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by reddit user FamilialDichotomy

As a child, I was a picky eater like I assume most children are. As my parents tell it, my eating habits transcended normal childhood proclamations of “I don’t like broccoli!” and evolved into a refusal to eat absolutely anything of substance. Things other children might eat and enjoy like chicken nuggets, spaghetti, or even a hot dog were shunned by toddler me. It got to the point, they say, where they and my paediatrician became concerned for my health.

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Literally Any Other Night

(Context: A vampire decided to snack on the rogue’s blood one evening. He woke up the next morning with Constitution damage and a mentally manipulated sex dream. Naturally pissed about this, he looked forward to the next few evenings to heal the damage away. That’s when the Paladin started forcibly cuddling with him, blubbering about the child we saved from demon bees a few weeks ago…)

Paladin: I’m just worried about her? I don’t think her father appreciates her? And I don’t know how she’s doing in her classes? *sob*

Rogue: [Paladin], any other night, literally any other night… Go away, I’m trying to deal with my CON damage right now.

Paladin: I’m trying to deal with my heart damage right now!

Rogue: Just… just Lay on Hands it, it’ll be fine, go to sleep…

Paladin: I didn’t take the heartbroken mercy! *more sobs*

Rogue: *groan*…

Babysitter (Part 3)

Summary: You lie to your parents so you can spend a few days at Taehyungs house.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung (V)/ Reader

Genre: Fluff / Smut

Words: 3.5k

A/N: Wasn’t expecting this to be a series, so thank you for everyone who is reading my stories :) more on the way, especially other members ;)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5Masterlist 

As the situation was awkwardly quiet you watched your father’s confusion turn to anger while your mother tried to figure out what was going on.

“I guess you will be receiving your last paycheck.” Your father stormed off.

“Dad, wait….it’s not what you think.” You ran after your father.

Taehyung looked down apologetic as he bowed to your mother. “Thank you for your kindness, I’m sorry I betrayed your trust, I must be leaving.”

Your mother just embraced him into a hug. “Don’t worry dear, everything will work out.”

Your mother followed you and your father to the kitchen as Taehyung left with the suspension killing him.

“Dad please listen to me.”

“No….In my house, with your sister a room away?”

Your father expected the worse and he was honestly correct but he was over reacting, you were considered an adult now. Tae was also a responsible, mature adult, he should be grateful. It was wrong to sleep with Tae while your sister was in hearing distance but you were careful.

The only way to tense the situation was to lie, so thats what you did.

“Nothing happened, we fell asleep that’s it.”

“What were you doing exactly?”

“After we sent Dara to bed, we just went to my room and talked, we eventually fell asleep I swear.” You begged.

“You know Taehyung, you know he would never disrespect me….no reason to fire him.” Your fathers eyes soften but still had anger behind them.

“Minho.” Your mother interrupted.

“Let us talk alone.” Your mother said sweetly.

You left and found Dara sitting in the living room.

“Dara.” Your sister looked at you. “When you saw me and Tae in bed, what did you see? You saw us wearing pajamas right?”

Your sister looked up confused. “No.” She was unsure. “You didn’t have clothes on….don’t worry Sungmin said it’s a grown-up thing.”

You panicked. “Dara you like Tae right?”

“Of course.” She cheered.

“If mom and dad ask you….we had pajamas on okay?”

“I don’t get it.”

“Please Dar, just say yes okay….if you want to see Tae again you need to, unless we are in big trouble.”

“Okay.” Your sister finally agreed.

“Don’t speak unless they ask you okay.” She nodded.

You still felt nervous, you feel like your couldn’t trust your sister to successfully lie for you.

Your mother and father came out looking for you. “Okay here’s the thing.” Your father started.

You stood at attention for your father. “You are in full babysitting duty unless you have plans….we don’t see it’s necessary to have him here when you can watch your siblings.”

“But dad.”

“It’s not necessary.” Your father raised his voice. “Why waste the money.”

“So he can’t come over to hang out, not being paid?”

“Unless we are home.”

“That’s so unfair.”

“My house, my rules.”

“I’m an adult now, you can’t be treating me like a child….I’m at school alone around guys what makes this different?”

“How can we trust you sweetie, your sister can’t be exposed to that behavior, she’s too young.”

“Nothing happened.” You lied.

Your father just rubbed his head stressed. You felt the tears fall from your eyes. Instead of speaking another word you just stormed up stairs.

You buried yourself in your pillows sobbing. How can they act this way? You were an adult now, for all they know you could be hooking up with guys in your dorm.

“Sweetie.” You heard a knock on your door. You looked up seeing your mother.

She came over sitting on your bed. “Why is he acting like that?” You asked your mother.

“Because sweetie, you’re his little girl, it’s going to take him some time to accept that you are an adult.”

You sat their sobbing on your mothers shoulder as she rubbed your back. “I like him.” You confessed. “And he likes me.”

Your mother dried your tears as she looked into your eyes. “Tae asked me out, are you gonna tell me no because I already know what dad’s answer is.”

“No sweetie, I like Taehyung, he’s a good kid. Don’t worry about your father okay.” She smiled and started to get up.

“And don’t let your father see these.” Your mother brushed your hair off your neck.

“Your father and I were young once.”

“What?” You said more to yourself because your mother left you alone with confusion. You got up and looked in the mirror.


There was purplish red fainted hickeys all over your neck. He will be the death of you, most likely if your dad does see these.


“(Y/N), you have a visitor.” Your stomach flipped of the sudden visitor, you hoped it was Tae but the way your dad scared him off, probably not. You walked down the stairs and saw your friends Sana and Liz.

“Hey girl.” Your face immediately dropped. You felt almost disappointed.

“Hey.” You said quietly.

Your friends led you to your porch, obviously wanting to talk to you in private. “Where have you been all week?” Liz asked.

“I’ve been babysitting.”

“Really, doesn’t your parents have a babysitter?”

“Yeah.” You shrugged your shoulders not wanting to talk.

“Well anyways.” Sana said to escape the awkward tension. “There is this hangout that my boyfriend found and I think it would be cool if we triple date it.” Your friends smiled.

“Triple date?” You ask.

“Yeah me and Liz have our boyfriends, who you still need to meet, and Changkyung can bring his hot cousin for you.”

“Your trying to hook me up?”

“Yes girl, you need to get some action, have you even had sex yet?” That hurt. You just laughed sarcastically.

You got up from your sitting position and started for the door.

“(Y/N) what’s wrong? Sorry if we offended you.”

“I have had sex thank you…actually the other night if you should know, with an amazing guy that my father is forbidding me from seeing.” They looked at you stunned that you started rambling.

“And also something you guys should know is the first time that I actually did have sex was that asshole Youngjin making me drunk.” You continued.

You had everything bottled up for a long time. “What, you don’t remember? A lame party you guys dragged me into going and abandoning me like usual when you promised me you wouldn’t so instead I basically got raped because I woke up in an unknown location with no clothes next to the guy I thought was decent but turns out was a disgusting pervert. So sorry I’ve been a party pooper.”

Your friends got up and walked closer to you. “We are so sorry, we didn’t know about Youngjin.”

“You guys seemed like a perfect couple.” Liz softened.

“So did I, turns out he was in more then one relationship. He was only in it for the sex.” Liz wrapped her arms around you. “We’re so sorry.”

“Yeah.” Sana hugged you to. “We just wanted to help you because you told us how bad you are talking with guys.”

“Yeah we didn’t know you had one.” Liz nudged you.

“Yeah what’s his name? What’s the details?”

“His name is Taehyung. And funny story about that.” You blushed.

“He’s my brother and sisters babysitter.”

“Shut up.” Sana said.

“So you just met him?” Liz asked.


“Damn girl you weren’t lying.” Liz pulled your hair off your shoulder. “He marked you.” Her eyes widened. You just blushed.

“So why is your father being an ass?” Sana asked.

“Because after my siblings go to bed we…you know…..and my sister caught us in bed the next morning and spilled it too my parents.”

They both looked at you surprised. “You dirty girl….I thought I was bad” Sana smirked.

“Guys it’s not funny…I basically got him fired.” You looked down. “Now my father doesn’t want him here with me alone….like I’m some child.”

“That’s bullshit.”

You still felt bad about the whole situation, you didn’t even get to say goodbye to him yesterday or called to see if he’s okay.

“Can you guys actually drive me somewhere?” They nodded.


Sana had an idea to get me some alone time with Taehyung.

Your parents were talking in the study about business, like usual.

“Hey Mr and Mrs. (Y/L/N) I was wondering if I can borrow your daughter for a few days?”

Your parents just arched their eyebrows.

“My parents are having this family vay-cay at the lodge and I really don’t want to be alone with my family.”

You looked to your parents to see if they would approve.

“Your parents will be there?” Your mother asked because she knows of Sana’s behavior.

“I guess you may go, for how long?”

“3 or 4 days about.” She shrugged her shoulders.

“Okay.” Your mother nodded.

“Who will watch the kids if we need her.” Your father barged in.

“Stop being cold towards Tae, they said nothing happened.” Your mother hit your father in the back of the head.

“I think you guys should take a mini vacation too, you work so hard. Take a few days off, do some fun things with Dara and Sungmin.” You suggested.

Your parents were a pretty high end of the business they work for so you doubt they wouldn’t get off.

Please say yes. If they need Tae for babysitting, this defeats the whole purpose of the plan.

“I dont kn-”

“Minho, come on, it’s been a while since we spent some quality time with the kids.” Your mother hugged your dad from behind.

“But it won’t be all of our kids.” Your father looked at you.

“I’m fine.” You smiled.

“Okay.” He finally agreed.

Fuck yeah.


