together, rubbing them lightly as you stepped away from him.

“No,” you cried. A sob left your lips, shaking your shoulders. You looked towards the door, beginning to turn away from him. His eyes widen as you turn away from him and leave the room.  

Wait. I didn’t mean that. Please come back.” A humorless laugh left your lips as well as a loud sob. You shake your head and turn towards him as we entered the hallway.

“You didn’t mean to call me a clingy attention whore,” you hissed. He frowned sadly as you continued to cry.

“No I didn’t,” he started. You rolled your eyes and began to walk away, but he caught your hand. He held it gently as he pulled you closer to him. You tried fighting him, but he was stronger and got what he wanted as he turned you around. “I didn’t mean it at all. I’m just so tired from working on the new album, and I know you mean the best. I just lost my temper.”

You just stared at him, not knowing if you should accept his apology. He continued to hold your hand, rubbing light circles on the top of your hand with his thumb. You wanted to pull away, but he pulled you into a hug. His hand came up to your head, lightly stroking your hair.

“Jagi, I’m so sorry,” he whispered in your hair. You leaned into his chest, letting his arms wrap around you tightly.

“You’re gonna have to make it up to me,” you say quietly. He kissed the top of your head.

“Anything for you (Y/N),” he said, still brushing your hair. You nodded your head leaning against his chest. “I’m so sorry.”

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Prompt: everyone at the ministry forgot Newt's birthday (even Newt) and the morning of his birthday his desk or office is FLOODED with gifts and letters and owls or whatnot and everyone is trying to figure out why&Newt starts crying at this photo book that Queenie made of Newt's time at MACUSA(the cover is a picture ofNewt,Graves,Tina,Queenie and Jacob!) the letters are from everyone from MACUSA even serphina! Then some asshole pureblood upsets Newt by being mean&Theseus comes and kicks his ass

I’d like to write this as a continuation of the last one I posted about Theseus and Newt. Here’s the link to the first Chapter


Where home is

Chapter 2

It’s been a month since Newt came back to England and he’s also been working for the Ministry. He believes he got the job mostly because of his brother ‘cause honestly nobody in there seems to care that much for magical creatures.

Still he does what he can.

He also knows he’s not liked very much inside the Ministry (he’s so different and doesn’t stay at any place for too long), but at least he’s respected and that’s just because Theseus Scamander is his brother.

He misses New York, well… actually he just misses his friends. But his home is in England as Theseus reminds him very often, besides, it’s not that bad at least his brother is always with him.

And Theseus… He’s always been so kind and patient with him. Newt knows he doesn’t deserve that because he’s constantly been the disappointment of the Scamander’s family. His parents thought that, but not Theseus… he’s the only one who always have been encouraging him to do whatever he wants. That’s why after their parents passed away he was glad that his brother became his official guardian.

That’s why he thanks Merlin to have a brother like him. A brother that sometimes seems to think about him first rather than himself.

So it’s not really a surprise to him when he walks in the kitchen in the morning and sees the table full of blueberry pancakes. His favourites.

Right, it’s his birthday.

Newt can’t stop the smile forming on his face when Theseus hugs him and kisses him on his curly hair.

“So… What do you want to do tonight?” Theseus asks. “We can go wherever you like to celebrate!”

Newt bites his lip. He knows Theseus would enjoy going to a pub or something like that, but he doesn’t find appealing to be around strangers and honestly he prefers to study and take care of creatures.

“I was thinking… I-I mean… The muggles have places they call animal shelters and they keep injured or weak non-magical creatures in there and I’d like to go to one of them and learn more about how they help them.” Newt blurts out, a flush spreading all over his cheeks. He remembers family dinners and how their parents used to scold at him for liking such things instead of being more ‘normal’.

Theseus doesn’t seem angry or irritated when Newt looks up at him, instead his lips quirk into a genuine smile.

“Of course! I told you, we can do anything you want,” he assures. “I have an idea. How about we go to the Ministry for a couple of hours and then go to find that animal shelter of yours.”

“I can’t, my boss doesn’t let anybody go till eight,” Newt explains.

But then, there’s a mischievous smirk on Theseus face when he says “don’t worry, little bird, leave your boss to me.”

And that’s one of the things that always make Newt wonder how much power does his brother really has in the Ministry of Magic.


Of course none of his colleagues remembers it’s his birthday, it doesn’t really matter anyway because he never liked them that much.

So that isn’t what makes him burst into tears. No, that’s not it.

He starts crying when he reaches his desk and sees all the gifts and letters from New York. And he sobs even more when he opens the album Queenie made for him with all the pictures of his friends at MACUSA. There’s Jacob too and Mr Graves, even though Newt never met him (because he was still unconscious when he left), but he looks better.

“Please do us a favor and go back to New York,” Fergus Fleamont comments. He’s leaning over his desk looking at him with disgust.

He always stares at him like that, but Newt’s used to people’s annoyed glares so he decided to keep that from his brother.

He wasn’t aware of how much Fleamont seemed to hate him till that morning.

Newt tries to ignore him.

“It must be a disappointment to a wizard as known as Theseus Scamander to have a brother like you. Even your parents were ashamed of you, everyone talked about that.”

He looks at the ground, letting the words to sink in his mind and somehow they start to make sense.

