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Ok I came up with the most horrible, angsty shit ever. What if Ardyn kidnapped the chocobros' /child?/ I've seen this scenario with the S/O being the on kidnapped but never their kid! (And of course they're all babies because let'S MAKE IT EVEN WORSE)

HAHAHAHA OMG THE ANGST POTENTIAL IN THIS REQUEST IS PEAKING! Hmm, let’s see how heart-wrenching I can make this for you, my dearest anon <3 I purposefully made Noctis and Prompto’s drabbles longer than Gladio and Ignis’ because I realised that I am really not doing justice to Noct and Prompto in my request fills- they always get such short fills! So this time I decided to make Gladio’s and Ignis’ fills short and sweet and mostly head-canon like xD Also, this is SOOO AU hahahaha- please, just bear with me- I had a vision for all these drabbles and so this is how they turned out LMAO!

Noctis: You had been strangely silent since you found your daughter’s cot empty a few nights ago. You’d been getting ready for bed when you’d decided to check in on your precious princess when you realised that the nursery window was open, with the blue curtains fluttering softly in the light breeze. You remembered screaming loudly, so damn loud that you almost couldn’t hear yourself, and you remembered Noctis nudging you aside gently to pick up the small, seemingly insignificant piece of paper that had been left on the floor of the nursery just before the cot.

Noctis frowned as he read the small piece of paper, recognising the loopy handwriting almost immediately: I have your daughter. I also have your Crystal. Pick the one you want, and you shall receive it.

Noctis seethed at the simple ransom letter and crumpled it up in his gloved hand. You looked at Noctis impassively and blinked slowly. You were still in shock. The chancellor had taken your baby. And now he was asking Noctis to decide between his daughter and his kingdom. Rationally, you knew that the kingdom was of more value superficially… but your daughter. Your daughter was priceless.

“What are we going to do?” you asked quietly, your gaze downcast. You heard Noctis sigh softly.

We aren’t going to do anything. I, on the other hand, will go get our daughter back from that ass hole.” Noctis growled, his husky voice sounding absolutely livid. You stood from where you were seated in an old wooden chair, ignoring the concerned gazes of Ignis, Gladio and Prompto as you took your place beside Noctis and wrapped your arms around his torso.

“I want to help too. She’s my daughter as well.”

Noctis shook his head. “It’s dangerous.”

“I know. Let me help.”

Noctis had ended up relenting and you found yourself standing before Ardyn a few hours later, his charming face grinning down at you with your daughter secured in the crook of his arms. She was silent, not crying out for you, not wriggling, not giggling… she was just still and silent. You clenched your fists and took a step forward, only to be stopped by Gladio and Prompto. Noctis paced forward in your stead and glared daggers at Ardyn with his midnight blue eyes.

“Hand her over. Now.”

Ardyn smirked. “I’m not sure you’d want her back. You see, she’s already become my little pet project.” Ardyn stroked your daughter’s cheek with his thumb and you tried to lunge forward, your expression absolutely livid. Ardyn laughed at your attempts to attack him, thwarted by your allies. Prompto and Gladio exchanged worried looks over your struggling form between the two of them, while Ignis placed a hand over your trembling shoulder to calm you down.

“I’ll fucking kill you Ardyn. You touched my baby, you filthy man… I will destroy you.” You gritted out, ceasing your struggles when you realised that Gladio and Prompto were not going to let up their hold on you. You slumped forward and let your tears fall as Noctis let out a frustrated noise.

Ardyn laughed and turned on his heel, taking your baby further into Zegnautus Keep. “The Crystal still awaits you. Come now- all is not lost. Just… the girl.” Ardyn chuckled and disappeared behind reinforced steel doors.

You could only sob as reality hit you. Your baby was gone. And Noctis couldn’t do a thing about it. You let your eyes travel to Noctis’ form, and you witnessed his shoulders tremble as he held in his grief. He let out a shaky sigh and clenched his fists by his sides.

“I’ll fix this. I promise… I’m ready to fix ALL of this.”

Prompto: Prompto’s bottom lip trembled as he watched Ardyn tickle his son playfully. You teared up at the innocent look of delight on your son’s face at the gesture. You and Prompto were trapped in a cell in Zegnautus Keep, with only a monitor placed in front of the two of you to monitor the heart breaking interaction your infant son was having with the monster.

“He’s such a good boy. I’m glad I didn’t just leave him to the MTs. He would have been devoured alive by those beasts.” Ardyn cooed, stroking your baby’s cheeks. Prompto let out a soft sob, but kept his red-rimmed sky blue eyes on the screen. He was tied up, absolutely restrained, and unable to immediately help his precious baby boy, but he could still observe him. He owed his son that much.

You averted your gaze when you saw the sweet smile on your boy’s face. You couldn’t watch any more. It was too twisted. Too heart breaking. What had you done to deserve such a hellish punishment? Why did this have to happen to your perfect little happy family? Why wasn’t anyone doing anything about it?

“It’s because we’re common folk… isn’t it?” you murmured quietly to yourself. You didn’t notice the smirk that became apparent on Ardyn’s face as he continued to torturously act sweet before your son. Your baby sunshine giggled and cooed at Ardyn’s attentions as you lamented in your situation. Prompto’s head perked up at your words, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“That’s not it… Noct’s probably on this way-”

“No,” you interjected. “Noct is looking for the Crystal. For his kingdom. He’s the King. He’s got bigger things to think about that us. What are we to him?” You asked, your voice suddenly bitter. Prompto’s first tear escaped his eyes as he bit his lip hard and shook his head.

“No. You’re stressed out right now. That’s why you’re thinking like this. You just want to get back to junior and have him in your arms. I want that too- we can’t be blaming Noct- he’s our best friend-”

“He’s YOUR best friend. And what are me and our son to him? Just tag along people. Sure, you’re valuable to Noctis. But us… who the hell are we and what have we done for him?”

You stopped speaking when Ardyn’s loud chuckle split through the still-thickening tension in the cell you and Prompto were housed in. “Dearest… you are so easy to crack. This is no fun. Prompto’s proving a bit of a challenge, and that’s fun. But you, y/n… for a mother, you are terribly weak. That’s not good for your son here… who knows what kinds of people you’d let near him if you can’t be strong.”

You tugged on your bonds and roared out loudly at his words. “You are SICK! You are the DEVIL! You are Ifrit incarnate and I HATE you! Give our son back! Give me my world back- do what you want to me, but don’t you DARE hurt my baby!”

Ardyn smirked at your reaction and trailed a nail down your son’s neck, earning a slightly whimper from the now confused child, a look of distress clearly on his face. You now heard Prompto struggle against his bonds at the sight of your boy’s suffering displayed on the large screen before you.

“No! Not my son! Kill me if you want- don’t hurt my son please!”

“Promise me you’ll lead Noctis right to the Crystal, and I will spare your boy.” Ardyn drawled, retracting his finger from the infant’s neck and returning to tickling the boy’s chubby belly. A sense of relief washed over you as your blond son’s face immediately morphed from distressed to delighted in a matter of moments.

Innocence… such a beautiful gift.

“… deal.” Prompto agreed. You nodded along, feeling a slight sense of shame blossom in your chest at so easily selling out your friend, the prince.

But then you realised that Noctis was looking for the Crystal. Leading Noctis to the Crystal was supposed to be a good thing.

You couldn’t help but raise your eyebrows at the screen suddenly went black and Noctis himself snuck into your cell, sighing a breath of relief. “Thank the Six. Are you guys alright?” Your heart broke a little when Noctis made a beeline for you first, gazing down at you with so much concern in his midnight blue eyes. You tore your own gaze away from his face, unable to look at him after all the things you said about him and his loyalty to you, your son and Prompto earlier on.

Noctis clearly cared about you as much as he cared about Prompto.

“Were you worried about me?” you heard Prompto ask sheepishly.

“All three of you. I was worried sick about all three of you. Is that even a question? Did you even have to ask? Prom…y/n… of course I was worried. You guys are like my family. You ARE my family.”

You lost it at that statement. You bawled, guilt eating at your insides. You wanted to warn Noctis of Ardyn’s specific instructions to lead him to the Crystal. It was definitely fishy- but you also wanted your son back unharmed.

You didn’t tell Noctis a word.

Nor did Prompto.

You both could only hope that nothing bad would happen to Noctis. After all, how much could a magical rock really do to a person?

Surely… it wasn’t capable of anything too far-fetched…

Gladio: When Gladio finds out that his baby is missing, he absolutely loses it. He’s the type to flip tables, punch walls and roar at anyone who tells him to calm down and just THINK about the whole situation. Usually, it’s Ignis who is the one to calm the big guy down and talk some sense to him, but in this situation, when his one and only baby girl is involved, Gladio is almost inconsolable. Gladio is decked out in his battle gear and ready to have a good swing at Ardyn for kidnapping both yours and his baby, but you manage to stop him from marching into battle essentially unprepared.

