sobs all over his handsome face

Metal Torture - Chapter 23

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My knees dug into the sand and pebbles, my arms wrapped around him, fingers digging into cold flesh, a shiver passing over my body as rain began to fall from the sky. I couldn’t let him go, couldn’t stop touching his skin, my tears freely falling onto him as I wept over him.

He looked peaceful, his face calm, his eyes closed to me. All anger and aggression was gone from his features, his face handsome, almost boyish, raindrops sticking to his long eyelashes. I kissed each eyelid, hiccuping around a sob that tore from my chest, my hands clutching at his face.

Lightening cracked loudly nearby, the landscape illuminated brightly, a bolt of the electricity striking close. Tiny hairs stood up on my body, my own internal white heat swirling and unsettled, like it sensed a distant relation with the natural current. 

Fingers dragged along skin, lips following in their wake as I tried to memorize every single inch of him, knowing he would eventually be gone, his physical form only fleeting. I never wanted to forget. I couldn’t remember much, but this, him, I wanted to remember forever.

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Love Potions - George Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: A George imagine where he gives me a love potion as a prank. Then cannot stand me being “drugged” and “lovey dovey” with him, so he decides to take me to Madam Pomfrey. And when I get better we argue about his prank and I accidentally say that I like him during the argument. You can decide how it ends :D Thank you in advance <3


“I don’t see why we’re doing this… I thought you wanted her to like you.” Fred snickered helping the mumbling dead weight under his arms to Madam Pomfrey’s office. George rolled his eyes from the other side of the girl they had been dragging. Maybe a little back tracking is necessary.

Y/n was a 6th year Ravenclaw, the same year as the twins, and had managed to unintentionally catch the eyes of one wicked red head Weasley boy. That boy being George Weasley.

He had caught sight of her the first week back to school in potions class and was immediately mesmerized by her stunning e/c eyes and award winning smile.  Not to mention her mile long tan legs George got a glimpse of on the scorching weekends y/n would spend sitting in the courtyard surrounded by her house friends. Or how she knew every single answer in class and wasn’t afraid to show it. No she didn’t act like a straight up know it all like most Ravenclaw students were stereotyped for. She just read a lot and kept up with the topics in class. So when she gazed over at George Weasley’s exam paper and noticed a heart clenching ‘F’, she kindly offered to help tutor the failing classmate.

George was blown away by hearing her sweet like honey voice addressing him for the first time in his life. Being as cheeky and witty as he was, George teased her lightly asking if she thought he was incapable of passing with a green flag. Y/n already being shy as it was became flustered muttering about how she didn’t mean it that way and how sorry she was for him thinking it that way and when George erupted in a fit of laughter, y/n came to realization that he was pulling her leg. From there on a friendship came in bloom.

Whenever big even useless and small, news came up, y/n somehow found her way to the pranking king every time to gossip. For example, last week when Draco Malfoy had shoved y/n up against the walls directly outside of the Great Hall and broke her black rimmed glasses causing millions of tiny like crystal glass shards to scatter across the floor into abyss. When they left, y/n found her way straight to George crying her eyes out sick of the side comments being thrown her way from Draco and his nasty posse.

 Anger aroused in the pit of the red haired twins stomach while he comforted her and escorted her back to the Ravenclaw tower, then set out a plan to get revenge on the bleached hair scum with his brother Fred. To sum things up, the next day over half of the whole school surrounded the outer walls of the castle to find Draco Malfoy strung up by his trousers and screaming for help. 

By the sight of this, y/n’s spirits were lifted a mile high knowing George was responsible for this. The thing was, George didn’t put Draco through his misery just because they were natural born enemies, no it was more than that. A protectiveness shield had been built over y/n from George the second they met and he knew he’s die before he let someone hurt her, despite them just being friends. Though it was no secret to anyone who had even seen the two hanging out together, George Weasley wanted to be more than friends with y/n.

So when the time came around that his twin brother’s little love potion was finally, as he predicted, at its perfection, George knew the perfect person to test it out on, and secretly he hoped it wouldn’t wear off. Though when he set his plan into action and managed to slip it into her orange juice at breakfast, the results he was faced with in no way were what he was expecting.

