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Feysand Pregnancy Fic

I asked what people wanted me to write next and I got an overwhelming vote in the affirmative for Feyre telling Rhys she is preggers, so here it is! I don’t think some of the voices are entirely on point and it’s a tad long, but I enjoyed writing it a ton regardless and this fic in particular means a lot to me, so I hope you like!

Early Mornings with You

I had known something was off for a few days. I suppose if I’d been paying better attention to myself, I would have known a lot sooner.

Walking down the streets of Velaris after meeting with the healer was like a dream, my mind stuck perpetually in the clouds. I noticed everything and saw nothing all at the same time, running in to people accidentally when they were two steps in front of me, but still somehow able to see all of the colors of this beautiful city. It was so surreal. Somehow my sudden revelation made everything more vibrant, more alive, and I was in complete awe of the world in a way I never had been before as I neared my city apartment that I shared with Rhys.


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nope we’re not done with shukita self-indulgence LOL

here’s some incoming angst AHAHA end me

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“In 2013, as the kaiju attacks grew more frequent, Newt started sharing correspondence with the son of the Jaeger program inventor: Hermann Gottlieb.

Hermann was able to engage Newt’s intellect in a way no one else could. Their letters were passionate and fascinating and the pair agreed to meet in 2017.

They instantly disliked each other.”

Watching some Hawaii Five-0 and just… Danny picks up a lot of babies. Rachel and Stan’s kid, Mary’s kid, random babies at crime scenes – and I just –

Now I really wanna write a fic where omega!Danny keeps temporarily acquiring babies and it’s driving Steve out of his mind. Everywhere he turns, Danny’s holding a baby. And Steve knows that his reaction is mostly just biological, his alpha instincts kicking in – Christ, he’s never even thought about wanting kids before – but he just can’t help it. 

Because it’s Danny and apparently babies make Danny happy and, really, whatever makes Danny happy makes Steve happy. (Most of the time, anyway.) But fucking hell, this is just too much for him to deal with, Danny balancing a baby on his hip and acting all domestic when all Steve can think is mate mate mate my mate.

And of course Danny doesn’t even fucking realize that he’s doing it. Doesn’t realize how his pheromones have changed so that every alpha’s head turns with him as he walks by.

And Steve’s trying to maintain his distance, trying not to growl every time another alpha leans in a little too close, because Danny’s his own person, not Steve’s, never Steve’s and –

And it all falls apart when Danny asks to spend the weekend at Steve’s, Grace and the fucking baby of the week in tow, because his neighbors are arguing again and no one can sleep with all that noise. Not that he seems to care how well Steve’s going to sleep with Danny fretting over not one, but two children all weekend.

Of course it ends with Steve announcing that he’s going to spend the weekend at a hotel, because he can’t fucking deal with this any longer, and of course Danny demands to know why and Steve just – he just –

He may or may not go on a rant about babies and how he doesn’t even really like babies (except for Grace, but Grace isn’t exactly a baby anymore), but Danny needs to stop handling them. For reasons.

Danny tells him he’s an idiot and kisses him until Grace wanders into the kitchen asking about breakfast and Jeffery (baby of the week) wakes up in the other room.


“You’re so beautiful to me
It’s true-
Amazed by you
I think I’m falling…”

faf hits 700!!!

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okay guys so i hit another milestone a few days ago!! i finally reached 700!!! ahhh thank you guys so much for your support and currently there are 703 beautiful people following me ahhh thank you so much guys

i know i dont exactly do much at this blog aside from the fic recs and maybe occasional fan art ( btw all my art is on my personal twitter @maxinebrion_ so you all know where to hit me up on ) ill be considering to write but thats depending ahhh because school sucks sobs 

to the writers that i love reading fics from @jeonseok @btssmutgalore @jessikahathaway @jungkxook @jungblue @taesthetes @dreamscript @seoulsiddy @siranghae @hobibliophile @fightmejeonkook @triptaech @jiminniemouse @tayegi @inktae @avveh @houseofbangtaninternational @jiminder @war-of-hormoan @syugatae @eureka-its-zico @taexquila @workofteaguk @xtaexhyungx @kimvtae @taenity @dangerouslycasualchild @kittae @zephyoongist @ellieljade @versigny @sugajpg @jimins-calves @floralseokjin @kimtrain

theres so many more but these are some of my favs, please do read their fics !! 

