soukoku headcanon

Where the reason dazai hasnt change his number is that because he secretly wants to check chuuya. whenever chuuya is drunk he drunk call/drunk text dazai and he uses it as an assurance that his former partner is still okay and breathing. He doesnt want to admit it but dazai finds a great relief whenever chuuya is doing that.

What i wanna kow is how bioware named me and jowan’s quest at the beginning of the game ‘bound in blood and magic’ and somehow expected me to believe they werent in love like uhm

My parents are AT THE RICHARD ROGERS THEATER RIGHT NOW going to see hamilton

I have been raving about this show for a YEAR

They aren’t super interested in it specifically but like going to shows and got tickets bc idk they’re rich af or something



 @colourmekiddo as Mettaton Ex from Undertale.

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Hanzo: brother no.

Genji: brother yes.


Hip happy Valentines Day! Here, have a lil’ comic with a side of Le Feels and Fluff. <3 

I do actually have….a sequel to this but it’ll have to wait! 

Characters from @fantome-stein <3

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