sobs i love her eyes

Yang: how could you leave me blake?! Why did you abandon me when I needed you most?!

Blake: I did it to protect you Yang! I didn’t want you to become one of adam’s targets!

Yang: you think I care about that?! I would happily lose all my limbs for you because- *stops herself before she says anything more but Blake presses on*

Blake: because why Yang? Why would you put yourself in danger for me? I’m worthless I don’t deserve-


Blake: *shocked* you…you love me?

Yang: I do and no matter how much pain you caused me I could not stay angry at you for leaving me. But yes I love you blake.

Blake: *starts to sob happily* oh Yang, I love you too.

Yang: *smiles and her eyes are filled with unshed tears and holding her arms out* then get over here and hug me. I missed my kitten.

Blake: *runs in and grips onto yang sobbing and laughing happily*

Yang: *laughs and sobs with Blake* now there’s one question left.

Blake: what’s that?

Yang: Blake will you go out with me?

Blake: yes *kisses yang on the lips*



Who else is excited for season two?! :D

Day One: An intro for your Fatesona

I sort of skipped over the ‘from’ part and just went to making an intro, ahah;; 
Sora’s direction is actually really (scarily!) good, she just likes taking a bunch of weird detours trying to find the Kitsune Hamlet. Somehow, though, she continues to find people to sell things to so maybe the detours weren’t so weird after all…? 

She’s an eccentric but affable girl whose jokes can sometimes tip a bit into the mean spirited area. She is slow to trust but extremely quick to get attached once that threshold has been crossed, and her reactions to physical affection vary accordingly. She hates having debts and being on the losing end of things, so if she offers you something that puts her at a disadvantage you can be 69% sure that it’s a ploy of some sort. Even if that ploy is spending more time with you. Though she plays at being coy and enjoys gossip to a worrying degree, her feelings are usually quite pure and straightforward. Sells both physical wares and information. 

Since her adoptive father’s passing, she’s been on the search for a new home. She has a few complexes about her kitsune heritage, and strives to keep it hidden (especially since it’s been drilled into her that she’d probably die if anyone found out). Since she’s stayed at least approximately 100 yards away from any and all beaststones and has yet to transform once, she has a lot of urges that she has no idea what to do with. The extra energy seems to have tipped over to the opposite end and wound up with her being extra lazy instead. She’s chasing the Hamlet more for the idea of family more than any real love for her kinsmen. 

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MFM Day 13: Elation

Ya girl is late to the Day 13 party, oh well. A bit of angst that turns to fluff this one shot, this is a part three to I think the last two one shots I did. You should go check those out, Anyways. Hope you enjoy @miraculousfluffmonth

Word Count: 1072

Pair: Marichat

Rating: G/T

[Line Break]

Adrien wasn’t really the one to worry, but tonight he had an exception.

Adrien was pacing back and fourth in his room, he didn’t know how to ask her, or be with her, for that matter. He was Chat Noir after all.

But what if she said no? What if she slapped him across his smooth skinned face and told him that she liked someone else? The simple thought of rejection made Adrien shudder.

[Line Break]

“If you want my opinion, I say ask her out on top of the Eiffel tower, nice and cheesy.” Plagg smirks as he takes a bite out of his camembert.

“The thing is I don’t want your opinion, or your puns.” Adrien crosses his arms and continues thinking.

He eventually gives up and walks over to his bed, he lays face first onto his pillow and groans.

“You can always listen to me for once, kid.” Plagg floats upside down next to Adrien.

“I’d rather not.” Adrien manages to lift himself up and sighs.

He opens his phone to be greeted with a picture of Marinette, he smiles.

“I have something in mind, Plagg.” Adrien smirks and raises an eyebrow at Plagg.

“Oh boy.” Plagg rolls his eyes and sighs.

[Line Break]

“Knock knock, little lady.” Chat says through the window, loud enough to grab both Marinette and Alya’s attention.

“No way!” Alya yells, she gets up and walks over to the window to open it.

“Chat Noir? What are you doing here?” Alya pulls out her phone and smirks.

“Alya, please. I’m sure he was just checking up on me when the akuma attack happened this morning.” Marinette crosses her arms and gives Chat a look of worry.

Its true, Chat loved to check on Marinette in case she got hurt, but she always seemed to be fine.

Because she was too busy helping him in battle to actually get injured.

“Just a quick interview? Please?” Alya squeals and jumps into the air a little bit.

Marinette giggles before her smile fades, she stops Alya’s recording and grabs her shoulders.

“Listen, Alya. You can’t tell anyone but me and Chat are…Friends with benefits.”

The word friends crushed Chat, did he just get friend zoned? When he was about to ask her out?

“I can see through your lies, girl. And you’ve moved on from sweet Adrien to flirty Chat Noir? That’s no upgrade. Oh, no offense.” Alya looks a little angry with Marinette, but her eyes seem to lock on Chat when she finishes her sentence.

“Alya, Chat is much more than this flirty pun making mess, he’s a caring person and I…” Marinette finishes her sentence with a whisper in Alya’s ear, Alya’s face lights up and she laughs.

Chat watches the two talk, feeling neglected he decides to jump into Marinette’s room quietly, and he sneaks up behind her and wraps his arm around her shoulder.

“Wah!” Marinette screams, she then see’s her lover wink at her, her cheeks turn pink and she sighs.

“Little lady, I’d love to take you out. Its a special occasion after all.” Chat gets on one knee and kisses Marinette’s hand, she blushes and giggles.

“I’ll leave you two lovebirds– I mean, lovecats to it.” Alya smirks and she goes back over to Marinette’s bed, browsing through her own phone.

“Thanks Alya. Oh, and you can’t tell anyone.” Marinette gives Alya a warm smile as she groans.

“Not even Nino?” Alya whines, Chat lets out a short laugh before clearing his throat.

“Not even Nino.” Marinette repeats Alya’s words, she then feels a tug from Chat, and she quickly gets pulled out of the window.

