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U ship thorki or nahhhh ?? ?


  • who holds the umbrella when it rains
    • of course thor does. of course. he laughs about it and is all ‘my lady’ and loki is like thor pls 
  • who is the grumpiest in the morning
    • obVIOUSLY loki. he’s the master and supreme of grumpy, and is even grumpier bc thor will tackle him in the mornings and start screaming ‘SUNS UP BUNS UP’
  • who worries more when the other is sick/hurt
    • loki definitely doesn’t really worry that much he’s like w/e its thor he will be fine. meanwhile when loki is hurt thor will move fucking heaven and earth to find out what happened. “thor he straight up murdered a bunch of people” “yes bUT HE’S FEELING ILL HE NEEDS SOUP”
  • who plays pranks on the other
    • r u kidding me loki is literally the trickster god. pranking is his lifeforce, it is his passion, it is his goal. this keeps thor awake at night
  • who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa
    • thor allllwayyyys tries to get loki to cuddle and loki is like absolutely not… but sometimes… sometimessss… 
  • who insists on creating nicknames for the other
    • loki’s nicknames are generally horrible and mean natured as one would suspect, anyone else would be super offended but thor just laughs and takes it as the utmost affection one can recieve
  • who drools on the other when they’re asleep
    • the last time thor did it loki kicked him off the bed
  • who says ‘I love you’ first
    • neither of them ever say it.. out loud.. but they know

SCANDAL; “SCANDAL Pia” - The last page

Thank you very much for reading till the end. In these 10 years that felt like ‘the blink of an eye’, it’s been something surprisingly enriching and dramatic, even for us. What we can say now is that, 'We are glad it’s the 4 of us.’ That is everything. We’ll continue running ahead again today, for surely we’re heading towards a bright future.


 @colourmekiddo as Mettaton Ex from Undertale.

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Hip happy Valentines Day! Here, have a lil’ comic with a side of Le Feels and Fluff. <3 

I do actually have….a sequel to this but it’ll have to wait! 

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