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How To Choose The Right Spouse

“Young man, is your intended one gentle and modest? Is she submissive to her parents; has she a taste for work, for prayer, for the frequentation of the sacraments? If so, then marry her without fear; she has qualities which will insure your happiness. But, on the contrary, if she is vain and arrogant, and negligent in her religious duties, beware of marrying her; you would bring a viper into your family circle.

Young woman, is your intended industrious and sober? Does he go regularly to the sacraments? If so marry him, and be without fear. But, on the contrary, is he dissipated and idle, does he neglect the sacraments, does he frequent bad company, does he pass a great part of his time in the saloons? Ah! then, be on your guard. If you should marry him, you would be the most unhappy of wives. No, do not marry him, even if he promises to correct himself, for such promises are always made but seldom kept.”

—Abbe Luch

Zodiac Sign Traits
  • Aries (The Ram): quick, impulsive, uncomplicated, dynamic, reckless, impatient, unthoughtful, primitve, pioneering, independent, arbitrary, egoistic, irresponsible, optimistic, adventurous, courageous, fearless, confident
  • Taurus (The Bull): practical, realistic, determined, stubborn, slowly but steady, lazy, indulging, pragmatic, stubborn, slow, realistic, faithful, companiable, tender, caring, clingy, steady, possessive, greedy, jealous
  • Gemini (The Twins): rational, negotiating, critical, quick, clever, changeable, shallow, factual, critical, logical, intellectual, precise, analysing, quick, witty, cynical, lively, easygoing, curious, charming, entertaining, sociable, fair, shallow, fickle, distracted
  • Cancer (The Crab): instinctive, sympathetic, ambitious, motherly, selfless, shy, fearful, childlike, imaginative, dreamy, illogical, dependent, wishful, sensitive, romantic, impressible, naive, trusting, clingy, caring, manipulative
  • Leo (The Lion): confident, optimistic, determined, planning, expressive, organizational, self-centered, narcissistic, excessive, intuitive, intelligent, certain, humorous, benevolent, generous, passionate, dramatic
  • Virgo (The Virgin): zealous, tidy, industrious, reliable, thorough, fussy, distrustful, thrifty, smart, critical, sober, objective, pragmatic, adaptable, keen, cautious, reserved, chaste, critical, helpful, cold
  • Libra (The Scales): creative, peaceful, classy, tactful, tolerant, sociable, agreeable, indecisive, dependent, aloof, smart, visionary, open-minded, communicative, influencable, shallow, calculating, sociable, negotiating, balancing, need to be liked
  • Scorpio (The Scorpion): merciless, intense, instinctive, obsessive, determined, provocative, tough, deep, investigative, paranoid, analytical, unyielding, cynical, powerful,passionate, dark, jealous, vengeful, extreme
  • Sagittarius (The Archer): motivated, inspired, open-minded, graceful, idealistic, beguiling, self-righteous, intellectual, liberal, convinced, subjective, cocky, enthusiastic, sensitive to criticism, freedom-loving, fear of emotional exposure
  • Capricorn (The Seagoat): responsibe,eager, industrious, reliable, sober, realistic, consequent, joyless, pressured, competitive,precise, practical, concentrated, thick-headed, reasonable,serious, hesitant, reliable, dutiful, cautious, reserved, closed up, cold, depressed
  • Aquarius (The Watebearer): independent, freedom-loving, smart, unpredictable, rebellious, sociable, witty, objective, future-oriented, funny, full of ideas, distanced, snappy,lively, uncommitted, friendly yet cold, isolated, anarchistic
  • Pisces (The Fish): sensitive, instinctive, passive, sacrificing, selfless, escapist, contradictory, seducable, chameleon-like,intuitive, phantastic, insightful, subjective, blurry, selfless, ready to make sacrifices, empathatic, understanding, longing, easily hurt and depressed, escapist

Anyway it was an 18th century AU where Barry’s family is the landowners and Len is a stable boy.

Len’s mother died giving birth to him which caused his father to drink more and become abusive and once Lisa was born, it only got worse because Lisa’s mother left him.

And Len took care of Lisa because obviously no one else would. They’re landowners so they’re pretty well off but Len made sure she got an education and that she just had a happy life in general. But that didn’t stop his father from abusing him.

So Len decides to leave. He thinks Lisa will be safer without him and he wouldn’t want to take her with him anyway, especially if he plans on being a tradesman and stealing things.

So yeah, Len trades things he steals and makes a living out of that for many years (into his early 20’s at least). Until he stumbles upon a flier that says something like

“Wanted immediately, a stable boy that can tend to animals and land. Such a one, that can come well recommended, for an honest, industrious, sober Man, will meet with Encouragement to his Satisfaction, a good seat of Work and his money paid every Saturday Night if he chooses it.”

And he thinks it’s a really good idea. Maybe he can get his life together and go back for Lisa. He’s never actually worked before seeing as there were always workers around his fathers land, but it can’t be too hard, right?

Now, children born to a black parent and a white parent were forced to assume the mothers’ status: children of slave mothers assumed the slave status, while children of white mothers were sold as indentured servants until the age of thirty. However, Leonard’s complexion and blue eyes would most likely allow him to stay with his father. Blend in, if you will. No one would notice and if they did, he could always lie and say his mother was white and his father was black. They’d have no choice but to believe him.

So yeah, he arrives at the Allen estate and Henry Allen gives him the job on the spot. Len is actually really surprised by his kindness seeing as every other landowner he’s run into was an asshole but oh well. Len is grateful.


They don’t get along at first. At all. Barry thinks Len is rude and unkind and doesn’t like the way he was blatantly checked out when they first met. Len thinks Barry is snooty and judgmental. Terrible first impressions all around.