“What if he has back up? You can’t just go in alone!” At first, Gladio lashes out at you and accuses you of not caring about your baby girl, but when he sees your eyes well up in tears from the accusation, he simmers down a little. He takes you in his arms and he chokes down sobs of his own as he tries to calm you down as well.

“I’m sorry. I’m not thinking straight. I’m worried and mad that I couldn’t stop this from happening-”

“Gladdy… it’s okay. We can get her back. For sure… there has to be a way to get her back!” you try to make things better for Gladio. His amber eyes do perk up slightly, but only by a little bit.

When you watch him leave for Zegnautus Keep to aid Noctis in reclaiming the Crystal, as well as recovering your daughter, you are sorry that you can’t join the group. You desperately want to go. But then you rub your hand over you swollen belly and sigh worriedly.

You were pregnant with your second child. It wouldn’t be safe for you to leave the safety of your Lestallum apartment. Not in your condition. And so you prayed to the Six, hoping that all would go well for Gladio and the boys.

You were hoping that your new baby would be able to meet their big sister.

Sighing, you closed your eyes and let a sole tear slip out you eye.

“I just want to be a normal family… that’s all I want.”

Ignis: You and Ignis are sitting at the dining table in the Cape Caem cottage, simply staring at the wooden surface with impassive looks on your faces. It’s been a few days since your infant son had been kidnapped and you weren’t quite sure where to start looking. Gladio and Prompto were already out following up on some leads they had come across in Lestallum two nights ago when the official search for the nine month old had begun.

“It was Ardyn. That’s all we know.” You sighed and slid the only piece of evidence you had of the kidnapping towards your long-time boyfriend, Ignis Scientia. Ignis immediately leaned forward and extended his arm to grab the paper with his fingers. Sliding it towards himself, he frowned and his eyebrows pinched together in concentration as he read the note once more.

I’ll hold on to this precious gift until you send me mine.” Ignis read out loud once more, his clipped and accented voice absolutely filled with disbelief. “I can’t say I know what he’s referring to…” Ignis trailed off. You sighed and nodded, crossing your arms over your torso and staring down at the table once more.

You were trying your best to stay level headed, much like Ignis. It was getting harder to do so with every passing moment. Every moment lost was a moment wasted for you son at the hands of the potentially manipulative and unethical man. Ardyn Izunia was certainly a very unsavoury character.

“Hey… any more leads yet?” your head whipped towards where the prince’s voice was sounding from behind one of the bedroom doors upstairs. Ignis hummed a negative in response to his prince’s questioning. At that, Noctis pulled the door open and shut it behind him, skipping down the steps with urgency before taking a seat beside you and leaning in for a short and sweet hug.

Until he’d hugged you, you hadn’t realised that you needed it.

“No Noct. Just that it’s Ardyn and that he has our baby.”

Noctis nodded at Ignis’s words. “That… I’m so sorry, Iggy… y/n.”

“It’s not your fault…” you trailed off, your voice weak. Noctis was about to say something to retort, when Ignis’ phone went off. Ignis immediately dived for his phone and answered the call, slapping his smart phone to his ear in his haste.

“Yes?” Ignis answered, his brows knitted. He nodded and made a face before nodding again and humming an affirmative. He hung up soon after and made direction eye-contact with you with his deep sea-foam coloured eyes. “He wants Noct in exchange for the baby…” Ignis sounded conflicted. You were almost in disbelief until you realised that Ignis had been raised beside Noctis to look after him. You and the baby were the complications to his already pre-planned and set out life.

You were the complication.

You were the problem.

You shuddered, grabbing the attentions of both the prince and the advisor. “Yeah?” Noctis said, addressing your reactions. You shook your head at the prince and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Nothing… just. I’m sorry for all this trouble.” You apologised quickly, bowing slightly to show your respect to Noctis. Noctis waved you off and shrugged sheepishly.

“It’s no problem- you, the guys, and the baby are all I ever knew as a real family. Of course I need to get you and your son back together.” Noctis smiled kindly. You smiled back in turn before turning a sombre expression towards Ignis.

You almost felt worry for Ardyn when you spied Ignis sharpening his good set of poison daggers.

Ardyn was not in for a good time.

excuse me, i’d like my heart back, please

pairing: jikook (rlly can we expect anything else from me)

genre: fluff, attempted comedy

a/n: hey jo!!! @shyjimins remember that time u said this? well, this lil’ drabble is for u ;)


summary: officer jeon tries to make a move, but it doesn’t go as planned.

(alternatively: do not arrest people for stealing your heart, it’s unethical.)

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My Girl (Father!Negan X Daughter!Reader)

Based on the song ‘My Girl’ by The Temptations. Enjoy!

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. When it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of May.

Everyone rested on their knees kneeling to Negan, watching as he smiled at all of his people. Lucille in his hand, fingers gripped tight around the polished wood as he began to quietly chuckle. “Y'all can stand” his voice boomed, shifting his body 360 degrees as everyone began to rise from their knees. He then turned to his next victim, sitting right in the middle of the large room.

Negan smiled right at him, showing off his pearly white teeth before beginning to laugh. “What’s your name again?” Negan asked. “J-Jason” the man hesitated, obviously scared of what was about to come from the devilish man grinning right in front of him. “Jason, tell me, you see that girl?” Negan asked, pointing right at the balcony, right at you. Jason quickly twisted his head, before looking back at Negan. “S-Sir I-”

I guess you’d say What can make me feel this way?

Negan grabbed his face, cutting him off from his words and turned Jason’s chair around, making him stare right at you. “Her, right there. Do you see that girl, yes or no?” Negan shouted as Jason began to weep. “Yes!” He cried before Negan threw him onto the floor. You watched helplessly, knowing that no matter how much you would scream and cry for him to stop, Negan would never stop.

“Do you mind telling us who that girl is?” Negan bent down to meet face to face with Jason, watching the boy shake with fear. “(Y-Y/N)” he stuttered before Negan chuckled and smacked Jason’s leg with Lucille causing everyone, including you, to flinch once you heard his loud cries. “You don’t deserve to say her name” Negan spat. Jason was sobbing uncontrollably, his fear and pain pouring out.

“I am going to ask you again, who is she?” Negan grabbed Jason by the shirt, holding Jason’s face close to his as Jason trembled. “Y-Your daughter, s-sir” Jason stuttered as Negan threw him back on the floor, and raised his arms in triumph.

“Now, was that so hard?” Negan played, before glancing back up at you and smiling. “My girl, my precious not-so-little girl!” Negan exclaimed, trying to see if he could make you smile, but frowned watching you keep the look of annoyance plastered right on your face.

My girl (my girl, my girl) Talkin’ 'bout my girl (my girl)

Negan swerved his body away from you, turning and watching the frightened crowd of his people, all terrified of his future actions. “I know, I may not be the best father. I mean hell, in a shit time like this, I don’t think good fathers even exist. But I know, I’d be a completely shit father if I let this moron talk to my daughter the way he did” Negan spoke loud, his voice echoing within the filled factory. He turned his body back to Jason, looking down at the injured boy.

“I don’t know who raised you,” Negan began, “who fed you, played with you, wiped your fuckin’ ass, but I do know this;” Negan pulled Jason up from the floor, throwing him back into the chair that he was sitting in before, and whacked Jason’s torso with Lucille. Jason’s pained cries were like nails on a chalkboard, everyone flinched and covered their ears, unable to bear the shrieks of pain. You had enough and left, feeling hot tears of embarrassment and disappointment streaming down your face.

“You do not ever, ever speak to a woman like that, especially my fuckin’ daughter! Do you understand me, or do I have to repeat myself like I’ve been doin’ for the last 50 fuckin’ times!” Negan shouted. Jason could only get out the slightest of whimpers before Negan shouted for him to answer. “Y-Yes! I-I’m sorry! But p-please, let me g-go!” Jason cried before Negan scoffed. He looked back up at the spot you used to be, before leaning away from Jason’s face and looking back down at the boy.

“I’m not fuckin’ finished with you”

I’ve got so much honey The bees envy me I’ve got a sweeter song Than the birds in the trees

You were locked in your room, sobbing into a pillow, feeling your heart twisted and torn from Negan’s actions. You felt betrayed and alone, like both of your parents had died. Losing your mother at a young age, before all of this happened, was hard enough, but now your father acting like this, killing innocent people, to say you were disappointed would be an understatement.

