sobs but cute birds

I posted some of the patterns I made on Redbubble!  I originally made these for the interior of the sketchbooks I made, but they are too cute not to be reused!

This pattern has Michal and Finna in animal form having a strawberry picnic!  Wanted to draw something cute and whimsical with strawberries cause I’ve been looking forward to spring and farmer’s market! 

Anyway, the real reason I’m posting is because Redbubble launched a new product- chiffon scarves! *A*  I’ve been dreaming of making a chiffon scarf FOREVER…I actually attempted it a while ago with the jackal pattern I made through Spoonflower.  But Spoonflower screwed up the order and I kind of gave up after that point.  But, hey!  Redbubble!  I can finally have my printed scarf now; perhaps I will be ordering one for myself! XD