sobs because this song is perfect

if you have random waves of sadness because you miss b.a.p and end up curled up in the corner of your room while listening to their songs but can’t hear it over your own sobs clap your hands


emma & killian | fading slowly…. (s4 finale)

OMG that finale killed me in SOO many ways! I was giggling, smiling, crying and sobbing, I was a complete mess. It really made up for how crappy this season has been. I’m so excited for next season because I know true loves kiss is going to break the dark one’s curse and free Emma. It’s going to be extremely epic and I’m just so excited! :D I hope you guys enjoy the video! Sorry that it’s a sad one but this song was so perfect for them!
- xoxo cailey

(blocked in germany) 

  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: When Hamilton does their Tony performance they're likely going to perform Non-Stop because of its blending of previous songs in a one-day-more-esque way. It has solos of Hamilton, Eliza, Angelica, Burr, and Washington so it would be perfect if they perform it. I am going to be emotionally wrecked after the Tonys. I will be emotionally wrecked no matter what song they perform but if they do Non-Stop I will cry tears of joy.