“But look, kid. Just think about what I say. I think your brother would appreciate if you put some distance between the two of you… I mean I know I wouldn’t want to be linked to a man that caused a disaster in New York. You really are a walking mess, aren’t you?”

Newt resists the temptation to nod and looks up just to catch a flash of light after the corner of his eye and realizing Fleamont fell to the ground.

“Are you okay?” Theseus asks looking at Newt’s face with a worried expression.

“Yes,” he manages to say and tries to stop himself from sobbing even more.

Theseus smiles caresses his cheek with his thumb.

“You know you can tell me if you don’t want me here you can say it, right?” Newt breathes and tries to calm himself down.

“What? Who said I didn’t-” he begins but stops as soon as he realizes. Theseus turns to look at the terrified figure on the ground who seems even more scared now that has the auror’s full attention on him. “I see.”

“L-look, Mr Scamander it was just a little joke, I didn’t really m-mean it,” Fleamont babbles, putting his hands up in surrender.

“He was crying when I got here,” Theseus reminds him almost with a growl. “You made him suffer…”

“'Seus, please,” Newt takes him by the arm.

Luckily, Dodge, his boss, arrives then and glares at Fleamont.

“What’s going on?”

But just when Newt’s about to say ‘Nothing, everything’s fine’ his brother steps in.

“He insulted my little brother,” Theseus explains.

“Don’t worry, Sir… I’ll take care of it,” Dodge tells them without asking any further about the situation just accepting the auror’s word on it.

“Fire him.”

Newt almost squeaks then because that was a direct order. An order that the head of another Department decides to follow.

“Of course, Sir.”

“I think that’s too much, ‘Seus,” he says but it’s too late because Dodge takes Fleamont by the arm and they both walk out of the room.

“C'mon, little one. Let’s go visit that animal shelter,” Theseus offers and takes his brother’s hand.

But Newt shakes his head.

“I just want to go home,” he sighs.

“What? Why? You were very excited about the shelter…”

“I-I still am, it’s just that I don’t want to go today. Can we stay home and watch movies instead?”

“Whatever your heart wants,” Theseus tells him and puts a hand around his shoulders. “I’ll make cocoa. But I think I’m gonna kill that bastard first.”

Newt giggles.

“That’s not very appropriate coming from a senior auror working for the Ministry, 'Seus” he comments. “If you do it, you’ll have to take yourself to Azkaban.”

Theseus winks at him.

“That won’t happen. I make the rules around here, they’ll forgive me.”

Newt burst into laughter and feels his heart warming up again.


When they get back to Theseus’ house, his older brother gives him the gift he was saving for the night.

It’s a rare and beautiful book about basilisks. A book he’s been looking for since forever and thought he would never find.

He thanks his brother and sits comfortably on the couch unable to wait a second longer to start reading it.

“I’ll be in the kitchen,” Theseus informs and Newt barely nods in response.

He hears Theseus chuckle even from there.

But he also hears a knock at the door. Intrigued, since Theseus hasn’t had any visitors since Newt arrived, he rises from the couch and opens the door.

“Uh… Hello? Mr Graves?” Newt blurts out, confused of seeing the American auror there.

Graves blinks at him for a few seconds before he can react. Then his lips quirk up into a full grin.

“You must be Newt Scamander… I mean… I have seen you, in pictures. Miss Goldstein keeps showing them to me and I… They told me what you did for me and I wanted to say thank you,” Graves manages to explain, but it isn’t quite clear to Newt yet. But of course he ignores that feeling because he’s more interested in asking about Tina and Queenie. He assumes he can’t talk about Jacob since he’s a muggle and probably Graves still thinks he has been obliviated.

Newt smiles back at him and he’s about to let him in, when Theseus walks in between them, blocking Newt’s view with his body.

Theseus points at Graves with his wand like he’s about to attack him. The other auror arches an eyebrow in surprise, but doesn’t move away.

“During the war… When I lost almost all my regiment and one of my soldiers took his own life in front of us I told you-”

“You told me you understood why a man could do such thing,” Graves interrupts.

“But I also explained why I’d never do it myself,” Theseus continues. “I gave you a reason. What was it?”

“You said you’d never do something like that because you had Newt,” the auror answers. “Because he was at home waiting for you to come back to him.”

Theseus nods in approval and steps aside.

“You can come in,” he invites the other auror.

When they’re back in the living room, Graves pulls a little teacup out of his coat.

“Miss Goldstein told me it was your birthday so I brought you this,” he says while he gives Newt the cup.

The magizoologist squeaks in delight when he sees the tiny baby occamy looking up at him from the cup.

“We found it in a basement, some wizards were trafficking with them,” he continues and for a moment looks sad. “We couldn’t save the rest.”

Newt feels his heart a little cold at the words, still he looks at the occamy and pets her head. She lets him and closes her eyes.

“I managed to convince Picquery to let me give it to you, because I thought it’d be better with you. You care about them.”

Newt knows he’s grinning from ear to ear when he turns his head to Mr Graves. He makes an effort this time and makes eye contact with him.

Then suddenly Graves’ face is covered by a deep blush. Or maybe is just the way the light is coming from the window that makes Newt imagine things.

He puts the cup in Theseus’ hands; his brother is confused by that, but doesn’t protest.

Then Newt walks right towards Graves and hugs him.

“That’s the best gift someone has ever given to me, thank you.”

