I feel strange mildly flaunting my own work, but I loved this excerpt from ‘NITP.’ Felt that the closure was needed.
“"I figure you could use something to cheer you up…”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Well…There’s something I’ve been meaning to give to you for a while. It’s yours by right but I had to pry it from Christian’s hands.” Abigail gave her a look, tilting her head.

“Christian? What’s he got to do with this?” Kat decided to delay explanation and handed her the little blue box she had to hijack from Christian at the end of the year. He wasn’t going to give it to Abigail, but even then the blonde knew that she had to have it. Abigail opened the box, staring at the object with a passive expression. “What’s this?”

“Sammy had this whole speech written. He came to me all worried that you wouldn’t like it, asking when he should give it to you and things like that. He even had this little speech prepared, the little dork.” The girls laughed together, both picturing Sammy doing this. It was in his nature to make a big deal of things, and this certainly was no exception. “This was his grandma’s. She gave it to him a while back to give to someone special and evidently that was you. She told him it’s called a knot ring, and basically it means that 'the knot’ isn’t tied, but the person giving it has every intention of tying it some day.”


“He wanted to marry you, Abigail. And I know this isn’t exactly cheering; I know how much you miss him and how much it hurts you every day. It hurts you more than any of us. But now, at least you know he’d give anything to be here with you”

For Abigail, having hit rock bottom that very day by the hands of her own roommate, that idea was comfort enough.“