“Wah! Chat!” Marinette manages to raise her body up as she wraps her hands around his neck, he puts one of his hands around her waist, making sure she doesn’t fall.

[Line Break]

Chat brings Marinette to the school entrance, school is over though so they won’t have an audience.

The thunder crashes and it starts to rain, the two quickly get soaked and burst out in laughter.

“Not-Not the best time to go out, eh?” Marinette continues to laugh before Chat opens a black umbrella and holds it out for her to grab.

That look in his eyes, that look of love and respect, that look that Marinette adores.

Marinette rings Chat’s bell on his suit to distract him, she then pulls his shoulders closer to her, and their lips lock together, Chat’s a bit used to it, so he kind of expected it.

He drops the umbrella on the ground as he puts his hands on her wet cheeks, he cant tell if its from tears or from the rain.

The two stop and laugh once more, happiness is in the air.

This is your chance, go ahead. Ask her.

“Listen uh, Marinette? I have to ask you something.” Chat rubs the back of his neck and Marinette’s smile turns to confusion.

“We’ve been doing this for some time now, with the kissing, the sleepovers, the cuddling, the movies. That’s what a couple would do right?” Marinette shows a smile and Chat lets out an awkward laugh, he’s not used to this.

“And the truth is, well… I’ll never let you go, you’re one of the people who make me truly happy.” Marinette’s eyes water at those words, he’s never this affectionate, never.

“So, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, will you be my… Girlfriend?” Chat holds out a rose and looks away, rubbing his neck faster than before. Sweat dripping down his face, the fear is rising, the fear of her slapping his wet face in the rain, its all coming back, the thoughts, the fear. Everything.

“Of course, chaton.” Chat’s eyes go wide as Marinette takes the rose, all of that worrying was wrong. He was wrong, she wouldn’t do that. She’s not like that.

“I’ll be your girlfriend.” Marinette gives Chat a closed eye smile before that smile is interrupted by his hug, he hugs her, passionately, so much affection, she sighs and hugs him back she here’s a sob, her eyes widen once more.

“I love you, Marinette.” Chat sniffles and lets go of Marinette, her mouth forming a small “o”

“I love you too.” Marinette gives Chat a warm smile before he grabs her waist and spins her around, the two kiss, affection, so much.

And that’s the first time either of them have felt elated in a while.


“Even though the wind may blow it all away
Don’t ever worry ‘cos I’m your friend.”

I’m certainly not one to say what meanings he put onto his lyrics, but I always liked to think he believed in eternal life, that he knew of his own demise, and this song was his message to us.

anthem (1/3)

There’s a crack in everything. Olivia’s never asked Zaeed what he means by that, but she wants there to be a hopeful second half to the phrase. Eight months is a long time without Garrus.

or, the one where Liara calls Olivia at the Crucible, Garrus and Hannah get involved with it because I like pain, everything is terrible, and I decided to take 13,000 words to get to the happy ending. Complete, with links to the next sections at the end.

PG, with a story-wide warning for massive angst. Olivia/Garrus, Hannah/Zaeed, Olivia+Liara friendship, Liara+Garrus friendship.

Liara stares out the cockpit window, as if the view is going to change. As if she could blink, and suddenly Earth would turn green and blue again, lush with vibrant cities and beautiful oceans. As if she could blink and all the fires would go out, and the reapers would fall, as if the Citadel’s arms would open.

As if the comms would light up, and she would hear her friend’s voice, her smile clear even through the channel - all done; someone want to come pick me up?

Her view doesn’t change, though their comms do light up. But it isn’t Olivia.

“Nothing’s happening,” Hackett says. “I can’t raise her. See if you can get her, Dr. T’Soni.”

“I will,” she says, her voice far clearer and more confident than she feels. She knows what Hackett is asking of her - to confirm Olivia’s death, or convince her to take just a few more steps when she’s already run so far.

Liara swallows. She silently turns away from the view of fires and the wreckage, walks away from Joker calling after her, walks out of the cockpit and toward the elevator. She doesn’t need her terminal or equipment for this, but she wants more privacy than half the squad’s eyes and ears can allow in the cockpit and CIC.

And if she is going to make this call, and if she is going to convince her best friend to keep going when they all know that the end of this particular road is death, there’s one more person who needs to hear it.

The elevator door closes, and Liara takes a deep breath. She switches to their private comm channel. “Olivia,” she says.

No response.

“Olivia,” she says a little louder, a little more forceful.

The door opens, revealing an empty mess. “Olivia,” she says again, not quite a yell.

A groan. And then, “Liara?

Liara exhales. She’s alive. Which means that she can still find a way off this road. Liara knows the score, they all do, but right now - right now she wants to hope. “Hey, Liv.”

A sniff and a hiss. “Did the Normandy make it out?”

“Yeah,” she says. “We’re all okay.” Knowing what she’s really asking, Liara manages a small smile. “Garrus is okay.”

James steps out of the medbay, and tilts his head at her. Shepard, she mouths, and leans on one of the tables.

“Did it work?”

“Nothing happened, Liv.” She pulls up the Crucible schematics. She’s been over them with so much detail and so much precision that she could practically draw them blindfolded, and yet she can’t see what else Olivia needs to do.

“Anderson’s dead.” Another hiss. “I’m hurt pretty bad,” she says.

Olivia once went half a mission with a broken arm and didn’t say anything until they were back on the ship. For her to admit that she’s hurt pretty bad…Liara closes her eyes.  

“I don’t -” she takes a deep breath. “What do you need me to do?”

Tears spring to Liara’s eyes and she bites her lip. “I need you to get up, Liv.” Her breath shakes. She presses the heels of her palms to her eyes in attempt to stop her tears. It fails.

“I can’t, Liara,” she says, voice thick with pain and her own tears. “It hurts.”

