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Watching some Hawaii Five-0 and just… Danny picks up a lot of babies. Rachel and Stan’s kid, Mary’s kid, random babies at crime scenes – and I just –

Now I really wanna write a fic where omega!Danny keeps temporarily acquiring babies and it’s driving Steve out of his mind. Everywhere he turns, Danny’s holding a baby. And Steve knows that his reaction is mostly just biological, his alpha instincts kicking in – Christ, he’s never even thought about wanting kids before – but he just can’t help it. 

Because it’s Danny and apparently babies make Danny happy and, really, whatever makes Danny happy makes Steve happy. (Most of the time, anyway.) But fucking hell, this is just too much for him to deal with, Danny balancing a baby on his hip and acting all domestic when all Steve can think is mate mate mate my mate.

And of course Danny doesn’t even fucking realize that he’s doing it. Doesn’t realize how his pheromones have changed so that every alpha’s head turns with him as he walks by.

And Steve’s trying to maintain his distance, trying not to growl every time another alpha leans in a little too close, because Danny’s his own person, not Steve’s, never Steve’s and –

And it all falls apart when Danny asks to spend the weekend at Steve’s, Grace and the fucking baby of the week in tow, because his neighbors are arguing again and no one can sleep with all that noise. Not that he seems to care how well Steve’s going to sleep with Danny fretting over not one, but two children all weekend.

Of course it ends with Steve announcing that he’s going to spend the weekend at a hotel, because he can’t fucking deal with this any longer, and of course Danny demands to know why and Steve just – he just –

He may or may not go on a rant about babies and how he doesn’t even really like babies (except for Grace, but Grace isn’t exactly a baby anymore), but Danny needs to stop handling them. For reasons.

Danny tells him he’s an idiot and kisses him until Grace wanders into the kitchen asking about breakfast and Jeffery (baby of the week) wakes up in the other room.


AU: Bellamy was unquestionably a leader among the Grounder army. Demanding respect from his seconds and standing loyally at the side of his Commander. Which is why he doesn’t understand when the Commander, Clarke, banishes him for questioning her decisions. Now, with war approaching, Clarke is struggling to inspire her warriors without Bellamy at her side. The Commander must decide between her head and heart, when it comes down to the good of her people.


“Water okay?”
“Yeah, you’re alright, I’ll get it,”
“Nonononono, I’ll get it, i’ll get it,”


“I don’t know if I believe in God anymore or heaven, but if I’m going to hell, I’m making damn sure I’m holding it off as long as I can.”

Imagine the Volturi using you to set a trap for the cullens

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You ran through the woods trying to find Esme, who was calling your name.

 Once you found her you pulled her into a hug. “I thought it’d never find you.” You sobbed.
“But I’m so glad you did.” A new voice said.
You turned to see Alec. “Alec? Stay away from us!”
Esme was suddenly gone.
“Esme!? Where is she!? What did you do?”
“I’m sorry, cara mia.” He sounded genuine. “But she was never really here.” Alec gestured behind you. “This is Senna and Zafrina. Zafrina has the ability to cause illusions. She made you see Esme.” He said.

The two were terrified, that you could see. They were surrounded by Felix, Demetri and Jane.
“They made you see Esme.”
“Why would you do this?” You sobbed.
“Because you’re mine, and I am trying to protect you. So I’m doing that the best way possible. I’m keep you out of the way.”
Suddenly you were against a tree Alec tying your hands around the tree.
“No, no, no, please, stop, what are you gonna-” You rambled protests but Alec wasn’t listening and soon your hands were bound by a very tight knot.
“That hurts.” You cried softly.
“It’s not tight enough to do any permanent damage.” Alec said bluntly. “But it is tight enough to guarantee you aren’t getting out of this without help.”
“Why are you doing this to me?” You sobbed. “What did I do?”
“You have done nothing, love. You’re collateral damage. There is always someone who gets hurt around them (Y/N) and now its you.” Alec stroked your cheek. “I don’t want to do this to you but I will, if I had to.”

He leaned in closer to you. “I would tell you that you are fine, that no one will hurt you but I won’t. I won’t make any promises because a lesson needs to be learned.” You hung your head before Alec lifted it again forcing you to look up at him. “This is not your fault, remember that.” He leaned into say quietly into your ear. “This is just a lesson.” Before he pulled away entirely.

“What are you gonna do!?” You called out.
Alec turned to you. “I’m going to catch a few Cullen’s.” Alec smirked.


慶一 x  夕魅

Here is the official introduction of her into the story. We only seen her name been mentioned by Ryuuki in chapter 1, now I give you the actual person. Once I’m done preparing my wordpress, you can read my full version of the chapters so far. There’s more conversation between them at that time about her. I also added some extra scenes in most of the chapters that have been released, too! :D

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Our minds can concoct all sorts of scenarios when we don’t want to believe something. We construct fairy tales – and we accept them.
—  I now truly understand what this line means after Primavera

Anna Torv according to Tumblr tags (insp.)