Three loud bangs cascaded from the other side of your door, you shifted your body as the door slowly opened, revealing Negan with a bloodied Lucille slung over his shoulder.

I guess you’d say What can make me feel this way? My girl (my girl, my girl) Talkin’ 'bout my girl (my girl)

“Baby, I’m so-”

“Can you just leave? You are the last person I want to see right now.”

Negan frowned, setting Lucille down by your door before closing it and stepping towards your bed, sitting next to you. “You are so stubborn, just like your mother,” Negan chuckled “just like your mother.” he repeated softly to himself before shaking his head.

“I know you know I haven’t been the same since she died, hell, I haven’t been the same since she got goddamn cancer. But you, you’re the reason why I haven’t completely lost my mind. You kept me in place” Negan spoke softly, this was a side of Negan you haven’t experienced since you were a little girl, it felt like a completely different person.

Negan looked over at you, and chuckled. His smile was big as he continued to look over your facial features which he found completely identical to your mothers. “I know you’re not happy with the way I do things, Baby. But this is who I am, this is how I keep us safe!” You cringed at the use of your old nickname; Baby. Your mothers favorite movie was Dirty Dancing and she began to call you Baby after you had told her you wanted to dance just like Baby.

Though Negan despised the movie, the nickname did stick with him and he has used it ever since, but as you got older you began to hate the nickname, as it reminded you of the times that used to be.

I don’t need no money, fortune or fame I’ve got all the riches, baby One man can claim

“Don’t call me Baby” you muttered, before Negan was taken aback, his eyes widening at your fierce attitude. “What did you just say to me?” He grumbled, his short temper now sparked. “Don’t call me that dumb nickname, don’t even think about it! Only my dad is allowed to call me that and right now I don’t know where he is!” You shouted, as Negan furrowed his eyebrows.

“Who do you think you are, talkin’ to me like that, after I just defended you from that dick-wipe who completely treated you like a piece of trash!” Negan shouted back at you, his voice obviously louder than yours. “I’m not that little eight year old anymore, I can handle myself! I taught myself how to survive without a dad, because a dad is the complete opposite of what you are!” You cried, watching a rare look of horror play out on Negan’s face.

guess you’d say What can make me feel this way? My girl (my girl, my girl) Talkin’ 'bout my girl (my girl)

Negan grabbed you off of the bed, holding you in his arms, close to his chest. “No matter how much you hate me, I’m always gonna love you. You make think I’m unfair, but I’m doing what I need to do to survive and keep your ass safe, because keepin’ your ass safe is what your mother would want. I want what she wants. So hate me all you want, you can even kill me right now, but if you did, I’d still take a bullet right between the fuckin’ eyes to protect you” Negan spoke, as tears began to fill your eyes, you didn’t know how to react.

You couldn’t help but pull him into a tight him, whispering soft 'I’m sorry’s’ into his ear. You definitely have never seen this side of him for a long time, and you couldn’t have been more relieved to know that he still had his soft spot for you. His sunshine, his Baby, his girl.

That was really bad. I apologize. I might rewrite this.

Word Count: 577

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Originally posted by lucifersagents

The due date was in three days. Y/N was blown up like a balloon, like she could pop at any minute. For the past nine months Gabriel had been fine, he was completely calm and collected, but now that it was so close, he was freaking out. You were at home, probably laying in bed watching Grey’s Anatomy. He laughed as he thought about your obsession with that show but it was grim as he flew to the bunker. He knocked once before sauntering in, putting a sly smirk on his face. 

“Winchesters! How are you boys doing?” Sam and Dean got up from their seats and Dean picked up an angel blade from the table. They both had confused looks on their faces.

“What are you doing here, Gabe? Where’s Y/N? I thought she was due any day now.” Gabriels smirk faltered but he quickly recovered.

“Y/N’s at home sleeping, I just stopped by to say hi. Is that a crime?” As he finished the sentence, on of the boys’ phones rang. Dean kept his eyes on Gabriel as he reached back to grab the phone.


“Dean?” Gabe could hear her voice loud and clear and a wave of nausea swept over him. “Have you seen Gabe?”

Dean glanced over at him but the angel shook his head, feeling instantly bad. The older Winchester furrowed his eyebrows.

“Um, no, sorry, what’s up?”

“Um, well, I was taking a nap but when I woke up I couldn’t find him anywhere.” There was a pause and a pained grunt. “Dean I think the baby’s coming.”

Gabe’s eyes got wide and any doubt he had before vanished as he flew back tot he house to see Y/N sitting on the edge of the couch with her phone pressed between her face and shoulder. She was trying to reach down to pull her shoes on with tears in her eyes. 

“Dean, I-I don’t know what to do, I can’t drive and I-” She stopped when her eyes saw Gabriel standing in front of her. He ran to her and picked her up bridal style, completely disregarding her phone he flew her to the nearest hospital.

“Gabe? Where were you?” Her face scrunched up in pain, probably from another contraction. He ran inside the building and the people inside got a wheelchair so they could get her to a room. 

“I’m so sorry, I’ll explain it all later, I just-”

“Ah!” Another contraction hit her and they pushed her into a room where they got her prepared for what was to come.

After a half an hour of pain, screams, and sweat, the hospital room was filled only with the soft cries of a new born baby. Y/N held the little girl in her arms and stared at her in awe, happy tears trailing down her face. Her smile widened when the child’s fingers wrapped around her thumb. Gabriel leaned down next to her to get a closer look. There were tears falling from his eyes too, but his expression was one of determination. He made a silent vow to do whatever it took to protect the precious bundle in front of him. A small sob racked through Y/N’s chest.

“She’s so beautiful.”

“She’s gorgeous, just like her mother.” He pressed his lips to her hair and they stayed like that, fawning over the new bundle of life they brought into the world.

Kidnapped PT2.

Hope you enjoy! As always, comments and criticism are appreciated.

Request by @zugzwangcm-comment-account, continued from yesterday

Part 1

Originally posted by fly-on-my-sweet-angel

Y/N’s arms burned, the rope cutting into her delicate wrists. The dark room haunted her, the blackness possessing her as her eyes tried to adjust. Suddenly, a dim light warmed the room, the tall man covering the door way.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N.”  He chuckled deeply, taking large strides towards her. Smirking as his hands came in contact with her thighs, gripping tightly and leant towards her.

“I’ve waited so long for you,” he breathed down her neck. “Waited so long to have you for my own, I love you so much.” Y/N cowards, sinking down in her chair to avoid his harsh breath.

“I-I-uh-don’t know you,” Y/N stuttered, trembling nervously. The figure pulled back viciously, scoffing in shock.

“Don’t know me,” He mimicked, his hands lifted to his head. “Bollocks. I know you have seen me. I know you love me too you bitch,” the side of Y/N’s face burning when his hand came into contact with her face. A small whimper escaped her throat,

“I have a boyfriend,” Y/N replied, attempting not to give him any pleasure for his ferocious acts.

“If you truly loved him then you would of told him about me, but you kept that a secret because I know that in there,” he thudded her chest, “you love me.” Y/N flinched at his touch, unsure of what to say to keep herself safe. He chuckled, pressing his head against hers.

“I’m sure your little boyfriend would love to see you now, I will gladly let that happen. As long as you admit your love to me.” He snarled walking into the growing darkness, pressing a button on the recorder.

“Guys, guys quick!” Garcia yelled, the live footage of Y/N overtaking her screen. The team rushed into her brightly coloured office, crowding around her screen, Spencer pushing towards the front.

“Fuck,” Spencer whispered, tears glazing his eyes once more.

The man stood behind Y/N, a knife held against her neck as she began to sob. However, the mans face was hidden in the darkness, unidentifiable to the camera.

“Doctor Spencer Reid, from what I understand you have been tricking my girl into falling for you. Not no more curly. Your precious little girlfriend has something to tell you.” He growled, leaning into her neck and kissing her softly. Spencer clenched his eyes shut, terrified to look at her.

“Spence, he has took my heart. Took it that extra 15 miles than you did,” her eyes grew wide, attempting to bring focus onto her clues. “I’m sorry but I love him from the deepest corner of my heart. I’m sorry I lied to you, this morning I saw my true destiny out of our bedroom window. ” He thudded her stomach, causing her to curl up, yelling instantly.

“You bitch. You didn’t see shit this morning,” he yelled, nervously.

“Tell them you didn’t see shit Y/N. Tell them you love me!” He bellowed, kicking her shins harshly.

“I-It’s true Spence. S-sorry.” Y/N choked, gripping her stomach tightly before the man circled around her. He held her face tightly, bringing his lips to collide with hers. Spencer looking away, cussing to himself.

