sobbing while doing this


half way through finding nemo i realized dory’s monologue really suited jason and thalia…soooo….here we are.

i just want a scene where the homesickness becomes too much for lance and he breaks down in front of keith. i need them to be sat on lance’s bed and for lance to have his back up against keiths chest as he stares out of his window and into space. i need keith holding lance as close as he can as lance just sobs while all keith can do is stroke his hair, rock him and occasionally hush his cries. i need the soft silence of it. i need lance to let himself break. i need keith to be there to help pick up the pieces when he does :/

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“It’s okay, I’m here.” Aoba whisper as he kiss Koujaku’s forehead. The older man wrap his arms around Aoba’s slender waist, holding back his tears as his heart beat slow down from another nightmare that woke him up. “Hey Aoba… you remember that magic trick you did when we were kids? Can you… do it again?” His lover blush but comply with the request. Despite his embarrassment, he sing softly as he hugs Koujaku’s head to his chest, “Pain pain go away, come again another day~”

threat // peter parker

request from @fragilefrances: Reader keeps getting threats and she keeps it to herself and when she disappears, Peter finds the threats and tries to find her before its too late

word count: 3.3k

a/n: hey guys! this my first time writing a request, so i hope you guys enjoy! i realize i didn’t do exactly what the request said, but i hope it’s still ok (sorry!!). unedited! this will get a part 2 soon! and starting next monday, i begin high school! it should be okay for the first few weeks, but i might get a lil busy so i hope y'all understand! i’ll still write as much as possible <3 and hope you guys enjoy this! warning for threatening and kidnapping themes. <3333



“So I thought about telling her that, y’know, I was kind of in an awkward situation there. But how are you supposed to do that with all these people around?”


“And then she had this idea, right, and I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ and she was getting this empty bottle and she said she wanted to play Spin the Bottle!”

“Uh huh.”

“She knows that I have strict boundaries with that stuff, and she still…” You trail off into silence for a few seconds. “Okay, Pete, I know you don’t care, but give me something to work with here.” You wait for a response, and then check to see if Peter is still on the other end of the line. “Hello?”

“Wait, what did you say?” You sigh audibly at this. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I was…zoned out.”

“It’s okay.” There’s a short pause.

“So what were you telling me?”

“Uh, it’s nothing important. Speaking of which, I’m getting a little tired. I’d better get going.”

“It’s not even eight, how are you tired already?” He sounds confused.

“I stayed up last night. I’ll see you.”

“Uh, okay then. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

You hang up the phone call, feeling discomfort poke at you. Peter’s as close to a best friend you’ll ever have. You know him like the back of your hand. But recently he’s been a little weird around you. He’s always off in his own little world, thinking about something else. It was okay the first few times, but now you hardly have conversations with him anymore. You’re just worried if he’s okay sometimes.

Is this just a thing that happens when people grow apart? You gaze out of your tiny window into the not-so-tiny world. The sun is drowning in the horizon, the fiery orange and red tones fading away into pink, and then into periwinkle blue. The city is noisy, but in this transition between day and night, everything looks beautiful.

You think about talking to Peter. But where would you even begin? How do people have supportive conversations? You’re not very good at being helpful in this kind of situation. You move away from your window and flop onto your bed. You dig around your sheets for a minute before finding your phone. You Google ‘Why is my best friend being distant?’ and scroll through a few pages. If anything, this just depresses you more, so you decide to stop.

You’re about to close your phone when it dings with a text. Is it Peter with another half-assed apology? It seems you’ve been spared from that tonight. You scroll through your conversations, but you don’t see any new texts. You frown when you see an old text. Whoops, you forgot to text a classmate back about a quiz. The quiz that happened today. Yikes.

Well, you’re sure it’s okay. You set your phone aside to do homework. But as soon as you lift your pencil, your phone starts ringing. Without looking at who it is, you pick up, voice firm. “Peter, I’m sleeping. Bye.”

You pause, and then look at who’s really calling you. Whoever it was turned off their caller ID. Uh…weird. Is this a prank call? “Um…hello?” You say cautiously.

