sobs at perfection

“In a Heartbeat”, a 4 minute short film created by a small animation studio, had so much better quality and heart than most of the movies in Hollywood today….

AHHHHHH LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY? how did I get into heaven, because damn if this ain’t it

ADORABLE lines by @thegrizzlyssin - colours by me :>

Please if you can check out his kofi!! He is a very wonderful person and maybe you can also get a wonderful sketchy like so? Sharing helps too!!


15/9: coffee date with the birthday boy

happy birthday my sunshine, ily ♡

Like can we talk about how Jughead is a sarcastic asshole to everyone, he doesn’t even spare Archie, like that comment abt the stealth operation how the Scooby gang could compromise them (i’m seeing innuendo everywhere!), yet he’s so gentle with Betty, he’s distressed by her calling herself crazy and immediately jumps to comfort her and she does calm down and that’s the beauty of bughead