It’s Thursday so why not do a #tbt! Left is me at 21, right is me now at 25. At 21 I was anorexic/bulimic and a binge drinking alcoholic. I drank secretly at home. I always drank until I was obliterated, I don’t ever remember having “just 1 drink.” I blacked out every time I drank. Sometimes I’d be proud of myself for not getting very drunk but then someone would tell me something I did/said the night before and I would have nooo recollection of it. Around the time the left photo was taken I was also taking E every weekend. I actually felt safer on drugs than I did on alcohol because drink got me into such dangerous situations. Being a young drunk woman makes you vulnerable to all sorts of dangers. I was so STUCK. I knew I had a problem but I couldn’t stop. I went to hypnotherapy, read self help books, tried online help to get sober, went on self-help retreats. I even spoke to my DR & also a drug/alcohol councillor. Both were SO unhelpful! They told me to count drinks, drink beer not spirits, drink safely by being around friends who would help take care of me. What a joke. I had already tried all that stuff & of course it doesn’t work. Once I start drinking I just can’t stop. And no amount of my self will or determination CAN stop it. Years of hating myself for my “weakness,” feeling such guilt for things I said/did (to others & myself) - it’s only since getting EMOTIONAL sobriety that I’ve been able to let go, forgive myself & move on. I am now 18 months sober and am truly blessed to now feel free instead of stuck. This isn’t permanent though, I’m liable to relapse at any time if I stop working my sobriety program to the best of my ability. Anyone struggling with #addiction issues, there is a solution. #12steps #ThereIsASolution #hope #sober #soberlife #sobertransformation #sobergirl #soberissexy

8 months sober today. ♡ #SoberTransformation #BeforeAndAfter #HypeSobriety #StayHype #SoberLiving #Sobriety #AlcoholFree #DrugFree #CigaretteFree #HealthyLiving #SoberIsBeautiful #Proud #Dedicated #StayTruetoYourself #LoveYourself S/O to @aubreyydayy . I’m so proud of you! @sobrietyforwomen @sobernation @hype_sobriety @partysoberclothing