A note from the editor. (cross-posted)

For the past 5 years, Punchline has been a pretty big part of my life. when Greg Wood left the band, I was pretty torn up, but I accepted the change. The addition of Jon Belan was definitely a great move for the band, and they made incredible music together for several years. When I found out that Pj Caruso was leaving, and I was heart-broken. I couldn’t believe that one of the members that had been with the band from the beginning would call it quits. Not long after Pj left, it was announced that Jon would be leaving, and replaced by former member Paul Menotiades. It was bittersweet, so I accepted it, and carried on. Now, my good buddy Chris Fafalios has declared that if the band’s new EP (which comes out tuesday) does not hit #1 on iTunes charts for any amount of time, he will also leave the band, and put down the bass guitar for good. If he leaves, I will be absolutely crushed, and definitely cry for several days over the loss of such great talent in my absolute favorite band of all-time. please help the cause, and purchase “So Nice to Meet You” on iTunes on Tuesday, January 3rd, and watch for Steve Soboslai appearing on Mobbed on Fox, Wednesday at 9 pm EST.

Thank you,

Molly “punchmolly” Ingargiola.

Hi everyone, this is an informational post! The fine young man pictured above is the ever popular Steve Soboslai, lead singer and guitarist of Punchline. If you hadn’t already heard, he is starting to branch out into his own solo musical career as well as keeping Punchline pushing along. His solo project, Blue of Colors, is now on Facebook for you to go “like.” SO please go check it out and keep showing your love and support for our dear friend Steve.