You packed your bags for a few days and headed out the door. You called Tae to get his address and he didn’t question why but you guess he assumed.

“Can I go meet your bae?” Sana pushed.

“No he’s probably still upset with my whole parents thing.” You got out of the car and noticed he lived in an apartment complex. Alone?

You knocked on the door waiting for him to answer. As soon as he did a guy shorter then Tae answered. He had short black hair and his face seemed like he just woke up.

“Can I help you?”

“I got it Yoongi.” You saw Tae appear in the door way. “Sorry.” He looked back at the guy who was walking away groaning.

“Sorry that’s my roommate Yoongi.” He has a roommate?

“Hi.” You nervously greeted.

He just smiled and immediately pulled you into a desperate kiss. You already felt the butterflies in your stomach. It’s been two days since you last felt those lips and you missed them.

As you daydreamed into a relaxing sensation you heard a clearing of someones throat.

You both pulled away from the kiss seeing where the noise came from.

“Sorry to ruin the moment, but we’re off….and the story you told your parents doesn’t have to be a lie, we can really stay at the lodge if you want….four bedrooms, it’s off the beach, hot tub. You can have all the alone time you need, no worry about roommates.” She wiggled her eyebrows.

“Okay, we’ll see.” You wrapped your arms around Tae’s waist.

“Nice to meet you by the way.” She greeted.

“Hot.” You friend gave you a thumbs up. You just laughed from embarrassment.

“What lie is she talking about?”

“I told my parents I was spending a few days with them….so I’m all yours.” You bit your lip.

Taehyung smirked. “I thought I told you not to do that.”


You sat on the sofa with Taehyung watching a movie, cuddled under a blanket. You still had butterflies from just being near him. It felt right, like you knew you wanted to be with him.

“I’m sorry that Dara almost got you fired.”

He looked at you sweetly. “It’s fine, that little twerp owe’ s me though so make sure you tell her that.”

You laughed. “I actually blame you though.”

You looked at him confused. “What? What did I do.”

“You make me crazy that’s what.” He was being over dramatic.

You raised your eyebrows. “How?” You leaned forward.

He closed the small space between you. That was a good enough answer in your case. You loved the way he kissed you, switch from aggressive to passionate in the matter of seconds.

“Do you see what I mean?” He stopped for a breather. You saw the lust in his eyes. You slightly pushed him back straddling his lap. You pushed your lips to his, while sliding your hand down his chest. You could already feel him getting hard underneath you.

“You got excited fast.” You smirked.

He shh you and leaned forward towards your lips again. You started to rock your hips along with his.

“Eww.” Before your make out session could get any deeper, you heard a voice interrupt.

It was Taehyung’s roommate Yoongi coming out of his cave.

“Don’t you have a room you can do that in.” He groaned.

Taehyung just looked at you apologetically.

“But before you answer, please don’t be too loud, I want to keep my food down.”

You and Tae just blushed.

“Let’s go.” Taehyung got up lending a hand for you.

“Where are we going?”

“I believe I owe you a date.” He smiled. You gladly accepted and made your way towards the door.

“See ya later Suga.” Yoongi nodded.


The whole ride was peaceful, Taehyung was so goofy. When you’re with him, its when you smile the most. He kept putting on rap songs you didn’t know but he knew every word to, he would make you laugh by the way he was so turned up by it.

As soon as you reached your destination you noticed the view of the ocean off the boardwalk. It was beautiful.

The little things he did made you love everything about him. The way he would sneak up behind you and poke your sides, when he put his arm around your waist while you walked up to the gate. He was very affectionate towards you to the public eye. He would sneak in little pecks on your cheek or nose, sometimes your neck. All during this walk from his car to the boardwalk.

Youngjin was your first and only boyfriend before Tae and the difference was unbelievable. He was never affectionate towards you, he never would hold your hand or kiss you in public. Probably from the fact that he didn’t really like you, he was in more then one relationship, you were just his toy.

This was a whole new experience for you, not just the pleasurable nights with Taehyung but actually being out of your house with him. You were getting a real taste of how it’s suppose to be when you’re in a relationship. And you loved every second of it.

The first hour of your date was fun, just walking along the boardwalk, where the carnival portion was. You would stop and get cotton candy, play different games you clearly sucked at. Tae felt bad because he wasn’t so good either, so he couldn’t win you a toy.

“I have a better present.” You snapped your attention towards him and he immediately pulled you into a deep kiss. He even leaned you back, holding you in place, like a romantic kiss from a movie. As soon as he brought you back up he pulled away and went in to lick your face. The action had him running in the other direction laughing.

“Tae….that was gross.” You laughed, wiping your face.

He wouldn’t stop speed walking away from you so you had to run after him. When you got close enough you jumped on his back.

“Aish, you’re heavy.”

“No you’re just weak.” You teased.

“Look a photo booth.” You pointed in the right direction.

You slid down Taehyung’s back and pulled him to the box. You pulled the curtain when you saw that it was empty.

“First date memories.” You pulled him in.

After Tae paid you decided on a normal picture first, as you only get four pictures. You both smiled sweetly for the picture waiting for the countdown. As soon as it hit one Tae quickly grabbed the sides above your knee, triggering your tickle spot. You screamed in laughter.

“You ass.” You yelled as soon as you saw the picture come out. It looked ridiculous. He couldn’t hold in his laughter. The next picture went off as you squeezed his cheeks, causing him to make a funny face.

As soon as you let go, he leaned into you kissing you once again passionately. This time you were lost in the kiss. Forgetting about your surrounding, even the photo booth. You felt Tae grab on to your thigh, sliding up your skirt. You felt the rush take over as you placed your hand over his sensitive area. You started to rub the area, making him moan between your lips.

You felt him get back at you as soon as you felt him rub your core causing your lace panties to dampen. The sexual tension was hitting you both hard. You pulled down his zipper reaching into his jeans. He could feel his member throbbing against your hand.

“I want you.” You whispered against his lips. He pulled away looking at you lustfully. You both got up leaving the photo booth grabbing your pictures in the process. You both were speed walking until you seen a small alley within two buildings of the boardwalk. You could tell it was where the restaurant placed their garbage. You felt like this was too risky of a spot, that anyone could walk in on you, yet walk by, but at that moment you didn’t care.

He held you up against the wall as he kissed your neck down to your collar bone. You felt dizzy just by him kissing lower towards your breast. You reached your hand down into his pants stroking the areas around his throbbing length. He danced his fingers under your skirt pulling down your underwear until they were around your ankles. You stepped out of them as soon as he reached and picked them up. He grabbed them and put them in his pocket. A clear smirk evidence in his face.

He watched you as you grabbed his pants buckle and undoing them quickly. You pulled out his member pumping rapidly. You got down on your knees putting him in your mouth. You didn’t want to tease him too much from the sensation of being rushed.

You didn’t suck him for long before he pulled you up. You could tell he needed you right then and there. He lined his length towards your core pushing in before you were ready. You almost shrieked from the surprise.

“I don’t care if anyone hears us this time.” He thrusted into you deeply.

“Yeah because I totally want to get arrested for indecent exposure.” He laughed at your sarcasm.

You wrapped one leg around his waist to get a better angle.

You moaned quietly as he thrust into you deeply. You felt the pleasure throughout your core. Your breathing hiked up when you felt you were close to your climax. He kissed you to steady your moaning. You felt your body weaken as your orgasms was passing through. You noticed the smirk on his face as he had to hold you up.

“Almost there.” He whispered. You gently brushed his hair off his sweaty forehead. He closed his eyes as you felt him finally release inside of you. He slowly backed away pulling out of you. As soon as he pulled his pants back up he grabbed your hand kissing it tenderly.

“Is it crazy that I might be in love with you already.” He whispered.

You felt butterflies as soon as those words left his mouth. “You love me?” You didn’t know how to process those words.

“Yeah. I don’t know….I know it’s kind of soon but the way I feel around you-”

You leaned in to kiss him immensely. “I think I love you to.” His face lit up.

“But to be fair, I’ve never been in love before.” You confessed. “But if it’s the feeling of the constant butterflies when I’m around you or the fear of ever losing you or even the way I can’t breath when I’m not with you then yeah, I’m in love with you.”

He picked you up as you wrapped your arms around him.

You heard the door to the side of the building unlocking ruining the moment. “Shit, we better go.” Tae grabbed your hand pulling you towards the boardwalk.

As you made your way towards his car you realized something. “Are you going to give me back my underwear?”

“I don’t know yet.” He laughed.

“So….what are we going to do for the next few days?”

“I have a few ideas.” You bit your lip.

“Slight warning, you might be meeting my friends…..they tend to linger around my place.” He laughed.

“That’s a big step in our relationship.” You teased.

“Don’t worry, they will love you.” He kissed your cheek.


Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5

Harry Potter Preference- How They React When You Tell Them You’re Pregnant

Newt would become very shy but very loving all at once; he would be slightly nervous and wouldn’t really know how to react.
“You’re going to have a baby?” Newt asks coming closer to you.
“No, we are.” You tell him as you put his hand on your belly and kiss him, which makes him smiling brightly as he looks into your eyes.  

Draco would flip the fuck out and couldn’t handle being told something like that. He’d be too scared to end up like his father.
“Draco!” You called as you walked down the hall to find him, only to hear him sobbing in the bathroom.
“Draco?” You say quietly as you open the door.
Draco whips his head around and looks at you terrified and sad. 
“I can’t be like him, y/n. I can’t bring a child into the world knowing how my family would treat them. And what if they were a muggle?” He asks racing his words anxiously.
“Draco darling, you would love this child if they were a muggle correct?” You ask him with kind eyes.
“Of course.” 
“Then thats all you need to worry about. I know you and you won’t treat this child any differently.” You tell him, holding him and kissing his head.