Liara frantically wipes at her cheeks, though new tears immediately replace the ones she brushed away. “I know,” she breathes. “There has to be another panel. I need you to get up off that floor one more time, Olivia. Please.”

A grunt and a wince, and then the sounds of a body slipping against something slick. She huffs sharply, and then just the grunt and the wince again. “Can I talk to Garrus?” she whispers.

“Are you standing up?” Liara asks. Through her tears, a small smile tugs at her lips. “You can’t talk to Garrus if you aren’t standing up.”

“You’re the worst,” Olivia growls, though with an audible smile.

Liara laughs, though her hot tears fall even harder. “I love you, too.”

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Voltron Family AU: Keith and/or Shiro prank the kids with Jimmy Kimmel's "I ate all your Halloween Candy" prank

OMFG I know this is a lil bit late for Halloween but I am crying just thinking about it. So let’s do it per kids. :)))) Shiro and Keith take turns to prank their kids the next day after Halloween when they woke up. [The Voltron Family]


Shiro: I… I ate all your candy, sweetheart. Your Daddy Keith and I were hungry while watching a movie so we ate them.
Pidge: You’re kidding me.
Shiro: *shakes head* I really am not. I’m sorry.
Pidge: *clenches her fist* *turns around and crosses her arms*
Shiro: A-Are you mad at me?
Pidge: I am.
Shiro: Do you still love me?
Pidge: I don’t like you anymore, Daddy Shiro but I still love you.
Shiro: *is very touched* Aww, I love you too, Pidge.
Pidge: That wasn’t very nice of you. *sniffs* *turns around* Why would you do that to me? I… *sobs* I thought you love me??!!! *cries* *sits on the floor and rubs her eyes* I… I worked hard on getting those candies last night!!
Shiro: *squats beside Pidge* I know. Bad Daddy is bad.
Pidge: *cries even more* *hugs Shiro* Why would you do that?!!! 
Shiro: *tries not to laugh* *hugs back* We were hungry and we saw your candies and… well…
Pidge: *cries even more while holding onto Shiro’s shirt*


Hunk: Daddy Keith, have you seen my candies? *looks around* I can’t find them anymore. My pumpkin is empty. *frowns*
Keith: Baby, I need to confess something. *bites lips*
Hunk: *holds Keith’s hand* What is it?
Keith: *looks at Hunk seriously* I… I ate all your candy.
Hunk: *lets go of Keith’s hand* *stares at him*
Keith: Hunk… I’m sorry. *tries not to laugh*
Hunk: *shakes his head in disbelief*
Keith: Baby…
Hunk: *takes a deep breath* T-That’s okay.
Keith: That’s okay?
Hunk: *tries to smile* Y-yeah. T-that’s okay, Daddy Keith. *weak laugh* You were probably hungry so you ate them.
Keith: *nods* I was. I really was.It was really delicious, too.
Hunk: *takes Keith’s hand again* We can still get candies from the candy store right? *hopeful face*
Keith: Of course, anything for you. *kisses Hunk*


Lance: Daddy Shiroooooooooooooo!!!!! Daddy Keith stole my candies!!!!!!! *screams* *runs to Shiro*
Shiro: No, he didn’t. I ate them, Lance.
Lance: *stares at Shiro and face plants on the floor with a THUD*
Shiro: *tries not to laugh* Are you—-
Lance: *screams while still face planted on the floor* *thumps his hands and feet on the floor*
Shiro: Lance, I’m really—-
Lance: I HATE YOUU!!!! I HATE YOUU!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!! 
Shiro: Captain, I’m—
Lance: *stands up and tries to attack Shiro*
Shiro: *on the verge of laughter* *runs away from Lance* Oh my god!!!
Lance: YOU’RE GONNA PAY FOR MY CANDIES DADDY SHIRO!! *chases Shiro while crying* THOSE WERE MINE!!!!!!
Shiro: *laughs* *runs around the house* MAD BABY ON THE LOSE!! KEITH SAVE MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Joker Imagine - Line of life and death

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Joker’s P.O.V.

I couldn’t believe what had happened because it just came so fast.

Y/N and I were walking a little in Gotham city because there had been a fight at the club and she wanted me to relax. For the girl she was she had a lot of guts. Yes even tho Y/N was my girlfriend, she seemed nervous sometimes. Anyway she practically dragged me out so we could walk. It sure helped. But then everything came crashing down.

We had crossed a road and she had dropped something. I felt how Y/N had let go of my hand as the lights turned green for cars. I tried to yell at her to stop, but she walked straight in front of a car, blinded by the night. Her body hit the red car forcefully and then flew many feet ahead of it, hitting the pavement harshly. The car stopped and I couldn’t even see the guy or girl because I ran to Y/N.

Her legs and arms were bleeding because the short dress didn’t offer any protection. Her body had gone numb and she could barely breathe. I was too scared to pick her up in case she had broken her spine. Fear took over me for the first time in years. ‘’Baby..’’ I breathed out and touched her cheek, having to see if she had any kind of a reaction. ‘’It..hurts..’’ She whimpered out weakly and looked at me. I bet she hadn’t seen the wounds and it should stay so.

The car driver knew who we were, yet he called an ambulance and shut the road with his own things. I grabbed Y/N’s small hand and then got down on the cold pavement. ‘’Keep your eyes on me, okay?’’ I asked her and fought against my own tears. I found out by one glance that her spine wasn’t broken, but her left leg was twisted unnaturally. ‘’J..’’ Y/N gasped and her hand started trembling while she held mine.

‘’It’s okay..You’ll be fine..Do you hear me? You’ll be fine doll’’ I reassured her, but I wasn’t believing myself. If she had an inner bleeding, she could die within an hour. Even the thought made my gut uneasy and I didn’t want to accept it. ‘’An ambulance is on the way’’ A random lady told us from the car. I didn’t even look at them, because I was focused on keeping my girlfriend alive. I didn’t care that it would be an ambulance. I’d force them to help her and give her the needed treatment or I’d shoot the doctors. Then I’d take her back home before they could send her to Arkham.