The silence hangs for what feels like an eternity. Unsettled, you hang up. You have a notification for a text. You open it.

Unknown: There’s a package waiting for you on your doorstep. Get it within fifteen minutes.

You frown. Is this one of your friends trying to play some sick practical joke on you? “Yeah? Or what?” You mutter to yourself, scoffing.

Unknown: [image attached] Or else something might just happen to him.

Your eyes widen when you look at the picture. It’s Peter, sitting in his bedroom. But…he’s, like, attached to the ceiling. He’s hanging upside down and reading a book. No, this must be digitally edited or something. That’s when you see two things. The digital clock, which reads the time right now: 8:37 PM. And a very familiar looking suit on the floor. The Spider-Man suit. You’ve never been more confused.

You feel a tight knot in your chest. How does this person know who Peter is? How do they know you? Who are they? How do they know that you know Peter? They’re not going to hurt him, are they? Why does Peter have that suit? Christ, is he the Spider-Man that you saw in a YouTube video a few days ago?

You look at your clock. Nearly five minutes have passed already. You don’t want to find out what they’ll do to Peter if you don’t comply, so you quickly stand up and fumble to unlock your door. You race downstairs and past a pair of worried looking mothers.

“Honey, is everything -” You cut one of them off as you step out of the apartment. Sure enough, there’s a small box sitting there. You scoop it up and dash back upstairs with it. You swallow, breathing heavily as you grab your phone. Another message pops up.

Unknown: Good girl. Give it to the hooded boy waiting in the alley by your building at 7:50 AM tomorrow. Don’t talk to him.

You try keep yourself together and think. Do you dare send a message?

You: who are you and how do you know me?

You: how do you know him?

No response. You didn’t really expect one, anyway.

You: you can do anything you want with me. just don’t touch him. please.

You don’t expect a response to that, either, but then, a message pops up.

Unknown: Follow your instructions without hesitation and he will go unharmed.

You set your phone down as you try to process everything. The first thing you do is cry, sobbing uncontrollably while you clutch a pillow to your chest. What do you even do? You want to call Peter, but you’re scared of what might happen. Whoever this is knows how dear he is to your heart. What do they know and what don’t they know? Is anything even private anymore?

You think about every memory you shared with Peter. That one time you ruined his new jeans by throwing a cupcake at him. Or when you sat on the floor and debated over Star Wars fan theories for a whole day. Or the countless nights you stayed up with him on Skype, talking endlessly. Or just a few months ago, when he kissed you and he thought you didn’t feel that way about him even though you did.

He’s not just the friend that went through thick and thin with you. You love him, goddammit. And now you don’t know what to do because you can’t imagine being in a world without him. You can’t even imagine him ever being hurt. At any other point in your life, the possibility that he might be Spider-Man would freak you out more than anything. But right now, you don’t care about any of it. You’re pretty sure that even Spider-Man can’t dodge a bullet when he least expects it.

You try to make yourself feel better about it all. So what, you move around a few packages and then they leave you alone. And then you can carry on with your life and have everything be okay. No biggie.

Still, a dark feeling disturbs you.

Having completely forgotten about your homework, you lay on your bed to sleep. You’re too frightened to sleep with the lights off, so you leave them on as you drift into an uncomfortable slumber. You toss and turn all night, racked with paranoia and fear. You hardly get any sleep. For the longest time, you stare at the ceiling. You just want Peter to be safe. You just want to protect him. The idea of protecting Spider-Man feels silly, but the picture ‘Unknown’ sent you lingers in your head. He’s still a kid, like you. He still has vulnerabilities.

You jolt when your alarm clock goes off, scaring you. You quickly switch it off. 6:30 AM. If you have to give the package to someone at 7:50, you’re going to be late for school. You guess one day won’t be too bad. You scrape your hair out of your face and put on your jeans and t-shirt from yesterday. The t-shirt says “May the force be with you” but the word “force” is replaced with the formula for force. It was a Christmas present from Peter.

