sobs because soul eater is over

Star Trek Advent Calendar - Day 12-16

ok folks, so i once again did not put up my advent calendar for the last few days. sorry for being a deadbeat. however today’s my birthday, so you can cut me some slack :) here’s all the days I missed

Day 12 - Most Missed Character who dies or disappears in movie/episode 

I would almost count Jim, but i’m pretending generations didn’t happen because I need Kirk Prime in my life, so its gonna be my darling, Janice Rand

like who would not want this beautiful sassy sweetheart? except Jim, because he had Spock who is also a beautiful sassy sweetheart.

Day 13 - Saddest Moment 

any moment Spock Prime is without Jim. in fact Spock Prime just makes me sad. look at that sad face, all alone…*sobbing*

Day 14 - Favorite star trek fanfiction 

but i am a fic reader! how can i ever choose my favorite? well here are at least a few of the ones i love

Rare Merchandise - @cate-adams

How We Operate - @missbamf

Leave No Soul Behind - whochick

The Lotus Eaters - aldora89

World’s Apart - M.E. Carter

there are so many more that i reread over and over, but i sadly can’t include them all. one day i’ll do a proper rec list. 

Day 15 – Favorite behind the scenes moment 

tos has some spirky moments behind the scenes. who knew?

aos has them too. 

Day 16 - Favorite promotional photo

this one without a doubt