if i missed anyone out, im so sorry >< but please look at the fic recs because theres always amazing writers everywhere ahHHH i wish i can write though lmao

anyway thank you guys so much, i love you all always.

stay safe xx

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My dear fannibals who love tentacles: do you have a moment to talk about The Fisherman’s Dream?

This wonderful fic is one of my favorites in this fandom

Basically the story features a sea monster with many many sexy tentacles (aka Hannibal), who’s eating people from the village, and Will Graham of all people decides to investigate. You can imagine what happens, right? But this is not your average everyday tentacle porn, this is… advanced tentacle porn. This fic is so good that I didn’t even get impatient waiting for the tentacle fucking :D

Get ready for an incredible amount of cute and finding adorable quotes like “Will turned away from the edge…only to see an alarmingly large wave come out of seemingly nowhere to splash and drench him entirely. Hannibal was an utter child.” I mean, I almost died reading this because too adorable *sobs*

I love this fic because: amazing characterization, interesting plot and worldbuilding, very hot smut, lots of fluff and everything is described so well you can actually see the whole scene and details in your mind. And what I love the most is that even though everyone knows they’ll fuck a lot and be together, things probably won’t be exactly the way you expect in this fic. I mean, even I who know lots of spoilers still get surprised sometimes. Which I love.

There is even this amazing art dedicated to it, which makes everything even better *dies*

This is still a WIP but there are already 8 chapters full of awesomeness and there will be 5 more!!!! And luckily for us, @yggdrastiles updates regularly every week (Fisherman Fridays) :D (i need to be more like her tbh). And chapter 9 will be published later today! Then I’ll spend the next four weeks trying to figure out what to do with my life when this fic ends.

If you love tentacles, you’re gonna love this. If you don’t care about tentacles, I’d advise you to give it a try because the whole fic is so good. (but if tentacles trigger you, please do not read. @yggdrastiles has many other great fics you may like that don’t involve tentacles).

In any case, this is my favorite tentacle fic. If you like it, please leave kudos and nice comments to my wonderful friend. She’s always been a great writer but she’s been only getting better and better and I’m so proud of her! 

Read The Fisherman’s Dream on AO3.

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Say You Won't Let Go by James Arthur made me think of Viktor in your fic and I'm sobbing because now I can never listen to it without thinking about it 😂

I knew I loved you then, But you’d never know  is certainly and appropriate line 

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You know me. Always ready to talk about my boy.

  • How I feel about this character

This should be obvious to anyone who’s even taken a cursory look at my blog, but Lucien is pretty much the only reason I’ve stayed in this trash fire we call the ACOTAR series and its fandom. I have never loved a YA character more deeply and sincerely. I don’t know how this happened. I don’t recommend it.

  • All the people I ship romantically with this character

Pretty much… everyone. Lucien. Azriel. Feyre. Rhys. Cassian. Tarquin. Andras (sob). Even that fucker Tamlin has a place here because of the fics I and other people have written. Heck, I’ve made arguments for Kallias, and know just about… nothing about him.

  • My non-romantic OTP for this character

I’m going to go with Mor. Ever since @valamerys‘s fic New Constellations, I can’t get it out of my mind. Their situations are actually quite similar - trapped in an abusive family, nearly killed for sleeping with the wrong person. Trauma survivors. The only difference is that while Mor had the Inner Circle, who supported her and empowered her (let’s avoid talking about the mess that was ACOWAR for the moment), Lucien only had Tamlin, who, y’know, didn’t. So she’s had time to heal and grow stronger, while Lucien has had more trauma piled up on top of the original.

