sobs at his precious little face

Okay but Calum would be the best dad in the world. When your teenage daughter got her heart broken by some jerk she’d just come home and cry to you but Cal would be working at the studio until late so you’d ring him and tell him his daughter was in tears and he’d tell the boys right away that he had to leave and on the way home he’d stop off and pick up Kerrang! magazine and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream because he knew that those were his precious little girl’s favorite things in the world and he’d race home and when he shut the door behind him his kind little heart would get so sad by the sound of his princess’ sobs so he’d sprint up the stairs with his gifts and gently twist the door open. He’d poke his head around and see her face in her pillow and he’d wander in and sit on the bed beside her, stroking her hair and he’d just kiss the top of her head and say “Wanna talk princess?” and as she turned to face him he’d tell her how beautiful she was and how she deserved so so much better and that he would happily smash that idiots face in and she’d smile half-heartedly so he’d remember the presents and hand her a spoon and they’d just sit together for a while, flicking through the magazine and sharing the pot of ice cream until everything was finished and she’d just look up to her dad and say “Thank you.”