Righting Wrongs Part 2

Thanks for the positive feedback on part 1! It can be found here if you missed it. Here is part 2! Thanks again to @paperbacktrash for the feedback, especially the reactions to the character(s) I have created for this!

This follows the events after ACOWAR so there will be mentions on some of the original story in case you have not read ACOWAR yet.

Summary: Tamlin’s road to redemption. He joins forces with a familiar face and some new faces to further his goals.

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sentence 9 or 13 for freyder, I can't choose lol

So… I wrote #9, and it’s not really what I wanted. So, here it is, and I’ll be posting #13 in a moment.

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“Ryder,” Cora greeted as the Pathfinder entered the biolab.

“You wanted to see me?” The Pathfinder tucked her short hair behind her right ear, revealing the purple tattoo on her cheek.

Cora frowned. “We need to talk about your life choices.”

Sara laughed, and the carefree sound only reminded Cora just how young the woman was. When the lieutenant didn’t join in her good humor, Ryder sobered.
“Oh, shit,” she said. “You’re serious.”

Cora sighed. “Look, I want to trust your judgment, but your decisions on Kadara give me,” she paused. “Pause,” she finished.

The Pathfinder crossed her arms and cocked her hip. “You would have sided with Sloane.”

The lieutenant shrugged. “Sloane was a known entity. She might have been a tyrant, but we could have dealt with that in time.” She sighed, “the Collective…”
“The Collective helped pave the way for an Initiative outpost.” Sara raised an eyebrow at her. “Something I thought you’d be happy about.”

“I am,” Cora promised. “I just hope that outpost doesn’t come with strings attached.”

Sara scowled at her. Cora doubted the Pathfinder realized just how much the expression made her look like Alec.

“Is you concern professional,” she asked. “Or personal?”

The lieutenant sighed. “Both?” She shook her head. “You can’t possibly trust Vidal.”

“He’s not as bad as you think.”

“Maybe,” she conceded. “But, he might not be as good as you think, either.”

Ryder ran a hand through her hair. “You’re making too big a deal out of this. Reyes is fun,” she said. “I like him well enough, but I won’t let It interfere with my work.”

She wanted to argue, to point out to the younger woman all the ways she’d already let the smuggler interfere, but she could tell it would get her nowhere. Sara’s jaw was set, her teeth clenched, and her blue eyes cold and unwavering. She looked so much like her father in that moment that a sharp stab of grief lit up Cora’s chest like a lightning bolt.

“All right, Ryder,” she said. “Just… be careful.” It was the only thing she could say that the Pathfinder would accept. But that didn’t keep the lieutenant from vowing to warp Vidal all the way back to Earth if he hurt the woman. She was Alec Ryder’s little girl, and Cora would defend her at any cost.

It’s Not Easy

For Voltron Week Day 5: Relationships. Platonic Hunk & Shiro (or Space Dads as I like to call them), and accidentally kind of Shiro-centric. Also on AO3.

WARNING: Descriptive anxiety attack.

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