sobs into her tea

Unlikely places

Bucky Barnes x Reader, AU

Word Count: 2 213

A/N: This is for the amazing and incredibly talented @just-some-drabbles 4k follower challenge. She deserves every single one of them and a lot more.
Well, this is not exactly a rom-com, but after re-writing about fifteen times I gave up. I hope you enjoy it though :)

Prompt word: unlikely

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You had your first heartbreak when you were fifteen.
A memory you will never forget.
The first love who got access into the little garden right in the middle of your chest,
and the first thief who picked out your favourite flowers without asking.
The sound of the glass door shattering when they shut it before they left echoed for a long time in your ears.

It’s an unfair rule of life,
that you have to get hurt in order to live.

You felt the coldness of the ground in your heart as you closed the garden’s door,
promising to not let anyone in anymore.
You didn’t want to go home, a flowerless field since a long time.
Instead you went to the place with the tallest trees.

Your Grandmother herself was the most mesmerizing rose and wherever she went lilies grew.
You found yourself on her porch,
crying, sobbing, evolving.
She came out with a blanket and tea,
and held you close until you had no more tears to shed,
while humming Funny Valentine into your hear.

When you found your voice again, you asked for her secret.
How could she bloom, even after this time in the world full of angel-like thieves?
Her knowing smile and wise eyes gave you hope.

“There are three secrets I have for you, my love” her gentle voice was like a gush of wind on an early autumn night.
“One, love is the only thing worth living for in this funny world,
and don’t you dare let anyone prove you otherwise.
Two, you have to learn how to laugh at the unfunny jokes life tells you and you will see how the sound of your laughter will water not only yours but everyone’s plants along the way.
And three, you see honey, love hides in the most unlikely places, and don’t be afraid when you will get lucky enough to see it.”

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two spoonfuls of honey - ghostvinyls
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happy @plangstweek!!! i wrote for day 6: dreams/nightmares

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He liked his tea with two spoonfuls of honey.

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Can we get Caesar, Oku, annnnnnnnd Kak having to help their children, preferably daughters, get through a break up? Whether or not their ex was awful or not is up to you!~

- Caesar’s past as a playboy means that he’s broken his fair share of hearts, but he’d like to think that he was at least tactful about doing so. He tried not to leave his ex-s/o with too many tears and tried to make sure that all memories of him could be looked back on with fondness and not with regret. 
- So when it comes to his daughter being broken up with, he’s at first horrified by how rudely it was done. Doesn’t this boy know that if you break up with someone you should do it gently? He adores his daughter and the thought of someone upsetting her is going to rankle with him. 
- It’s kind of a taste of his own medicine, though - he can’t help but wonder if there were girls crying to their fathers after he dropped out of their life. It makes guilt bubble in the back of his stomach. 
- Still, right now is not about him - it’s about his daughter, with tears in her eyes, looking for comfort from her father. He’s touched she came to him with this; he’s careful with her, treating her broken heart delicately, pulling her into his embrace and rubbing her back whilst she cries on his shoulder. 
- “They didn’t deserve you,” he says. “You’re worth more than this.”

- He really can’t understand why anybody would break up with his daughter? His daughter is a beautiful angel and an absolute Daddy’s Girl, so when she comes to him and sniffles out the story of what’s happened, he’s shocked and horrified. 
- His first instinct is he wants to PUNCH THE PUNK WHO DID IT! He’s very protective over his daughter - he didn’t have the most … pleasant of family lives, and he’s done his absolute best to make sure that his daughter looks upon her time with the family fondly. 
- He might have to be talked down from punching her ex-boyfriend; he often does things without thinking them through, and though he isn’t often needlessly violent his daughter is one thing he won’t hesitate to take care of. 
- After he’s calmed down a little, his softer paternal side will come out. He’ll want to hug and cuddle his daughter like she’s a little girl again - he orders pizza and bakes cookies and they have a Daddy Daughter night in, Okuyasu trying to distract her from her broken heart. He does a very good job of it. 

- Kakyoin is definitely the coldest out of all of these fathers. Not to his daughter - he’s grateful to have her, he never thought he’d find a family whom he could care so deeply about - but definitely to whoever had the lack of thought to break her heart. 
- He doesn’t show it - he’s good at putting up a shell. In front of his daughter, he is every inch the kind and calming patriarch, telling her soothing things about how she deserved better and making her warm cups of tea, sitting with her until she stops sobbing…
- But as soon as she’s gone - whether it be to sleep or to school or to work, wherever it is - he’s going to be making plans. 
- Kakyoin holds grudges, definitely, and he’s beautiful but vicious - whoever hurt his daughter is going to feel sorry he ever did it such a cruel way. Kakyoin has an ice-cold sense of justice and paranormal entities on his side. 
- The ex-boyfriend is going to regret this. 

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*leaves her favourite tea for the space wife*

            HER HAND RACED ACROSS the page,unwavering. She made quite a tiny figure, almost hidden amongst the mountains of star charts & valleys of ancient tomes strewn across the room, legs tucked on under the other, elbows firmly on the table. A Queen in the ruins, utterly at home. Time raced her by whenever she found herself working. How many hours since she stopped to take a break? When Luna’s artificial light dimmed to signal a false sunset? 

The clink of china made her jump slightly, a large inkblot staining her page. Brows knitted together as she glanced up,staring down the culprit with mocking sternness.  What’s this then? A peace offering?  Nevertheless, she set her pen down & reached for the cup. Warm liquid flooded a parched throat, not too saccharine, not too bitter, just the way she liked it.

                   ❝You do know how to make a good cup of tea pretty boy.She set the cup down, sighing & stretching her fingers across the desk tiredly —— Suppose that means I’ll have to keep you.