“Garcia, look at my security cameras from this morning.” Spencer spat, stern glances from the rest of the team.

“W-why?” Garcia questioned, her eyes locked on the screen in front of her.

“Y/N saw something out of the window this morning, it was him. I need you to see if you can find a car number plate or anything.” His voice softened, glancing over at Garcia who nodded towards him.

Moments later Garcia called the team into her office once again, the number plate pasted on her screen.

“You got it?” Spencer questioned enthusiastically. All of a sudden, a picture of Y/N showed up on her screen. She was pale white, deep purple bruises painted all over her. Dark circles surrounded her eyes, blood running from  her chin.

“Have you tracked down the car then?” JJ asked, pulling Spencer away from the image: his eyes wide, mouth open slightly.

“ 3 Burden Walk.” She replied quickly.

Part 3

anonymous asked:

How would Xander, Siegbert, and fCorrin react if Kana got really hurt. (Kind of like the one you did with Siegbert) You're da best fan fic author that I have come across. Thanks for your hard work.

[Are you ready for this? I’m not :”D]

(Want to change the name? Use this!) 

“Stay close to me, Kana.” Xander told his youngest son. The two of them approached a dark mage, one who looked particularly sinister. Kana, being the most obedient princeling he could, happily complied. “He will be dangerous.”

“Okay! I know we can take him, though. We always do!” Kana said cheerfully, grabbing his sword. Xander would have smiled, if it weren’t for the situation. After all, you were all caught on the battlefield.

Also known as, the last place he wanted his sons to be.

Siegbert was with you, so he wasn’t worried. You would do well to protect each other. He only hoped he could do the same for Kana. His little boy was still, well, little. He would do everything in his power to keep Kana safe, especially from the likes of the oncoming mage. He readied his blade; the demon would be defeated, with Kana by his side.

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Our Angel » Conor Maynard

Request: Please can you do one where something happens that upsets both Y/N and Conor so the rest of the boys comfort them??

Warning! If you’re sensitive to miscarriages and death, I would suggest not reading this!

You woke up to the rhythmic and annoying sound of your heart monitor. You had been in and out of the hospital for a while now and your current stay was your longest. You had been in for two weeks on the maternity ward as you were 17 weeks pregnant but you were bleeding a lot.

Your boyfriend, Conor had been spending day and night with you but last night, your nurse had forbidden him from staying. Patients had come and gone but you were still stuck there.

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Nursery Blues (Oneshot)

Genre: Comedy, Family, Romance

Group/ Member: EXO/ Do Kyungsoo

Pairing: D.O. x Reader

Originally posted by dodyo

You truly loved the smell of fresh paint, but a few people are making it difficult for you to sniff away.

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Frustrations – Kim Namjoon (M)

Pairing: Mafia!Namjoon x Reader

Genre: slight angst/fluffy smut?

Word Count: 1,166

Warnings: oral (this smut is so tame compared to my other ones lol)

Summary: Being the leader of a Mafia gang Namjoon’s always in some sort of danger. But he’s also got a daughter and a girlfriend too come home too most nights.

Anon Request: Can I request being the girlfriend of mafia!Namjoon and you two have a daughter? With smut 👀

I think really like writing angst and smut fics istg like 70% of my fics are both angst/smut lol. Anyway, hope you enjoy this anon!

“Look Namjoon, I can’t be expected to take care of her alone! She’s our child!”

“And I’m not expecting you too! Just because I can’t be home all the time doesn’t mean I’m a bad parent!”

“I didn’t say anything about you being a bad parent, fucking hell.”

“Then why are you so god damn mad at me?!”

“You know what? Just forget it. Fucking forget it Namjoon!” You stormed off into your shared room with him and just slammed the door closed, frustrated and upset. A shriek was heard before loud crying was echoing through the house. Your daughter of eight months was crying. Namjoon ran a hand through his hair before dragging himself to your room where her bed was. When you were about to pick her up from her bed, Namjoon’s hand swatted yours away.

“Hey hey hey, it’s okay daddy’s here now sweetie.” He picked her up from her crib and into his chest, holding her tightly and swaying his body side to side – she was so fragile at this point he didn’t want anything to happen to her. When her crying didn’t die down he resulted in doing the next best thing. Singing.

His soft voice slowly put your baby back to sleep, a smile forming on Namjoon’s face when he saw how cute she looked in his arms. “Your mummy’s mad at me. Kinda upsetting isn’t it? I barely even know the reason. She could have at least given me a hug or something instead of yelling at me and you can’t even talk and you’re sleeping what am I doing. Come on, lets get you back into bed.” He placed a small kiss to the top of her head as he placed her down – he glanced at your body laying on the bed and figured it’d be better if he just slept on the couch.


“Are you going to talk to me and explain what’s wrong or is your annoying ass going to ignore me again for another fucking day?” Namjoon walked into the kitchen and leaned on the kitchen bench with his arms crossed and eyebrows furrowed, looking at your back since you were cooking.

“Talk? Have you seriously not figured out what’s wrong?!”

“Well you haven’t even talked to me how the fuck would I know!”

“Your job, Namjoon! That’s the problem!”

“I’ve told you, I can’t just leave–”

“I know god dammit, Namjoon…” you dropped the spatula that was in your hand and lowered your head. “I know you can’t leave Namjoon, I know. But look at you.” You turned around to face him, eyes filling with tears already.

“You almost got caught by police yet again. I don’t want you getting locked away Namjoon…we’ve got a daughter now and she needs a father figure…I don’t know what I’d do if you get thrown in jail okay? I hate the thought of it and I hate your work because the thought of you getting caught by police or shot by another gang. Whenever you don’t call letting me know you’re okay and you’re alive, I always assume the worst – I always assume you’re dead or something and it…it hurts Namjoon. I hate living with the fear of one day you won’t come back home to us…” you spilt your thoughts our and sobbing at the end of it. Namjoon’s face softened and he came and wrapped his arms around you, holding you close to his chest.

“Look, I know you’re scared, but so am I, Y/N. I’m scared I won’t come home and see both of my girls, safe and happy, smiling. I love you both too much okay? I love you so much, and no one will get rid of me that easily. At the end of the day I’ll always come home to you and our precious little sunshine.”


“I love you so so so much baby. So much.” Namjoon left kisses down the valley of your breasts, going down to your stomach and then to your clothed core, placing a small kiss over your sensitive area before kissing your thigh. He hooked a finger on the waistband of your panties and sliding them down your legs, tossing them to the side and kissing back up your thigh. “Namjoon…please.”

“I know baby I know, I’m getting there.” He chucked a little before moving up, his body hovering over yours as he placed a small kiss to your lips, smiling down at you – his fingers ran up your fold before coming in contact with your clit, moving his fingers in little figure eights, a soft moan flowing from your lips. Namjoon’s head moved down towards your neck, leaving small kisses along your neck as his finger dipped inside your hole a little before removing it and running it down your folds. “Namjoon, please d-don’t tease.” You whined, bucking your hips into his hand.

“As you wish baby girl.” He kissed your lips again before moving down and taking your clit in his mouth, his long fingers slipping inside you with ease. Your back arched off your bed, a broken moan escaping you. Soon enough with his ministrations you were coming closer to the edge – your walls clenched around his fingers and Namjoon pulled them out. You were about to protest but he placed his finger into his mouth and licked your juices, groaning – Namjoon got off the bed and took off his shirt followed by his jeans and boxers, exposing his hard cock to you. He came back to the bed and hovered over you again. “Ready?” you nodded up at him with a smile, placing your hands on his cheeks and making him kiss you, but it wasn’t rushed. It was full of love.

Namjoon took a hold of his dick and entered you – you both moaned into your kiss. His pace was slow from the start, not like some other times when he was rough and made you beg for him to do something. He was slow because he wanted you to know how much he cared about you.

“You’re so tight, baby girl.” He groaned into your neck, your arms wrapping around his shoulders as he thrusted into you.

Namjoon’s pace was faster and harder now, he was getting closer and so were you as your walls started clenching around his cock. Soon enough, you came first with Namjoon’s name flowing from your mouth – half a dozen thrusts later, he came inside you. You two stayed still like that for a few moments before he pulled out you and went to grab a damp cloth, coming back and cleaning you up as well as himself. He grabbed his boxers and placed them on as well as grabbing one of his shirts for you and helping you put it on.

He laid down beside you and pulled you close into his chest and kissed the top of your head. “I love you Y/N.” He said as you both drifted off to sleep.

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feedback is appreciated and requests are open :)

anonymous asked:

I really enjoy your blog! How would the Vongola boys + Byakuran, Reborn and Xanxus react to their child having a nightmare?