Graves is so shocked he can’t even talk nor move. But just when Newt tries to step back, he feels a pair of hands on his waist.

“Mr Scamander-”

“Please call me Newt.”

Someone clears his throat behind them.

“I think you should go and introduce it to the others. Also it must be hungry.”

“You’re right, 'Seus,” Newt beams, excited and walks back to his brother to take the occamy and pull her close to his chest. “Thank you, Mr Graves.”

“Percival is fine.”

“Nice to meet you, Percival,” Newt smiles one last time then walks towards the stairs.

“My pleasure,” he hears the auror answer.

He definitely misses Theseus’ frown.

bawling like a gas station on Christmas morning

to start off, i’ll be completely honest. i’m farting in the passenger seat of some dreary shadowy sedan, we’re speeding down the highway at 5 in the morning under lampposts lampposts lampposts!

a small collection of albums and mixtapes plays as we hurl through space-time and kiss fate on the lips. the sound’s turned all the way up.

conversation, talking, even yelling and sobbing, they’re all extinct. all we can do is stare into each other’s glowing galaxies for as long as the road will allow. gotta go now, my favorite song is up next

2017/06/08 Blog post by Keiko 『梅雨入り』

Entering the rainy season

Good evening, this is Keiko ♪

The rainy season has started all across the country~ 「I shall not be defeated by this weather!」 With this kind of motivation, I went outside today. The sky is ever changing but while I am writing this blog post I am able to get a glimpse of the blue sky between all the dark clouds ♪

We spent the day recording ♪
During today’s recording I was able to see the other two from my booth … Hehehe ♪ The recording was quite nerve-wrecking, there was a feeling of tension. The three of us were recording at the same time, we already did this last year [for their Winter Acoustic album] but still, I was very nervous  (/▽\)♪
If I make just one tiny mistake, it’s all over and we have to redo everything *sobs* There is such tremendous pressure when the other two are doing an amazing job right before my part comes up …I often feel this way because I haven’t gotten used to the song yet, it’s proof that I haven’t been able to understand the song’s worldview yet…
The recording was very intense from start to finish ♪
I am really looking forward to the day when I can sing this song in front of all of you ♪

Well, now that we have finished our recording I will go and do some yoga ♪
I always do Pilates and Kaatsu training in the morning but towards the evening I try to avoid intense work-outs such as that (because they would mess up my sleeping pattern) ♪ If I feel like exercising in the evening, I’ll be sure to choose yoga ♪

Off to another sweat session! ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Well, until next time ♪

I wonder what they are recording. Probably a B-Side for their new single o.O Keiko‘s descriptions sound promising!!!

I’m currently sitting on the floor of my room sobbing because I just listened to @lordemusic’s pure heroine start to end for the first time in months and. it HURTS, I remember so distinctly all the feelings and memories I wove through each song, from the day it came out, and that album CARRIED me through high school! and now I’m older and the colours and imagery is so much more vivid and mixed with nostalgia it is so good and bittersweet to listen to, and it still wraps me like a blanket but now it feels foreign because I know that I am in such a different space, and the quiet days running the suburban streets late at night are now far behind me… I think, in essence, it now captures how much growing up hurts and I am experiencing growing pains (emotionally)

ok so someone hold me bc I heard that Yixing won’t be in the MV and he won’t be in the album at all and I just can’t fucking get my brain to believe it which means that I’ll learn the hard way when the MV drops. BUT. I also heard that he went to Korea 2 times in the last 2 months. so. this has to mean something right? cuz I started overthinking and ended up sobbing bc what if something happened and I mean something bad.
The Intern - Epilogue

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine 

Pairing: You x Jungkook

Summary: You join a group of foreigners apart of an internship with BigHit entertainment that will lead to a possibility of a full-time job. Nothing goes as expected when everyone makes you the enemy and you unexpectedly befriend Jungkook.

Genre: Angst & Fluff

Word Count: 3922

Warnings: mild amount of swearing.

Author’s Note: Hooray! There’s an epilogue!

You heard a few weeks later that Sophia was the one who got the big internship. You were so happy for her and were ecstatic that above everything else, she was the one who got it. Sophia deserved it the most. She emailed you excitedly but also expressed how it was a little weird when she had to interact with BTS. Sophia explained that although no one said anything, they all knew that she was your roommate and that made things a little odd. She also let you know that she rarely saw Jungkook. He always avoided her. Sophia said that she figured that he was still hurt by you having to leave and seeing her only reminded him of you. That was painful to read. You still couldn’t find a way to get over him. You couldn’t help but feel bitter that Jungkook could easily avoid thinking about you, but you still had to see news about BTS everywhere. It was inescapable.

It was a week after you left that it was announced that Jungkook’s foot had healed and that he would he would continue activites. It was month after you left that BTS announced a comeback. A month later the album was released and beside your better judgement, you decided to listen.

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God Damn Liar Part 1

AN: So this was supposed to be a one shot, but I’m a wordy bitch and it’s already almost 6 pages long and I’m not even done with it yet. I’m breaking it up into parts that way it’s not so intimidating. At the moment, it should be 2 parts when I’m done, so here’s part 1. Sorry this has taken so long, I’m the worst procrastinator. D;

Prompt: Can you do a Bucky one shot where he cheats on his girlfriend on purpose because he wants her to be safely away from him. But then he starts to feel terrible because she’s a sobbing mess and all the avengers hate him for what he did to her since the whole team loves her dearly. You can decide the ending. Thanks! (Love your writing by the way.)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Cheating Bucky and a slightly OOC Steve

The title of this one is based off the song by Get Scared. I listened to the whole album while writing this, actually. Listen to God Damn Liar here. Listen to the whole album here.

