honestly I must be following the right blogs bc I see no drama on my dash??? like I see people talking about seeing the drama but I don’t see it idk

Today my mother called me sick fool just because I do not want to shave my legs. Also she said, “It is not normal and not okay. You stuck in men’s style”. She just yelled all these things. Then she said that before gym class all girls will laugh at me. And you know what is interesting? My female classmates does not even care about my legs. I tried to prove her that body hair is normal thing, she said that it is not. I said that it is my body and I will do whatever I want to do with it, she said that I am not normal. She said that it is disgusting and unhygienic, I said that we have hair all over our body. Then she said, “Then why you cut hair on your head?!”. I said her that she stuck in stereotypes. In the end we just yelled at each other. We yelled about one or two minutes, then my father shouted, “MAYBE YOU JUST SHOULD LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER, SHE KNOWS BETTER!!”. After this I just gave up on them. Mother still yelled something and I was just so done, so sad, so angry.
I can not understand why we can not do what we want with our bodies? Why I should care about someone? My female classmates… mmmm such a big deal.