asdfghjjkl okay so like

just now, I came out of my room to use the loo and the mom was like “ SO HOW DID UR WRITING GO” cause like, i told her i write and she was like oh thats cool BUT SHE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT so I was like oh, it was good i think im kinda done for now. and then she asked sO WHAT DO YOU WRITE and i was like shit sweating and i was all stammering because some people I told like my RL outside of online friends think its a little weird, so when I kinda told her/explained what I did and she was like OMG THATS SO COOL and she went off on I should do this professionally if i love it so much, and if i have so many people who like it and stuff and maybe the transformers people (hasbro) would want to hire me to write for them someday and i just kinda blue screend like asdf i just like it as a hobby and she was pretty much went all shia lebouf on me JUST DO IT DONT LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS And i just

im kinda glad rn that she was so nice about it but still embaressed like

yes i write a giant transforming robot who likes cats and hates large bodies of water.

aaaaah idk maybe im just being dumb OTL

While Lydia and Parrish got their flirt on, I’d be remiss not to mention Stiles’ reaction to Lydia’s gapping wound. Frozen in absolute horror springs to mind.

Know what else springs to mind? Remember when Stiles told Lydia if anything ever happened to her he’d go out of his mind? We just witnessed it.

Stiles, who always figures it out, couldn’t think. He couldn’t react. All he could do was stare as Lydia bled out– completely frozen in fear. That’s what happens when your worst nightmare is realized.

—  TV Fanatic 5x04 recap [x]