Not my gif

Hot tears poured down your face as rage and anguish gripped your heart like a vice. Your boyfriend, Bucky, hadn’t even noticed you enter his room. Probably because he was too busy sucking face with the other girl in his bed. The photo frame with a picture of you both shattered as it smashed into the wall just beside Bucky’s head. They both tore apart in an instant and whipped around to see you seething in the doorway.

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Not Your Toy

a/n: wtf is this. a mf double post. Love you guys, hope this ones okay and you all like it. thanks for being such lovely followers and putting up with my inactive ass. much love fam. enjoy.


“and then he said we weren’t even a ‘thing’ and that we weren’t ‘exclusive’” a girl from work cried, laying on the couch of my loft while I searched the internet. We were going out tonight to a club, I was checking out a new potential client who was performing at the place.

But she was crying over this guy Nate Maloley. She had been ‘seeing’ him for the past two months apparently. At work, despite barely knowing me, all she would talk about is Nate, and how much she liked him and how great the sex was. It was literally all Nate, all the time.

I had just moved out to LA about a month ago. My job back in New York landed me a positon in the studio out here working the boards for the booth, and the girl sobbing on my couch, Amanda, was the secretary at the studio.

I first started working with my cousin Dillon and then he introduced me to his friends and I met the one and only Nate ‘skate’ Maloley. Dillon got it all set up so I got to help him produce his album skaterade. I helped him figure out the beats. Nate and I kept our relationship strictly business, although he would lowkey flirt with me.

But tonight I had to check out this guy Derek Luh. Nate had mentioned working with him, so I decided to go out tonight and figure out if he was someone I’d possibly wanna like sign to my own label I was making with the guys, freshlee.

“Amanda, please. I’ve gotta get going.” I sighed, shutting my laptop. I had been googling Derek all week but still needed to see him perform live.

“girl, you’re not going out like that.” She said, suddenly cheering up.

She ran down the hall and came out a few minutes later.

“you’re outfit’s on your bed” she smiled.

I rolled my eyes and went to my room to change.

“this is a shirt.” I called out.

“put it on and come out here, and wear those heels, you’ve got great legs.” Amanda called out. I rolled my eyes and came back in the outfit.

It was a tight, one sleeve black lace dress. It barely covered my ass, but it did highlight my assets. And the heels did make my legs look great. I had let my hair go natural, in its messy waves. I walked down the hall and Amanda smiled.

“girl, if you don’t get laid tonight, I’m gonna be really disappointed.” She laughed. “but I’ll see ya tomorrow, let me know how things work out tonight.” And she disappeared. I sighed and grabbed my leather jacket, cause it was 8 and I was cold and headed out to the club.


I sat at the bar, ordering a drink and waiting for Derek to perform. I felt a body extremely close to my back and got a little uncomfortable, especially when their arm went around my shoulder and they breathed in my ear.

“come here often.” I cringed and turned and laughed.

“Dill, what are you doing here?” I laughed, hugging him.

“my friends performing tonight, I’m working the table for him.”

“oh you know Derek?”

“yeah why?”

“cause I’m thinking about signing him to freshlee.”

“that’d be dope! Definitely a great idea.”

“yeah, well, we’ll have to see.” I smiled.

“well, imam get going. Are you here alone?”


“alright, uh, hold on.” And he started typing on his phone. “skate will be here soon, he was just in the bathroom, but I’ll see ya backstage after the show.” And he left.

Not even 2 minutes later he was replaced with Skate, who threw his arm over my shoulder and pulled me in close to him.

“damn ma, you look good tonight.” He breathed on my neck.

“thanks.” I said coldly, grabbing his hand and removing it from my shoulder and distancing myself a bit.

“I can’t believe I’ve never seen you in something like this before.” He spoke, throwing his arm around me “or something less than this.”

“Nate seriously.” I huffed, getting out of his grasp.

“come on (y/n) it’s a joke.” He laughed, following me as I walked through the crowd.

I thankfully lost him in the crowd and made my way up closer to the stage. Talking to some girls and then watching Derek, who kept smiling at me. He was definitely hot, no doubt, and he was crazy talented.

After the show was finished, I made my way backstage, finding Dillon talking to Skate and Derek. Dillon called me over and I made my way over to the boys, and started talking. I quickly dove into conversation with Derek, and actually got him to agree to coming in and working on something.

There was a lot of flirting going on between Derek and I, and I could tell Nate was getting annoyed. I just brushed it off and finally called it a night, Derek riding in a cab home with me, living only a few blocks away from me.


The past few days have been great, and the studio sessions have been great. Derek and I flirt back and forth a lot, and I can tell Nate is getting pissed. Derek and I had just been spending a lot of time together at the studio, Nate coming in late, so we’ve had a lot of time to talk. We were actually going out to lunch later.

“alright, I’m gonna need you to run through that again.” I called out to Nate, who was in the booth.

He let out a groan and started going through it again. I just ignored him and worked the controls. Adjusting the beats and everything. When he finished, Derek got in the booth and started. I had him run his verse a few times, changing pitches and everything, trying to find the best one.