Harry would need to have a bit of time to think about something so big happening in him, but once he realised what joy this would bring him he is overwhelmed with positive emotion.
“Oh holy hell! I’m going to be a father.” He says as a smile spreads across him face.
“Y/n! Y/n! We’re going to be parents.” He says walking back inside the house, picking you up and twirling you around. 

Neville wouldn’t be able to keep the smile off his face and would be so excited about it. 
“I’m going to be a father.” He says happily smiling.
“Yeah you are.” You tell him with a loving smile.
“hahahh! I love you so much!” He tells you excited as he engulfs you in a giant hug. 

mademoiselleplaguedoctor  asked:

I would like to request ftm trans!draco coming out to Narcissa/ them bonding! thank you so much ilu <3

Hi my love ♡ I hope it’s okay! 

Draco couldn’t do this.

He had dreamed about how he would tell his mom - make her dinner, buy her flowers and hug her tight.


Just in case she didn’t want to hug him ever again.


He would tell it to her slowly, breaking the news as carefully as possible.

(Anything to save her from an imminent heart attack.)

He had made a speech, wrote it down on paper in the middle of the night, the paper stained with tears because he couldn’t focus on anything but the fact that his mother is going to hate him.

Pansy had calmed him down from several panic attacks, Blaise had basically just told him to “suck it up and tell them” and he was still convinced that he’d rather jump into the Hogwarts lake and be drowned by the giant squid than go through with this – because oh dear Merlin he couldn’t do this.

But he couldn’t back down now.

Because his mother was standing in front of him, her hands full of clippings he’d stashed in his room, his binder wrapped over her wrist and – oh no.

“Love,” his mother began, slowly, looking up from the muggle Trans Teenagers magazine clippings, “what’s this?”

“I –”

He had prepared a speech. He was going to do it, but he wasn’t ready now – he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t he couldn’t he couldn’t

He had to.

“I’m..” he took a deep breath, looking down at his hands. “I’m sorry, mother.”

“Darling,” she started again, her voice slightly off, as if she was on the verge of tears. “Are you – is this –“

It felt like there was a hippogriff on his chest now, pressing down on him until all he could do was choke. Please, please, she’s going to hate me - “I – yes, mother, I –“ why couldn’t he breathe, he needed to breathe –“I’m so, so sorry that – I didn’t mean to –“

Then, suddenly, she lurched forward and wrapped herself around him.

She hugged Draco tight to her chest, locking her arms around him and her head against his hair – crying and kissing his forehead, whispering impossible things to him, “shh, darling, it’s okay, I’m here –“

“Mom,” Draco sobbed, hugging her tightly. His heart was going bonkers. Was this really happening? “I’m not your –“

“You’re my child,” Narcissa said through the tears, firmly and clearly. “And that’s all that matters.”

Draco hiccoughed a laugh, a broken one but it felt real, and he buried his face deep in her chest. She didn’t hate him – she was hugging him, she wasn’t appalled, she wasn’t locking him up – he couldn’t believe this he couldn’t

“And I think,” Narcissa continued softly, “that your father has always wanted a son, anyway.”

They both snorted at the same time, and then started laughing.

Because at the moment, it was fine. Draco could finally breathe in deeply, knowing that whatever his father would say, he’d be able to go through it, to keep standing and face him, knowing that his mother was right there beside him to hold his hand.

“I love you,” he murmured finally, and she squeezed him tighter. 

She didn’t need to say it back.

He knew.

Imagine : Being Hope Mikaelson’s Twin and Kol blames the Family for constantly ignoring you  (Part 1)

Originally posted by always-and-forever-indeed

Ok Guys @bonniebird might have told you , but i am continuing the ‘Being Hope Mikaelson’s Twin ‘ imagines . The gif does not belong to me .written because original owner said they were sadly not going to continue and that was a hell no to me .So here is a different version of her imagines 

Young!Reader x Uncle!Kol, Young!Reader x Father!Klaus (barely)

“There you are darling,” said Uncle Kol finding you alone in the living room. You turn your head away from your coloring book to face him. 

“Hi uncle Kol, “ you frown up at him , smirking he  comes down to your level .

“Why are you sad ?” He asks . You look down to the floor , and pointed toward the outside garden , where everyone was cooing and  fighting over Hope attention . Kol couldn’t but be angry at how easily you were forgotten you were by his brother and sister’s , Like he was when he was your age when he was young . 

“Hey why don’t we go to the Cauldron to visit Aunty Davina then later the batting cages ” He says , making  your pop your head up with a shining grin on your face . “Quickly go get dressed,” He watches as you run as fast as you can to your room .


It was late when Kol and You had returned from the Cauldron and the batting cages. Within the five minutes of the car drive home you were deep asleep snoring .The entire house didn’t move an inch as they saw Kol carry you in . But if it was Hope they would of yelled . 

“Aaahh their he is the daughter thief. Come to return to the crime , “ Kol huffs at Klaus’s words . “You know it’s not stealing since she wanted to come with me ,” Klaus was about to retort if Kol hadn’t vamp sped  you to bed. 

But not before changing you . “So you think my daughter prefers you over me ,” Klaus growls , as he slams Kol into a wall with his hand on the wall. 

“It’s not exactly a secret is it that she constantly feels left you. And you all  just push her away like she is nothing  because she is human. Yet you —” Everyone watched as Klaus snaps Kol’s neck leaving him dead on the floor. 

No one dared to touch Kol’s body as Klaus storms out of the house.


The entire house jumped out of their seat’s as Hope had woken up the next morning. While Klaus , Elijah , and Rebekah check on Hope. Hayley prepares her food downstairs. Not even thinking of you , leaving Kol to make sure your okay.

When he reached your room he found you on your floor reading. “Good Morning Darling ,” He smirks as you walk up to hug him. “Good Morning Uncle Kol. How are you ?” 

“Perfectly fine darling , but how long have you been awake ,” He says as you two walk to your bed. “Oh about an hour ,” He wanted to question more about it , when Elijah called him for some important matters. 

By the time he came back to your room you weren’t there. He wen’t down stairs to ask him family only to see their only attention is on Hope not even noticing how you aren’t in the house.

After two searches around the house he decides to look around the  French Quarter , when he couldn’t find you their he went to Cauldron , then soon after all off New Orleans. 

Once he returned home he still saw every one was cooing over Hope . “ENOUGH I AM DONE KEEPING QUIET,” screams kol while throwing a vase, making every one look at him as Hope whimpers and curls up to Hayley making everyone angry.

“OH NOW I AM THE BAD GUY, FOR MAKING POOR HOPE WHIMPER. THEN WHAT ABOUT YOU LOT WHO HAVE  HAVE YET TO SEEM TO NOTICE THAT (Y/N) IS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN ,”He yells , as Klaus vamp speeds in front of him , making Hayley and Hope Leave the room.



“Do not dare you think i do not care for my daughter’s ,when you can’t even have one , And as for (Y/N) she is –”

“Not Here,” said Elijah .


Tears stained your face as the blood stained knife comes closer to your face. “No! No! Please stop,” you scream as the man walks closer to you . he was about to stab you when his heart and head is ripped off.

You never been so happy to him in your life, than at this moment . Thou you two have always seen each other you , Never would of thought he would be able to make . You limp into your Uncle’s open embrace . As Klaus enters the room with Haley right behind him. 

“It’s okay now Love  , it’s all over now “ he says “I am sorry  I couldn’t have gotten here sooner , “ he continues on trying to calm your tears and hiccups to the point where your just sniffling . He picks you up and tries to give you to Hayley , but you scream and cry  , making Kol back away with you in hand , but when he tries Klaus Scream to the point where Kol can here his ears ringing. 

He knew it was pointless on trying to convince you to go to your parent’s to he just carried you out , since during your captivity your left leg was messed up . No one said  anything on the way home . 


“She didn’t even want to come close to us ,”Hayley said , as tears threatened to come out of her eyes while plopping down onto the couch. “She didn’t want to come near her mother ,” tears ran down her cheeks. 

“And I didn’t even notice my child was gone until someone else told me . It  wasn’t even like she was gone for a few minutes she was gone for over six hours. “ by now she was sobbing into Elijah , as Klaus over hears the conversation from his room.

“Was I such a horrible father  to them, both “ Klaus watches as his one night stand and brother try to comfort each other, while he watches Hope sleep. ” She hates me .“ he whispers to no one in particular, but hears his words .

"She doesn’t hate you Nik she–”“

"Just doesn’t want me to near her in her time of need , but hope would of ran straight into my arms. "He says, while running his fingers through her hair as Kol walks into the room . "That’s the problem brother you keep complaining that (Y/N) isn’t like Hope , and you keep pushing her away . eventually she will not want to think about that ,” Kol says then left Klaus so he can be alone 

Hush Little One || Regis Drabble

Received permission || Art Credit to: @kaciart (Please go view this page! Its so cute!)(also I hope I credited you correctly if not let me know ASAP)
Link to Art Post: XXX
Word Count: 1382
@blindbae @itshaejinju @promptoargentum-is-my-husband @louisvuittontrashbags (the rest was recommended for me to tag cause they thought you would enjoy)  @mandakatt @waifuthewhite @neko-otaku13 

A/N: Okay! I hope I did this picture justice with my writing. I won’t lie that I teared up. I did end up crying because I could just feel the pain. But I don’t have children so I can’t imagine the torment of losing a spouse and having a child to take care of. I hope you all enjoy it!

‘It was difficult. It was more than difficult. The first few days were just madness. The shock had settled in. It was numbing. The world around just passed like nothing had changed.

But mine did.’