TYL! TSUNA: Tsuna immediately sat on the bed, gently petting his daughter’s hair as she wept over her scary nightmare. He quietly hummed a tune and leaned down to kiss her forehead. When she finally began to calm down, he began to tell her a story about how he used to have scary nightmares about her Uncle Reborn and she soon fell asleep with a smile on her face.

TYL! GOKUDERA: Gokudera panicked a little because he really had no clue what to do. He pulled up a chair and awkwardly pat his daughter’s head, trying to calm her down, but it was in vain. His daughter climbed out of her bed and into Gokudera’s lap, clinging onto him as she sniffled. Gokudera sighed, but gently hugged his daughter, whispering that she was going to be okay and within a few minutes, she had calmed down and fell into a peaceful sleep, holding on tightly to her father.

TYL! YAMAMOTO: As soon as Yamamoto heard his son crying, he swooped to his rescue. He picked him up in his arms as he sobbed and tried to explain that a monster had tried to eat him. Yamamoto turned on the lights and explained that it was all fake and that he’d protect him from any scary monsters. After a little while, he calmed down and he put him back in his bed. He asked his dad to stay with him a little while longer, and in a few minutes, he had fallen asleep, his small hand tightly gripping Yamamoto’s much larger one.

TYL! RYOHEI: Ryohei immediately tried to quiet his screaming son. He scooped his son into his arms and pulled funny faces until he stopped crying. After a few moments of quiet, Ryohei began to tickle his son’s stomach, not stopping until he was shrieking with laughter. When the young boy’s eyelids began to flutter, Ryohei set him back down in his bed and kissed his forehead. “Night, little man,” he muttered, ruffling his son’s hair before he left the room, turning to check one more time on his precious son.

20YL! LAMBO: Lambo sighed when he heard his daughter come into his bedroom. “Daddy, I had a nightmare,” she said shakily, slowly approaching his bed. “Can I sleep in here?” Lambo threw back the covers and helped his young daughter climb into his bed. She snuggled down under the sheets, before peeping out at her father. “Daddy?” “What is it sweetie?” “Are the monsters going to get me?” Lambo paused, pretending to think about it before he answered. “Nope, daddy’s here to protect you.”

TYL! HIBARI: Hibari sleepily followed his son back to his room, letting out a big yawn before he opened the door and turned on the lights. “Do you see any monsters, daddy?” his son asked, peering out from behind Hibari’s legs. Hibari quickly scanned the room before striding inside. He opened every drawer and closet, searching for the “monsters.” In a few minutes, his inspection was complete and he came back to report to his son. “It’s all clear. Now head back to bad.” His son’s eyes shone with admiration as he ran back to his bed and dove under the covers. “Night, daddy!” he chirped before laying back in his bed. An amused look flashed across Hibari’s face before he turned off the light. “Goodnight.”

TYL! MUKURO: Mukuro hummed quietly as he gently hugged his daughter who was shaking in his arms, terrified from her nightmare. “What do you want to see, my dear?” he cooed, trying to figure out a way to calm her down. “I wanna see a me-meadow with pretty f-flowers,” she cried out through her tears. In an instant, Mukuro used his illusions to create exactly what she had asked for. “Look sweetie,” he murmured, turning her away from him to look at the vast meadow before. His daughter’s eyes widened as she looked around her. Quickly wiping her eyes, she ran forward, gathering as many flowers as she could in her arms. “I’m going to make daddy a flower crown!” she declared before sitting down and getting to work. But after stringing only five flowers together, her eyes drooped and her head lolled to one side. Mukuro chuckled before getting rid of the illusion. He scooped her up into his arms and gently tucked her into bed, kissing her forehead before he left. “Goodnight, my little one.”

ADULT! REBORN: Reborn let out a sigh when he heard his son crying about his nightmare. He slowly rose from his office chair and went to his room, opening the door quickly. His son immediately ran towards him, clinging onto his legs and he sobbed about some scary monster. Reborn picked up his child and asked where the monster had been. When his son pointed towards the closet, Reborn whipped out his gun and fired off three shots. “Now the monster is dead,” he explained. “Get some sleep now.” He set his son back on the floor and he ran back to his bed, tucking himself under the covers before thanking his dad for killing the monster. Reborn only pulled a small smile before leaving the room.

TYL! XANXUS: Xanxus groaned when his daughter came into his bedroom, complaining about her nightmare. “Can’t you let your father get some rest?” he asked gruffly, sitting up in his bed. His daughter glared through her tears before coming to sit on the edge of his bed. Without even giving him a chance to protest, she launched into an explanation of her dream and when she was finished, she looked at her father expectantly. “Well,” Xanxus started awkwardly. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’ll just shoot whatever’s botherin’ you. Now sleep.” His daughter rolled her eyes before heading out of his room. “You’re fuckin welcome,” he growled at her retreating figure before he splayed back on his bed, closing his eyes as he tried to fall back asleep.

BYAKURAN: “Ah ah, did my little one have a nightmare?” Byakuran cooed as his daughter sobbed into his shoulder. She sniffled a bit before nodding her head, her eyes filled with tears. “No need to cry,” he reassured her. “Daddy will always get rid of anything that bothers you.” His face had an eerie look and his daughter smiled, clapping with delight. “Will daddy always protect me?” she asked him. He slowly walked back to her bedroom, holding her in his arms. “Yes, daddy will always protect his precious daughter~”

inky-starlight  asked:

How would Jongin/Tao/Kris/Sehun react if their girlfriend got drunk, saw a picture of their dog (or, if they’re at home, the actual dog in question) and started crying because she thought they were just so cute?


Assuming that you had gotten drunk together, I think his reaction to seeing a cute dog would be equal to your own. Tears would be streaming down both of your faces as you sobbed openly and he would hide his hiccups behind his hand.

“Look at how little he is! He’s so precious, I wish I could have them all!”


At first when he had heard you crying loudly, he thought that something was really wrong and rushed into the kitchen to see what was going on. He found you with a half empty bottle of alcohol and your face in your hands as you stared down at your phone screen, tearing and sniffling. He would regret asking what was wrong later when he was unable to get away, you had him sitting in the chair next to yours and you were crying into his shoulder, shoving the phone in his face.

“All these poor dogs at the shelter, Tao! Let’s take them home, they need to be loved!”

“But we have Candy… Are you saying Candy doesn’t need to be loved?”


He wouldn’t know what more to do than take whatever you were drinking away from you and take your phone away from you, patting your back awkwardly while you cried and continued to talk about the millions of dogs that didn’t have a home and how you wanted to take all of them in. “Every single last one!”

“Our house isn’t big enough–”

“I’ll live on the street with them!”

“Please don’t.”


If there was one thing that Sehun liked to do when he was bored, it was to take you out somewhere–place in question was usually a bar. To him, you were highly amusing and it was nice to have a drink or two while you both were there as well. As soon as you left, someone had walked by with a dog and your reaction was instantaneous. Your voice was already breaking and your eyes were welling up with tears.

“Look at it’s fluffy tail…! I have to pet it!”

“Wait, no, get back hERE YOU’RE WEARING HEELS DON’T RUN.”

Hetalia boyfriend scenarios!

I don’t own Hetalia but I own my keyboard

He sees you cry part 3



“(Y/N)-chan, I brought the manga you asked”, Japan announces and closes the front door behind him. When he doesn’t get an answer, he frowns. “(Y/N)-chan, are you home?”

   Then he hears voices coming from the living room, as if someone’s crying. Japan puts the manga down and makes his way slowly into the living room where you’re silently sobbing on the couch.

   “(Y/N)-chan”, Japan swallows, feeling a bit awkward. He hates to see you cry but isn’t really sure how to comfort you. “Why are you crying?”

   You just shake your head, and he sits next to you. As the tears roll down your face, Japan takes your hands in his.

   “If you want to tark about it, I’m here”, he whispers, gently stroking the backs of your hands.



Ragazza, I brought-a the tomatoes!” Romano announces and closes the front door behind him. “Are you-a in the kitchen? No? Dammit, why aren’t-a you answering me?!”

   After a full house tour, Romano finally finds you sitting on the bathroom floor, crying and hugging your knees.

   “Ragazza, why are-a you crying?” Romano asks, sitting next to you. You just shake your head, and so he wraps his arms around you. You lean your head against his chest and soak his shirt with your tears, but he couldn’t care less whether his shirt is wet or not. “Did someone-a hurt you? I’ll kill-a that bastard! Who was-a it? Was it-a the tomato bastard? Or the potato bastard-a?”

   “N-no”, you whimper. “Just… Just hold me, okay?”

   “Okay, bella”, he sighs. “I’m here-a for you.”



