[TRANS] Yoongi’s letter to Santa

25th December 2016 If by that time we do get any awards I hope we receive the daesang award. I told you we are all working hard

expialidanxious  asked:

im so fricken invested in buttons life by this point that any time i see him crying i just. fricken. I wanna protect him

Good luck, he cries a lot. For example, he’s now crying because he was touched by your ask :D


d e a t h ,  d e v o u r e r  o f  w o r l d s 


Ignis reads a weird children’s book.

Not to be my usual Emo™ self but, you guys remember that scene where Norma Louise Bates finds out about her husband Alex Romero killing Bob Paris for her? Do you remember how right after he murmured the words “I had no choice” she gazed at him in absolute wonder and realization. It hit her like a pill of bricks. This was such an “oh shit this man really loves me” kind of moment for her. For the first time in her life, Norma Louise Bates was shook to the very core of her being by the reality of Alex Romero’s love for her. I think this was the moment she realized just how much he loved her and how unwilling she was to let go of that. To have someone love her in that kind of selfless way was something completely new to her. The way she just latched on to him and held him. Simply held as if he were something precious. A precious, priceless secret that she wanted to keep for herself. Don’t even get me started with Alex Romero. His look of utter relief by her acceptance in regards to his confession was just so breathtaking. This was something he never planned on telling her. Forever her silent protector, never expecting anything in return because to him it’s reward enough to see her happy and safe. His number one priority. The way he gently grazed her wrist with his hand and touched her forehead in complete comfort, was everything these two needed. Episode by episode they unloaded their baggage unto each other and built something real. Something that gave them everything they had secretly held hoped for. Something that took them both by surprise but very much deserved it. So much was said in those held gazes, so much was transmitted between the two that words couldn’t have possibly portrayed. Once again, this narrative of two broken people who’ve lost so much in their lives, gives their end an even more sharp taste of bittersweet. They gave you the possibility of a forever but in the end it was cut short.