  • My unpopular opinion about this character

This isn’t REALLY unpopular, but… Lucien deserves Elain. Not in a “he has a right to her” way, but in a “he’s actually a good person who would be good for her” way. Now, I am not the expert as I have written I think 2 Elucien drabbles total (all my Lucien stuff is gay, pretty much) but the nonsense side of Elriel shippers in which Lucien, like, goes into a jealous rage because he can’t have Elain, or where Lucien is literally just forgotten, frustrates me. I honestly think he’s the most human - real - of the characters. He’s made mistakes, but they were born of trauma and fear. He cares about people, but struggles between that and caring for himself. Anyways. I don’t know what my point was. Right. Elucien. Yeah, this is really just a “Lucien is a great character” rant.

  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

UMMMMM HOW ABOUT IF SJM HADN’T WRITTEN HIM OUT OF ACOWAR HALFWAY THROUGH. *cough* I’m fine. I’m not still upset about this.

Send me a character and I’ll tell you what I think of them!

I started drawing this two nights ago as a combination of needing to draw fucked-up Jean and wanting to draw Droplets fanart. By a complete coincidence rainbowd00dles drew the exact same scene except 500% better, though, so now I just feel silly posting this, haha. ;;;

Oh well. Can never have too many fucked up Jeans on your dash. P:

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You mentioned a few days ago that you've read all the Mary x Matthew fics out there. Can you give some recs? Which are your favorites?

I was exaggerating when I said I’d read all of them, but I’ve read a lot of them and I’d be happy to give some recs! Most of my faves are canon era, but there are some great modern AUs out there too. Really, the best way to find great fics is to go to and put in the characters/ratings/whatever you want and sort by reviews or favorites. You’ll find a lot of the really good older stuff that way. Really, most MM fic is pretty quality. Have fun sobbing because the writing is so good and these idiots are so beautiful together! Here’s a few of my faves.

All That is Left by Orangeshipper
This is one of those fics that you just have to read. It’s a S2 AU (and I love S2 with all my heart) where Matthew and Mary are married during the war, and it’s just lovely and heartbreaking and so well written.

Never Such Innocence Again by Chickwriter
This fandom is so blessed to have fics by Chickwriter and I would recommend all of them because they’re incredible, but this one is my personal favorite. It’s set during/after the war. Richard dies while doing journalism in France after he and Mary marry, Matthew is missing and presumed dead, and Lavinia dies in childbirth leaving Mary in charge of her and Matthew’s daughter. Matthew comes back alive to find his world turned upside down, but Mary there for him. It’s beautifully written and it will make you sob, but I would whole heartedly recommend it.

Love On Any Terms by R. Grace
THIS FIC! I just reread it recently, and it’s as wonderful as always. 2x05 is one of my favorite episodes, and this is an AU from there, where Richard published Mary’s scandal and Mary and Matthew marry, supposedly so that Matthew can protect Mary from the scandal and so that Mary can support Matthew through his injury, but come on, they’re completely in love anyway. It’s full of angst but it’s a beautiful picture of the support they give to each other and also of how stupid they are about their feelings for each other. It’s one of my absolute favorite fics, and it has a beautiful ending.

Home Is Where The Heart Is by miss Kittyplank
This fic is set in 1929, after the stock market crash. Mary is married to Richard and living in America with their two children, but after the crash, they return to England to try and salvage what is left of Richard’s newspaper empire. And naturally, Matthew is back at Downton. This fic features a slightly older Mary and Matthew, which leads to a slightly different dynamic with them, but it’s no less beautiful. Also, the children are wonderfully written and Matthew playing with children is absolutely precious. It’s a wonderful balance of angst and fluff and it’s a wonderful fic.

A Girl You Knew by La Donna Ingenua
I’ve only read this fic once because honestly, it’s kind of hard to read. Not because it’s badly written or anything like that. It’s excellently written, and it’s very good. It’s very angsty, however, which makes it difficult. It’s an AU from 2x08 where Lavinia survives and marries Matthew, and Matthew ends up making a mess of everything. If you’re in the mood for angst, it’s so good.

