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It’s winter in Nohr so Leo lent Takumi his scarf uvu 

I HOPE YOU LIKE IT GGGggghhhhh _(:3 im gomen about your son’s hair

A big advantage to the role of Gwen is that she experiences her first true love with Peter Parker. Through her, I could act out this crazy, totally carefree feeling again that I had myself when I was in love for the first time. That had faded. Because Andrew and I got along so well straight away, we had a lot of room to play, to improvise. That way we could build up our characters’ relationship piece by piece–and then the chemistry between Andrew and me developed as well.

How Emma fell in love with Andrew while filming TASM



“Water okay?”
“Yeah, you’re alright, I’ll get it,”
“Nonononono, I’ll get it, i’ll get it,”

Judd Hirsch is going to be on “The Big Bang Theory” tomorrow.

And all I can think is “Awww, look at him all dressed up *tears* Wouldn’t Henry be proud? *more tears*

adorable puppy♥

This was it. He quickly plugged the lights in and walked over to the door, turning the rest of the lights off as he went. He took a deep breath and threw one last look over his shoulder before smoothing his clothing down and opening the door.

The sight that greeted him nearly knocked him off his feet. Nico stood in front of him with a small smile playing on his lips.

It was only after Nico started fidgeting with the jacket he was holding that Will snapped out of his stare. “H-hey.”

“Hey, yourself,” Nico replied. “Can I come in?”

“Huh? Oh! Yes, of course,” Will sputtered out before stepping aside. “Come on in. You, uh, you look great.”

Oh Yes. i made more fan art for my dear friend carpedm87 solangelo fic On Tour the newest chapter had me sobbing because cuteness.

its Will apartment!  this is just after they fell asleep, little deep breath sleepy butts. they also forgot to wash up the knifes and forks :P this took over like 10 hours and im really happy with it. i know your going to loose your mind sweets (because i am) <3

#13: Dance With Me

Requested: No

Rated: PG

Ashton: He would find her in the family room swaying her hips to the music as she dusted off the shelves. A pair of sweats hanging low on her hips and a shirt that stopped at the middle of her stomach, the small little tummy that he loved so so much showing. She didn’t hear the door open or the rattling of the keys as they were getting hung up because the music was too loud. Her hips would move to the sound of her favorite song as she continued to dance around the room. His laugh would make her heart stop, she was frightened by his presence-nearly gave her a heart attack. She would go to turn off the music, but he would stop her from doing so by walking up to her and placing his hands on the small of her waist, before moving slowly to the beat of the music. 

Calum: It would be the late morning and he would wake up discouraged to not find her laying beside him. He would hear the piano introduction before Tiny Dancer started playing. The sound of the soft music pulled him out of bed, he would find the pair of sweatpants that were lying on the floor and pull them up groggily before making his way downstairs to the kitchen. Her back would be to him as she stirred the pancake mix, her soft voice singing along to Elton John. She would be dancing around on the tips of her toes before turning around to see him smiling at her; frozen in place he would notice the small blush on her cheeks before she giggled and said good morning. 

Luke: Her dress would swirl in the air as she twirled around in the big open arena. He would smile at her as she kept spinning in circles, finding her way across the stage. No music would be playing, just the small tune inside her head making her giggle. The sound was pure joy to his ears as he continued to watch her movements. The pitter patter of her feet echoed in the open space and he laughed to himself listening to the angelic sounds of her foot steps. Small swings of her arms made him want to just grab out and wrap his arms around her and dance with her, but he was too focused and captured by her own movements that he stopped himself from interrupting her dance. 

Michael: The sound of his guitar filled the bedroom as he sat on the bed watching her move her body to the strumming of the chords. She was wrapped in a towel, her hair still wet, the water trailing down her smooth skin. The droplets shining on her as she twirled around holding onto the cotton tightly. A smile would capture his eye and he would smile back telling her how much he adored her. She would blush that favorite color of his, while she hummed along to the song he would be singing in a hushed tone. Her subtle movements across the carpeted floor would brighten his day a little more, watching how graceful she was. She was his angel and he loved everything about her. 

“Haa? After that spectacle that I just witnessed, you want me to trust the humans?”

“No. Trust in me.”

|| So I finished it ヾ(・ω・*)ノ 

After seeing the original one from this wonderful artist I wanted to draw it too, because I needed some sweetness for these two, especially after seeing spoilers of ch40 (。•́︿•̀。)

A—nd I promised some weeks ago to @littlxlamb to draw something for her so here it is ( ๑˘ㅂ˘๑)