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Summertime Heartache (Eliza Schuyler x Reader)

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Pairing: Eliza Schuyler x Reader

Requested?: Day Six of my write-a-thon!

Prompt: You and the Squad go on the school’s Senior trip to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Words: 3600+

Warnings: Fluff, Plane Rides, Angst, Cheating, Swearing



The sunset was beautiful during summer nights.

Your broke private New York high school finally got enough donations from rich students’ families to be able to afford for the senior class to fly to California to go to the popular Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk. The class will be staying in a five-star hotel for the two weeks of the trip. Along with the beach and boardwalk access and hotel luxury, three catered meals will be provided every day and you’ll have access to the hotel pool and spa. This is what happens when you score a scholarship to a rich kid’s high school.

You’ve been to the Santa Cruz Beach when you were a child before you lost your father to his illness. You’d collect seashells at the shore and your dad would buy you ice cream and take you on walks around the boardwalk. It was the only good thing you remembered from your biological family before being put up for adoption and ended up being adopted by your father’s sister, who is a complete bitch and basically left you to raise yourself. But, I digress. You aren’t going to let your family problems ruin your two-week vacation before you have to worry about colleges.

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Unexpected - Jason x Reader

Prompt: Hello dear 💜 could I request a oneshot or drabble (whatever you want it’s fine by me 😊) for Jason x Reader with the prompt “I’m just as fucked up as you are” (reader says that to Jason) thank you 😊 (requested by anon)

Shit.” You whispered under your breath as you stared at the positive pregnancy test like it was ushering in the apocalypse on a flaming steed.

Come to think of it that just might be an accurate description.

Your mind started to race a mile a minute. You weren’t ready to become a parent. Hell, you were pretty sure that you would never be ready. You didn’t exactly have what you would call a nurturing childhood and you were terrified of the possibility that couldn’t provide anything much better to any child of yours. And Jason.

Holy fuck! What is Jason going to think about all of this? The two of you had only been together for a little over a year and you’ve yet to talk about if you even want to have children. You had no earthly idea how he might respond to this.

“[Y/N]? What’s the matter? Are you alright?” Jason worriedly asked seeing you standing in the bathroom with a petrified look on your face. You silently shook your head, the words you wanted to say refusing to surface. Tears started to to spring to your eyes and you began to sob uncontrollably. You weren’t an emotional person as a general rule so you breaking down like this set off red flags for Jason

Jason took you in his arms and just held you softly stroking your hair as your tears stained his shirt.

“You need to tell me what’s wrong [Y/N].” Jason whispered softly not breaking the embrace.

“I’m pregnant Jay. I’m pregnant and I’m freaking the fuck out.” You cried feeling another bout of anxiety crawl up your chest. Jason stiffened and his face froze in terror. “Please say something Jay.” You pleaded after many painful moments of silence.

“Fuck [Y/N].” Jason breathed out, stress lacing his tone.

“What are we going to do Jay?” You whispered against his chest, holding him closer to you.

“I don’t know [Y/N].” He responded resting his cheek against the top of your head. “Fuck, we’re young and stupid and reckless. I love you so fucking much [Y/N] but I’m terrified that I won’t be a good father to our kid. Not with the fucked up life that I’ve had. I don’t want to ruin some poor kid’s life.” He confessed with tears starting to brim in his eyes.

“Fuck.” He repeated in frustration, wiping the moisture from his eyes. He dropped down to his knees and rested his forehead against your stomach, trying to regain control of his emotions.

“Jay, I’m just as fucked up as you are. I have no idea how to fucking raise a kid but I don’t think I can do this without you. Please don’t leave.” You pleaded. He slowly shook his head against your stomach.

“Never.” He promised. He looked back up at you and you placed your hand against his cheek and gave him a watery smile, still sobbing slightly. “Whatever you want [Y/N], it yours. I’ll support you no matter what.” He swore, his gaze reaching your soul. You dropped down on your knees to his level and gave him a hug.

“Even if I want to keep it?” You ask in a small voice.

Especially if you want to keep our kid.” He promised passionately. “I love you so much [Y/N] and if this is what you want I’m going to try my god damn hardest to be the best fucking father that kid could ever have. I promise you that.” He took your face in his hands. You threw your arms around his neck and pulled him in for a deep passionate kiss.

“So together then?” You ask.

“Together.” He promised.