I was talking to Raoul at work the other day about Man of Steel and specifically Lois Lane. (And I had a brief interaction with Gail Simone on twitter about it.) There be spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the movie.

I really enjoyed the portrayal of Lois in this movie. I’m not a huge Superman buff, but I’ve always liked the dynamic of Lois and Clark. They are great together, both as colleagues and in a relationship. This movie did a great job of it.

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard though, is that Lois knows that Clark is Superman. Apparently it takes away from the “love triangle” dynamic. Let’s get one thing straight: the love triangle dynamic does nothing positive for Lois Lane. It makes her look shallow and it makes her look stupid.

Are you seriously going to tell me that Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Lois Lane can’t tell that 6'4" Clark Kent, with his jet black hair and blue eyes, is 6'4" Superman, with his jet black hair and blue eyes, because he slouches, wears baggy clothes and glasses, and raises his voice an octave? Get the fuck out. Literally. Leave my blog and never come back.

And as Raoul pointed out, is she really so shallow that she would chase after Supes because he’s big and muscly, but totally blow off Clark (who would lick her shoes clean at night if she asked)? Doubt it. She can be a little spacey sometimes (and her spelling could use work), but she’s not shallow. (Let’s be honest, Clark is pretty dreamy, too.)

So how fucking excited was I when Lois Lane follows the trail of the mystery man, who never gave his real name or employment history, all the way back to an iHop in Smallville, Kansas? Really fucking excited. And did I squeal a bit when she knocks on Martha Kent’s door? You bet I did. That’s the Lois Lane I want to see. She tracked down Clark Kent before he ever put on his cape. She found his father’s grave in KS and forced him to reveal himself to her a good 30-40 minutes before anyone ever said the word “Superman”. Give her some awards. Hell, hire her to work for the CIA or the NSA or some shit.

(This is also a big part of why I’m against Clark/Diana in the New 52 [see also: WonderBat forever] but I won’t rant about that right now.) 

So to me, this version of Lois Lane is definitely one of the best. I’d need to do some serious rewatching of older stuff before I declare her the best, but she’s definitely a contender.