Tears gushed out of her pretty eyes and she found it hard not to look. ‘’Don’t dare to do that babe, it’ll make it worse. Just keep your eyes on me’’ I reminded her with a voice that cracked once. I was terrified to lose her, the only person I cared about outside work. ‘’I ..I want to sleep’’ She whispered weakly. ‘’No! Don’t..Y/N you can do it!’’ I got panicked. She couldn’t die now! Not like this, not so young..

‘’You’re a fighter baby..Do you hear me? You’re strong. You can get through this’’ I started to lose myself. My vision got blurry because tears were stinging my eyes. I bet the last time I cried was when I was a teenager. And hell it felt bad to nearly cry. ‘’Puddin..’’ Y/N said softly, but it was obvious she was in pain. ‘’I love you’’ She sobbed and nearly shut her eyes. Those three words were rarely shared between us even tho our love was obvious. Yes we were crazy and homicidal criminals, but we loved each other.

‘’I love you too’’ I let her know and then a weak tear rolled down my face, followed by more. Oh I’d kill whoever drove that car no matter what, but not right now. Suddenly Y/N shut her eyes, making my muscles tense. ‘’ no! No don’t! Open them!’’ I yelled at her, not allowing her to just die. I cupped her face and leaned closer. ‘’Baby! Don’t leave me’’ I pleaded and started to shake. Was this real? ‘’Don’t you dare to leave me..’’ I whispered and swallowed my tears.

Her eyes opened a little, but she seemed weaker. An ambulance was coming, but we were holding traffic back so it would take longer. ‘’Sing something’’ She told me quietly, but cracked a tiny smile in all that pain. I was so panicked, so scared and sad that I couldn’t think of a song at first. The only song that popped into my mind was stupid, but I had no other choice. I only knew the song because she had listened to it so much. I couldn’t even sing well, but it was okay for her.

‘’What would I do without your smart mouth? Drawing me in and then kicking me out. You got my head spinning..’’ I started quietly, so only she could hear. She opened her eyes a little more and forced herself to stay awake.

‘’ kidding, I can’t pin you down’’ I mouthed the words of the song and it only made me sadder. The words seemed to fit us. Y/N looked at me closely as I tried to remember the words in this state of shock.

‘’’You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind..’’ 

‘’ ‘Cause all of me loves all of you, love your curves and all your edges, love all your imperfections..’’ I kept going. The ambulance was closer and good for us the hospital was only a block away from here. It stopped a few feet away from us and the ambulance men got out, walking closer to us nervously. The other one of them kneeled next to Y/N and started doing his job. I was too shocked to focus on his words. I just kept my gaze on my princess who was on the line of life and death.

I couldn’t let her die..

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Did CJ ever tell anyone what went on between her and Simon?

CJ didn’t cry on the trip home from New York. That didn’t actually surprise Carol very much. She’d worked for CJ since the campaign, four years of endless days and more sleepless nights than Carol liked to remember. CJ was never one to let her vulnerability show. To betray any weakness was to invite suicide by press corps, who were a pack of habituated wolves, sometimes friendly, sometimes useful, but never tame or safe. Always ravenously hungry. During the twenty-four hours of hell that had been the aftermath of Rosslyn, CJ had been panicked, traumatized and concussed, but she’d never let an iota of it slip out anywhere but her office. Even as Carol had stifled her own tears and scoured the internet for information on exactly how bad it was if someone’s pupils didn’t quite dilate together, her boss had fended off Danny Concannon and the rest of the wolves with a whip and a chair, keeping Josh safe, keeping the West Wing and Residence sacrosanct. After Josh was out of the woods and the President back in the White House, and the press corps were all out filing their stories, CJ had closed her blinds and asked Carol to bar the door for an hour. On the other side of the door, Carol had listened to her weeping and had shed tears as well, but guarded her boss’s privacy. Sixty minutes later, she’d taken in tissues and eyedrops, and they’d never said a word about it. That was how they coped.

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Comfort - Carl Grimes X Reader

Summary: Your mom gets bitten and you are taken to Akexandria where you meet Carl. Angst and Fluff.

  Warnings: Death of Mother


 "Mom, look out!“ You shriek, but it’s too late, a walker sneaks up behind her and sinks it’s rotten teeth into her shoulder. She screams in pain and throws the monster off her. You rush up to it and plunge your knife into it’s skull.

 "Mom!” You cry, turning to her. The wound on her shoulder is not deep but it is fatal none the less.“We can get help. Come on mom, we have to go." 

 "Baby, it’s no use, you know that,” your mom says softly. You know she’s right, you’ve seen it happen countless times. Someone gets bit, infection sets in, then the fever. It doesn’t always happen quickly, sometimes it’s hours, sometimes it’s days. 

 "We can at least find somewhere to stay,“ you whisper. Your mom wraps her uninjured arm around you and you both walk slowly down the road.

 After walking for what seems like hours you find an abandoned house at the side of the road. You leave your mom on the porch steps and look around the house, peering into the window looking for walkers and maybe people. Once you have decided that the outside is clear you try the door and find it unlocked. You walk slowly inside and listen for walkers. You don’t hear anything so you walk around the main floor on high alert. After clearing the first floor you head upstairs and also find nothing.

 Suddenly you hear the rumbling of what sounds like a motorcycle. You run to the window and see a man on a motorcycle riding towards the house. Having had bad experiences with other people on the road before, you quickly go get your mom.

 "The house is clear mom, you can come inside,” you say. She doesn’t respond.  

“Mom?” You ask, your voice rising in panic. You rush over to her and see that her eyes are closed.

 "Mom!“ You cry, shaking her. She opens her eyes and breathes out shakily. 

"I’m still here love, don’t worry,” she says weakly. She looks terrible, the skin around the bite on her shoulder has become enflamed and her overall complexion has a greenish tinge. You grab her arm to help her up and heel that her skin is very warm.

