16 MONTHS SOBER!!!!! Yay me :) It isn’t easy but it’s worth it.
Also, I went through and hash tagged all my ‘sober inspiration’ pics with the tag #TakeBackTheSoberHashtag because so many ppl tagged drink/drug photos “ironically” with the tags 'sober’ and 'sobriety’. So if you want to see some of my fave sober pics/quotes, search that tag!!! FEEL FREE TO TAG YOUR SOBER PICS WITH THE SAME TAG!!! LET’S TAKE BACK OUR SOBER HASTAG!!
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Day 1!
So I’m sitting here browsing the forums with a nasty hangover - hopefully the last one I will ever have. Realizing there are so many people with the same problem.

I’m not an every day drinker, I’m a once, maybe twice a week all out binge drinker. It use to be 2-3 times a week so I was able to cut back a little but that’s not working for me anymore. I have to quit. I want to quit. Last night was the weekly binge - that I’m so regretting now.

Nope, can’t have just 1 glass of wine, gotta drink the whole effin bottle. I had a bad day, need wine. I had a good day, need wine. The kids are driving me crazy, need wine…yea you know the excuses and how there’s one for every occasion.

I will no longer have any friends and I’m ok with that. They aren’t really friends anyway, their drinking buddies and once that is gone, I have nothing in common with them. I’m tired of waking up wondering what I may have said, done or posted online while drunk off my @ss. I need to fill my life with sober people.

I’ve been trying for years, then get 10-20-30 days into it and think, Oh I’ve got this under control I can have just 1….

Crazy how the addictive brain works.

So everyone on here seems super supportive and that’s what I think I need - just somewhere to come when things seem a little rough so I can get away, vent or just talk to someone else going through the same journey.

Looking forward to spending the rest of my life sober, and hopefully happy.

—  soberCJ

Thank God for my sponsor. Seriously. I would be very drunk or very dead by now if it weren’t for her. There is always #hope for your recovery if you have #faith - in your program and your Higher Power. Never give up. Don’t let this disease destroy you. Day at a time. #sober #sobriety #soberrecovery

16 months sobriety & it could all be gone in a minute. Fucking scary stuff. I experienced some “growing pains” today. It was fucking painful, uncomfortable, confusing & sad. There were a few contributing factors that lead to me spending the last 2 hours crying my eyes out & fighting the urge to drink. It was scary. It would have been so easy to pick up a drink. I wanted a drink. It didn’t seem a bad idea. I couldn’t remember why I was sober, I mean I knew it was because things had been bad for a moment the consequences seemed irrelevant like they wouldn’t be so bad “this time”. And how many times have I thought that before… SO MANY. And it’s often bad and only gets worse!!! It isn’t normal to crave alcohol, I have a disease; that’s why I have a program to help keep me sober. I have a disease that CAN kill me if I let it. And it wouldn’t take long before it killed me. Not physically of course, my body could stand more abuse, but mentally I’m near exhaustion - my sponsor even said today that if I went out drinking again I wouldn’t make to 30, I’d have topped myself. Sorry for the serious topic but it is serious. I’m in bed and I’ll be going to sleep sober, by the grace of god (my higher power as I understand him). Thanks if you bothered to read all that. #sober #soberrecovery #sobriety #mylife #TAKEBACKTHESOBERHASHTAG

I need these words burnt into my brain. Accepting reality is really, really hard for me. I’ve heard ppl say in mtgs they felt like they were born without the instruction manual for life, & everyone else had one. I totally feel like that. I’m still here wondering HOWWW do ppl know how to LIVE, know how to behave like an adult when I’m floundering over here with no idea what the fuck I’m doing. Reading this calms me though. Thank God for AA & the big book!!
- AA Big Book pg 417 #sobergirl #sober #sobriety #soberrecovery #soberlife