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#it just hit me #but dyad was probably behind jennifer not getting past the pre-olympic stage #because imagine the mess they would have had on their hands #if a world renowned athlete appeared on tv #and the day after #ten or twenty women who looked exactly like her suddenly emerged

I… I honestly never thought of this before. You have broke me.


"Where’s Y/N?" Dean asked; the first words from his mouth as his green eyes turned to his brother.


"No, I remember you telling me, Sammy, but it’s not true what you said. That was some black-eyed, demon hallucination. Where’s Y/N?"

"Gone, Dean. It was true. Y/N’s gone."

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fall of night || Xerxei + Asher
for amnesiac-ash

Xerxei felt like shit. Every time he took a step, the world seemed to spin. He walked like a drunk, stumbling about in a rather ungraceful manner - odd, in comparison to his usual amount of coordination. The nineteen year old had to stop rather suddenly and lean up against a wall, barely managing to support himself even with it. Only halfway to the infirmary, he knew he couldn’t just stop, but he wasn’t sure he could go any further. As he attempted to move again, a wave of dizziness flooded his mind, and his vision faded to black. After a few more blind steps, the sweet bliss of unconsciousness washed over him, and he fell to the floor without a sound.

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i started free! but i'm confused about some things. why did haru start swimming again? was it because of his race against rin at the beginning because he helped him remember how much he loved the feeling of swimming? why does haru say that he's not free when he thinks about rin saying he can't advance without really beating haru? thanks

Hi, anon, so so sorry for the delay! I’m glad you started watching Free! let me know what you think of it once you’re done!

… I had a reply all typed out and it had honestly turned out way longer than I thought it ever would. I don’t think I would be able to remember everything I typed, so I’m just going to try and summarize while hopefully not leaving anything too important out orz

It’s been a few months since I re-watched the first season in its entirety so I only have my memories and my (very) personal opinion, but I’ll do my best to be of help!

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holy god how many followers do you even have all your things get like three thousand million notes ❤❤❤ super well deserved ofc

?!?!?!?!??!?!!??!?!!??! what omg i’m lucky to even get 1 note on things ;;;