The second after she took in the love spell, nothing was the same. Y/n was constantly hanging off of George and following his every move making goggley eyes at him from across the room every minute of the school day. At first, George was chill with the results loving every moment they spent together as a “couple”. He cherished all the kisses y/n threw his way and the endless hugs and cuddles, but after four days of this irrationally odd behavior, George came to realization that this wasn’t what he wanted. If they were going to be together, George wanted to date the real y/n, the one he came to love not the y/n stricken by a love potion he brewed up. At least they knew it worked now.

“Yeah, I mean I enjoyed it the first few days but I mean look at her! She won’t leave me alone for a moment! I do love- y’know how it is. I’d just rather have her like me without this damn potion in her veins.” George confronted him while y/n squirmed in his grip trying to kiss him. George sighed smiling weakly at her,

“No, no, y/n. That’s very bad…” The three of them, well basically two carrying one, rounded the corridor with the hospital wing coming in sight.

‘What! I want to kiss your handsome face and now you won’t let me? Why not you cutie pie! I love you so much and you don’t love me anymore!” A sudden parade of tears crashed and poured down the side of her redding face and sobs echoed from her mouth. Fred chuckled earning a slap from his brother as they entered the open hospital doors leading y/n over to an open bed… frankly all of the beds were open. It seemed y/n was the only patient of the evening so far.

“I’m sorry y/n I didn’t mean it like that. I love you, I really do, but I think I’m coming down with a cold and I don’t want to risk you getting it by kissing me. Does that make sense?” The soft wails turns smooth as she rubbed her eyes tiredly, leaning all my body weight up against his side wrapping her arms around his waist in attempt to pull him down onto the bed with her. Fred had already set off to find Madam Pomfrey while George wriggled free out of the bed detaching himself from the extremely needy girl.

“Sweetheart… this is all my fault. I should’ve never been so stupid to but you through this for my own selfish feelings. I’m so sorry, love. I mean, it’s practically written in the stars that were only meant to be friends… you’re too far out of my league, but I still love you.” The room grew cold and silent as y/n’s eyes began to droop down slowly almost to a close but not quite. George brushed his thumb across her cheek and played with the ends of her hair waiting patiently for Fred and Madam Pomfrey to return. Out of the blue, and catching George off guard, y/n’s eyes shot open and she grinned up at him.

“I don’t find this selfish of you even in the least bit. Truthfully, neither do I blame you for any of this. It’s sort of cute. It’s actually really sweet but I would rather date you without having to be instructed by a silly little lovesick potion. If anything I’m out of yours, I mean c’mon! You’re practically already legendary here at school and I’m… well I’m just y/n. I do love you, Georgie. Under a spell and without one I will forever love you. But I wish you would’ve address your feelings towards me before creating this big mess. Once I’m out and back to normal… I think you should take me on a date, as an apology for this.” Y/n pondered reaching out and interlocking her small hand in that of George’s larger one. George’s mouth was agape and with as wide as it was hanging down could have basically skimmed the floor. He shook his head and blinked rapidly making sure y/n was actually there and it wasn’t one of his many dreams about her. She giggled still a bit loopy and rested her head down on the pillow letting her eyes fall shut, and her hand remained in his grip.

“I believe that is a marvelous idea, y/n. I reckon we should chat more about it when this wears off.” He spoke hesitantly full of shock. Y/n’s head bobbed slightly signaling a well enough ‘yes’ for George and within a few minutes she was completely out. Fred and Madam Pomfrey spied on the pair from outside the infirmary doors, both earing a high five from the other. Fred smirked to himself satisfied with the results, as Madam Pomfrey excused herself deciding it was the right time to cure y/n. Chuckling to himself Fred entered shortly after her walking up to his brother and throwing his arm around his shoulder,

“I suppose that couldn’t have worked any better.”

-Daizy xx

Being the Other Woman (Tao- angst)

Band member: Tao (Exo)
Genre: Angst
Summary: You’re Tao’s mistress.

Your eyes opened to sunlight creeping through the gap in the curtains. An unfamiliar hotel room is the first thing you saw and you swallowed at the heap of clothes strewn over the red carpet carelessly. Sighing, you turned around and your eyes were set upon Tao. He was sleeping peacefully, his dark eyes shut and his puffy eyelids smudged with eyeliner slightly. His curved lips were pressed together, his sharp nose quivering as he breathed. His blond hair was a lustrous mess and you remembered running your hands through it last night. His toned chest was exposed and one muscular arm was wrapped around you tightly. With a shaky exhale, you recalled how you both met almost four months ago.