At 7:30, you head outside to wait with the package in hand. It’s chillier than you expected, but you manage to stand there for twenty minutes. Goosebumps lines your exposed arms as you look around for the recipient. You realize that you didn’t even stop to think about what was in the box. You were so busy worrying about Peter that you forgot about it. What if you’re carrying meth or crack cocaine or something? What if you’re helping some illegal activity happen?

Just as you start freaking out over it, a hooded figure enters the alley. You’ve never seen the guy before, but he looks young. He can’t be older than seventeen. He stares at you expectantly. You open your mouth to say something but quickly shut it when you remember that you’re not supposed to say anything. You quickly hand over the box. To your surprise, he starts opening it. You watch, lips parted.

You expect him to take out something suspicious-looking, but instead he reveals a knife wrapped in cloth. He unwinds the cloth, and before you can even scream, the boy pins you to the wall. One gloved hand presses tightly over your mouth as you try and yell out. He presses the knife to your throat and you reflexively tilt your head back to try and create some space between your neck and the knife.

Oh god, this is it. This is the end. You think about how you should’ve been a little nicer to your moms, and how you should’ve apologized to a few people. You should’ve told Peter you loved him. And maybe kissed him again. His image flashes in your head. His warm, dark eyes that crinkle when he smiles at you. His soft lips against yours, hungry for something you’ve both wanted for an eternity. The way his dark brown hair flops onto his forehead and escapes the gel when he’s leaning over to work on a project. The look on his face right before he’s about to make a dumb joke that you’ll laugh at anyway. It’s all too sweet to let go of so quickly, but if it means saving him, you’ll do it without hesitation.

And then, as though the guy was having second thoughts, he steps back. He almost looks apologetic, but it might just be the lighting. Your heart’s still pounding out of fear as you fumble for your phone. What the hell?

Unknown: Wait until further instruction.

You look back up to yell at the boy, but he’s vanished. You glance into the darkening alley, and then out towards the street. Great, you don’t want your life threatened again anyway. You check the time. It’s nearly 8:10, and you’re already missing first period. You race out to go to school.

In second period English, Peter side eyes you the whole time, like he normally does. You normally do the same, but you can’t seem to bring yourself to look at him today. Your phone is on your lap in case you get a text.

Is he really Spider-Man? You tune out the entire class, until the teacher walks up to you. “Y/N, are you alright?” You jolt slightly in surprise when you see her.

“Uh, yeah, I’m fine,” you say quickly, tripping over your words.

“You didn’t seem to hear me for the past five minutes. Where’s your homework?” You’re acutely aware that the whole class is staring at you, including Peter. Your cheeks redden in embarrassment when you realize you didn’t do it last night. What are you supposed to say?

“U-Uh, I left it at, um, home.” Your voice is quiet as you look down, your face burning up. Everyone’s going to think you’re stupid and you don’t take school seriously. They’re going to think that instead of doing my homework last night, you were at Flash’s party getting drunk, and that’s why you’re being weird now. Ha. As if you’d even get invited.

You spend the rest of class being extremely embarrassed as you try and participate more. At the end of class, Peter walks up to you. Dejected, you try and walk past him, but he blocks your path.  You step around him, but he’s too quick. He grabs you by the arms this time, but then lets go when you show obvious discomfort. You walk out of the classroom, Peter right beside you. “What’s up with you?” He asks.

“Nothing,” you murmur, slightly annoyed.

“Oh, so you mean nothing as in totally ignoring me, having bags under your eyes, and not doing your homework for once in a blue moon. You look like you saw a ghost, you’re scared out of your damn mind. So don’t give me this bullshit about nothing being wrong, Y/N.” Is he mad at you? Suddenly, it seems silly to think he was the same person you fell in love with months ago. He seems completely different. The Peter you know wouldn’t get mad at you. His expression softens when he sees yours. “I’m sorry.”

“No, you know what, Parker, what’s wrong with you?”

By now, the halls are nearly clear except for those skipping. “What are you talking about?” Peter asks, confused. He looks kind of upset, because he knows you’re serious when you call him by his last name.