Trust and Providence by Rachel Smith Cobleigh
Did you ever watch Downton and think ‘this show is good but it would be better if it mostly focused on Mary and Matthew’. I definitely have, and if so, this is a great fic for you. It’s an AU from 1x06 where Mary accepts Matthew’s proposal, and expands greatly on S2. It’s mostly about MM, but it tells the story of the other characters as well to provide a well rounded slightly AU universe. It’s quite long, and it’s incomplete, so be ready for a long read, but it’s definitely worth your time.

A Very Modern Arrangement by Kavan
This fic has the most incredibly intricate plot that I’ve seen. Basically, Mary and Matthew get married after Matthew gets injured in order to get rid of their respective fiancees (it works… sort of). Just saying that, however, won’t give you an idea for how well done the plot is. There are twists and turns everywhere, and I’m never quite sure what will happen next. My one gripe is that it’s incomplete and sadly updates are few and far between (but I can’t really talk because I’m terrible at updating) but it’s excellent and I’m always really excited when it gets updated.

Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang by EOlivet
This fic is everything I wanted for season 3. It’s about Mary and Matthew’s fertility issues during their marriage. It’s done beautifully and sensitively, and it’s not especially long, so it’s an easy afternoon read. Absolutely worth it.

The Silent Land by Ju-dou
I cried when reading this fic. I was legitimately sobbing. It just touched my heart like that. It alternates between WWI and WWII and tells Mary and Matthew’s story and then the story of Mary’s son. It’s extremely painful but so well done.

Lady Mary Crawley’s Diary by IlPostino
Here’s something a little bit lighter if you’re not in the mood for heart breaking angst. I’m usually not a fan of first person fics (read I will usually exit out of a fic if I see that it’s in first person), but this captures Mary’s voice so well and is so endearing. It starts as a S1 expansion fic but gets more and more AU. It made me laugh out loud a few times, and it’s just a very fun read.

The Center of My Heart by lilyrowan1
This is quite possibly my favorite currently updating fic. Mary and Matthew get married while Matthew is injured, and it’s quite obvious just how in love they are. It deals with Matthew’s injury in such a sensitive accurate and beautiful way, and it’s just an absolutely wonderful fic. It is incomplete, but the updates are fairly consistent and I definitely recommend it.

Things Hidden by Lala Kate
I continue with my reccing of angst ridden fics because this one is so good. Laura is an incredible writer, and this fic is my absolute favorite of hers (although The Nightwatch is a close second). Mary and Matthew sleep together during the war and Matthew then abandons Mary after she tells him about Pamuk, but Mary discovers that she’s pregnant. They’re both completely broken people but they come back together through their son and it’s a beautiful story of healing and grace.

This Modern Love by Willa Dedalus
This is my absolute favorite modern AU. It’s told in a non-linear way, so the story jumps around to different points in the relationship between Mary and Matthew, which creates a complex backstory and world for them. Because of that, it’s difficult to explain, but certainly worth the read.

All Sorts of Things: A Honeymoon Fic by miscreant rose
Because I can’t be the only bitter that we didn’t get an MM honeymoon, right? This fic explores why their honeymoon is so important to them (because it’s so important and I could rant about that but I’ll let this fic do it in a much more beautiful and eloquent way). It’s unfortunately rather short right now, but I’m hopeful that we’ll get an update someday. What we have right now is absolutely lovely.

Close Enough by alliluna
I’m going to throw in a little bit of self promotion here. This is my own fic, and it’s an AU where Mary was married to Patrick before he died, and had a difficult pregnancy and childbirth where the process left her infertile and the baby died. Because Edith is already married and Mary is infertile, that leaves Sybil as the one to marry Matthew. Neither of them are thrilled about the arrangement, but they accept it and become friends. But Matthew and Mary fall in love and Sybil and Tom fall in love, and neither Matthew nor Sybil want to hurt the other in order to gain their own happiness.

Anyway, that’s hardly comprehensive. Most of these authors have written other works as well, that are equally amazing. There are so many incredible fics out there that I’d just put search settings on or AO3 for what you want, and see what fics are there for you to read. I’m amazed by the quality of writing in the MM fandom and whatever you read won’t disappoint!