But imagine Barry watching Len work from the windows. Pretending to enjoy the nice weather outside while he reads a book when he reality, he can’t keep his eyes away from Len’s sweat soaked back and honestly Barry is so ashamed of himself. It’s the middle of summer, so maybe it’s just the heat. When he wakes up sweaty and hot and hard it’s because of the weather okay it’s definitely not because of that reoccurring dream of the Len taking him against the sturdy wall of the stable okay it’s NOT THAT ITS THE SUMMER HEAT.

So there’s lots of sexual tension. Especially when Len knows Barry is watching and starts brushing past him on purpose, winking at him, working shirtless, looking at him suggestively, the whole 9 yards. Barry is constantly flustered and it’s a mess really.

And I can’t continue this without it turning into complete and utter smut (though someone else can totally continue this) BUT DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHY I WAS SO UPSET??? THIS AU IS EVERYTHING I COULD EVER WANT.

Before I came here, I had no Idea that the King was so popular as he is, his Reign having been marked by national Calamities produced by reprehensible measures. But his Popularity is owing to his private, rather than his official character. as a man, there is much in him to command; and I have not heard any vice imputed to him—as a domestic man, affectionate and attentive to his Queen and children, and affable to all about him, he is universally esteemed—few men are so punctual in all things—He patronizes the Arts and Sciences—He pays uncommon attention to agriculture and delights in his Farms—He lays out about ten thousand pounds a Year in improving and embellishing the royal Estates—He is industrious, sober and temperate; and has acquired much various Knowlege and Information. He converses with Ease, and often with adroitness; and has an uncommon memory—they who ought to know him, concur in these accounts. That he is a great & a wise King, I have not heard asserted—That he does (to use a vulgar Expression) as well as he knows how, seems not to be doubted; but yet some say, that he occasionally is cunning, instead of being wise—I have heard him described as being a great man in little Things; and as being generally well intentioned, pertinacious & persevering.

John Jay, letter to George Washington from London, March 6, 1795

Not the same picture of George III that most Americans had.

jadziabear  asked:

Imagine Bucky receiving medical treatment from Fitzsimmons

It happens so fast that even Steve’s heightened reflexes don’t have time to react. Bucky’s breath is coming quickly as Fitz helps him into his seat; his face is white from blood loss, pupils dilated, and then Fitz is staggering backwards with a shout and Steve’s heart is sinking through the floor.

Bucky still can’t cope with medical treatment. Steve had hoped that multiple shattered ribs and a bullet wound to the gut might convince him to acknowledge the necessity of being treated, but - well.

“I’m - I’m fine,” Fitz pants, catching his balance on the wall beside him. “It’s fine, Agent May. Please.” On Coulson’s nod May lowers her gun, but she doesn’t holster it. Coulson’s calm gaze turns on Steve, and Steve knows exactly how this ends: they’re going to have to sedate him, again, and when he comes back around he’ll be fully healed and half-panicked and vindicated all over again in his distrust.

And then - Steve is still staring, paralysed, praying to every god he’s heard of for a way out of this mess - then Simmons is shrugging off her lab coat and stepping forward, very slowly.

“For heaven’s sake, Fitz,” she says. “You can’t just manhandle our patients like that. Are you alright, Sergeant Barnes?” The tension in the room spikes sharply as she steps closer, but Simmons doesn’t falter. “He must have jarred you, didn’t he? Those ribs of yours look very uncomfortable. Would you like a painkiller?”

Don’t mention drugs, Steve thinks, panic rising in his throat like bile. Bucky is terrified of being drugged. But he doesn’t lash out again, and Simmons makes no move to administer any medication - just tips out a white tablet into her hand and watches carefully for Bucky’s reaction.

His lips are closed tight, jaw clenched, eyes fixed on the pill like he expects it to leap up and hurl itself down his throat. “Actually,” says Simmons, “I think Fitz had better have one too. I think you sprained your wrist in that fall just now.”

“Not at all, I’m perfectly - oh, actually, yes. That does hurt a lot,” says Fitz, catching on only a split second before Steve does: these pills are safe. Look, we give them to our own team as well. And it works: once it becomes obvious that the pill isn’t doing Fitz and harm, Bucky takes his without a fuss. Simmons hangs back for a few quiet moments, lets him breathe. His posture relaxes a little. His eyes take on a slightly glazed look. He’s not calm, exactly, but whatever was in the pill he took has taken the edge off his panic. Just enough that he doesn’t flinch when Simmons steps closer again.

“There we go.” Simmons smiles encouragingly, and then somehow - somehow, thank God, and Steve is going to buy Simmons the world’s biggest bouquet when this is over - Bucky isn’t fighting her. She keeps up a steady stream of chatter as she works, telling Bucky exactly what she’s doing, and by the time she’s finished her work Bucky’s breathing has slowed to almost normal and his right hand isn’t even shaking anymore.

It takes Fitz a while to sober up from the industrial strength painkiller, of course - but from the goofy grin on his face when he leaves the medical bay, he doesn’t seem to mind.


Part 3 of my series on angry gamers is online. Transcript below the cut.

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December 22 - January 20
The Patriarch

  • Symbol: The seagoat
  • Element: Earth
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Ruling Planet: Saturn
  • Season: Cold and harsh winter
  • Archetype: The veteran
  • Shadow: The grump
  • Strength: Sense of responsibility
  • Weakness: The joyless worker
  • Motto: I achieve!
  • Goal: To complete the work
  • Life purpose: To represent law and order
  • Traits: responsible, eager, industrious, reliable, sober, realistic, consequent, joyless, pressured, competitive, precise, practical, concentrated, thick-headed, reasonable, serious, hesitant, reliable, dutiful, cautious, reserved, closed up, cold, depressed, ambitious, loyal, wise