 "Mom, you’re burning up,“ you whisper.

 "I’m okay,” she says but the moment she tries to stand her knees buckle and she falls to the ground. 

 You turn to see the man on the motorcycle has come much closer and you start panicking. 

 "We need to go inside,“ you say. 

 "Just leave me out here, it’s nice out,” your mom says, closing her eyes again. 

“No! Come on!” You shout, tears streaming down your face.

 The sound of the motorcycle becomes very loud and then stops suddenly. 

“Hey!” The man shouts. 

 "Please, we don’t have anything, my mom is hurt. Please don’t… please…“ You’re sobbing now. The man gets off his bike and comes closer.

 "Stay away!” You shout, pulling your gun. You have no ammunition and haven’t for months, but you hope that maybe you’ll scare the man away. The man takes a step back and raises his hands. 

 "My name is Daryl, I can help you,“ he says. You glare at him. 

 "I’m from a place called Alexandria, it’s not far from here. You can live there, there are some kids your age. We have medicine, and food. We can help your mom,” Daryl says. 

“No one can help my mom,” you spit, “She’s been bitten." 

 "We can make her more comfortable, and we can take care of you,” Daryl continues. 

 You think for a moment and realize that you truly have nothing else to lose. If he’s telling the truth you wouldn’t have to run for your life everyday or go days without eating and if he’s lying you’ll probably just die.

 "Okay,“ you say lowering your gun, "We’ll go with you.”

 Daryl helps your mom onto his bike and starts walking down the road.

 "It’s not far. If you’d have kept walking for another half a mile you’d have found it on your own,“ Daryl says. You remain silent.

 "You got a name kid?” He asks. 

 "Y/n,“ you mumble. 

 "That’s a real pretty name,” replies Daryl.

 You don’t say anything else the rest of the way. 

 When you get there you look up at the front gate with a mixture of emotions. If only you had found this place yesterday, then maybe everything would be okay. 

A brown haired woman opens the gate and helps get your mom inside. Your arrival has drawn a small crowd of people, among them is a boy about your age, wearing a cowboy hat with a bandage over his right eye. You can feel his gaze on you but you keep your eyes on the ground. 

 A man walks over to Daryl and they start talking. 

 "I found ‘em on the road. Just the girl and her mom. There was no one else around. Her mom’s been bit,“ Daryl says quietly.

 "Kind of stupid bringing an infected woman in here, don’t you think?” The other man says harshly.

 "What, you want me to just leave her to die? The girl wouldn’t have come without her and I couldn’t just leave her alone out there!“ Daryl growls. The other man stares at you for a moment and turns back to Daryl. 

 "Find a house for her and make sure there’s a guard there at all times,” the man says. 

 Daryl escorts you and your mom down a row of pristine houses. You look around, surprised to see that the whole place looks untouched by the horrors of the outside world. 

 "What is this place?“ You ask.

 "Alexandria Safe Zone. It was a self-reliable community built before shit went down. People moved in before it got too bad and the old leader built fences to protect it,” Daryl explains. You reach a house on the far end of the street and Daryl lets you in.

 "That was Rick back there, I’m sorry he was kind of rude but he doesn’t trust new people, with good reason,“ Daryl says. He takes your mom to an upstairs room and puts her down on the bed. 

 "Her fever is getting bad, isn’t it?” you ask. 

 "Yeah… I’m real sorry 'bout what happened to ya,“ Daryl says. 

 "Something was bound to happen eventually,” you murmur. You sit on the edge of the bed and hold your mom’s hand. Her breathing is weak and shaky, it won’t be long now.

 "I’ll send someone up with some blankets, food and water for you,“ Daryl says and then leaves. 

 Half an hour later a grey haired woman comes in holding a tray with a sandwich and two cups of water on it.

 "Is she comfortable?” The woman asks.

 "I think so, she hasn’t woken up since we got here though,“ you reply.

 "Hmm. I’m Carol, by the way. I’m here to take first watch. It’s just a precaution,” she says.

 "I understand. I’m Y/n,“ you say. 

 Carol gives you the sandwich and a cup of water and takes the other one to your mom. 

 "I’ll look after her, you rest,” Carol says. You sit in a chair in the corner of the room and eat. You haven’t tastes anything but canned food and burnt squirrels for months. 

 After you eat, you fall into an uncomfortable sleep in the chair for a few hours. 

“Mom!” You wake with a start and see the boy with the cowboy hat staring at you from the door. 

 "She’s still alive,“ he says motioning to you mom, "I’m Carl.”

You let out a sigh of relief and go sit next to her on the bed. Her breathing has become more ragged and uneven and there’s a Shen of sweat on her skin from the fever.

 "Baby? Is that you?“ Her weak voice asks.

 "Yes mom, I’m here,” you say, starting to cry. 

 "It’s time baby,“ she whispers.

 "No, mom…” You sob. 

 "You gotta be strong baby. I love you,“ she says. Her eyes close and she exhales one final time before succumbing to the bite on her shoulder. 

 Carl steps forward with his gun out. 

 "Let me, please. I can do it,” you whisper. He hands you the gun and you take it shakily out of his hand. You press a kiss to your mom’s forehead and press the gun to her temple. 

“I’m sorry,” you whisper. You wipe away your tears and take a deep breath. Suddenly you feel Carl’s hand on your shoulder. It’s comforting and gives you a little strength. You squeeze the trigger and drop the gun. Then, you stand up and walk slowly out of the room without looking back. You leave the house and walk down the street. People stare at you, you know they heard the gunshot, they know exactly what happened. They look at you with pity in their eyes. You feel nothing.

 Later that night you sit alone in the house. They moved your mom’s body out and buried her in their grave yard. Suddenly you hear a quiet knock at the door. You slowly stand up and answer. It’s Carl. 

“I came to check on you,” he says quietly.

