sobs im dumb

god pcy is so amazing,,,he deserves a soft and understanding significant other

pcy has always been a sensitive and soft man and he’s so comfortable with us that he’s openly saying it out loud that he’s sensitive and that’s completely okay and oh my god, he needs someone who will fit with him and help through these tough times and just be there for him when he needs it so he won’t cry in the car alone anymore

transparentfindings  asked:

Ayyy i've admired you're art and storywriting for as long as ive been in this fandom ! You just inspire me greatly ! Do you know you're TordTom story (duh sobs im dumb at times) Here's a request; maybe draw that scene with Tord looming over Tom angerily after Tom answered his cell and yeah you know the scene :3c

thank you so much qwq <333 and okie dokes!! it was really fun to draw lmao if theres one thing I love more than fluffy tomtord it is tom and tord beating the shit out of eachother or about to lmao

hallway crush - a mix about puppy love & silly little crushes [listen]

01. spring breeze - busker busker // 02. i don’t know - apink // 03. oops - ft. ilhoon // 04. glass bead - gfriend // 05. mileage - yonghwa // 06. candy jelly love - lovelyz // 07. i think im in love - juniel // 08. because of you - berry good // 09. nagging - iu & seulong // 10. romantic st. - snsd // 11. today marks the first day - 2pm // 12. 3 out - sunny hill // 13. bubibu (remix) - apink