Nate on the other hand, decided to light up a blunt and started smoking. Not that I minded, cause he always shared. He took a few hits and passed it to me. I took a few and passed it back. He started hitting on me, which I mean, I didn’t have a big problem with it. I mean, I accepted it, I can’t get him to not fit on me ya know.

Derek finished in the booth and we headed to lunch. After a nice lunch with him, I headed home, only to find Nate sitting on my front steps.

“Nate? What are you doing here?” I asked, walking up and squeezing behind him and opening the door.

“can I come in?” he asked, I nodded and allowed Nate to step in as we took the elevator up to my place.

Once in my place I asked Nate if he wanted anything. Not surprised when he said a drink. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed some glasses and headed back to the living room, where Nate was sitting. I sat down opposite him.

“so, uh, what’s up? Is everything okay?” I asked, sipping my wine as he downed a shot of vodka real quick.

“why did you agree to go out to lunch with Derek today?” he asked, looking at me.

“he asked me to lunch.”

“I’ve asked you to lunch before and you said no.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Nate.” I sighed.

“no (y/n) I want answers. You constantly flirt with him. You like him or something?”

“No Nate, we’re just friends.”

“then why won’t you go out with me?” he asked.

I laughed. I didn’t mean too, it just happened. A small little ‘ha’ totally on accident.

“what?” he asked.

“seriously nate?”

“yeah? I’ve asked you out before, and you said no.”

“Nate. It’s not that simple. I have my reasons okay.” I spoke from behind my glass. I mean, yeah Nate was extremely good looking. But he could be such an ass. And then like, there’s the whole player aspect of him. His whole ‘I don’t cuff” lifestyle.

“tell me. Give me a reason why you won’t.” he demanded.

“Nate I-“

“no (y/n) I think I deserve some sort of answer.”

“I’m not going to be your toy Nate.”

“what are you talking about?”

“are you kidding me?” I asked, standing up, and pacing now, as Nate stood also. “you play girls Nate. Use them for sex. You have this whole entire ‘no cuffing’ lifestyle, just sex and that’s it. I’m not gonna be your toy. Have fun for a while and then when someone else comes along I suddenly get dropped? No thank you Nate.”

“(y/n) it’s not like that. I really do like you.” He sighed.

“bullshit.” I spit.

“(y/n)” he sighed.

“Nate. I know exactly how you treat girls. Do you remember Amanda?” I asked, and looked at him and laughed when he looked so confused. “exactly! You were literally sleeping with her like, yesterday!”

“(y/n) c-“

“no Nate. You don’t come in here, into my fucking house.” I spoke, getting closer to him “and demand answers for why I won’t go out with you.” I was now just inches away from him “when all you do is use girls for sex. I’m not gonna be one of your toys.” I huffed, looking up at him, anger fuming throughout me as we stared intently at each other.

Nate grabbed my arms, and spun me around and ended up slamming me against a wall, roughly, and smashing his lips against mine. At first I was tense, but then loosened up and moved my lips in time with his. It ended up getting heated quickly.

He pulled away and looked at me, breathing heavily and my chest was heaving up and down.

“woah” I breathed out, looking up at him, and he smiled down at me.

“please, just one date. I swear it’s different.” He rested his forehead against mine.

I looked up in his eyes and thought about it. And his eyes looked different, hopeful. Pleading.

“one date.” I smiled, and then his lips were back on mine.


*** Awesome request. 💕 There will definitely be a part two for this one but I’m planning to take it an a different direction than how most of the stories I’ve done like this have gone. 💔***

“So. What will it be.” “I don’t want to leave him dad…” “Fine. You’re not allowed in the clubhouse unless there’s a lockdown. If there is, you sleep in Jax’s room and you get the fuck out as soon as it’s over.” You sighed and hid your face into your hands, not being able to stop your tears after 10 straight minutes of your family taking turns berating you. Your 4 months of being able to sneak around with Hap had finally came to an end. You’d been able to keep everything under wraps the entire time but this morning, Your mom had walked in on you and told your dad and Jax. Now all three of them were furious with you and weren’t taking care to hide the disappointment in their face.

You’d known that they wouldn’t take it lightly but banning you from the very place that was basically your home was hurting you more than they’d ever know. You could understand them forbidding you to be around Hap but to practically make you persona non grata in the clubhouse shocked you. Your tried to take deep breathes and steady your breathing to calm yourself down. Crying, stress and the headache that had resulted from all of the above weren’t good for you and they definitely weren’t good for the baby Which just one more thing you had to worry about now.

You were pregnant. You hadn’t told anyone yet, not even Happy. You’d found out last week and had been stressed about how you were going to tell him and everyone else but you never thought they’d react this badly. To them, it was just a little fling and they were disgusted, imagine how they would feel about you when they found out you were carrying his baby. The thought actually made you feel like you could throw up and you stood from the couch, grabbing your phone and trying to leave the clubhouse but your father grabbed onto your wrist roughly, a gasp leaving your lips from the slight pain.