Honestly, what really annoys me about a lot of Revolutionshipping fics is how authors handle the DOMA arc to fuel Revolutionshipping. I understand that it’s a great place to stem budding feelings, but it’s just executed so poorly. The DOMA arc has so many flaws especially characterization of Anzu. It’s painful at times. I hate how DOMA glosses over Anzu’s feelings for losing her best friend and just focuses on her trying to help Atem. Fanfiction is a great place to rectify the awfulness of this arc.

Give me a Revolutionshipping fic where Anzu is angry at Atem.
Give me a Revolutionshipping fic where Anzu is going through denial.
Give me a Revolutionshipping fic where Anzu is the one sobbing because Yugi (and eventually Joey) is gone and she desperately tries to hide it.
Give me a Revolutionshipping fic where it hurts Anzu to look at Atem because it reminds her of Yugi too much and she’s constantly trying to fight this pain.
Give me a Revolutionshipping fic where Anzu is trying to suppress her ill-feelings towards Atem.
Give me a Revolutionshipping fic where Anzu is losing hope, but she puts up a brave face for Atem.
Give me a Revolutionshipping fic where Anzu is conflicted over her feelings for Atem now that she’s seen this side of him, but decides she loves him at his lowest anyway.
Give me a Revolutionshipping fic where Anzu breaks down because it becomes all too much.

Anything but her being super cheery and positive that Atem will swoop in an save the day and that whole bit about her being Atem’s light and her attitude/faith in Atem giving him hope.

Sasuke hates it when Sakura walks on his left side. ♥



K BYE I HOPE YOU LIKE PLS. And I think I did okay with in char Sasuke this time…hopefully!!

He hated when she walked on his left side.

Yet that annoying, nonchalant expression of hers—the head held up proud and high, looking forward at whatever her (their?) future had to offer, and her cool green eyes the color of freshly shaven grass softened and delicate—bothered him more, in that she seemed to have no clue about the frustration that built up inside his chest and settled heavily on his heart.

“Sakura,” Sasuke growled. “Get over here.”

Although he did not intend for his voice to be commanding or harsh, Sakura raised an eyebrow to show distaste for his offense, and brashly placed her hands on her hips.

“Excuse me,” she began, “but I would rather stay on your left, thank you very much. Plus, if I go on your right, I won’t have anything to block the sun from my eyes.” With a hmph, she promptly turned and walked forward, her paces subtly faster and more spread out.

“Yo,” Sasuke called out. “Sakura, you’re acting like a child.”

“Me?” she said, her voice choking in the back of her throat to become a garbled laugh. “I think you’re being silly.”

“Fine then,” Sasuke said. He would have crossed his arms for emphasis, but with the stub of a left arm, he knew that wasn’t a viable option. “I’ll just have to go on your left.”

“Don’t you dare—“ Sakura said, standing on the tips of her toes to dance around him as necessary so that she wouldn’t find herself on Sasuke’s right. “Let’s not do this, Sasuke-kun, we have to get to Naruto’s soon and you’re just stalling us with your foolish antics.”

“Then please,” he stressed, the words seeping like venom out of his mouth. “Get on my right.”

“Why should I?” she bickered. “Who are you to tell me what I should do? And why do you even care about me walking on your right? What’s the difference between that and the left?”

Without warning, Sakura felt her weight being momentarily lifted off the ground. She yelped, obviously caught in shock, and felt Sasuke’s grip tightening around her wrist. She had moved the 180 degrees necessary to go from his left to his right, and before she could protest, he loosened his hold on her and trailed his fingers down her palm to fit neatly in the crevices between her slender fingers.

Sakura lost all control of her voice, only able to emit small meeping sounds of confusion. She wanted an explanation of his sudden behavior, but he refused to look down at her and focused his gaze straight ahead, a wild blush spreading across his cheeks in waves of deep scarlet.

“W-What?” Sakura asked. “What is this for?” She held up their hands, intertwined together beautifully, like lock and key.

“…I can’t do this with you if you’re on my left,” he mumbled.


