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tower; post-LR epilogue. Lightning comes to a bunch of realizations through a series of letters to a certain someone…

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“You are safe, that is all that matters,”

“A great serpent of the North, they had said, a creature that brought fear and death to all in its wake. Dragon fire is unlike most fires we are well accustomed to, it is like a potent poison– it burns and corrodes with every intention of turning all that it touches into ash.

I first heard the news when I was visiting my mother and father in Lothlorien, that the company of elves coming out of Greenwood had been decimated by a great serpent of the North.

Our healers worked feverishly to heal his wounds before my arrival, but in the end, even I could not save his eye entirely. We traveled swiftly to Imladris shortly after, for there is no greater healer in Arda than Lord Elrond, but ultimately, Lord Elrond could only confirm our greatest fears— that his eyesight could not be salvaged.”

marshmello08  asked:

Wait. But what if Future Bitty has a food television show? And he, like, specializes in game day snacks that somehow taste amazing, but don't make NHL team nutritionists mad. And the end of every episode is a montage of him sharing the food with the Falconers and footage from him cheering at the game. And some weeks, he invites Jack to the show, and Jack is still hopeless at cooking, but the fans love him.

what if this just??? crushed my heart and i DIED????????

also i want everyone else to show up on his show too but in like. very random capacities

like maybe the show is filmed in his apartment (jack’s apartment lol??? im cryign) and so like, lardo just pops in & is like “whoops sorry” & ducks out of frame & is gone for several minutes (there’s one incredibly loud BANG! in the background and then utter silence for ~30 seconds) so bitty tries to go on with the show & then lardo comes back in dragging this massive block of solid metal across the floor & bitty and everyone in the crew just. watches her do this silently for an unbelievably long amount of time (one of the techs eventually helps her carry it out)

ransom & holster bursting in singing that thing from tarzan “THE FUUUUUN HAS ARRIIIIVED”

shitty just sitting at bitty’s counter eating food as it is prepared, bitty occasionally smacking his hand away (he’s baked off his ass & just sitting silently & eating; occasionally spouts some tidbits of feminist theory or history or whatever)

and jack. oh god. jack, after he comes out & is open abt his relationship w/ bitty, appearing on the show in a purely domestic capacity, walking through the kitchen on his way to go for a run, dropping a kiss on bitty’s head, stealing bites of food (stealing kisses when bitty turns to reprimand him)

and then maybe there’s a thanksgiving special or smth & the whole samwell team comes over, all of the members from all four years of bitty’s samwell career, as well as the falconers, and george, and jack’s family and bitty’s family, everyone in jack’s massive apartment around a huge table eating bitty’s food & being happy and mE, ON THE FLOOR, SOBBING FOREVER,

don’t go breaking my heart~” sour patch sang as he walked along the campus, getting himself familiar with his surroundings. “i couldn’t if i tried. oh honey, if i get restless~” he swayed from side to side, getting caught up in his little jam session. “baby, you’re not that kioof!! sour patch stumbled into someone when he tried to do a small turn. “oh my gumdrop!! i am so sorry!! hey, are you alright?? i didn’t hurt you too bad, did i??

yaaay! extra late and extra lame follow forever, yaay! /throws confetti all over the place/ with a terrible like 5-minute-edit yaaaay!

omg so finally, I had the time to get my non existent butt to work on this! I wanted to do my follow forever since I reached my follower goal a couple months ago and I really did! it was totally done! but the file disappeared and I kinda gave up on it for a few months… whoopsies~
also life and college got in the way so I couldn’t really work on it earlier but you know what people say, Better late than never (is it even this way? omg)

So I am really thankful to all of you who have taken the time to check out my super lame ass blog and decided to follow~ also this is my first year where I stayed constantly on tumblr ahah so freaking obsessed man. . So to all of you my dear followers, thank you so much cuties, you really are a bunch of sweethearts ♡ and I also want to thank all the wonderful blogs I follow that keep my dash as funny and active as always, I would’ve been long gone if it wasn’t for all of you.

after all the babbling i just did lol shall we start with the actual follow forever? yes we shall~
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aaaah so there it goes~ Also guys I am always willing to talk to anyone that comes into my humble ask, so don’t be afraid to come talk to me if you are in this or not~ , I promise I don’t bite~ (but i do cuddle and hug a lot so you have been warned) and if we talked even once we are tots friends in my book lol soooo

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