 "Your dad send you?“ You spit.

 "No, I just… Wanted to make sure you’re okay. I know how you feel,” he says. 

“What the hell makes you think that?” You ask angrily. 

“My mom died, a few years ago. Right in front of me and I had to shoot her.” He says. 

 "Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to…“ You start. You feel bad for saying what you did. 

 "It’s fine, you have a right to be angry. I was,” Carl says.

“She was all I had, Carl,” you say, your throat tightens and tears begin to flow down your cheeks, “I have no one now." 

 "We’ll take care of you,” Carl whispers.

“I don’t want you! I want my mom back!” You shout. Carl flinches at your harsh words. You collapse on the floor, shaking from sobbing. 

 "I just want my mom…“ You cry. 

 Carl sits down on the floor next to you and pulls you into his lap.

 "Why are you doing this? You barely know me,” you murmur. 

 "I know that you’re not okay,“ Carl says, "and I don’t want you to be alone.”

 You rest your head against his chest and listen to his heartbeat. His strong arms wrap around you and he begins humming a lullaby. You close your eyes and cry silently until you can’t cry anymore. After a while, your breathing evens out and you fall asleep in Carl’s arms.

It is morning when you wake up. You’re in the same position you were in when you fell asleep, curled up in Carl’s lap.

 "How are you feeling?“ He asks.

 "Okay, I think,” you say, sitting up. You stare into his blue eyes but see no pity there like you saw with the others. He’s looking at you like you’re strong.

 "I get it,“ He says. You crawl off his lap and sit next to him against the wall. 

 "I don’t want to live here alone,” you say looking around the room.

 "There’s an extra room in our house. I’ll ask my dad if you can move in with us,“ Carl says, "he’s not as bad as he seems and he’ll take care of you." 

"I’d like that,” you say. 

 "And if you get tired of being stuck in this place I know a way over the fence. We can go outside,“ he says. 

 "I don’t know if I want to go out there again just yet,” you say.

“Right.” Carl says. He stretches out his legs and then stands up. 

 "You ready?“ He asks, offering you his hand. You take it and pull yourself off the floor. Carl open the door and steps out side. You walk down the steps together.

 "Carl?” You ask. 

“Yeah?” He replies. 

 "Thanks,“ you say.

 "No problem,” he says. 

 Carl convinces Rick to let you live with them and you move in that night. For a while you don’t talk to anyone but Carl but after a few weeks you get to know the others. Whenever you have nightmares Carl comes and wakes you then stays with you for the rest of the night. Whenever you have especially bad days Carl is there. You do the same for him whenever he needs you. In the time that you have been together you’ve become each other’s 'rock’. You are each other’s comfort. 

 Thanks for reading! I might write a second part to this. Let me know if you want it. 

 Requests are open, there is a list of Fandoms I write for in my bio. Send in a prompt and a character and I’ll do my best to write a story for you.



Deep Down

Deep down she knows the truth. She has always known it. Thinking back it may be the underlying reason she tempted herself with the past. Her thoughts are interrupted by the clicking of Donna’s Jimmy Choos.

“Fancy meeting you here- again” Rachel sniffs.

Donna takes a seat next to her friend. “You know Harvey had to do that, he was…. Look, Harvey has this ability to just shut off and not see you as a person anymore,” 

“Donna, I get that. I do, but this… this is different.”

“Different how?” the usually fiery red head asks.

“I get it now.”

Rachel turns to her; waiting to see Donna’s intuition come to life. Instead she finds a blank look, so rehearsed it looks almost plastic. She sadly chuckles to herself softly as the truth settles in her bones. “You already know don’t you?”

“Know what? Rachel honey, I cant help if you wont…”

“Stop. Just stop. I can see it all over your face. I know that you know that Harvey is in love with him.” Donna doesn’t move. 

“Truth be told I think I knew it  too somewhere deep down. But I was never more sure than I am now. When he asked me about being faithful about what happened with Logan. That wasn’t a ploy, that was personal.”

Donna stays silent, hoping her mask is still firmly in place. How can she tell her friend that Harvey has been in love with her fiance’ since the moment Mike walked into the interview room. Of course being the idiotic man Harvey could sometimes be, he couldn’t even admit it to himself until last year. Even now he wont act on his feelings despite the fact the puppy loves him just as much. 

“But I love him Donna..” she sobs, tears once again falling from her eyes.

“I know you do sweetheart, and he loves you too” Donna coos taking the woman in her arms. And she knows she isn’t lying. Mike does love Rachel, but it’s nothing compared to the feelings he has for Harvey.

“But its not the same. I mean have you seen the way they look at each other. Like they are each others whole world. Mike never looks at me that way. Donna…”  turning to face her friend,  “…what am I going to do?”

“Right now, you are going to get up and get cleaned up. Don’t make any decisions this moment, there will be time to deal with this after the trial is over. Right now, he needs you.” 

Donna watches her friend go knowing that no matter what happens next, the die has already been cast. Sometimes love is fleeting, other times it has a long shelf life. Then there is love that grows in ways unimaginable; one that is tempered by fire; solidified through pain, and strong enough to withstand any odds. That’s what she sees when she looks at Harvey and Mike. Donna smiles to herself in the mirror and makes herself a promise. When they get through this, no matter what it takes, no matter what happens next, she is locking them both in a closet until they come out with some damn sense- preferably engaged.

Eyes On Me

More NozoEli! Prompt was from a list called “things that have happened to me irl”
you think im ignoring you but sometimes its just hard to look at you because youre so pretty
~1500 words, unbeta’d
Rating: T? idk how you kids are these days with these things when it’s not obvious smut

She found it hard to look at Eli now.

Nozomi couldn’t pin down exactly when it started. There had been times over the past three years where the same thing would happen just a bit, usually from not wanting to laugh in class at remembering a joke. Otherwise, Nozomi felt she spent most of her downtime watching her friend. Eli was intriguing, and beautiful.