“Sunflower, I’m home!” Russia yells happily and closes the front door behind him. Usually you’re there to greet him with a big smile, but this time you’re nowhere to be seen. Frowning, Russia tries calling your name, but you still don’t answer. Making his way into the living room, he sees you curled up on the couch, quietly sobbing against a pillow.

   “Sunflower”, Russia says gently, running his fingers through your hair. “Why are you crying? Tell mother Russia, da.”

   When you just shake your head, he sighs and pulls you on his lap so that you’re facing him. He grabs gently your chin and makes you look at him.

   “Did someone hurt my precious little sunflower?” he asks. “If they did, I will hurt them ten times more.”

   “N-no, it’s not like that”, you stammer. “C-can you just hug me? Please?”

   “Of course”, he smiles and wraps his big arms around you. “Don’t be sad, sunflower. I’m here for you, da.”



Spain’s been picking tomatoes all morning, and now he’s finally home. Putting his tomato basket on the table, he suddenly hears strange noises coming from upstairs.

   “Chica, is that you?” he yells, looking puzzled.

   “N-no”, you shout back. Spain frowns and makes his way to your bedroom, only to find you bawling your eyes out on the bed.

   “Mi amor, what’s wrong?” Spain gasps, instantly running up to you and wrapping his arms around you. You just shake your head against his chest. “Why are you crying? Did something happen? Did somebody hurt you? Tell me so I can help you.”

   “N-no, it’s… It’s nothing”, you stutter.

   “If it can make my chica sad, it’s not ‘nothing’”, Spain says and gently dries your eyes. “We’ll sit here as long as you need. And when you’re ready, you can tell me what made you sad. I’ll be here to listen.”

anonymous asked:

Molly is diagnosed with a terminal illness and only has three months left

Thank you for this prompt :) Sorry for any feels :/ and as always I hope you like it :)


One morning, Sherlock strode into the bright white lab, it was a morning like every other morning. 

“Molly, I´ll need more information about this victim." 

He walked hastily over to the pale body laying on the slab and started his examination. He worked his way from his toes and up to the head, careful not to miss a single detail.

Bachelor, has a long way to work, does not own a car, is doing worse than he has previously.

Molly?” He tried again impatiently. 

He turned to see that Molly wasn’t in the lab. He frowned. He checked his watch; 11:30. She was supposed to be here. He sighed annoyed. She never missed a day of work and he was sure he hadn’t gotten a text message. 

Sherlock went to inquire after Lestrade, he would surely know where she was, maybe he had managed to drag her into his office to attempt to flirt with her again. He snorted at the idea, Lestrade didn´t have a chance. His failed attempts to make any romantic impression on her always lightened Sherlock´s mood.

He turned a corner and ran right into Lestrade, making the man spill his coffee. 

"Sorry!” Lestrade apologised, Sherlock of course, made no such attempt. 

He looked blankly at Greg´s face. An uncomfortable feeling stirred within the consulting detective and his heart swelled dangerously. The look of Lestrade was pitiful. His face looked to have sunk and his were eyes tired with worry. He hadn’t even bothered to scold Sherlock about being careful. 

Greg dabbed his coffee drenched shirt with his too small napkin. It was of no help and he soon accepted that he was going to smell like cheap powder coffee all day. He through the crumpled napkin towards a nearby bin and missed by a yard. He shrugged, not wasting his energy by picking it up. The cleaning lady would take it.

Sherlock was getting more worried. He bent down slightly to get a more detailed view of his face. Greg´s eyes were sorry and his mouth drooped, knowing that the brilliant man in front of him would soon understand. 

Sherlock took a step back, like a blow had hit him right in the chest. 

“What´s happened to Molly? Where is she? How bad is it?” His eyes searched desperately for an answer. 

Greg gathered himself and sent Sherlock another pitiful glance.

“Molly was at the doctors yesterday.” He began.

“She didn´t tell me that!” He protested. Greg sighed.

“She has cancer Sherlock. She´s terminal.”

Lestrade closed his eyes shut, restraining his tears. He brought his hand to his face and hid his deeply hurt  expression. He heaved for air and tears trickled involuntarily down his cheeks. Little sobs escaped occasionally and his attempts to compose himself failed dreadfully. 

Meanwhile, Sherlock stood frozen in shock. His eyes were fixed on his friend who was having an emotional breakdown. Sherlock appeared nearly calm, but inside him, all was shattered, his heart seemed to fall to his feet and his entire body maimed by pain. He managed to mumble a few denying, incomprehensible words. 

His breathing too became heavy and his eyes darted back and forth like a trapped animal. He fell back against the wall to support his body, for he would surely have fallen if he had not. 

After around ten minutes the men´s mood changed, Lestrade was calm and sulking and Sherlock, on the contrary felt angry and cheated. Why hand´t she bothered to tell him? Why did Lestrade know? And why was the world being so sickeningly cruel?

He left his colleague and ran out into the street. He hailed a cab and directed it to Molly´s apartment. She must have gone home, he imagined. The disease wouldn’t have had so much affect that she would need to stay at the hospital yet. 

Without thinking, he threw his wallet at the cabby and hurried out of the car.  He didn´t bother to knock. He found the key under the matt that she kept there and ran up the stairs into her apartment.

He found Molly sitting in her sofa, she was reading some panthlet she must have gotten at the hospital. Her figure was slouched, tired. 

She turned her head towards him when she heard the floorboards creek under his feet. 

Her eyes were red from crying and her faced blotched from the tears. Still she managed a brave smile. He stood still, he had half expected to find her dead on her floor even though he knew it was far beyond logical, the word terminal was as good as the word dead.

“You heard then.” She rather stated than asked. 

He nodded and swallowed hard, keeping his pressing tears down. 

“Why didn´t you tell me?”  His tone of voice disobeyed him and he stammered.

Molly stared at him in disbelief and dread at seeing how deeply affected he was. When someone who so rarely shows emotion suddenly casts all veils aside, it cuts deeper, the feeling becomes more real and raw. 

“I..I don´t know. It´s hard telling anyone at all. I only told Greg so I could have my day off. I assume he told you.”

“Yes.” His tone grave.

It took time before either of them managed to say anything more at all. Sherlock ransomed his mind for information and the right things to say, but the darkness infiltrated his head like a virus, his mind palace shook, unstable. Finally he managed to ask another question.

“How long do you have?" 

He flinched at his own words, a seeding pain shot through him like a bullet and he bent his head in anguish. Molly´s face broke into a helplessly sad expression. Silent sobs escaped her lips and inevitable tears formed in her eyes.

"Three months." 

The desperately sad man looked up at the petite woman and imagined what would come. The many stages of her sickness flashed before him and the ruin of the precious human being sitting so little on her couch. His breaths became heavy again and he stumbled to her sofa and fell down on it beside her, burying his face in his palms.

After some sobs and many tears, he gathered himself, he calmed down. Molly laid her little hand on his shoulder to comfort him. He smiled weakly.

"You´re not supposed to be comforting me." 

She laughed through her own tears and Sherlocks lips smiled at the wonderful sound. 

"So what are you going to do? You have approxiamtely two months left of normal mobility.”

She looked into his blue-green eyes. Although seeing the man she loved so utterly crushed made her beyond sad, she felt very moved, this was not what she had expected. Honestly she thought he would cast her aside, seeing that she was of no use anymore. He had told her that she mattered, but experience had always said against him. She hand´t dare believe him. But the curly haired man beside her was far from unaffected, he was devastated. 

She hand´t thought of what she would do with her time, she had been too busy thinking about the end of it. The world was suddenly opened to her, restricted by time, but open. What she did would have little consequence, at least for herself. She could do what she wanted really, courage was no longer needed, because fear had been banished from her mind. Dying seemed far away, the present so much more real.

“Sherlock, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” She looked at him lovingly, but stern to show she was being serious.

He gaped at first and then he shut his mouth silent. She looked at him questioningly.

He had not expected this, and inward battle between the poison of pain and the sweetness that was love stopped him from moving, there was too much happening inside, his feelings hard to separate from each other. Finally he did what required no words, he kissed her. 

Her lips tasted of salt and he felt his own tears dropping onto her. He held his hands around her, holding her tight, refusing to let her go. The feeling he felt was something like excitement, an instinct to nurture, desire and pain. His mind ached. 

They stayed like that for a long time, finding comfort in each other. Molly pulled away carefully and Sherlock let her halfheartedly slide out of his arms.

“Then what should we do? I have a companion, now where should we go?”

“I believe you have more people to tell and more to bid goodbye to.” His own words stung in his heart. “But after that I´ll go with you wherever you like. We can travel, we can stay at home, solve crimes, cut up cadavers, whatever you want.”