Tig, who was sitting in the corner silently, stood and grabbed Clays arm gently. “Easy brother. I know, I know. She fucked up, she’s knows that. Let her go.” He soothed Clay as his anger flared up again. Clay’s eyes stayed on yours, narrowed and angry but as he saw yours filling with tears again, his face softened some and he let go of you. You quickly ran out of the clubhouse, Jax standing to go after you. No matter how angry he was at you, you were still his baby sister and seeing you cry was one of the things that always hurt him the most in life. “Let her go.” Jax looked back at Clay, conflicted, before he finally sat down with his head in his hands. “What are we gonna do about Hap?” Clay sighed and shook his head. “I’ll talk to him.”


“What do you mean her shits gone?!” Everyone looked towards the kitchen where Jax was talking with Gemma as his voice boomed through the clubhouse. “I went by today, wanted to check on her. I haven’t seen her in 3 days since the argument and she hadn’t called me or anything. I felt like we over reacted so I went over to talk to her. I used my key and went in. The kitchen and everything is the same but all her shit is gone Jax. Her makeup, her hair products, her clothes, her photo albums. Everything. This isn’t just her taking off to clear her head. She’s gone Jax.” He stayed still with his mouth open as his mothers voice cracked, sobs leaving her. “She left Jax. My babygirl.” Gemma held onto the counter as she felt her chest start to tighten, her breathing becoming shallow.

“Mom? Mom!” The rest of the Sons flooded into the kitchen hearing the commotion. “I’m fine. My hearts just acting up.” Chibs rubbed her back while assuring her that they would bring her baby back, Jax still standing in shock. He knew he should’ve gone after you. He knew they’d been too rough, said things too hurtful out of anger. Now he’d lost his babysister. Jax knew you better than anybody. He knew all your hopes and dreams, all your fears, all your secrets, everything.

That was the reason he’d been so upset at you keeping something like that away from him. He also knew how skittish you could be when you felt like you weren’t welcomed and he knew it was going to be a long shot trying to get you to come back home, if they were even able to find you. You’d grown up and spent your whole life around the club and we’re best friends with Juice. You knew how to hide and not be found and that knowledge brought tears to Jax’s eyes. What if he never saw his babysister again?

the first thing i saw this morning was that THIS is tori’s new album cover, and i started sobbing. totally geeking moment, yes, but for all of us tori stans.. no album cover has come CLOSE to this since choirgirl! i’m shook beyond belief. i’m very much looking forward to september.

what i say: im fine

what i mean: *sobbing* ladies code is so talented yet so underappreciated in the industry it frustrates me so much like the three of them have very unique, beautiful voices and beautiful mvs that are very much aesthetic and dont get me started on how strong i think they are especially after two of their members died (rip risae and eunbi we love you both so much and you are sorely missed) and how ashely, zuny, and sojung were so worried about their comeback bc they all knew they were incomplete without their friends but they pushed forward dedicating albums and songs to duo making beautiful (im so emotional rn i cant think of other descriptors rn) music and–


Levi takes lots of photos. His favourite subject for material is his husband, Eren. Levi loves to take pictures of him, capturing the beauty of Eren’s eyes, his smile and his flawless face. 

Levi’s camera would never leave his side either. He would always fear that he would miss out on capturing an important memory, so always kept it with him. 

They about a dozen scrapbooks, loaded with pictures. Pictures from holidays, trips out, lazy days at home and most importantly, pictures from their wedding and honeymoon. Also, there are a few explicit ones, reserved privately for the couple to view. 

One day, Levi gets a call.

Eren had been in a fatal car accident and was rushed into hospital. Fearing the worst, Levi speeds to the hospital, close to tears. 

He is almost sick when he sees Eren hooked up to many machines. A sickening beep signaling he was still alive. 

Levi sits by the side of Eren’s bed, not being allowed to touch him. There were no tears. There were actually no expressions at all. Levi didn’t think this was real. No, it couldn’t be happening. Levi kept thinking he would wake up any minute. But, when that any minute did come, Levi realised, this was real, that Eren was on the verge of life and death. 

Levi was told to go home for the night, so he did, reluctantly. 

When Levi got home, he spent his whole night looking through the many scrapbooks, trying his best to keep his flowing tears off the pages. 

The next day, Levi went back to the hospital. 2 hours into his visit and Eren woke up. He looked over to Levi and furrowed his brows in confusion. “Who are you? Where am I?”

Levi’s blood ran cold, he looked down at his ring. “I’m Levi, Eren. I’m your husband.”

Eren looked down to his hand and turned back around to Levi. “No, this is impossible, I have never met you before. We’re not married.”

With that, Levi got up and walked out of the room, going to the closest doctor. “Please help. Eren Jaeger, I think he has memory loss.” Levi started to sob.

The doctor examined Eren and yes, he had amnesia. She advised Levi to bring in anything he thinks would help Eren remember. As quick as a flash, Levi was out of the hospital driving home. It all seemed so unreal. Just his luck. Right when he was happy, his whole life and joy was taken from him. But, no, he couldn’t give up so easily, could he?

Levi collected as many photo albums as he could, the ones of their weeding and honeymoon being the first ones to get. He made it back to the hospital in record speed.

He gave the albums to Eren, who stared at them questioningly, but started to look through them anyway. He stopped at a particular picture, from their honeymoon. The picture was Levi’s favourite, it had been Eren’s too. There they stood, in front of a warm sunset, kissing. They had luckily snatched a passerby who was more than happy to help the couple out. That photo really brought back memories.