Regis held Aulea’s hand until the last moment. He watched as her chest rose and fell for the last time, the light leaves her eyes, and her hand falls limp in his. She was gone. His queen, his wife, the mother of his son, and more importantly, his best friend. It had only taken a moment, but to Regis watching his beloved leave him, took centuries. All he could do was sit there holding his breath and staring at her.

Regis swallowed hard to fight the tears. There were many in the room for this moment. Her personal servants who thought the world of her, the doctor and his nurses who did everything in their power, and of course, the royal shield.

Clarus moved to his long time friend and king. “Regis…” He said breaking down formalities for a moment.

“Leave me…” He whispered kissing the hand of his beloved softly.

“Your majesty we-”

“I said leave me!”

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Last part of this imagine

Part 2

Master List

You bring your horse to a stop os you reach home. It has been so long since you’ve last been here. It still looks as beautiful as ever.

Legolas comes to a pause next to you.

“I’m not ready,” you mutter and he reaches over to grab your hand. You look at him. “You will be fine. I will be with you every step of the way,” he says and you nod. The four of you continue with Gandalf and Bilbo leading the way.

When you reach the entrance (a/n: i have no idea what its called. The place where the dwarves are met by Lindir.), you are the first to dismount, making sure to hide behind your horse.

“Mithrandir. Bilbo Baggins. It is good to see you both well,” you hear your father announce and you internally wince. You were not expecting him to greet you. Lindir, yes, but not him.

“And Legolas Greenleaf. May I ask what you are doing here. I was not expecting another meeting with your father or you for another month or so,” Lord Elrond states and it’s time you reveal yourself. You let go of your horse and push past both Bilbo and Legolas.

You watch your father’s reaction as you move closer. The smile drops and is replaced with the most shocked expression you have ever seen. You cannot evaluate the rest of him as you are pulled into hug. You hear him let out a sob and that causes tears to cloud your eyes and your arms to wrap around him.

Oh how you have tortured your father over these past ten years. How selfish you have been, leaving him and letting him deal with the pain of losing his eldest and his wife. What a grave mistake.

You sob into his chest and he pulls you closer.

“I am sorry, ada, for not coming home. For making you think that I was dead,” you whisper through your sobs. “All is forgiven my dear child. It is my fault for saying such horrible things,” he says, pulling away.

You both wipe each other’s tears away and lean your foreheads against each others, taking in each other’s presence.

“Come, we have much to discuss,” he says, taking your arms through his and leading you through your home.

You smile as you take a seat on your favorite bench. It has been four days since you returned home and you enjoyed every bit of it. You missed your brothers and Arwen, They were excited to see you alive and so was little Estel. You had introduced Legolas and Estel and Estel was excited to meet a Sindarin elf. According to him, Noldor elves were getting boring.

“May I join you?” you hear a voice say and you smile as you see Legolas. “I don’t see why not, my prince,” you tell him and he smiles, taking a seat next to you.

“You seem happy to be home,” he says after a few moments of silence. “IT has been ten years Legolas. Of course I’m happy to be home,” you tell him, listening to the sounds around you.

“Will you be staying?” he asks, causing you to look at him. “I think for a while I will, but after ten years of being away, it feels weird being back here you know?” you ask him and he hums.

“Will you return to Mirkwood with me? Not as a friend, but as a partner,” he says and you look at him, smiling and leaning on his shoulder.

“I think that wherever you are, it will be home.“

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Clears throat. SCARMON.

  • You figure out within a week or so of the Curse being broken that Adam is exceptional with Chip. It warms your heart seeing him interact with him and take care of him. There’s something about Adam with Chip that makes you wonder if he hasn’t self-dubbed himself as his older brother.
  • Absolutely sneaks snacks and goodies for Chip even after Mrs. Potts said no. It’s probably the cutest thing ever. The two of them walking down the hallway, towards the kitchen and whenever they hear someone coming, they’ll hide behind the curtains. Once in the kitchen though, Prince Adam will give Chip anything his heart desires. Even sweets. Adam’s gotten spoken to a couple of times because of this by Mrs. Potts personally, but he’ll always look down at Chip who’s behind her and give him a small wink. An assurance that even though he’s getting told off, he plans on continuing the devious behavior.
  • Convinces Mrs. Potts to let Chip stay up past his bedtime. All. The Time.
    • It’s usually Chip who plays this out though, giving his mother puppy dog eyes and saying, “Adam’s almost done with the story, one more hour please?”
      And with Chip being her soft spot, she gives Adam a glance and agrees. One more hour.
  • Prince Adam has never personally made a cup of tea for himself, so he spent an evening with Chip who was all too willing to show him how to make the perfect cup. They probably ended up making close to one hundred cups, to which the only solution was a giant tea party with everyone in the castle.
    • Adam’s pretty impressed with himself to be honest. He’s beaming with pride, ruffles Chips hair and explains to you, “I’d have probably burned the water if it wasn’t for him.”
  • Piggy-back rides through the Garden during summertime. Prince Adam acting like he’s going to throw Chip into the pond. It’s just a joke, and though Chip knows that, he plays along and yells, “Please don’t do it!”
  • No doubt, Prince Adam is in the process of teaching Chip to read. Probably simple folklore from the area, but Chip has also shown interest in History and ironically, Romance.
    • Prince Adam lets you take care of the Romance genre though, as it’s still a cliche to him even though the Curse he was previously under was broken by true love. You always joke around and say, “he can’t read romances even though his life is basically one big romance novel.” To which Prince Adam pretends to gag, before giving you the sweetest smile. What you said was true, and he knows it and really, he wouldn’t change it. 
      • If the two of you ever kiss in front of Chip, you’d never hear the end of it. “Why would you do that right here?” “EW” “Can you not? Please?”
  • Mrs. Potts has absolutely noticed the unique bond between her son and Prince Adam. She brings it up one evening before bedtime. Adam smiles at her and says, “I never got these sorts of things when I was a child. You knew my father, you knew love and tenderness were out of the question.”
    She grins reassuringly at him, pressing her hand to his cheek.It reminds him of his mother’s affection. The last time he ever saw her, the love inside of her heart and the love she held for her son.
    Mrs. Potts says, “Well, I can assure you that you’ve made his life much better, dearie. He’s always wanted a big brother.”
  • Prince Adam is the way he is with Chip post-curse, because he never got the chance to be a child. He knows what it’s like to have your childhood taken away in the worst way, and while the Curse was still active, Adam promised himself that if it was ever broken, he’d give Chip the childhood he deserved. With a mother and father, family and friends. No child deserves to be alone.
    • “My friends,” He started softly, “I don’t ever think I had friends my own age or of my own interest. I made friends with the staff of the Castle. Cogsworth, Lumière…” Adam paused and tucked back some of his strawberry blond hair, “I do know that there are a lot of children without that opportunity, some without a family as well… And I want to help them.”

      He’s on the verge of sobbing, a few tear drops having rolled down his cheeks onto his hands. You smile tenderly at him, cupping his cheek lovingly and kiss his right cheek. It was moments like this that made it hard to know that Prince Adam was once so heartless. “It’s alright, love. I’ll be with you in whatever it is you want to do.”
      • Though he still taxes the villagers(Not heavily anymore), whatever money he receives goes out to help children that need it. Whether they need a family, food, education. Prince Adam wants to help.After all, there is more to life than just his wants. 
  • Nearing the fisrt year of the two of you together, you start to get heavy baby fever. You see and take note of how Prince Adam is with Chip and just adds to your want to start your own family.

It’s late at night and the two of you are getting ready for bed. Prince Adam is watching from bed already as you sit at the vanity, brushing back your hair. You glance into the mirror back at him, smiling before saying to him, “When I first met you, I never imagined you’d be amazing with children.”
His eyebrows raise in slight amusement. “Well, I was a Beast when you first met me. I imagine children were out of the question at that time.”

You laughed in agreement, sitting on your side of the bed. Your back to him, you rubbed your hands together, took a deep breath in and whispered gently, “Well, I see you now with Chip. You’re so wonderful with him, it’s so natural and so loving. I just wonder…”

He’s curious as to what you’re thinking. Sitting up slightly, he reaches out, brushes his cool fingertips along your back and tells you, “You can ask and tell me anything, (Name). No need to be hesitant.”

“If you’ve ever thought about having children with me.” You said flat out, your cheeks on fire.

“Of course I’ve thought about it.” Adam chuckled softly, perhaps, a bit nervously at what you were implying. “I’ve seen you with Chip as well. You’ve got a natural inclination to be.. tender and understanding with him…” 

Swallowing, he nodded to his own words, “My mother was like that…” Scooting towards you, he sits down and cups your cheek in his hand. Turning your head so you could look at him, he places the lightest kiss possible against your lips and murmurs against them, “It’s okay to look at me.”

Gazing up, you catch eyes with him. A bit cross eyed because of the close proximity of your faces. Lifting your legs up, he rests them on his lap and leans forward to hive you another warm kiss. “Whenever you want, we can try…” Adam says gently, “I want children with you, (Name).”

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it hurts; connor murphy x reader

Request: Would do do a fic where the reader calls (Evan or Connor you choose!) Really late at night because her brother is out and her dad is working nights and she’s having bad pains in her chest because she’s got problems with her lungs and has had surgeries in the past and thinks she needs to go to the hospital so whoever you choose freaks out while the reader is crying and in pain thank you!

I went with Connor for this, I hope that works! This prompt honestly broke my heart, I really hope I did it justice.