She laughed at his last proposals.

“I think I´d like to stay at Bakerstreet, with you.”

He smiled too, there was nothing he wanted more in the world than just that.

Hope is the thing with feathers

Summary: Marinette finally manages to work up the nerve to confess to Adrien but unfortunately things don’t end up going as she hoped. Luckily Tikki and her family are there to help her get back up.

Pairing: One-sided, Unrequited Adrienette

Status: Complete / Oneshot

Notes: Thanks to @tryingtofindthegreatperhaps for being my beta

“‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.”
― Emily Dickinson

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Everything I Didn’t Say

a.n.I tried to make one of those song preferences and I don’t know if I succeeded or not…

Warnings: Mentions of sexual activities

Word count: 1300+

Pairing: Luke & reader

gif credits to owner!

Wait, don’t tell me, heaven is a place on earth
I wish I could rewind all the times that I didn’t
Show you what you’re really worth

He meant everything for her. She loved him with all her heart but he always seemed to not care. He would always hook up with random girls, get drunk at parties and make out with strangers but she would always forgive him. It hurt her and even though all her friends told her to drop him she couldn’t. 

He was scared though, scared of love. So he tried to ignore her, he tried to convince himself she was just a one night stand, nothing more than pleasure. But he was falling for her harder and harder with every day that passed, waking up next to her, seeing her hair all over her face, her mouth slightly agape and her fingers gripping at his chest. He pressed a soft kiss on her forehead as he brushed the hair off her face, just staring at her perfect complexion. Her eyelashes laying peacefully on her cheeks, her cute nose and pink chapped lips. She was perfect.

All the memories from the night before came flooding into his head, loud moans escaping her lips and small whimpers rolling off his tongue, their sweaty bodies pressed tightly together. His lips tracing every curve of her body as her nails were scratching his back in pleasure, leaving red marks, clearly visible the following day. Sweet nothings whispered and the squeaking of the bed being the only audible sounds in the cold room. 

The way, you held me, I wish that I had put you first
I was wrong I admit, numb from your kiss
While you were slipping through my fingertips

Her kisses were burning on his cold, pale skin, sometimes leaving red and purple stains, that were covering his collar bones and neck. They were so addicting, just like alcohol and drugs, you never get tired or sick of them, you’re carving for more. And that’s what he did, he always came back for more, it’s like in those moments all the worries and sadness vanished and were replaced with numbness and pleasure.

Taking every breath away
With all of the mistakes I made
From all the letters that I saved
This is everything I didn’t say

But one thing was enough for her to realize that maybe she should move on and forget about Luke. After all, he only used her for pleasure, he never told her “I love you”, even though she said that almost every ten minutes. And when they got in a stupid fight and he almost hit her, she realized he was only trouble. Even though he didn’t love her, she never thought he would try to hit her.

The fight was so pointless none of them even remembered what caused it, just that both of them wouldn’t let the other win and when she was backed to the wall and Luke raised his voice a little, one of his hands in the air, she flinched waiting for the slap as she closed her eyes tightly, tears rolling on her cheeks, her hands in front of her face to defend herself. He stopped, everything seemed to stop for a moment as he backed away from her slightly, allowing her some space. She looked at him with fear in her eyes as she ran to the front door, quickly slipped on her shoes and got out of Luke’s house, only to see him standing by the front door as she turned her head over her shoulder one last time.

He knew he fucked up, he fucked up big time and nothing could make up for the fact that he was about to hit her. How could he even try to do that, she was fragile, precious, she didn’t deserve someone like him. He closed the door, putting his face in his hands as he slid down the door, small sobs leaving his dry, pink lips. Out of all the mistakes he’s made, this was the worst and he knew nothing could make her come back to him. 

The fight was also stupid, why couldn’t he just agree with whatever thing she said and everything would’ve been just fine? Because he’s an idiot, that’s why.

I wish I could’ve made you stay
And I’m the only one to blame
I know that it’s a little too late
This is everything I didn’t say 

He finally pulled himself up from the floor and ran upstairs. He sat at his desk and took a blank piece of paper which would be soon filled with thoughts. He took his pen in his shaky hand and wrote the first word.  “Babygirl,”  He never called her that, only in his head. The rest of the words were pouring from the tip of the pen as a few tears rolled down his cheeks, staining the paper. 


I love you. That’s what I need to start with. I’ve always loved you, from the first day I saw you at the music store when you were looking for the Led Zeppelin album, just like me and we both went to pick it but it was the last one and we both wanted to listen to it so we agreed to listen to it together, even though I was just a stranger. And after our first date, which was just pizza in my small apartment, I fell even harder for you, I loved you more and more with every day that passed. But I didn’t want to admit I loved you, I was afraid. I was afraid that you don’t love me back despite all the times we kissed and you told me you love me, I still had this small part in my head that was telling me you’re just pretending so you don’t upset me.

I tried to make you go away by sleeping with other girls and cheating on you, but you won’t, you’d let it go away and keep smiling. I’m not good for you, you’re the most amazing, caring, lovely and beautiful person. I am nothing compared to you, I am not worth it, you deserve better, princess. I am so sorry for all the things I did to hurt you, I blame myself every single day for that and I don’t expect you to forgive me.

Today’s fight was stupid, nonsensical, I was an idiot, I don’t know what came in my mind but trust me, baby, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I don’t want to see you in pain, hell, I hate seeing you in pain, I want to protect you. I know that I’ll regret that for the rest of my life, because now you’re gone, I lost you, I lost everything.

All the love,

Luke x”

And with that he put the pen on the desk, wiping his tears with the back of his hand, folding the piece of paper in two, quickly making his way to the front door. he slipped his converse on quickly and put on his jacket, locking the door after running down the streets. When he finally arrived to the house with the blue door he took a deep breath and slipped the piece of paper through the mail slot and knocked a couple of times. He then hurried back to his apartment.

He collapsed on his bed, sobbing. He took his phone out of the pocket of his jeans, 2:17 am. Why were they even arguing at this time? He dialed the first number that came in his mind, Calum.

“Dude, it’s 2 am.” he responded after a few calls. Before he could complain anymore he heard the sobs coming from the other end of the phone. “Wait, Luke, are you crying?” he asked.

“Calum, I fucked up big time…” he said, his voice cracking at the end.

Part 2

Betrayed- A Sehun/D.O scenario (part 6)

Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 7

You couldn’t pull your eyes away from Kyungsoo’s firm body, even though you wanted to. His whole body made your mouth water, and you felt things you hadn’t felt for a very long time. You could feel the heat radiating from your cheeks.

Kyungsoo made some sort of inhuman noise, as he grabbed the towel from his head, and covered his torso and face with it as best as he could.

“S-sorry Y/N!” He yelled, as he ran back to his room to get dressed.

You felt your heart thumping in your chest, and you smiled shyly. There was no denying how attractive he was underneath all that top coat of adorable-ness.

You walked into the kitchen and laid out all of the ingredients Kyungsoo had asked for on the counter, putting in the fridge the things that you wanted to preserve a little longer, and then took your shoes off, leaving them at the entrance.

You made your way to the sofa, and plopped down heavily, letting your whole frustration out on the couch. The tears began to fall again. You brought your hands to your face, covering it, as you sobbed softly. Your hair fell over your face too, and your shoulders shook.

You felt a hand on your shoulder, so you looked up, between your fingers, to see Kyungsoo staring at you with his brows furrowed, his precious pouty lips slightly open, and for a second, you wanted to jump on him and kiss his lips. But then you remembered your ex-friend, and started crying again.

“Y/N… What’s wrong? Did something happen at work? At the market? What happened?” he asked you, searching for your face, grabbing your chin gently, and pulling it up so you would look at him. You tried to pull away, but his hold was too strong, so you gave up.

“I saw her today.” You told him, his eyes staring down at yours, and you looked back in wonder. How could someone have such beautiful lips? How could anyone be so beautiful?

Kyungsoo didn’t need to hear her name to know who you were talking about, the way you used the word ‘her’ was enough.

“What did she do?” he asked, his tone serious. He knew this was no gaming matter. He didn’t want to get involved, and he didn’t want to have to hurt or yell at a girl, but if she had hurt you, if anyone ever hurt you, they would make sure they paid.

“That… That wasn’t the first time they… Sehun had been cheating on me for months… Soo…. Soo, he cheated on me with her for months!” You replied, breaking down, as you sobbed into his now clothed chest. Kyungsoo tensed underneath you, he now felt twice the rage he felt when you first arrived at his house. He didn’t think he could stop himself from hitting him like Kai had done. Scratch that, he was going to be worse than Kai…

He hugged you tightly, and gently patted the back of your head.

