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Holy shit bless you for that su cross over, also sorry to intrude but I just wanted to say that Gon's fight me attitude reminds me of ruby and Killua's calm collected attitude reminds me of sapphire. ( even though ruby is more Flustered and sapphire is less murdery ) what do you think they would fuse as?

I thought long and hard about this and

I can’t believe you made me create an OC that is the fusion of two pre-existing characters, I feel like I’m 12 and opening my DA account for the first time “this is my oc, don’t steal” *stamps sonic adhesive over it*

So I think their fusion would be Blue Amber, a rare variation of the normal Amber. I also think they’d be terrible at fusing because they both want to be the dominant personality, which often leads them to unfuse right away if they’re not focused.

Also, they would totally breakdance for their fusion and you can’t convince me otherwise.

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“I’m just a fuck up.” ( prepare yourself for an angsty & drunk stiles i apologize for his future actions )


“Hey, c’mon, don’t…don’t say that. It isn’t true.”
Allison tried to soothe the clearly drunken boy,
a small sigh escaping her. “You’re not a fuck 
up, okay? Everyone makes mistakes. And…
yeah, you’ve made your fair share of mistakes.
But I have too. So has Scott, & Lydia, and anyone 
you can think of. It doesn’t make you a fuck up.”
she added, reaching out to place a hand on his
arm. “Why would you think that?”