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The Man on the Island
Varric and Solas Party Banter
  • Solas: Do you ever miss life beneath the earth? The call of the Stone?
  • Varric: Nah. Whatever the Stone - capital S - is, it was gone by the time my parents had me.
  • Solas: But… do you miss it?
  • Varric: How could I miss what I never had?
  • Varric: But say I did have that sense, that connection to the Stone. What would it cost me?
  • Varric: Would I lose my friends up here? Would I stop telling stories?
  • Varric: I like who I am. If I want to hear songs, I’ll go to a tavern.
  • Solas: You are wiser than most.

(transcript of the the rest of the banter under the cut)

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poe has had at least one (1) complete break down over how beautiful finn is

I wanted to thank @ma-sulevin for taking her cats in photo for me yesterday ♥ It warmed my little weak heart, thanks again you’resuch a blessing ;///;

I drew your Champion, Thea Hawke (she was a pleasure to draw honestly) I hope I gave her justice!

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