“That’s okay Y/N… Sehun is just as asshole who doesn’t deserve any more from your time… You shouldn’t waste tears on them… They will never bother you again… I’m here for you Y/N…” He told you, as he squeezed you gently in his arms. You smelled the scent of his cologne, and the body wash he used, and your thoughts travelled back to his semi-naked body in the towel, and to the shower he had had before… and you found yourself fantasizing, realizing you had both been in the same shower… just never together.

You snapped out of your day dream to look up at him and smile weakly, luckily enough your face was red enough from crying to cover up the embarrassment of the thoughts you had just had.

“I know I have you… And that keeps me happy. I love you Soo.” You told him, nuzzling into his chest. His heart leapt out of his chest at the sound of those words. He wanted to kiss you, he wanted to hold you and make you happy like no one else ever could, so when would be the right time? He would grow old waiting for the right time.

He made dinner for you, he twisted and turned in the kitchen, preparing the meal, while you sat beside him on a chair, reading a new book you had bought a couple of days ago. You were almost at the end, and he smiled as he could read every single one of your expressions, thus being able to tell more or less whether something good or bad was happening in the story.

You ate the food he prepared for you with such eagerness, he felt proud of himself. He could often tell when one of his recipes was worth keeping or not, and by that he meant whether he knew you liked it or not. Because honestly, he didn’t intend on keeping anything you didn’t like. Often when you ate something he prepared, you’d eat it with a smile, and thank him the whole time, no matter what it was, because you appreciated the effort he had put into the food he prepared, and you never wanted to hurt his feelings.

But when the food was something you didn’t particularly like, he could see the tightness of your smile, and the way you either played with your food a little too much, or ate it a little too quickly, taking long sips with every bite. He would never let you know he knew this little secret of yours, he didn’t want you to think he was hurt, but he made sure not to make that meal again.

But when you ate a dish you thoroughly enjoyed, the way your eyes sparkled and you relished in the taste of all the delicious ingredients, made him so happy he could leap up into the sky and touch the stars.  He would feel proud of himself. He wanted a whole lifetime of cooking for you, good meals, bad meals, and everything in between.

You helped him clean up after you were both done eating, picking up the dishes, and helping him wash them, you laughed, as you gave him a soap  bubble beard, and he splashed water on you. He loved the sound of your laughter, he loved the way you smiled at him, with your eyes twinkling, and your skin glowing. He loved you. He always had loved you.

So once you were done, he walked to the bathroom, and prepared a nice hot bubble bath for you, with essential oils, and scented candles all around, and once he was done, he called you.

You entered the bathroom, and gasped. It was beautiful, you almost felt like tearing up. You stared at him, with your hand over your mouth, and began grinning at his shy and adorable happy expression.

“You did this for me?” You asked him, pointing towards the tub, and he smiled, nodding.

“I promised you. I don’t break promises Y/N, no matter how big or small.” He told you, standing from the side of the tub, and walking towards you.

“Don’t let me fall asleep in the tub okay? I love you Soo, you are the best!” You told him, without thinking, as you kissed his cheek and made your way towards the tub. You had become used to telling him you loved him, it was almost like you were already in a relationship, it felt like it anyway, you had been living together for so long.

“I won’t I promise, just relax here as long as you need to. Call me if you need help.” He told you. He wanted to stay, wash your back, your hair, massage your shoulders, but he knew that would be overstepping the friendship boundaries, and as much as he wanted it, you were not dating yet, he didn’t even know if you truly did have feelings for him, although the boys had given him enough hope already.

He closed the door behind him as he left the door of the bathroom, trying his hardest not to imagine you undressing, because it would bring heat to his cheeks, and would divert his blood flow somewhere he didn’t need right now.

He heard you humming softly, and he realized it would be a while before you came out of the shower, so he grabbed his keys, and his coat, and walked straight out of the apartment, with one direction in his mind.

He drove quickly, faster than he ever would have done, and when he got to his destination, he parked quickly somewhere he deemed quite safe. He walked up the stairs to the apartment block, and once he reached the door, he stopped in front of it. Knocking three times.

Sehun opened the door, with his eyes wide open, and pure shock written all over his face. That is, until Kyungsoo’s fist washed it away.

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Kbtbb headcanon where their preschool son/daughter comes home with a wounded body part because of playing and mc's not home to take care of it for him. 😁


He had been typing away on his laptop and sorting through paperwork when it he had heard it; the loud clatter that had resonated through the penthouse suite. It had been closely followed by the loud piercing cry of his little five year old; Kayo. He had gotten to his feet quickly, but it was only when he heard her pained voice shouting daddy had he started sprinting.

He found her in the hallway with wet cheeks and a bleeding knee. Her lip began quivering when she saw him, and her little arms reached out to him, wanting to be held. Eisuke didn’t need to be asked twice and he quickly gathered her up into his arms. “Daddy it really really hurts.” She sobbed into his chest, wetting his shirt. “I want mummy.” 

“Mummy is out right now you’ll just have to deal with me.” He told her in a soft voice that he reserved only for his precious daughter. Running a hand through her soft brown hair he spoke again. “How did this happen? You had better not tell me that you were running in the hallways again.” The look of guilt that spread across her face said it all. “My silly little girl. This is what happens when you don’t listen to daddy.” 


He had been on the phone trying to negotiate a better price for a shipment of firearms when he had heard a little fist knock on his door. The small knock had been followed by an even smaller voice saying daddy. He quickly hung up the phone, the owner of that little voice being infinitely more important than a couple of extra notes. “What is it little one?” He spoke softly when he opened the door, Xia had been told countless times never to disturb him in his office unless there was an emergency. Worried, he knelt by her side.

Her bottom lip was quivering and the little black haired child appeared to be holding back tears. “When I was outside playing I f-f-fell and hurt my knee daddy. Mummy isn’t home and I-” Her voice shook as she spoke “Mummy says I can only ever cry in her arms or in daddy’s. C-c-c-can I?” 

My brave little girl, come here.” Soryu opened his arms and Xia buried her head into his chest. She began to cry and the mafia boss patted her back soothingly as she dispelled her tears into his navy shirt. “Never feel you need to ask me Xia, my arms are always there for you to cry in.” 


He was busy making dinner when the front door was gently pushed open by his five year old daughter Naomi. Her new jeans were all torn apart and her cheeks were wet with tears. Baba instantly abandoned the pan and hurried to her side “Princess! What’s the matter? Did you hurt yourself?”

“I fell off the monkey bars. It is hurting really badly daddy. I want my mummy, is she home yet?” She asked inquisitively, a few tears escaping from the corners of her eyes. Baba shook his head and picked her up, he danced across the living room with her, bouncing her on his hip.

“Mummy will be home soon. Daddy will look after you for now.” He smiled at her, absently wiping away a tear that had fallen down her cheek. Baba decided that he would put a smile back on her face. He vowed to play with her the rest of the night until she smiled again


He had been in his studio finishing off a painting when his little girl had crept her way inside. Midori had sat silently by his right and watched inquisitively as his brush strokes moved across the canvas. She was always such a quiet child and she would spend hours by his side just watching him, this was nothing out of the ordinary. What was out of the ordinary was the blood spreading across her knee and the grimace of pain on her face.

“Midori. Are you alright?” Ota dropped his paint brush and look over at his daughter. As soon as his eyes met with hers the dam burst. Tears began falling rapidly down her cheeks. “Come here angel, why didn’t you tell me that you were hurting so badly?” he asked as he took his daughter into his arms. 

“I didn’t want to be a trouble daddy.” She sobbed into his chest, and Ota felt his heart break, his daughter was anything but a trouble to him.

“Tell me next time angel, daddy needs to know these things so he can take good care of you.” He spoke. “You’re not a trouble.” 


He had been sleeping blissfully one moment then being rudely awakened the next. His daughter’s little hands were wrapped around bundles of his hair trying to wake him up, when his eyes finally opened a teary-eyed Akane was staring down at him. “Daddy I fell and you weren’t there to catch me.” Akane was howling now and all Mamoru could do was slowly sit up.

“Slow down Sweetheart. Daddy was sleeping.” Mamoru ran a hand through her hair. “Right tell me exactly where it hurts kid. I got a bit of knowledge in this area, I’ve had a few battle scars in my life.” 

“My knee and my elbow.” Akane sobbed. Mamoru quickly checked her knee and her elbow and saw two little scrape.

“Two for the price of one kid. You’re like your mother, the pair of you got me a nervous wreck.” Mamoru picked her up and carried her through to the kitchen and quickly plastered the scrapes up. “Right you go and play or whatever it is you kids do and I’ll go get some more sleep.”