He was an employee at the new company you had started to work at, and he had been asked by the manager to help you out. Neither of you minded; he was handsome and charming with a cute, dorky side and you were sophisticated and sweet- just like a perfect match. He began to hit on you subtly and you had to be lying if you said you didn’t like it. Honestly, you loved it and you even began to love him. He confessed he loved you too, but he also loved his wife. From then, unable to let Tao go, you became his mistress. You became his dirty secret. You became the ‘other woman’ in an adulterous relationship.

Tao’s beautiful eyes slowly opened and a warm feeling engulfed you as he enveloped you in a tight hug. Affectionately, he pressed his lips to your temple and kissed it gently.
“Morning.” He whispered. For some reason, whenever the pair of you were doing something you shouldn’t be he would always whisper, almost as if his wife on the other side of Seoul could hear you both.
“Morning.” You replied quietly. You didn’t always whisper but you had definitely adapted his habit of speaking quietly.

You and Tao gazed at each other for a few moments. It was so loving, so beautiful for those few minutes you two cuddled together with only the thought of each other in your minds. Then the moment broke when you realised you needed to ask the dreaded question. Your throat grew dry and you swallowed as you adjusted yourself slightly, ready to ask.
“Are you going back to her today?” Tao swallowed too, looking away. It was never easy answering this question. His grip on your hand tightened as he began to speak.
“Y/N, you know I have to. She’ll get suspicious-”
“But can’t you just tell her that your conference has been extended, or your flight was delayed.” Tears were beginning to sting your eyes with desperation. “Please, so you can just stay with me just for a few more nights. Please, Tao?” Tao exhaled exasperatedly.
“I’d love to, but she’s my wife and she comes first-” you scoffed, not letting him finish and you pulled away. Tao shook his head, sitting upright.

“Y/N, baby, I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just she’s my wife and I love her.” You sniffed, turning away and wiping the tear that was rolling down your left cheek.
“And you love me too, don’t you?”
“Yes! I love you both so much but it’s just she’s my wife. I made a vow to her, Y/N.” You nodded, pushing away your hair and turning back to look at him. Just like you had expected, he was crying too.
“I know,” you said softly. “Go be with your wife. I’m pathetic, loving a man who’s already taken.” Before he could speak, you gathered up your things and left the hotel room, bursting into tears when you shut the door behind you. On the other side, Tao was also crying as hard as you.


You entered the coffee shop, the warm air and the strong smell of coffee beans hitting you immediately. You breathed into it, smiling at the familiarity and you approached the line at the counter, not taking any notice of any other customers. It was only when you joined the end of the line you allowed your eyes to scan the shop and your eyes fell on a familiar face.

Sat at a table was Tao. He was smiling at the lady you had seen many times on his phone lock screen but never in person. You could understand why Tao loved her. You could understand why Tao married her. Tears blurred your vision and you looked away, taking a sharp breath that felt like you were being stabbed.

“Hey, isn’t it that lady you work with?” You heard Tao’s wife say and you were determined to keep your teary eyes fixated on the spot before you instead of looking over in their direction.
“Oh, yeah. I’m going to go say hi.” You heard Tao faintly reply and you held your breath. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw the tall, handsome man approach you.

“Y/N,” he said and you turned to him, your eyes burning into his.
“Oh, hello.” You said boldly. “Should we be talking here, or shall I book a hotel room whilst you lie to your wife?” Tao was taken aback by your bold remark but his glare softened when you sniffed.
“You didn’t come into work for a month since you broke off..our affair.” He dropped his voice. “Where were you?” You swallowed.
“I took time off to love myself.” You said. Your eyes flickered to his wife and Tao followed your gaze. He tensed, waiting for your comment. “She’s beautiful, and she doesn’t deserve you lying to her.” Tao raised his eyebrows.
“Y-you want me to tell her, Y/N? Are you serious?!” He hissed and you shook your head.
“Don’t tell her anything because whatever happened between us is over. Forget about me, forget about what we had and don’t love me anymore. I will find a new job and I’ll resign on Monday.” Tao gasped at the horror of it.
“But what will I do without you, Y/N?” Tears were running down your cheeks and you sniffed, wiping them away.
“You love her only. Goodbye, Tao.” You turned away, leaving the shop despite being in a fit of sobs. You stepped out into the rain, crying harder and glancing back one last time. All you saw through your teary sight was Tao’s tears staining his handsome face for the very last time.