(also I know I skipped around in my requests but I thought this hella spoke to me)

Word count: 921

TWs: A N G S T, reader is in a lot of pain, cursing, very very brief mention of past surgeries

2:26 AM

Your heart was pounding faster and faster. This was it. This was how you died. In your own bed, alone, sobbing like a child. Your brother was out somewhere that you didn’t know, and your father was working the night shift again. Just your luck. Of course, that wouldn’t have been a problem if your chest hadn’t felt like it was going to explode, or maybe implode, you weren’t sure exactly which. You figured you probably needed medical attention. This wasn’t the first time you’d dealt with things like this. You’d had surgeries before since you had problems with your lungs, but now you were alone and you needed to get someone to drive you to the hospital, or at least try and calm you down. The combination of crying and barley being able to breath was dangerous.

You grabbed your phone from next to you and shakily scrolled through your contacts, looking for someone in particular. If anyone was going to be awake at this time of night, it was Connor. You did your best to take a deep breath and clicked the call button under his name, praying to every higher power imaginable that he would pick up. After a few rings you heard a familiar voice.

“Why the hell are you up so late?”

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Broken souls mend together

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Set after season 6, ep 18 “Lauren.” The reader was roommates with Emily, and goes to Spencer for comfort. Inspired from the scene where Reid had admitted of thinking of taking drugs again to JJ after Emily comes back in season 7, ep 2. 

credits to the amazing poster @hotchnerfuckmeup

Part 2 

Spencer stared at the syringe and the small bottle that he placed on the top of the sink. He looked back at the mirror, staring at his own haunted expression and red eyes. He could do it right now and no one would bother him. It wouldn’t hurt this much anymore.

But Emily would be so disappointed.

He shut his eyes close as he swallowed the cry that was lounged in his throat. It’s been five weeks since Emily died, and it still hurt to even think about her. The guilt of not doing enough and the crushing pain he would feel whenever he saw the empty desk beside him was enough to plunge the needle into his arm. He just didn’t want to feel anymore, and he wanted this pain to go away. If he couldn’t save Emily, then who could he save?

The doorbell ringing snapped him out of his thoughts and panic bubbled inside his stomach. He quickly shoved the syringe and bottles into cupboard, looked at himself to make sure that nothing was wrong before he could see who the guest was. He quickly crossed the rooms to open the door, and his breath hitched when he saw who it was.

It was Y/N.

She was drenched, and Spencer didn’t even realize that it was raining outside. His heart clenched when he saw the red eyes and haunted face, and he blinked rapidly to hide his own tears. “Hey,” She said, giving him a tired smile. “Were you sleeping?”

He shook his heads and stepped aside to let her in as he took in her hunched form. "You’re drenched,” he said and wanted to slap his forehead because what a great question genius.

“I was just walking around,” She answered, her voice scratchy. “It suddenly started to rain and I didn’t have an umbrella.”

“You were walking around? At this time?” He said, his voice a bit louder than usual. It was past midnight, and you would think that she would be more careful considering what they see at their jobs.

“It’s better than staying at home,” She whispered, and immediately Spencer felt bad for raising his voice.

Y/N had joined the the team just after Rossi and immediately connected with Emily first before him. Y/N couldn’t find a steady place to stay so Emily offered her apartment and the two quickly became best friends and roommate. So for Y/N to be in a place where she spent so much time with Emily must be hard.

“I am sorry,” He whispered. “Come in, I’ll get you some clothes for you to change.“

"No Spence it’s-”

“You’ll get sick. Please,” He said, and Y/N reluctantly nodded her head. He went to his room and got out with some of his old clothes. With a grateful smile, she took it and headed towards the bathroom. He strode to the kitchen and put the kettle on, knowing she preferred tea over coffee. He started the coffee machine and rubbed his face to keep the tiredness away for now.


He turned to Y/N and froze at what she was holding. He looked back to her face, expecting to see the disgust or pity in her eyes, yet all he saw was empathy. As if she knew exactly what he was feeling, or going through right now. Wordlessly she placed the syringe and the dilaudid on the coffee table and searched her bag for something. She took it out and placed it beside the dilaudid.

Razor blades. Three of them.

He looks back at her, shock clear on his face. He really looks at her now, taking in his sweater and his sweatpants hanging on loosely. There is an vulnerable expression, her posture hunched in, as if to protect herself from criticism or disgust. What drew him the most is the tears that filled her eyes, threatening to fall down. He could feel his own eyes tearing up as he crossed the room and took her in his arms. They both broke down, clutching onto each other as they cry their hearts out.

They don’t know how long they say there, embraced and lost in their grief. The whistling from the kettle broke them out of their embrace, and she looked guilty at his wet shirt. “Sorry about that,” she said, nodding at the wet spot on his shirt.

“Don’t worry about it,” Spencer murmured, wiping away the remaining tears. With a small smile he walked to the kitchen to get the tea and coffee. Y/N sniffled, wiping her tears with Spencer’s long sleeves. She looked back when Spencer enters with a cup of her favorite tea. She smiled tiredly, noticing his dark circles and red eyes.

“Thanks,” She whispered, and with a tug on her arm they both sat on the couch. She tucked her legs under her, keeping some space between Spencer. There was a hesitation in the air, as if they were not sure of themselves after such intimate moment.

“I never told anyone about that,” Y/N said, her voice soft as she nodded to the blades. “That’s why I was walking around. If I was in my apartment, I think I would have given in.”

“Oh,” Spencer mustered, continued to looking at his coffee. “I understand. If you hadn’t come maybe I would have too.”

“What stopped you?”

“Emily,” Spencer whispered, tears immediately filling his eyes.

“Did she know?”

“The whole team knows, except for Seavar and Rossi. It happened when she was new,” He answered, a shake in his voice. “We were on this case-“

“You don’t need to tell me,” she told him in empathy. She knew how hard it is to open up about something like this, and that’s why she never told anyone when she moved to Quantico.

“I want to,” he looked up at her, his face showing determination. “We were on this case in Atlanta, and the unsub was suffering from dissociate identity disorder. One of his personalities would torture me while Tobias, the unsub, would drug me with dilaudid. He said it would help, but it only made things worse.”

There was a haunted look in his eyes, and Y/N reached over to hold his hand. Spencer snapped out of his memories when he looked down at their intertwined hands, and he looked up to see her up close with an broken expression. She squeezed his hand, letting him know that she was there and if he needed to stop it was fine. There was no judgment in her eyes, just understanding.

“He made me choose which family to kill, and I had to. They died right in front of me,” his voice cracked at the end, but Y/N didn’t make a move to get closer. She let her own tears flow, her heart aching for the man sitting beside her. He wasn’t looking at her, just staring forward and continuing with his story.

“I had to kill him and his last words were thank you. I took the two bottles of dilaudid from his dead body, and I tried at first to not get high. But the pain and nightmares were too much-“

“And you wanted an escape,” she finished for him.

“Yeah,” he agreed. He swallowed down in nervousness, trying to not break down again. “The team noticed, of course, but they couldn’t do anything officially. Emily was new at that time, and it was easier to snap at her than others.” He concentrated on the patterns she was drawing on top of his hand, drawing comfort and courage to continue.

“But she was very understanding,” He continued, looking back at Y/N with teary eyes. “Hotch couldn’t talk about it officially because then I would have lost my job. Gideon helped, but even though I have been clean for 3 years 2 months and 28 days now, the cravings never leave. It only increases when you are in pain.”

“I know,” Y/n consoled, continuing to draw circles. She placed the cup with her free hand, and gently, almost hesitantly, placed her head on his shoulder. He rested his head on top of hers, wrapping his arm around her shoulder to bring her closer. They both needed the comfort, whether it was physical or emotional.

“My parents divorced when I was 14. It was really messy, both of them were fighting over every single thing. I felt so lost because I always thought that they loved each other you know? Everything got too much for me, so I started to cut myself,” she started, and maybe it is because Spencer was open about his experience that it makes it easier for to do the same.

“Cutting is another outlet for coping with problems. It may help you express feelings you can’t put into words, distract you from your life, or release emotional pain. 90% of people who engage in self harm begin during their teen or pre-adolescent,” Spencer told her, rambling off statistics. He winced outward, knowing that facts were not comforting words to many.

But it brought a small smile on her face, because she knew that facts comforted Spencer, and she knew that it was his way to comfort others. “Then my dad died in an car accident when I turned 17 and made sure that my mom would not get a single penny,” Her voice suddenly shook, remembering the numbness she felt at that time. Spencer tightened his grip, now his turn to draw circles on her hand.  

“He left all of his money and properties to me, and that made my mom so mad. As soon as I turned 18 she threw me out of my house. It didn’t matter really, they both stopped being my parents a long time ago. I guess my dad left everything for me because of guilt. The cuttings made me feel better, but I tried to get better when I started college. I got help but it never went away you know.

“Then I got pregnant.”

“What?” He stuttered, not expecting that. His mind went blank because Y/N never talked about her child, and his eyes widen with the possibility of why.

“A lot people thought it was the biggest mistake of my life. 18 and pregnant, but she was the best thing that ever happened to me. The father got scared and ran off, but it didn’t matter.”

“What’s her name?” He asked tenderly, his heart heavy with sadness for the woman beside him.

“Lily,” she whispered, her voce breaking into a sob. She sniffed back, blinking her eyes to stop crying. It was so hard to even say her name after so long. “It was so weird. She hated lilies because she said people would always give her that rather than roses. But I finally had a family. It was just me and her, but it was more than enough. Everything was perfect. It was hard but so worth it.”

There was nostalgia in her voice, a longing that he knew that would always be there. He choked back his own sobs, trying to stay strong for her. “How did she-“

A shudder went through her body as she shut her eyes closed and clenched her jaw. He felt her shudder and brought her closer to him in order to comfort her. “It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me,” He whispered to her, pressing a kiss on her forehead.

