soberania national park


decided to take a few minutes to add a few photos to the website today.  these 2 are fresh as is the one following and the last one is a defilibration (or resuscitation if that’s your style).  anyways, you’ll find em blending in to the ‘Landscapes’ and the 'great OUTDOORS’ sections. 

this pair is a bit of a discontiguous panorama.  i tried em together, as a diptych, but they just don’t feel as majestic on the site as they do standing alone.  maybe that’s influenced by just how much effort is involved in them.  looks easy … but carrying a 4x5 kit up 150+ steps on some jungle canopy tower to a mid level platform is tuff enuf.  trying to focus under a dark cloth, and frame the shot with no air moving while humidity soars near 100% is beyond me.  but then i’m a pansy when it comes to humidity and perspiration. i could take -10 all day however.

all that histrionic hoopla aside, i’m pretty happy with the pair of jungle shots.  there’s no skyline and no baseline.  nothing but green … and that’s not the easiest p.o.v. to find.  

i’m hoping to get back down there soon, to Panama.  financial struggles have kept me away since last Oct.  but it could be that my ship is coming in.  soon.

Soberania Natl Park, Panama - 10/2012