Even the stage directions are filled with despair…
From the Hamiltomes

Ok but why is no one talking about uncle Rick saying nico listens to techno pop?
Why are we not talking about talking about everyone assuming he listens to dark music but actually he’s listening to lady gaga? Why are we not talking about him smiling and humming to himself and everyone near being oddly terrified? Why are we not talking about him and will dancing to Mika in nico’s Giant empty cabin and having the time of their life? This is such a good and pure fact why is no one taLKING ABOUT IT

She felt lonely. Like nobody cared. She cried and cried. Nobody was there.
She kept on sobbing, until her eyes were red. Just wanting to be able to go to bed.
She overthought and cried herself to sleep.
All night long, all she did was weep.
—  A small poem.