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bi five: sophie winters (far from you by tess sharpe)

“That can’t be an excuse. There can’t be any excuses. Every single therapist you’ve sent me to will tell you that. I’m an addict. I’ll always be an addict. Just like I’ll always be crippled. And you’ve never been okay with either. I am. It took me a long time but I am.”

Robert: serial cheater in youth, cheats on Chrissie repeatedly, lights brothers home on fire to threaten sister in law, accidently kills sister in law, confesses to brother his crime, proceeds to make rest of family believe brother is crazy and imagined confession, leaves Lawrence on the floor dying from heart attack, hires hit on chas before changing mind, attempts to murder paddy before changing mind, threatens children, holds aaron and paddy hostage at gunpoint, tampers with line in attempt to hurt or kill (??) ex wife, bribes fake witness, kidnaps and scares bribed witness when they get out of hand. Repeatedly attacked Aarons self harming when angry. The literal numerous things hes done when upset since showing back up.

Fandom: I mean I know Robert is really flawed but I love him and Robron forever.

Also Robert: Cheats on Aaron.

Also fandom: ummmm???? Hes fucking dead to me???? He literally doesn’t care at all???? I can’t believe hed ever do something like this ???????

2p!FACE severe cuddles!:

2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy-
Clingy wasn’t normally a word you could use to describe Francois. In fact, it’d be a complete opposite. But tonight, he was barely sober, and it showed. You could smell the alcohol directly from his lips, they were pressed to your ear. He pulled you against him and split your legs with one of his own. Your chest was crashed against his and there was no argument. He needed to feel someone, and was desperate for it to be you.

2p!America/Allen Jones-
Suffocating. He was suffocating you, or at least, that what it seemed like. Allen had fallen asleep with you on the couch, and at first it was sweet. But an hour later and a still unconscious boyfriend changed that. You were pressed between him and the back of the couch, his arms wrapped around your chest. His legs shoved against your own, sloppily. You were his involuntary teddy bear.

2p!Canada/Matthew Williams-
You woke up when the scent of pine captured your nostrils. But upon this awakening you had an addition to the bed. Matthew is nuzzling his head below your neck, and his arms are wrapped around your waist. On your first attempt to move you’re captured by his legs, which now held yours in place. On the second you receive a possible death threat. And on the third you receive a plea to stay still. He continuously buries his head into your skin, as if he wanted no space to be left between the two of you.  

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland-
You were uncomfortable. That much he surely had to realize. 
“Love, you‘re so…plush.” He commented while rubbing his cheeks into your stomach. He’s been resting there for only a few minutes, but it felt longer. As you twitched a single leg away, he not-so-subtly reprimanded you. His bottom limbs encased yours, making escape impossible. Oliver was close and comfortable, and even if it makes you a little squirmy, you couldn’t deny him. Instead you laid a hand on his head, tracing your fingers in the locks.  

Draco had rather hoped that Potter would be hilarious when drunk, but he was just kind of quiet and unhappy, smaller than he seemed when sober. He showed Draco how to use his new, beautiful television which Draco was planning to keep on all the time for company, and Draco gazed at the television with rapture and secretly plotted to himself, and Potter totally failed to do anything embarrassing . The only strange thing was when Draco glanced away from the television and saw Potter, closer than he’d thought he was and with his head bowed, lightly touching the cotton collar of Draco’s shirt.

So Potter had a strange fascination with material when he was drunk. Wonderful. Draco had been hoping at least for a fit of the giggles.
—  The Way We Get By by Maya
DUFF McKAGAN documentary to be released on DVD this June

Entertainment One UK release ‘It’s So Easy (And Other Lies)’ on DVD on 20th June 2016. Duff McKagan, renowned bassist and songwriter from Guns ‘N’ Roses & Velvet Revolver, stars in a documentary feature film based on his New York Times Best Selling Autobiography of the same name.

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When you realize that ‘Truth + Dare’ was the main theme that ran rampant throughout the MADE series. The juxtaposition of these two words that showed how two songs can be so contrasting and yet the same. With M you see truth of how life really is vs the extreme imagination of life. With A we see the life of the party vs the chill relaxation with friends, Sober showed us the complete madness of heartbreak vs the regret that comes with losing someone in If You. And finally with E we get this acceptance in not continuing love vs this boastful egocentric song that makes us feel good despite the absence of a love life.