“I couldn’t save her. I was the youngest detective at that time with the highest success rate in the state and I couldn’t save her. That’s why I became a profiler, so that others won’t have to go through what I experienced. But I couldn’t save Emily when it mattered the most, and now I feel so useless. If I can’t save those who I love, then what’s the use of this job Spence?”

“I know,” He whispered, burying his head in her hair. She practically sat on his lap, tucking her head in the crook of his neck as they both grieved. They don’t know when they stopped crying or when they both fell asleep on the couch, legs tangled and bodies pressed against each other.

All they know is that it was the first time since they didn’t have a nightmare since Emily’s death.

The moment Y/N wakes up, she instantly knew that it wasn’t her bed. She felt someone’s breathing down her neck, and she opened her eyes to find herself flushed to someone’s chest. She looks up to see Spencer snoring softly and mouth slightly open. She smiled at the cute look on his face and notices that he has his arms wrapped around her waist, making it harder for her to get up. She glances at the coffee table, taking in the blades, syringes and the half empty cups and suddenly realizes that she didn’t have a nightmare.

She had a light headache and her eyes felt dry because of all the crying she did last night (or was it early morning?) and she was squeezed on the couch with Spencer. But all she felt safe, with his arms around her and legs tangled with each other. She settled back onto his arm, closing her eyes and going to the dreamland with him.

It was the weekend, so she knew that they won’t get called in. All she wanted right now was feeling safe, and in his arms she found it.

She hoped that this would never end.

BabyDaddy!Cal Pt.10

A/N: Sorry that this took so long you guys, but I deadass rewrote and deleted this three times. So, this is the fourth and final draft and I’m pretty satisfied with it. Yall finna hate me with this ending though, plus I mapped out what I want to happen all the way to chapter 20 ;). Well, you know 100 notes and feedback please. I hope you cutie pies enjoy

**WARNINGS**: Mentions of sexual acts

Parts: one,two, , three, four, five, six,seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

“Y/N,” Ashton began as he sighed through the phone,“Don’t freak out, but-”

“I know, fuck, I know.” She interrupted. “I fucked up.”

“No, it’s okay. They were bound to find out anyway and-”

“But I’ve could’ve prolonged it!” You shouted.“I wasn’t thinking when I left the house last night and-”

“Y/N, calm down. It’s okay.” He reassured,“Just get some rest.”

Once he hung up the phone you let out a loud groan as tossed yours to the side, mentally beating yourself up about what you had caused. Because of your carelessness, the whole world now knew that you were pregnant.

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This Ends Tonight

“This ends tonight.”

Prompt: She showed up at his door, soaking wet, bruised, and covered in glitter.

Relationship: Batfam x Reader

Warnings: this is just really bad. Kinda angsty.

A/N: I decided to use some she pronouns (Are they pronouns idek but let’s just say they are), also I thought this would be cool but it’s actually so terrible???


Knocking on Bruce’s door, soaking wet with your mascara running down your face wasn’t what you had in mind for your Friday night. Your hair was in a wet mop around your face and little bits of glitter clung to you. Not to your surprise, Alfred opened the door and gasped as he saw you. He gave you a pitiful look and quickly ushered you inside. Bruce comes down the stairs, curious as to who was at the door this late at night.

“Bruce,” you whispered meeting him halfway up the stairs before falling into his arms. You started to cry gripping onto your adoptive father tightly. He just gently holds you until you’ve calmed down slightly. When you are calm the two of you walk up to your old room and he lets you change into dry clothes before coming in too talk.

“What happened Y/N?” He asked with a gentleness he never gave your brothers. He was examining every, bruise and scrape that was on your body.

“I- I don’t know, one second, I was going to meet up with the boys, Steph, and Cass, and then they came out of nowhere oh my god.” You whispered and started crying again hugging your father as if he would disappear at any moment.

“Who?” He asks urgently.

“My parent’s, they did this because I left,” You whisper shaking at the thought.You left your parents when you learned about them killing your now best friend. For a while you lived on the streets until one night Bruce saw you defending a small child and her mother from some of Joker’s thugs, you were practically skin and bones at the time.  Bruce just held you closer and calms you down once again as your body trembles and shakes with every sob that escapes you. You hear your siblings enter the manor and run up the stairs. Bruce calmly locks the door so they can’t get in and continues to hold you like a small child. You hear the boys go quiet as they sit outside the door. Well everyone except Jason. He hated your parents almost as much as you did, with good reason too. “You need to stop this, please.”

Bruce nods and unlocks the door letting your army of siblings into your room. Dick automatically sits next to you while Jason follows Bruce down to the cave. You can hear him yelling at Bruce to kill the people who gave you life and took his. “If you don’t I will!” You hear Jason yell before Cass shuts the door again blocking off any sound from coming into the room.

The next time you see Jason and Bruce he’s telling your other siblings to suit up. You follow Bruce into the cave before stopping when he gets into the batmobile. You’re brother’s and sisters have already left by the time he turns towards you. 

“This ends tonight,”

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todomomo: “It killed me to see you with him.”

Angst and fluff ahead. Adult/Future Todomomo. 

;Baby Steps

Momo stopped in the doorway. Shouto glanced up from the book in his lap, his eyes narrow in the dull light of the lamp at his bedside. Lines of frustration creased his forehead. 

He knew. 

‘Where have you been?’ he asked, closing the book with an audible thump.

‘I just got back from a job,’ she reminded him. ‘My quirk came in handy with rebuilding some of the broken–’

‘I saw you,’ he said. 

Momo shivered. ‘I know. I saw you in the crowd.’

‘I was worried,’ he said. ‘I saw the news. You were outnumbered.’

‘I didn’t do much. Endeavour–’

‘I don’t want to hear that name.’

‘Shouto,’ Momo stressed. ‘You have to let this go. We’ve been professional heroes for five years. It’s time to put the past behind you.’

‘I can’t. I won’t.’

Momo grimaced. Shouto’s mother had passed away shortly after a visit from Endeavour. Though it was clear that the circumstances weren’t suspicious, that she’d simply fallen ill, her death had been the final straw. He’d used it to fill the hole inside him with grief and hatred. He’d pushed everyone away. Even her.

Sitting on the end of the bed, Momo reached across the sheets to take his hand. He reluctantly met her gaze. 

‘He’s a hero. I know he’ll show up on the scene now and then,’ Shouto said. ‘But why did you have to loiter afterwards? It killed me to see you–’

‘Can’t you try to make this work? Don’t you hate being so full of resentment for your own father?’

‘He was never my father. I was a crop and he cultivated me until he couldn’t control my growth anymore.’ Shouto averted his gaze. ‘Why would I plant my roots in the same soil that poisoned me for years?’

‘Because I’m pregnant,’ Momo said. ‘And I want this baby to have a big family.’

The book fell off the bed with a clatter. Shouto stared at her with wide eyes. Momo shied away from his gaze. She hadn’t intended to break the news so bluntly. She’d wanted it to be a surprise. A happy one. Not a motive to–

‘You’re having a baby?’ he asked.

Momo nodded. ‘Yes.’ She smiled. ‘You’re going to be a father.’

A glimmer of worry touched his eyes. ‘I’ll be…’

‘You’ll be great,’ she interjected. ‘You’re you, Shouto. Sharing a quirk with your father does not mean you’ll make the same mistakes. We see the same blue in both the sky and the water, but they both have different properties. Our child will take after one of us. Or neither of us. And that won’t change the fact that it is our son or daughter. That they’re loved and part of our family. This is a chance for you, for Endeavour, to make it right.’

Shouto hesitated.

‘Let’s bring this baby into a world full of laughter and love, okay?’ she asked.

Shouto’s eyes glistened with tears. He buried his head against her shoulder and let out a whispered sob.

‘Of all the quirks in all the world,’ he started, trailing his arms around her waist, ‘none will ever beat what you’ve created.’

‘What we’ve created,’ she reminded him, snaking her fingers into his hair. ‘It just goes to show that a quirk doesn’t define who we are. It doesn’t make us special. It’s what we do that shapes who we are. After all, my body is going to carry our child without any superpowers at all.’

He kissed her shoulder. 

‘You don’t have to forgive your father right away. Let’s do this together. Let’s build our family together.’

He nodded.

‘Baby steps,’ she said. ‘Just one at a time.’ 

I don’t like to talk about personal stuff but I feel like I have to.

5 month ago my mom had a  brain haemorrhage. One second she was there, the next she was slowly fading in the hospital. She passed away one week later, on February 1st. I can’t say what was worse - watching my father sobbing like a child, being in total mess after the woman he’s spent most of his life died and knowing I can’t break because someone had to stay sane or ironing her dress she was going to wear in the coffin and trying not to spread snot all over it because I was crying so hard – basically, two worst weeks in my fucking life. But why I’m wasting your time writing it?

There were three things that kept me sane. My best friend, who has spent a lot of time chatting with me on facebook about the dumbest shit you can imagine, to keep my mind away from the fact the last time I spoke to my mother, I was pissed off. The second was my salty Teen Wolf squad here on tumblr. The third was Karamel. Why? Because these two space adorable aliens were my happy place. Watching them made me a little less depressed. They allowed me to keep my fucking brain from going to places I really didn’t want to go.

So, I went to the Karamel tag, to grieve in peace, but instead I have learnt that I am a Trump supporter, Kremlin, abusive relationship cheerleader, racist, homophobe, slave owner apologist and blah, blah, blah, the list is going, basically I have learnt all the things I wanted during being in a shithole *sarcasm* Thank you, Supercorp/Lena fandom, because most of the shit was (and still is) sent there by you, seriously thank you. I’ll probably remember it to pathetic end of my life. But, why I’m writing this?

