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On Chapter 1 Page 4, TC says "She was different, not like the others" and there's images of two dead brides. Has he tried to make his own companion before? Has he tried to make a female friend before?

He hasn’t really–they were just the other, passive “bride” figures that he had encountered (Elizabeth and the destroyed female Creature). After Victor died, TC had zero interest in dabbling in the “dark arts” or what-have-you–and was content to die alone in the arctic…but he got distracted, haha!

The comic will get more into his past and what he did between Victor’s death and meeting Christine (and who he was hanging out with in the meantime:) But the basic implication is that meeting Christine revived his forgotten ideals of finding a female companion as miserable as himself. After all, he feels like he’s changed, gotten better, made himself the perfect gentleman, he’s got a place to live, etc…what could go wrong now? :,} 


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