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In case you get cold feet

When the maid of honor suddenly excuses herself from the wedding of her two best friends, the groom knows there’s more to it and goes to find her.

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Real Person Fiction, A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire & Related Fandoms, Game of Thrones (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Emilia Clarke/Kit Harington
Characters: Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Rose Leslie, Alfie Allen
Additional Tags: I’m sorry this is overdramatic and cheesy, but fuck the system, Wedding Day, Cold Feet, Wedding, Maid of Honour, Unresolved Romantic Feelings, Kemilia

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Warning: Deans POV throughout the whole story __________________________________________

One of Dean Winchester favorite things to do in the morning was waking up to the love his life. He always adored how her hair fell perfectly against her face, how the sunshine grazed over and she was his. That morning was one the bests.

After a long hunt, he finally got to have a good night sleep, the night before. He slept peacefully in the bed, with (Y/N) curled up against him. When he awoke that morning, Dean saw his girlfriend supporting her head on her hand, while her elbow was planted on the pillow.

“Hey Handsome.” (Y/N) smiled.

“Good morning Beautiful.” He wrapped his arms around her waist and gave a peck on the nose.

(Y/N) chuckled and leaned in to give Dean a kiss. Dean instantly responded and kiss her back with more fierce. He rolled over and straddled (Y/N) hips, slightly grinding against her. She wrapped her arms around Dean’s neck and rubbed his blonde locks. He nibbled on the bottom of her lip, asking for entrance. She parted her lips and their tongues fighting for dominance. Dean grunted into the kiss as (Y/N) bucked her hips into Dean’s. They were getting somewhere before they were interrupted by the younger Winchester.

“Woah, did not need to see that. If you guys are both done sucking your faces off, there is a diner down the road if you guys want breakfast. Unless you guys just want to eat each other..” Sam muttered the last part.

Sam closed the door and and (Y/N) laughed underneath Dean. He eyed her and wiggled his eyebrows.

“We’ll finish that later tonight.” He smirked.

“I’m counting on it Winchester.” (Y/N) replied.

(Y/N) got out beneath Dean and went into the bathroom. Dean followed after her and showered with her.

“Shower sex?”

“Shut it Dean, I will not have your brother waiting any more.” (Y/N) said while washing the shampoo out of her hair.

“Please?~” He purred into (Y/N)’s ear and pulled her waist against his own.

“You’re a sex-crazed idiot, ya know?” (Y/N) said jokingly.

“But I’m your sex-crazed idiot.” He chuckled and kissed the side of her neck.

(Y/N) chuckled. “Fine.” She turned around, lust in her eyes. She leaned towards him, their lips only centimeters apart.

“How about ..” She trailed off as she looked down at his lips and traced his chest with her finger lightly, leaving a hot trail against Dean’s skin.

“A no!” And pulled and went back under the warm water.

Dean through his head back and groaned, knowing he wouldn’t get anything this time. He washed his hair after you and both got out together. Both (Y/N) and Dean got dressed and went out the door together. Sammy was in the room next door and (Y/N) knocked on his door. The 3 of them went down to the diner and sat down in a booth.

Dean looked up and pointed to a special on the wall.

“Hey, Tuesday. Pig N’ A Poke.”

(Y/N) chuckled and they all ordered their food. Sam explained what the hunt was about and the disappearances that were happening in town. Dean had a bad feeling about his hunt, but set that feeling aside. He had to save somebody’s life here, if they weren’t already dead.

At night they snuck into the place where the victim was last seen. Everybody took a corner of the small room they were in to check out and see if there was anything at all. Dean heard a voice shout out.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” The stranger said.

Dean, Sam, and (Y/N) all responded quickly and pointed their gun and flashlight to the un-recognized voice.
Dean automatically glanced at the gun pointed at (Y/N), in the strangers hands.

“Woah woah woah woah, we don’t want any trouble. We’re trying to help.” (Y/N) pleaded.

“Are you robbing me?!” The stranger yelled and took a step forward.

“No! Calm down, we’re not trying to rob you!” Sam tried to calm the man down.

“I’m just going to put my gun down, ok?” (Y/N) calmly said.

That’s when it happened. A gun shot. Dean’s blood ran cold. His lungs couldn’t function, it felt like water was filling his lungs.

Her body fell limp on the ground, and the sound of impact of her body shook Dean out of his trance. He ran over to her and slid onto his knees.