Because dear Supercorp fandom, you don’t give a shit. No, sorry, you give a lot of shit (basically, throwing that shit at fan), blowing it out from proportion, when you are involved. Basically, when your feelings are hurt when the cast sing a song about two women being friends, even if the main actress said you can ship whatever you want few minutes earlier, even if the cast was bullied for months by your fandom with the grosses shit you can imagine. That’s it. That’s the cast’s crime. A joke.

And you know, I get why this joke could hurt you. Basically, jokes do shit like that to people, because we are all different, we have different experiences, so different things trigger us – that’s normal. The problem is, some jokes are just jokes. Or jokes that were meant to make you realize that some things won’t happen and there is no queerbaiting. I know, truth can hurt and you want to express that to the world. The problem is, you don’t act like hurt people but like a bunch of bloodthirsty haters ready to eat anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

And I know, there are nice supercorp shippers who just sit and like the stuff and have nothing in common with the nasty minority. But you know the problem, nice supercorp shippers? We all have learnt from the history that usually the most awful things were done by minorities, while the majority sat silently and didn’t move a finger.

Personally, I don’t care about the hate I’m getting. I survived that two weeks, because after all I am emotionally strong and I’m old enough to deal with my shit. But other people are not me. I remember that 13 year old girl who came here, to her first fandom, liking Karamel and Mon. And how Supercorp shippers treated her like shit. Her feelings didn’t matter because she liked Karamel? How many Karamel shippers who are members of lgbt community have to repeat they are not straight or homophobes? How many poc Karamel people have to repeat they are not racists? How many people who experienced abusive relationships have to repeat they don’t think Karamel is abusive? How long you are going to ignore the FACT we are normal people? Our voices seriously don’t matter because we ship something else? We are not true survivors, lgbt members, teenage kids because we like different ship? Because, you don’t care?

And you know the worst part? We don’t owe you explanation why we ship, why a ship makes us happy, why a ship helps us dealing with shit. We don’t owe you an explanation of who we are. I don’t owe you a description on my blog saying that I am asexual, white Polish, recently losing my mother and my life being a fucking mess. No one does. You know why? Because my fucked up life doesn’t make my ship better than other ships. My fucked up life doesn’t justify me being a freaking online abuser. My fucked up life doesn’t give me a right to be disgusting and to throw gross shit at the cast that did something I didn’t like only because it hurt my feelings. 

Especially when the cast is treated for months like YOUR property.

Rant over.

A Valentine's Surprise

♡♡♡ Valentine’s Day Drabble 2/13 ♡♡♡

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Member: Jeonghan
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 499

This was it. This was the moment you’ve been waiting for for about a week now. You were afraid that he was going to say no, reject you, and walk out the door. The bouquet of red roses felt heavy in your hands as you thought about what he would say. He couldn’t say no to the roses, right? And it was Valentine’s Day. It would simply be horrible for him to deny it.

The little white card stashed amongst the red petals glared up at you. It held the truth, and it could either make your life happier than what it was already or ruin it completely. Hopefully it would be the former. The front door opening brought your attention back to the present and you were greeted with Jeonghan’s lovely smile and tired eyes. You noticed the bright pink bag in his left hand and felt your heart swell. He remembered what day it was.

He hurried with kicking off his shoes and gave you a kiss on the forehead. “Happy Valentine’s Day, dear,” he cooed and held out the bag. He then glanced the bouquet you held and one of his eyebrows quirked. “What’s that for? Did someone bring you flowers? You’re not cheating, are you?”

You shook your head and flashed a smile. “No, babe. These are for you,” you told him, and the feeling of butterflies in your stomach worsened.

Jeonghan snickered. “You’re so cheesy. I thought the guy was supposed to bring the girl flowers? Ah, but that’s what I love about you.” His smile grew and he poked your nose with a finger. “So cute.” He took the bouquet out of your arms and took a whiff of the roses. His eyes locked onto the small white envelope with his name written on it. Your breathing almost stops. You watched in anticipation as he picks it up with nimble fingers and opens it. You fidgeted slightly as you watched his blank face read the card. Finally, after what felt like forever, a shaky sigh left his lips and he looked over to you slowly. Your heart dropped into your stomach. “You’re pregnant?”

You bit your lip and nodded your head, tears coming to your eyes and threatening to spill down your cheeks. “Y-yeah…”

“For how long?”

“I’ve known for a-about a week…” And just like you feared, he turned to leave you. Jeonghan set down the roses and the bag, but quickly walked back over and wrapped his arms around you. It came as a huge surprise to you when he gave a small sob.

“I’m going to be a father?”


You felt his lips against your forehead again. “My God… my girlfriend’s pregnant with my child,” he said with a giggle. You gazed at his face and saw that he was crying. “We’re going to have a baby.”

Relief took control of your being and your own tears slipped down your face. “Yeah, honey. We’re going to have a child.”


Just Friends // Baekhyun (1)

synopsis: your relationship with Baekhyun used to be full of hatred until one little school project makes the feelings swerve everywhere

chapters: one // two

genre: fluff and angst in the future

pov: 1st

word count: 1,878

author’s note: if this chapter gets fifty likes or more, i’ll start working on the second chapter! this was actually really fun to write as well. as always, i hope you enjoy and requests are open!

TRIGGER WARNING: this chapter includes domestic/child abuse and alcoholism


It wasn’t always this confusing. In fact, when we were younger, we despised each other. I guess it was due to the fact of us being children, and like all children, we were most likely drama queen and king. Actually, the only reason our relationship is confusing, is because of what happened last week. You’re probably confused, aren’t you? Well how about this, I’ll go back and explain our relationship, what happened, and how we ended up in this situation. Then, we’ll be where we are now, does that sound good?


Walking through the doors of preschool consisted of me holding on to my mother’s hand, desperately tugging at it to make her take the both of us home. My older brother told me that preschool was the best year of school ever, and I believed him. Until we walked through the doors. Kids were everywhere, yelling, running, and playing. It’s terrifying. “Y/N, you have to let go of my hand, sweetie.” Mom chuckled, gently removing one finger at a time from her hand.

“No way!” I exclaimed, grabbing onto her arm instead. She gave me ‘the look’ before proceeding to walk away. She mouthed an ‘I love you’ before leaving the place. At the brink of tears, I slowly walked into the hectic room, trying to avoid any trouble, along with the noisy kids.

“Baekhyun, slow down!” a young lady, presumably the teacher, yelled, running after a brown haired child, who is most likely Baekhyun. Soon enough the brown haired kid would run past me, but he instead ran into me and knocked me down to the ground.

“Watch where you’re going!” he exclaimed. “You almost gave me cooties, how gross!”

I have never even heard of cooties until this very moment, and my small, frail body ended up trembling, the tears that welled up in my eyes being released. Cooties, he sounded so angry when he said that. And that was frightening. Needless to say, I started to think I was dying, as if I had this disease called cooties, which was the most deadly disease in the world. Thanks to me being an over-dramatic four-year-old, I thought I was on the brink of death, like I could die at any moment. To sum up, the word “cooties” made me think I was in danger and I ended up breaking down, tears finally streaming down my face.

The mysterious lady (who I had absolutely no clue of her name) scurried over to me, her face etched in worry. She picked me up and looked down at the boy and scolded, “I have had enough of this behavior, Byun Baekhyun! If I have to scold you one more time, there will be a call to mom and dad!” She yelled, she actually yelled. I remembered my brother saying, “if the teacher actually yells at a preschool student, it means they often get in trouble, so don’t worry about getting yelled at unless you choose to be an annoying rascal.” Did I know what the word rascal meant? No. But I assumed it was pretty bad, considering he used it in the context of “don’t get in trouble or you’re a rascal.”

After hearing her yell, I buried my face into the crook of her neck. I was never a person who could handle anything revolving around yelling or fighting. Call me weak if you must, but it’s who I am and I’ve come to accept it.

From that moment on, I swore to myself that I would avoid Baekhyun at all costs. That plan, however, failed. First of all, it just so happened that my assigned spot was right next to Baekhyun, which meant that he could torture and annoy me whenever he pleased. And let me tell you, he took up that offer every moment he could.

Ever since then, every single day I came home, I would whine and complain to my brother about how infuriating Baekhyun was. And every single time, he had the exact same reply: “He has a crush on you.” (Admittedly, the first time he said crush I was very confused since crush usually means smash, break, destroy, and etcetera.)

Then the next year of school came around, and with just my luck, I managed to be in the very kindergarten classroom of Byun Baekhyun. However, he ignored me for a few months. He was too busy hanging out with his newfound best friend, Park Chanyeol. He was (and still is) a lengthy person, his legs very long. For the most part, I really liked Chanyeol. The taller male was an angel: whenever Baekhyun came my way to irritate me, Chanyeol steered him away, instead dragging him along to the action figures and other toys, a great distraction for any five or six year old. To put it simply, I felt like Chanyeol was a guardian angel, always steering the annoying Baekhyun away from me.

For a majority of kindergarten, not much happened to me dealing with Baekhyun, though first grade is where hell truly took place.

During summertime, when I was transitioning from kindergarten to first grade, my mom lost her job and started drinking. For the first few days, she’d have a beer every day, but then it turned to more. It was three drinks, four drinks, five drinks, and so on, until it eventually became a new beer after the last was finished. Throughout the summer, all I saw of her was her either drinking, drunk out of her mind, vomiting, or passed out. My father was dealing with her, doing his best to make sure she didn’t pass, but then she did something truly awful. One time, my father refused to give her another beer, all the beer that had been in the fridge was either thrown out or stashed away, and that’s when my mom lost it.