Very much so.

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She closed her eyes wearily.
And she saw, once again, the world from the dragon’s eyes. She was flying above Abri, and saw its buildings and its people, saw its sheltering walls, the arms of the land reaching out to encircle the land’s children.
Her children. Her child. Hers and Haplo’s.
A girl-child. Her name– Rue. She was eight gates now, or around there. Marit could see her– skinny and wiry, tall for her age, with chestnut hair like her mother and her father’s quiet smile.
Marit could see it all so clearly.
“We taught Rue how to snare small game, how to skin a rabbit, how to catch a fish with her hands,” Marit was telling Headman Vasu, who had inexplicably appeared out of nowhere. “She’s old enough to be of some help to us now. I’m glad we decided to keep her with us, instead of leaving her with the Squatters.”
Rue could run fast, when the need arose, and she could fight if cornered. She had her own rune-covered dagger– a gift from her mother. 
“I taught her how to use it,” Marit was saying to the headman. “Not long ago, Rue faced down a snog with it. She held the creature at bay until her father and I could rescue her. She wasn’t afraid, she said, though she shook in my arms afterward. Then Haplo came and teased her and made her laugh and we were all three of us laughing…”

(bonus: a few paragraphs later…)

The warmth of that dream lingered in her; she felt surrounded by love and caring…
Angrily, she banished it.
A dream, she told herself coldly, firmly. Nothing I can ever attain. I threw it all away.
“What?” Alfred sat up. “What did you say? Something about Haplo?”
Marit didn’t think she had spoken aloud, but then she was so tired she didn’t know what she was doing anymore.

His One:Imagine Fili telling you about the life he wished you two would have had as you laid dying after protecting him during Battle of Five Armies.


Everything seem to happen so quickly. One moment fear shook her very core watching with her very own eyes the near demise of her loved one. She didn’t think of the consequences or the sheer horror of Fili’s face when she came to protect him from the fatal blow.

A single piercing sound rang through her ears following by a painful gasp. Her lips parted in shock, brows furrowed in shock at the pain and barely believing that a sword has gone through her. Not for a single moment did she feel her body fall back, landing in heap of her own blood.

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Luna limped painfully along, her wings badly damaged by the last attack - she had barely escaped the horde, once again.  She looked behind her, seeing nopony for the moment, but in this mad world looks could be very deceiving.  She heard a hoofstep and froze, swinging her weapon toward the sound … nothing.  Only her imagination.  She was parched and starving, food untainted by the virus being almost impossible to find in the past few weeks.  Despite the danger, she had to continue searching for sustenance, or she would soon be unable to resist the onslaught.

Luna approached the apple orchard cautiously, step by silent step.  The trees were one of the last remaining food sources for survivors, and the infected knew this all too well.  She heard their throaty growls from within the trees, communicating with each other in their unearthly way.  Even after so long, it still terrified her.  Flashes of memory reminded her just how close she had been to becoming one of them.

Reaching up with magic, she plucked a few of the precious fruits from the nearest tree, cringing at the slight noise that the breaking stems made.  She turned to run -

A large unicorn stabbed at Luna with her horn, and Luna screamed in panic, barely able to deflect the blow with the butt of her gun.  She pushed the mare away, about to shoot and end the pony’s sad existence, when she felt her heart sink with dread.  

“Sister?!” Luna cried, feeling tears welling up, “I thought you had escaped …”

Celestia looked back with vacant, hungry eyes.  Her fur was matted with blood and filth, and no hint of her former glory remained.  Luna’s grip on the weapon shook.  She knew the right thing to do was to end her sister’s misery, but her heart broke at the thought.  Even in this wretched state, she was still her sister, the companion of thousands of years …

Other infected crowded around her from every side, their jaws clacking against jagged teeth, bony, featherless wings fluttering, rotting flesh pressing toward her.  She had seconds to choose her sister’s fate - It was now or never.  

“I love you, sister,” Luna sobbed.  She closed her eyes, clenched her jaw, and pulled the trigger.

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blessed images

youremykindagirl  asked:

Most definitely do not write a Bellarke fic based on Travelin Soldier by the Dixie Chicks. Don't do it.

When The Letter Said

For those of you who know the song, you know what’s coming. For those of you who don’t, turn back now if you avoid major character deaths.

Clarke sat against the back of her door, head pressed to her knees, clutching her phone.

Her fingers itched to dial his number, to press the speaker to her ear, to listen to his voice another time.

Hello, you’ve reached Bellamy Blake. I’m not here right now, but leave a message and I—he won’t call you back because he’s forgetful and he sucks, Octavia’s voice would conclude, accompanied by her laugh and Bellamy swearing in the background.

Oh, how she missed him.

Clarke squeezed her eyes shut, stubbornly willing away the inevitable tears. She hadn’t cried when he had left for the desert, so she couldn’t let herself do it now.

She hadn’t known him when he had deployed though, at least not as more than the senior boy who was the second smartest person in all of her advanced-level classes (she was the first) and her lab partner for the semester. But she knew him now.

She knew that he didn’t particularly believe in president and country, but he believed in the money and promise of a college education. He craved Wendy’s fries and didn’t actually mind the heat over there so much. He loved books about mythology and the ancient world—she sent him a few new ones only a couple of weeks ago—he loved rap music, and he loved, loved, loved his sister.

He loved her enough to take Clarke aside one day after class last year and ask her to keep an eye on Octavia while he was gone.

Gone? Clarke had said, startled.

I’ve enlisted.

Her eyes had widened, because she at least thought he would’ve tried for a scholarship, or the community college.

You’ve enlisted, she repeated, licking her lips.

I don’t have many friends here, and you’ve met her, and you’re a girl—Clarke had laughed at that, and the tense lines around his tired eyes had relaxed just a little bit—and I need someone to make sure she doesn’t get into too much trouble.