“(Y-Y/N)? B-Baby? You’re going to be ok, okay? You’re going to be alright. Sammy call 911 right now! O-Oh God, you’re going to be alright ok? Stay with me, please.” He lifted her head into his lap. Dean felt pools of tears running down his face already.

“D-Dean? I’m scared.” (Y/N) sobbed.

“N-N-No. Don’t talk like that Babe, you’re going to be ok. You’ll be able to walk this one off, just fine. You always do!” He sobbed more.

(Y/N) smiled weakly. “Oh Honey, I’m already losing too much blood. You know I-I’m dying.” She reached her hand up and touched his cheek.

Dean leaned into (Y/N)’s touch and grabbed her hand.

“D-Don’t you dare talk like that, you keep on f-fighting!” He couldn’t stop the tears and the sobs escaping his throat.

“I-I love you so damn much Dean. I-I’m so sorry I can’t m-marry you, or have children with you, or grow old w-with you.” (Y/N) sobbed knowing she can’t spend it with him.

“Oh god, no. T-The ambulance is going to come and p-patch you right up, ok babe?” Dean squeezed her hand tightly.

(Y/N)’s breath began to become choppy. She struggled to breathe.

“H-Hey D-Dean? C-Can you sing m-me a song?” She smiled weakly.

“S-Sure, anything for you D-Darling.” He choked on his sobs.

“You are my sunshine my only sunshine.”

Oh god why did it have to be her. Please, dear god, just take me.

“You make me happy, when skies are grey.”

No, she doesn’t deserve this damnit. She deserves the world. She is pure light in my darkness. My saving grace. What am I supposed to do without her? How am I supposed to live? She saved me from drowning. She helped me from my demons. She made me see the good in people. She helped me find love, damnit she’s the love of my life. Please god, don’t let her go just yet.

“Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

God no please, take me. Take me. Take me. Not her. You can beat me, kill me, steal my soul, hurt me, but please. Just don’t touch her.

“Please don’t take my sunshine away..”

Dean sobbing into (Y/N)’s shoulder and rocked back and forth, knowing, he would never get to see his sunshine again. ___________________________________________

Dean opened his eyes instantly and awoke to (Y/N) laying there. God, she was perfect. His breath hitched and she was just laying there, like nothing ever happened.

“Hey Handsome.” She smirked.

He instantly rolled over and grabbed (Y/N)’s face in between his hands and gave her a passionate kiss. He gave all the emotions he witnessed in such a few, short minutes and passed them into the kiss. He pulled back and looked back into (Y/N)’s eyes and hugged her. He started sobbing into her shoulder.

“Shhhh it’s ok babe, it’s ok.” She stroked his hair as he cried.

“B-But you d-died. Oh my god, I’m so glad y-your not dead. I love you so m-much.” He hiccuped.

“It’s ok, you’re ok. We’re on a hunt in Mystery spot. It’s Tuesday. You just had a bad dream, it’s ok babe. I love you too much to leave you.” (Y/N) smiled.

He sniffled, “I hope I don’t get that dream again..”

She stroked his hair again, “I doubt it, if you do just tell me, ok babe?”

“Of course.” He smiled and gave leaned in for a kiss on the lips, as Sam walked in.

“Woah, did not need to see that. If you guys are both done sucking your faces off, there is a diner down the road if you guys want breakfast. Unless you guys just want to eat each other..” Sam muttered the last part.

Dean eyes widened as he heard that. His breath stopped. Maybe it’s nothing.. Maybe he’s having Déjà Vu. If only he knew what was coming for him.


What happened after the Chimaek (Chicken + Maekju/Beer)…

Thank you Joon Ho sunbaenim, for giving the “Beer” hint/tips to our Ahyoung-ie.

Enjoy your massage, bb girl. After today, you totally deserved it. After today, on which you braced yourself and sang for him bravely despite the end result. On which you had to have it out with a very flirty orangutan who was trying to steal your man. On which you had to fight against the whole animal kingdom just because you had the fate of marrying a handsome man. On which you initiated some physical interaction so that he knows you’re ready for his lead.

Today… today you did well, bb… And you totally deserved that massage. *SOBS* T_T

And what was that I detected on your face, Jonghyun-ssi? A naughty smirk? A flirty gaze? Omomomomo… That was totally an eye contact flirting you did over there, Mister! How else would you explain that extended warm gaze combined with the lingering look and accompanied with that naughty smirk? UNF! Seriously… that’s all I could hear: UNF!