sobriety quotes

As a child I was taught to believe addicts are somehow “bad people.” However, now that I am white-knuckling through my own sobriety and recovery, I am finding these so-called “bad people” are my soulmates. Addicts are remarkable people. Addicts fight a war within themselves every single day. Addicts are stereotyped and discriminated against. Addicts are beaten down and made to believe they are weak. With all odds against them, addicts do live healthy lives in recovery, and for that, I am grateful.

Addicts never stand still; they are either getting better, or they are getting worse.
-alcoholics anonymous

Remember addiction is a progressive illness. Even while you stay sober, your addiction is out there doing push ups just waiting for you to return.

We are never cured, we only have a daily reprieve.

You must work at your sobriety every day.

Don’t ever think that sobriety is not possible. It is. It may be a very hard climb. It may be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. But you’re not alone. There are those who have went before you to show you how it’s done. To show you it can be done. Trust those who reach out their hand to help, and use every thing you know to stay sober one more day.
—  Mark Husk