Clarke had simply nodded. Okay. Everyone had heard the rumors about Aurora, about how she was only a mother in name, so she didn’t question his request.

He hadn’t said thank you, but the relief in his smile had been enough for her.

Somehow over the months of correspondence his weekly one-line emails (How’s Octavia?) had grown to two (How’s Octavia? How are you?), and then into paragraphs (The 1995 version of Pride & Prejudice is totally the better version! That mist field scene was so goddamn Hollywood I could practically see the LA skyline in the background.)

So she knew Bellamy Blake. She knew that he had vomited the first time he had shot someone, that he had vivid recurrent nightmares about getting captured and tortured, that he hated himself for missing Octavia’s sixteenth birthday. He told her all the things he couldn’t bear to tell his sister, and that his mother wouldn’t care to hear. And she told him things back: about how she got into a stupid fight with Wells, how scared she was for college next year, how her parents were fighting more and more. His emails—and eventually his video chats—were the bright points in her day.

He knew her, and she knew him.

And then the men in uniform had come, walking onto the field of Octavia’s field hockey game last week, with stoic faces and devastating news, and everything she thought she knew had shattered.

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Her Choice

His Choice was supposed to be a One Shot, but so many of you asked for a Part Two and my thought bunnies wouldn’t stop until I wrote it. Even if my heart is killing me right now for it.

This takes place right where His Choice left off. It’s the next morning and Killian still has a decision to make.

Spoiler’s for 5x15

Part One x AO3 x FF

Don’t worry, I’m putting myself in time out again.

This is a dream, this is all a dream.

Emma repeats to herself over and over in her mind throughout the night. He’s asked her to tell him what to do a number of times, but she can’t.

Because if she did, she would tell him to come home with her, to let his brother move on, and stay with her.

But she could never do that, she could never ask him to choose her over his family, just like he would never ask her, and it’s not because she believes that he wouldn’t if she did ask. No, that wasn’t the problem at all.

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Cursed (Ava Hawke/Anders)

Angst Prompt: “What happened doesn’t change anything.” For pragnificent

Anders walked upstairs to his and Hawke’s bedchamber. The day had been a long one, impossibly so. The memory of Hawke holding the mutilated body of her mother was still fresh in his mind. She had walked out of the old warehouse still holding her, not saying a word to him, not waiting for him to keep up with her. 

She had disappeared as they left the docks. He had spent the rest of the night searching for her, but finding nothing. Hawke did not want to be found. That was not like her. She never disappeared on him. When something was wrong she always came to him. 

With a heavy sigh Anders opened the door. The sight which greeted him robbed him of further breath. 

The room was in shambles. Splintered pieces of wood from the desk and chair were scattered about the room, pillows were ripped, cloth was torn, the sheets from the bed had been stripped and the canvas utterly massacred. The curtains on the windows were down and one pole had managed to smash through the glass pane. Mirror shards were everywhere and even parts of the rug and been ripped up. And there in the center of it all was Hawke. 

She was sitting on the floor against the foot of the bed. Her legs and arms were covered in dirt and mud, bleeding in places from splinters and glass. Her knees were hugged tight to her chest and he could only see the top of her head from where she had it lowered under her arms. 

His heart broke for her. 

Anders walked through the wreckage, crunching wood and glass under his boots as he approached. He knelt down before her. “Ava…” he whispered her name as gently as he could. 

Her head shot up, golden eyes grief stricken and red rimmed with tears. She looked furious and hopeless all at once. “What are you doing here?” she asked. Her voice was a thin rasp. Anders recognized the tone as one who had lost their voice to screaming. 

“I live here, remember?” he teased her with a sad smile. He slid down against the bedpost next to her, inching close so that their shoulders touched. 

“I went looking for you,” Anders said, “I didn’t realize you had come home.”

“I didn’t,” Hawke shook her head, staring hard ahead of her and not turning her head to look at him. “I went out to the coast. Had to bury her. Had to do it then. Couldn’t wait. I buried her with my own hands,” she sobbed but her eyes were dry. 

“Oh, love, I am so sorry,” Anders reached for her but Hawke flinched away from his offered embrace.

“No, no don’t!” she cried. “I’m bad luck. I’m cursed! First Carver, reckless, foolish Carver who never listened to me! And then Bethany…I couldn’t bury either of them. We had to leave Carver behind to flee the darkspawn and Bethany…my sweet sister…I had to leave her down in the dark. In the cold. Alone. And now my…m-m-my mother. I couldn’t protect them. I failed them.”

“You never failed them…”

“You should get out of here!” Hawke gave a raw scream, backing away from Anders’ side entirely. “You’re the only one left. And I’m cursed. If you stay with me you’ll die. You can’t die, Anders, you’re all I have. I can’t lose you too. I can’t. I…”

Anders overtook her and caught her in an embrace before she could flee. Hawke choked and gasped in his arms in much the same way she would when awakening from one of her nightmares. Anders rubbed his hands in small circles down her back, letting a thin pulse of healing magic seep into her lungs to ease their constriction. 

“What happened doesn’t change anything,” he hushed her, rocking her back and forth. “I’m not going anywhere. Curse or no curse.” he kissed the side of her head. “I’m here for you, whatever you need.” He drew her onto his lap and sat with her in relative silence for what seemed like hours. 

“I’m sorry,” Hawke whispered after a good long while. “For all of the mess…”

“It’s only furniture, sweetheart, we can fix it together.”

“But your desk…your work…”

“Oh I think I see a few papers scattered around the room. I’ll have that back in order soon. Don’t worry about that now.”

Idly, Anders examined Hawke’s hands that she had kept close to her chest. Eyes widening he noticed she had glass pieces embedded in both her palms. “Let’s get you cleaned and patched up,” he suggested, rising to his feet with her still in his arms. 



“You’re the only family I have left.”

He paused mid-step, looking down at the woman in his arms. He kissed her forehead. “And you’re the only family I’ve ever truly had.”