She started becoming violent, both physically and emotionally. At first, it was aimed only towards my dad, so he often times came to mine and my brother’s room, discussing how we should at all times possible stay in our room or at a friend’s house, which is what we did for quite a while. That is, until, my mother started breaking even more. She eventually demanded we open the door, and when we wouldn’t, she kick at it. At first, we were fine with that. We knew she was out of her mind. But then she finally kicked the door down. When she did break the door, she started screaming like the madwoman she was.

Once she came in, she grabbed my hair and pulled. She kept pulling at it, even though I screamed and yelled for her to stop. She started pulling the hair out, and to this day, I have a scar on the right side of my head, forever there to remind me of the awful day.

Luckily for me and my brother, he was able to grab his phone in the midst of this and called for dad, when he picked up he was a sobbing mess, begging for him to come inside and take us away. The first thing my father did was call the police, to tell them about the domestic and child abuse going on, and then he ran. No matter how slow he normally was, he ran as fast as the speed of sound and made it to us, quickly hitting at my mother until she fell back, which is when he picked me up and grabbed my brother’s hand, running far away from the house.

By the time first grade started, I was still an emotional mess due to the whole mother situation. To make it worse, Baekhyun was still in the same class as me while Chanyeol was over in Ms. Kim’s classroom. He managed to make another friend though. His name was Sehun, but he’s an even shittier person than Baekhyun, which made my life ten times more miserable than it was on its own.

In addition to that, exactly one week before Mother’s Day, my class started our projects for gifts to, if not obvious enough already, give to our mothers. My teacher was kind enough to whisper to me during nap time (the one time other children would actually fall asleep, which was oddly strange) that I could draw my dad a picture instead, so that is what I did.

My drawing was a picture of my father, my brother, and myself in our quaint house next to the park. Of course, I never even thought of my mother once through the entire drawing process (as much of a process as there is for a seven-year-old). My time drawing my small family was peaceful, until the two notorious brats Sehun and Baekhyun decided to waltz in and think they knew enough about my life to criticize the picture.

Sehun for the most part was on the shy side, but once he was with Baekhyun he was the devil, which made this experience so much more enjoyable. “Hi, Y/N!” Baekhyun said, a cheery ass smile on his face.

“What do you want?” I asked, immediately furious, knowing the two boys were up to no good.

Sehun instantly replies. “You’re drawing is wrong.” Baekhyun just snickered in agreement. What assholes.

“How is it wrong?” I questioned, voice innocent yet dripping with anger.

“You forgot your mommy, the reason why it’s being drawn.” Baekhyun answered. Okay, I may have thought to myself that I had moved on from the situation, but do to my reaction, I clearly hadn’t in the slightest. Instead of the calm reaction I was hoping for, I ended up bursting into tears, not only making me even sadder, but also embarrassed for the rest of the school year (until Hoseok ended up peeing himself during snack time one day).

This scene seems all too familiar. Though at the time I didn’t realize this, Baekhyun made me cry just like in preschool, and yet again, I had a teacher scurrying over to me, ready to help out. “What’s wrong, sweetie?” she asked, eyebrows raised in concern.

“They-they said that… that m-my drawing was wrong!” I confessed, gripping onto the back of her shirt for dear life as I cried to my heart’s content. With her already glaring at the two boys, I continued on. “They said it was wro-wrong because it didn’t have a mommy!” I hiccuped. Once I finished crying and calmed down for the most part, she gave a stern look to the two boys and made them follow her outside to the hallway while some girls ran over to play with me and attempt to cheer me up.

“Just ignore them,” one of the girls, Jennie, said, giving me a hug before asking if I could join them. By the end of the school day, Jennie and I were calling each other best friends (but doesn’t every seven year old child do so?) and planning to meet up. My next few years were peaceful, as I managed to get through with the help of Jennie and Baekhyun being in other classrooms. But once I got to high school?

This is just the start of my life, I am nowhere near done.

No Right - Part 1

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1,495

Warnings: Swearing, Marriage problems, Mentions of cheating, It doesn’t end fluffy guys…

A/n: So this is a slight AU? The Avengers exist and everyone has reconciled after the Civil War event but Bucky opted to get a ‘normal’ job and live a ‘normal’ life with his wife. Does that make sense??? P.s. Idk if I wanna write a second part… Lol woops already started

Summary: After 3 years of being married to Bucky, you feel him slipping away.

|| Part 1 || Part 2 ||

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So I’ve been thinking about a King/Knight AU where obviously Oikawa is the prince soon-to-be King and Iwaizumi is his most loyal knight.

They still have the whole childhood dynamics because the Iwaizumi family has been providing incredible knights for generations to the Oikawa’s and so the two of them grow up together and do most things like schooling, sword practice (because royals have to know how to fight too!), and they are even allowed to share a room since it’s good for Iwaizumi to get used to being by Oikawa’s side permanently. He’s supposed to sleep on a cot on the ground but Oikawa always makes him crawl up in the bed with him. The King and Queen always giggle when the help inform them of this because it’s really cute and they are extremely happy to know that the two have such a close bond (which is very important for a king and knight).

So lots of childhood fluff and them going on adventures in the court yard where they play their real life roles–the king and his knight. Also includes: Iwaizumi shooing away bugs (he just can’t kill them) because Oikawa is afraid of them. The time that Oikawa slipped out of a tree and Iwaizumi went with him so he could turn them and he takes the fall for both of them–he broke his arm and Oikawa sobbed the entire time he was treated, repeatedly saying it was his fault and Iwa-chan shouldn’t have done that to which Iwaizumi gives him a hug and says, “It’s okay, Tooru. It’s my job to protect you.”

Iwaizumi is always watching and caring for Oikawa as they grow. Watching him and trying to keep him from working himself to death to impress the council his father works with for advice on running the kingdom (they considered him to still be a child and not fit to rule the monarchy). He’s alway there with cups of tea, scooping up Oikawa when he passes out over dozens of documents, tucking him into bed and crawling in with him when he begs for Iwaizumi to stay and hold him.

There relationship isn’t exactly defined and they don’t talk about. They are comfortable with what they have and they leave it at that. Oikawa isn’t pressured into marriage because his older sister has already birthed an heir to come after Oikawa and Iwaizumi isn’t expected to take a wife because his mission in life is to ensure his prince’s safety.

The twist I want in this is what I’ve always looked for but never seen in a Royal AU which is that Oikawa–whether still a prince or king now–gets attacked, let’s say the kingdom is under attack, and Iwaizumi is by his side of course, protecting him like he should–Oikawa is fighting too because he doesn’t just sit around and quiver like some coward–and Iwaizumi keeps diverting his attention to check on Oikawa and doesn’t notice when one of the attackers goes to give the final blow to him. Oikawa does though and jumps into the line of fire without hesitation, taking a severe blow for his Knight. In absolute rage, Iwaizumi finishes the rest of the men off and when he can finally get to Oikawa, he’s bleeding pretty heavily and is close to passing out from blood loss. Iwaizumi begs to know why he did that, yelling, screaming, raging on how stupid that was–why didn’t he just let Iwaizumi get hurt, it’s his job to protect him!

Very shakily Oikawa reaches up, pulling Iwaizumi’s head down to whisper about how he will never let anything happen to Iwaizumi if he’s capable of stopping it because Iwaizumi is his strength in life, the only thing that keeps him going. Have to throw in a basic love confession and cheek kiss because I’m needy.

Fast forward to Iwaizumi sitting by Oikawa’s bedside, refusing to leave or let go of his hand. Oikawa is healing slowly from the wound, but he’s struck with a horrible fever now and if it doesn’t break, that would kill him instead. Cue crying Iwaizumi when alone, because I’m awful, just begging Oikawa to open his eyes again, to not die, to not leave this world without him.

Also, I want this specific line said: “What kind of knight am I?” Maybe a monologue of him talking to Oikawa telling him how much he loves him and even if he acts annoyed or angry because Oikawa can get under his skin, there is no one in this world other than him that he could ever want..

Of course this Fairytale ends happy–I don’t do angst without happy endings. I mostly wrote this out because I just want a fic where Oikawa is the one protecting Iwaizumi even though it’s unconventional for him to. I’ve seen a lot where Iwaizumi protects Oikawa, which is fine and all, but I want to see Iwaizumi portrayed with emotions for once and crying over Oikawa not because Oikawa was angsty over him having a girlfriend/boyfriend and makes himself sick or ruins himself with volleyball ball because of his “unrequited” feelings and puts himself in the hospital (which I also like those tropes don’t get me wrong). I just want this because I need the fact that Oikawa loves and cares about Iwaizumi to be obvious, that he doesn’t care that it’s not suited to their life roles, he’s not going to let anything happen to him no matter what. He loves Iwaizumi enough to protect him with his life.

That’s it, that’s all I want. Also if you made it this far, kudos to you! This was a long headcanon, but hopefully an enjoyable one!

What He Didn’t Know

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: SPN canon violence, unexpected pregnancy, angst, language I think, I think that’s it. If I missed any let me know.

Word Count: 3697

A/N: I wrote this specifically for angst appreciation day so I hope it’s angsty enough for y’all. This story is basically a rewrite of the Season 5 finale Swan Song with added bits of the reader. So like the long conversations the guys have are directly from the episode so credit to the writers of the episode for that. I would also like to thank @idreamofhazel because she gave me a list of ideas that helped inspire this so thank you love. I’m unsure if I want to continue this or not so if you want more let me know.

Summary: You have been Sam’s girlfriend for years and are basically soulmates however you found out you are pregnant. Right when you are going to tell him, he tells you his plan of saying yes to being Lucifer’s vessel and jumping into the cage. What happens next? Does Sam find out about your pregnancy? Does he still take the fall?

***Italics are flashbacks***

Sorry I went crazy with the GIF’s I couldn’t help myself 

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