sober living environment

When I was 3 they raided my house.

When I was 3 they raided my house.

I come from a family of felons.
When I was 5 I used to visit my mom in prison, then I used to accept collect calls from state penitentiaries from my dad, uncles, and cousins. They raided our house, I was 10, and I received beautifully hand made envelopes from my mom and dad in prison. When I was 14 I visited my mom in a sober living environment, with guards watching. After my 16th birthday my mom and her girlfriend went to detox, I smoked PCP and totaled her girlfriend’s car. I went to juvie. After my 20th birthday I got arrested for graffiti. I’m a 33 year old (genderqueer) party girl without a degree doing prison abolition work.

Keeping myself out of prison is the most radical revolutionary work I can and will ever do.

Don’t let smug ass activist with degrees get you down. Especially, especially the white ones.

feel free to reblog, I know I aint the only brown kid with story.