Eren looked up and they met gazes. “Levi…" 

CHEAT? x Luke Hemmings

Author × Alec

Based on × Anon message Can u do one where u and Luke have been together for 6 years and engaged but u find pictures online of Arzaylea with him so u break up, (but he was forced too BC of modest) later on u find out you’re preg and you’re also a vs model? Have a nice a day love☺️


It was a normal day, well beside your fiance, Luke, was coming home from promo for a day or two so he could relax. You were really hyped up to see him and you couldn’t wait to hold him in your arms again and feel the touch of his pink lips.

Oh god, his lips. They were what you liked about him the most besides his angelic blue eyes that sent piercing shivers down your spine like a lightning bolt. But you loved the way he would speak with the movement of his lips. Of course depending on whether a person is sad or not it will show a frown but his showed more. They showed disappointment, happiness… even horniness. His lips would trail down your body leaving red little marks all over your body before they were removed leaving you a teased mess. You missed them.

You planned on meeting him from the airport without him knowing but there was about a million Twitter nofications blowing up your phone which was strange because since you and Luke didn’t release any form of relationship to the world after the 6 years you had been dating and the 2 you had been engaged. Although Luke was romantic, he proposed casually… well you were midway through your sex high when he did, but you didn’t care, it made you extra happy. However, what you saw did not make you happy. There was thousands of fans tweeting you pictures of Luke with a girl known as Arzaylea and it didn’t bother you because you trusted him until you saw they were holding hands.

That was enough to break your heart. Of course for some it would have taken a lot longer like seeing him kiss someone but he knew that your previous relationships ended badly and almost always because the other cheated.

You had to sit on your couch and you were trying your best not to cry but it was so difficult that you ended up a sobbing mess and crying yourself to sleep.

You were awoken 2 hours later, “Y/N, babe, it’s me, wake up,” he said placing a kiss on your forehead. You had honestly forgotten about Arzaylea until you opened your eyes and you stood up in an instant.

“How could you? I trusted you Luke,” you cried out, heart breaking smeared across your face.

He looked at you confused, “Wha-” but you cut him off

Anger glazed over your eyes as they shot him a beautifully upset glare,“Don’t you dare try and act like you never held hands with that Arzaylea girl,” you said clenching your fists.

A look of realization came over Luke and he tried to explain but you didn’t let him and just walked out and placing your engagement ring on the hallway table and speaking the 3 words you never wanted to hear and definitely not say. “We are over!” you shouted.

It took him by surprise and ir shocked you as well. So many feelings were going on at one time but all you knew was that you needed a place to stay.

It wasn’t hard for you to find a nice hotel to stay at until you got yourself feeling happier. You were a Victoria Secret model so you had money, but money couldn’t buy you a feeling.

You were also due to a shoot tomorrow and that was going to drain you but maybe it would take your mind off of things.

You checked into the hotel, you had to admit, for it not being a 5 star hotel like you were used to management placing you in, it didn’t come far off.

You unlocked the door to your room and instantly going to the bed and falling asleep again.

It was about two hours later when you woke up and it still hadn’t reached night time so you decided to go and buy some clothes considering you left all of yours at the apartment you and Luke used to share.

You got up and ran a hand through your hair and went to the mirror in the bathroom. If you looked through a dictionary for the definition of ill, there would be a photo of you.

You splashed some water on your face and dried it and went out.

Everyshop bored you so you just settled going into a thrift shop, buying some clothes that will last you until you aren’t ill and went into a pharmacy and get some cold medicine.

You stood, reading medicines to see if there were any that could get rid of a cold within 2 days but a poster caught your attention.

it read:

Are you feeling ill?

Looking a little pasty?

had sex in the last month or two?

Pick up a pregnancy test today.

You shook your head. You had sex with Luke a month back, yes, but he wore protection and you took the morning after pill just in case. There is no way you were pregnant. But as you were paying for your medicine something pulled you to get a test as well.

You walked out and went straight back to the hotel.

It wasn’t an understatement to say you ran faster than flash to your room and took the test.

After using the test you placed it on the counter and went out of the bathroom to make yourself some tea to calm your nerves but nothing could calm them. What were you going to do You couldn’t be a model with a bump. And then you also had to think about how you would have to quit the job that gave you enough money to support your child but if you were to quit it you wouldn’t be able to afford anything as seen as you would be a single mother…

Oh god… Luke.

You hadn’t thought about him for a second and now that you were you were thinking about him. What was he going to do when he found out. If he found out. You would have to keep it a secret from him.

Oh god, you couldn’t think for the life of you so you ran to the bathroom and checked the test and you let out a gasp.


You bought a pack of three so you used all of them again and they all came out positive, what the fuck were you meant to do?

You were freaking out so much and quite frankly you were scared more than anything.

You needed Luke but he cheated on you and you couldn’t forgive him for that.

A month passed since you found out and a month since you found out you were pregnant.

The day after you found out you went to the doctors and they said you were a month gone making right now, 2 months of being pregnant and a month jobless.

You couldn’t continue with work, if they found out you were pregnant it would cause an uproar on social media sites and that meant Luke finding out.

You did want him to find out just not right now.

You were currently out shopping, you had to admit that because of the tight shirt you were wearing it did make the small bump visible but most people just looked it off as a small food baby rather than an actual baby.

You were browsing the food in a small local shop when someone tapped you on the arm.

