sobs at his lovely fingers

Burn So Bright, Ch.1

Summary: Peaceful retirement is a long way off… Giotto doesn’t know how he ended up reincarnated as Harry Potter, but he will make the best of it.

It begins with warmth and light. It comes with emotions, impressions, noises. Harry sees Mama’s hair and thinks of blistering hot fire, and his chest feels warm and happy. Mama’s eyes are green, and he sees sparks and has to giggle. Papa has a loud laugh, and the rumbling when Harry is held against his chest makes him think of earth and red-brown fire, he snuggles closer and basks in the feeling. When Mama takes him out into the gardens to sit in the sun together, he feels there should be more noise. There is a little stream and pond in the garden, and Harry doesn’t question why it soothes him, or why he hears flute music in his head. Above in the sky, the clouds soar and he feels safe.

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I can’t get over the idea of when whatever war is finally over, Grif takes Simmons to Hawaii and immediately takes him to the beach on a long walk. They hold hands and walk the entire beach and Simmons knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with Grif, and Grif himself knows he wants that too. They can’t stop laughing and sharing little glances and having little kisses every so often and bumping into each other like two kids in love. They just love each other so much.

Dark Past (Luke Hemmings)

Word Count: 348

You and Luke started dating about a month ago. Everything was going fine until the second week when your mind kept telling you to tell him about your past. You kept shaking it off but it always caught up to you. Since then you have been a bit distant from Luke, not wanting him to know your past life.

“Y/n.” Luke walked into the room you were in. You looked up at him. “Why have you been so distant from me lately? Do you not like me? I mean I’d be bummed if you didn’t like me anymore, but are you okay?” Luke blabbed scratching his head.

You laughed slightly but then went serious. “I do like you Luke, it’s just. Ugh it’s hard to explain.” You laid back. Your heart was beating really fast, almost breaking out of your chest. “Y/n, you can tell me anything. What’s on your mind?” He questioned, wrapping an arm around your waist.

“Don’t be disappointed in me, or say sorry in pity for me okay?” you cocked an eyebrow at him. He nodded understandingly. “I’ve been distant because I have to tell you something, that may break up the relationship.” you paused taking a deep breath. Luke looked at you worriedly, hoping you weren’t going to break up with him.

“A few years ago I had an accident involving drug abuse and I also had depression.” you were starting to stutter because you wanted to cry but tried to keep it back. You let the tears fall and Luke pulled you into him. “That was in the past okay. As long as it’s stopped. Baby I’m going to help you through this okay.” he sighed holding you close to him. You sobbed harder into his chest as his fingers ran through your hair.

“I love you okay. I always will not matter what has happened in the past.” you smiled through the tears about what Luke said. You loved him too but this was the first time he said it since you’ve being together. “I love you too Luke, thank you.”



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The Normal Heart

Prompt: Kurt and Blaine watch The Normal Heart (and yeah it has some spoilers if you haven’t seen it)

            It was eight by the time they had finished dinner, cleaned up, and cuddled up on the couch in their pajamas, with a laptop in Kurt’s lap. With all of their friends out of the apartment, gone to live their dreams elsewhere, Kurt and Blaine had gotten to spend a lot of time together, just the two of them. It had become a tradition that every Friday night, after a long week at NYADA, band practice for Kurt, and events with June for Blaine, that they would take a break from the chaos of work and school, and just spend time together, cuddling, and watching movies on the couch. They decided on switching who gets to pick the movie every week, and since Blaine picked Star Trek last week, it was Kurt’s turn to pick.

            “I can’t wait to watch this movie.” Kurt said, smiling at Blaine. “It’s called The Normal Heart, and it’s set in 1980’s, and it’s about the spread of HIV and aids in the gay community.”

            “Oh…” Blaine looked at him hesitantly, making Kurt wonder if he should have picked something else. “Am I going to need a box of tissues?”

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