Ueda Keisuke’s Twitter

Yowamushi Pedal has finished.

We reached the highest peak together.
Thank you to the audience who came, the people who watched through the live viewing, thank you all for the cheers.

I’m really full of happiness right now.

Thank you very much for all the support. 

yes exactly, it’s so hard to skip past all of the jittery meta posts that surface, I have to read them all because I’m DESPERATE and for that moment it’s just as you say, all is well. but darn that reality settling in -__-

what really gets me IS that the casual viewer doesn’t see it. I mean I know that most people aren’t as hyper aware of things like couples tropes in media like we are online and more often than not they see things with such heteronormative lenses that even the POSSIBILITY of dean and cas being into each other as more than friends doesnt even occur to them as an option

aaaand as much as we would like it to be otherwise the pro-destiel folks end up making an unremarkable viewer count in the end compared to people who don’t see it

:((( so reluctance is KEY here. plus if on the SUPER UNLIKELY offhand chance that destiel becomes canon I’ll be pleasantly surprised instead of angry and disappointed and feeling mislead

can’t be mislead if you don’t follow in the first place!!! :T