“Y/N?” Shit, it was Michael.

You turned around to see it wasn’t just him but also Ashton.

Your mind stumbled for words so say, “Oh, erm, hey,” you said scratching the back of your neck.

“You know, Luke’s in a ri-” but Ashton paused looking at your belly and bumping Michael. “Are you pregnant?”

You did a fake gasp trying to play it off, “Me? Pregnant? No.. its er.. just food,” You tried to act but everyone knew you couldn’t lie.

Michael looked a little pissed off, “Is it Lukes?”

“Can we not talk about this here,” you begged and signaled for them to follow you.

“No, Y/N, you’re coming around our Hotel, Luke isn’t there and he will know something is up if we don’t message a photo with Calum saying we are back,” Ashton said, pulling you softly with him.

It was an awkward 14 minutes getting to their Hotel. Michael kept on playing off his death glares as looks of worry and Ashton was just plain cold.

You thought that they would have understood why you broke up with Luke and maybe they did but you could tell they didn’t like the whole pregnant idea, especially because it was Lukes.

You walked into their shared hotel room and as you walked towards the beds, you realized they lied to you, Luke was there. He was hiding away in the blankets watching the door and then you.

You made an attempt to leave but he jumped out of bed and called your name.

You turned around and emitted a sigh,“What?” Exhaustion coated your words.

“Luke, I think Y/N has something to tell you,” Michael said, teeth gritted and you turned to him and shook your head.

“Fine, you won’t say it, I will, because unlike you and don’t like seeing Luke upset,” His anger grew as he spoke.

“I never wanted to see Luke upset,” You cried, pointing towards Luke as you shouted at Michael.

“Are you going to tell him then?”

“Tell me what?” Luke said, confusion masking his paled face.

You were about to tell him but the words wouldn’t come out so then Ashton said what Michael was

going to do and told him.

“She’s pregnant,” Ashton said sitting down on the bed.

You felt as though your whole world was collapsing around you.

“Best part is,” Michael said,“ She hasn’t told us who’s it is yet,”

“It’s Lukes, you fucking prick,” You shouted at Michael again, he needed to shut up before you lashed out.

“Wha- What?” Luke gasped, sitting down and going even whiter than he already was.

He looked completely broken and you wanted nothing but to take him into your arms and make him feel so much better.

The door then opened and Calum walked in.

“Oh hey Y/N,” He said happily, the only positivity in the room.

“Calum, can you please take Michael and Ashton somewhere while Y/N and I have a talk?” Luke said, obvious pain in his voice.

With that they left.

Luke stood up and wrapped you in a tight embrace. You sunk into and started to cry.

Every emotion you had had since the day you left him and more so the day you found out you were carrying his child all released as he held you tightly. You could hear him sobbing quietly as well.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. It was management. They wouldn’t let me say no and it was because of the publicity for the new album and I was meant to tell you.” he cried, kissing the top of your head in between words.

You stayed silent and let him continue, “As soon as you left I rang up and said that they had to make it so Arzaylea and I had split but they refused so I refused to leave the house unless it was for work,” he explained. It made you feel guilty. You wouldn’t be in this mess if you had just let him explain.

You finally spoke up, “I’m sorry too,” you said, your face still against his chest as you both hugged.

“It’s okay, it was my fault. I’m also sorry you quit.”

“How did you find out?” You said staring up at him.

“I asked a while back that if anything came up they were to ring me,”

“Oh… Wait so did you know I was pregnant?” you said, tensing a little.

He let out a small laugh, “No, they wouldn’t tell me why just that you quit. Y/N?”


“I love you,” He said kissing your lips.

“Yeah, I love you too,” you said. “Can we forget about this and start over?” you pretty much whispered.

“I would love that… You’re rings in the drawer.”

Part 2

Okay, so I promised to talk about Jack and country music, and I’m here and waiting for the bus and ready to deliver, because I have so many feelings about this.

You can think whatever you want, but I imagine that his love for country, and Carrie Underwood, starts after the draft, while he’s in rehab. There’s a girl there, Michelle, she tried to commit suicide too, and Jack likes he because she’s quiet and sometimes they just sit in silence and don’t talk about the twitching of his hands or the scars on her wrist. They stare out the window, and they just exist.

But they’re sitting by the window, one day, and Michelle starts humming. It’s soft, and she starts whispering the words, Jack assumes, and all he makes out is “this was just a stop on the way to where I’m going,” and Jack thinks about that line for a good five minutes before he asks.

“What song were you humming?” “Hm? It’s by Carrie Underwood, called temporary home. I just, I think it’s fitting, I guess.”

The next time papa and mama visit, he asks them to bring Play On by Carrie Underwood, and he’s got an old CD player, so he sits in his room and listens to the whole CD.

You can’t convince me that Jack doesn’t start crying the first time he listens to temporary home. Not manly tears, not quiet crying. Jack sobs, clutching his pillow, because this is his temporary home. He’s got plans and goals and he’ll get to them, but right now he’s here. And “You’re just a fool to believe you can change the world” hits so close to home for a reason he can’t quite articulate.

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you know when you always listen to the emotional songs from the album and you just get so used to them but then one time at 2 am you play them on your headphones and the song just hits you as if you were hearing it for the first time and you just get so sad and start crying over how beautiful the song is and all the feelings that are involved in it and you’re just laying there sobbing