The destruction of the Black Order is such a horrible arc seriously

The Tapp thing just happened and I want to fucking cry, none of them deserved that, and the horror in Johnny’s, Bak’s and Reever’s eyes is just the worst.

We took time with those people. The scientific Division is Family. They are always there, caring and loving, they are the main source of support for all of our characters. They were pointed out multiple times as the people mataining the “safe zone” of the exorcists. They are all loving and they go the extra miles so the exorcists are not considered weapons, but actual human beings. They care to no end, and in the situation Allen and even Lenalee’s being faced to her abuser are right now, the Scientific Division is there to support. It’s Bak and Johnny yelling at who wants to hear it that Allen is a good guy. It’s Reever and Komui who go the extra miles to protect Lenalee. 

And this is all of them we see suffer during that arc. Those who are loosing the ones they cared about. Those who are helpless in a situation of life and death with no certainty of being saved.

The exorcists are being faced with loosing their safe zone, those who had been like family, those who had always supported them. And this “safe zone” is itself suffering with little to no hope for them.

This is such a horrible setting to be faced to halfway through the manga, really

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Chapter 42 spoilers: Mikayuu scene



Mika: Please…Yuu-chan

(how many more times must mika see yuu going through all these while knowing he can do nothing to prevent it and it’s so sad coz yuu wants to protect his family but now he’s yelling and saying he’s going to kill everyone why is this happening TT___TT) 

thanks to adelfe-senpai for translating for me >3< 

Sometimes I think everyone’s problem with “reylo” boils down to language. When I say I “ship” Kylo Ren and Rey together, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a) I think they’re end game or b) that their relationship/interactions are romantic or even acceptable as they stand now or c) that I want them to suddenly fall in love and get married. (Okay in an alternate universe where Ben Solo never turns to the Dark Side I DO want that. I want that so much. That is exactly what I want. But in this one I admit it’s an impossibility and, with regard to the sense and integrity of the narrative, I would be displeased if they did that.)

I don’t think there’s any way Kylo Ren and Rey could be in a stable relationship by the end of this trilogy and I don’t want Rey to be in any kind of relationship that even approaches something unhealthy or unstable. She deserves so much more than that. She’s been through too much to be saddled with a partner who will only drag her down or make her unhappy. So, even if Kylo does have a redemption arc, I just don’t see a romantic relationship between them realistically happening. Because, in one respect, I completely agree with people who hate reylo. I completely agree with the underlying theme of every anti-reylo post I’ve read on this website. And that is that Kylo Ren does not deserve Rey. And (and you can disagree with me here if you want) I don’t think he will ever will.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t love the idea of a love story that, if necessary, is entirely one-sided. In fact I kind of hope it is one-sided. It’s not the idea of Rey falling at Ren’s feet that makes me catch my breath. I don’t need her to become even a semblance of a damsel-in-distress. In fact I would hate that. I don’t need her to pity him, to excuse his actions or say “oh look at the poor baby he’s so misunderstood maybe he isn’t really so bad” or, heaven help me, fall in love with him. I don’t want her to change a damn thing about herself or the way she treats him. I expect nothing less than rage and complete disgust at their next encounter and I hope I get it. 

But I love the idea of Ren falling at her feet. I love the idea of him being fascinated and intrigued by her, of him trying his best to understand her, of him eventually…falling for her and of falling for her so hard that he has to re-examine everything he knows about himself and Snoke, about the first order and the dark side because of her, to try to see everything by her light. I want to see him desperately try to fight it at first, this weakness within him, this compassion that he thinks he has to uproot in order to be strong. And I want him to fail. I want him to fail spectacularly. I want his love for her to grow and burn inside of him until he can’t fight it anymore, until it’s become too strong, until it becomes the most important thing in the world to him. Because, to me at least, Kylo Ren’s most tragic flaw is equating darkness with strength and light with weakness and the only way to uproot that in him, I think, is for his soul to be gripped by a love that threatens to tear him apart with its savage strength, proving to him again and again that light and love are not just as powerful as the dark side but more powerful– infinitely more.

And I know Rey doesn’t exist to serve as his savior; I don’t want her sole purpose to be his salvation. I want her journey and her story to be the focal point; I want her bravery and struggles to be the heart and soul of these movies. She is the hero, not him. I never want her to exist only in relation to him. But that doesn’t mean I can’t want his entire world to be shattered and broken by Rey and her goodness, a goodness so strong, so vital, so fierce that it looks nothing like the weakness he imagines goodness to be and then to have those broken pieces slowly put back together again– not by Rey, by Kylo. But because of Rey. By her light. And in her image.