He turned his head, focusing his gaze on hers. And although he wanted to come off as serious and commanding, he couldn’t find it in himself to do so—not with those grassy eyes.

“Just be grateful I have a hand at all,” he replied, tugging her arm once to wake her out of her frozen state. “Now, are you coming or not?”

“Ah,” she replied, startled out of her reverie. “I’m coming! Don’t you dare think about leaving without me!”

He smirked, holding up his hand—and with it, hers.

“I couldn’t, anyway.”

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I just saw your "Fish Named Greg" video and adored it. Going through your tumblr, I saw you mention that you were okay with people asking you for Mystrade fic recs? I read the texts one you mention a few pages back, but I'd love to read more, but AO3 is a bit intimidating (and I'm not really a Johnlock shipper, and most of the fics there are more that with Mystrade as a side ship doesn't help), and I really don't know where to start. So, please, can you rec some good ones? Thanks!

There are so many and I know I’m forgetting tons but these are some of my favorites. I tried to rec some that I don’t see rec’d too often. Most of these are M rated and deal with the getting together since I prefer that over established. Enjoy!

Scotch by earlgreytea68 - Ratings G - M: Hands down my favorite Mystrade series. Post Reichenbach with lovely lovely build up to them getting together. It’s so completely believable it hurts that it’s not real.

Memoranda of Understanding by Mydwynter - Rating M: Starts around Baskerville and goes from there. Love the tension and dialogue. Another fantastic series.

I Know the Steps Series by stardust_made - Rating G - M: (slams head into desk) Pining Mycroft and eventual getting together. This is so freaking perfect I can’t stand it.

Static on the Line by Remki - Rating T: Lovely fic about Lestrade leaving voicemails for himself because he knows Mycroft is possibly listening.

Sinking the Land by Emungere - Rating M: Manipulative Mycroft, mildly interfering Sherlock and some nice plot thrown in.

Not Nice by Mildredandbobbin - Rating M: Confused Lestrade dealing with a new semi-relationship with Mycroft that starts with them basically just using each other. 

Grey by Lucy - Rating M - I’m not just reccing this because she wrote it for me. Young Mystrade with prematurely grey Lestrade. It’s basically amazing.

Descriptive Complexities by Lucy - Rating T - Fantastic role reversal where Lestrade is an Army Vet, Mycroft is a detective, John is a DI and Sherlock is the British Government. 

365 Days of Mystrade by Communionnimrod - Rating G - M: Lovely lovely drabbles, each one better than the last.

Learn to Wear Each Other Well by Sinuous_curve - Rating M: Another fantastic one showing the build up and beginnings of their relationship.

The Four Horsemen by Rehfan - Rating M: Awesome AU where Mycroft is the head of a speakeasy empire. 

Ages of Man by EventHorizon- Rating M: Lestrade works at a shop where he meets Mycroft and Sherlock. Just read it. It’s fantastic.

Vanilla by Azriona - Rating M: Corset fic. Not usually my thing but this is so so good. 

Impact by Elfbert - Rating M: Mycroft’s driver hits Greg with his car. Love this one. Made a video for it.

The DI and the Spy by chasingriver - Rating T: Greg likes to run and Mycroft likes to watch. I approve of this on so many levels. 

Twilight Falling Slow by whiskeydaisy- Rating M: Mystrade set to The Sound of Music without the singing. It’s as wonderful as it sounds.

Drabbling in Mystrade by drabblinginmystrade - Rating G - M: Another set of one shot drabbles. Each one fantastic.

Successful Ventures by Dreig - Rating M: This is really good and also, surprise, another one about the lead up. Mycroft sees Lestrade at a charity event and remembers why he deleted him. Spoiler: It’s because hes dishy.

End of the Line by Erasmus_Jones - Rating M: This is a WIP but it’s so so good. Lestrade it the controller for a government agency and Mycroft is the asset. 

The Heart of the Ocean by somebodyswatson - Rating T: Mystrade on the Titanic. Are you sobbing yet? You should be because it’s not finished.