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It’s been almost 3 years. 3 years since staff has directly addressed Akoya’s bullying issues. And it took 3 years… for someone to say something about it.

And it happened on my birthday this year. Thank you staff, I will cherish this gift forever! ♥ ♥ ♥


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Headcanons (if you're still taking them) for Kid!Ravus!!! What was the cute little freckle boy like? Also, if it segueways into how he rose up in the ranks of Nifleheim's militia, that's fine too.


The Tenebraen Prince – Ravus Nox Fleuret as a Kid Headcanons

  • So, it was mentioned before that Ravus was once a smiley little kid before, you know, everything went down the toilet. If Luna remembered it so well, he probably had a smile that could light up the room, and one that you couldn’t really say no to.
  • He probably had more prominent freckles when he was younger too, seeing how in Kingsglaive, his 16 year old self had a bunch of freckles over his face. But said freckles probably made him less intimidating than when he wanted to be.
  • Don’t worry, baby Ravus! You become scarier when you get older!
  • He probably had a brutal puppy dog expression that very few people could say no to. Just flash the sparkley puppy eyes and boom. He has all the cake that he wants to eat. The only person who could tell him no was his tutor, probably.
  • He and Luna were close as well, Ravus and Luna running around the manor together and acting as if they were exploring something super secret. Or by trying to solve the mystery of who stole Lunafreya’s favorite doll. (It was Pyrna. He really wanted to sleep with it.)
  • He and Luna, after playing their games together, would end up sneaking into the kitchen and stealing the jar of cookies the chef tries to hide (Umbra’s the best at finding things). They proceed to run off and eat cookies until Gentiana finds them passed out on the floor after their sugar high.
  • Ravus probably had alot of cavities that needed to be filled with how much sugar he ate when he was little.
  • He would also go out with his sister and go collect the flowers in the hillside together, trying to bring as much as they could back to make flower crowns for everyone in the manor. He keeps a few of the sylleblossoms and rare flowers they found pressed in a book that’s hidden in his desk.
  • Ravus used to be a very skilled pianist and violinist when he was younger, helping to teach Luna what he learned in playing the piano so the two could play music together for their mother when she was around. It unfortunately stopped when Tenebrae was attacked and their mother passed away.
  • He was never a really touchy-feeling kind of person even as a kid, and would often cringe whenever he had to have kisses and hugs from people, or give them either. But he was always willing to give his sister hugs and forehead kisses whenever she was upset about something. He still does too, despite him being more impersonal than ever.
  • His favorite tutoring subject was probably literature and English, loving to read some really complex stories for a kid his age (the kind of kid who would read Lord of the Flies and Shakespeare at age 13 or something). He really hated having to learn science and math though. Too boring for him.
  • Ravus probably really liked eating cake and tea when he was younger because breakfast particularly was the only time he was able to spend with his mother and his sister at the same time without much interruption. So he always makes it his daily routine to this day to have a small pastry/piece of cake and some tea, even if he isn’t able to share it with Luna or his mother anymore.

eren takes in a stray cat. levi is interested. for many reasons

"I'm a Hokage, I won't die so easily. 
I'll protect him, no matter what!"

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“Water okay?”
“Yeah, you’re alright, I’ll get it,”
“Nonononono, I’ll get it, i’ll get it,”

A big advantage to the role of Gwen is that she experiences her first true love with Peter Parker. Through her, I could act out this crazy, totally carefree feeling again that I had myself when I was in love for the first time. That had faded. Because Andrew and I got along so well straight away, we had a lot of room to play, to improvise. That way we could build up our characters’ relationship piece by piece–and then the chemistry between Andrew and me developed as well.

How Emma fell in love with Andrew while filming TASM