Melanie Martinez - Pity Party

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soinlovewithbandguys asked:

I have recently fallen in love with Bucky and I didnt know who else to turn to...😭 Hes so perfect! ive loved Sebastian since Covenant, but i havent watched the first Captain America or The Winter Solider, but I get spammed with Bucky stuff daily and it just sort hit me out of nowhere

Shhh come here it’s okay we are all friends here we understand the buckypains!

He’s just - 


And then Sebastian Stan - 


And the Bucky spam will only intensify as Cap 3 draws near…

Hang in there friend we will all make it through this together!!

Hun, I love you. I know I’m moody and difficult and sarcastic and probably an emotional retard. I know I’m grumpy in the mornings, I behave like a child when I’m sick and I snore when I’m drunk. I also know that I roll my eyes too much, that I complain that you take too long in the shower and that I hate most of your favourite movies. I’m a bit of an idiot and a twat most of the time, but I still love you with every fibre I’ve got. And that’s it Ems, it doesn’t get better. It can’t. You’re everything I ever wanted even if I never wanted to actually admit it! And I know I’ll love you forever.
—  Naomi Campbell’s speech from Manifolds by Miss Maraudeur