“You know what I’m talking about. You hardly talk to me, and you’re never paying attention when you do. If you don’t fricking like being around me, then tell me and I’ll leave you the hell alone! I thought we were best friends, and I thought that meant you could tell me anything. But whenever I ask, you say it’s nothing and I’ve been trying so hard to believe it. Because I trust you to tell me the truth when you think it’s time. But then the moment I start acting weird too, you just have to push it. Maybe I have my own secrets too. Did you ever think about that too? Maybe I put on a suit and I leap around kicking ass, too.” You spread your arms out, the angry look on your face quickly breaking apart. Peter’s eyes are wide as he stares, in complete shock. You can’t bring yourself to say anything else. You wipe the tears that start spilling from your eyes.

Peter tries to pull you into a hug, but you shove him away as hard as you can. Spider-Man can take a push, can’t he? But he winces anyway, simply watching as you walk away. You check your phone, and your heart pangs in your chest at the message.

Unknown: Don’t speak to him again.

You’ve never felt more alone, but at the same time, you can never truly be alone. You can’t even talk to Peter anymore, isolating you from the one person that matters most to you. But now you’re sure they’re watching you somehow. They’re watching your every footstep, they’re listening to your every word.

You instantly feel bad for yelling at Peter, as you always do whenever you get upset at him. You just can’t control your emotions around him anymore. For some reason, this all makes you want to protect him more.

God, you hate everything. You hate Peter for what he does but love him for who he is, which is a confusing thing all on its own. And he’s Spider-Man. And you’re doing scary ass things under the promise of his safety.

Your fingers brush against your throat. There isn’t a cut there or anything. Huh, maybe the knife just wasn’t that sharp.

Your phone pings with instructions to retrieve a box. For the next few hours, you’re forced to skip school as you obediently follow seemingly random orders. Thankfully, you don’t get any more knives shoved to your throat again. You just move things around, and you don’t even have to deliver things to anyone.

Over the course of the day, you start to calm down a little. It’s only now that you begin to question the person’s motive of threatening you with Peter. Do they want something from you? Or something from Peter? Peter is more likely, with him being Spider-Man and all. But all Spider-Man does is stop robbers and help old ladies out. He just doesn’t seem like a person worth targeting for the reason that he might be a threat to criminals.

You’ve had missed calls from him all day. He must be wondering where you went, but every time you even get the urge to call back, you remember the harsh warning you were given to not talk to him. He sent you tons of texts, too.

Peter: where are you???

Peter: y/n please!! i’m worried about you, just tell me you’re safe and i’ll stop.

Peter: i know you’re mad and you don’t care, but i really care. just tell me if you’re home or something. i won’t come visit you if you don’t want me to. i just need to know if you’re in a safe place. that’s it.

Messages like this continue on until a few scrolls. Finally, they come to a stop and then Ned texts you.

Ned: Hey Y/N Peter looks like he’s going to have a panic attack

Ned: It’s really bad and he won’t listen to me

Ned: Just tell him you’re okay so he’ll stop freaking out

Ned: Dude you realize he’ll put on his suit and try and find you if you don’t respond soon right

You take a deep breath and look away, pained inside. You don’t want to think about Peter getting anxiety over you. At least he’s alive. And when all of this is over, you can tell him everything and he’ll understand. Because he’d do the same for you. That’s just the kind of people you and Peter are. Your thoughts are cut off when you see you got a message from ‘Unknown’.

Unknown: Go back to the alleyway by your apartment and wait.

Unknown: This is the last message you will receive.

Something about this feels weird to you. Wait for what? This is a vague message, which is unusual considered the pattern of very specific messages. Nonetheless, you begin making your way home. Your phone keeps buzzing with messages, probably from Ned. You keep yourself going with only one thought in mind. It’s almost over. Just one more thing to do, and then it’s all over. You just hope Peter will be okay.

You finally get to the alleyway as the sun moves downward. It won’t be sunset for a few hours, unfortunately, but it’s not like you would be able to see it from down here anyway. You’re nervous, and there’s a very odd feeling in your gut. It’s giving you a very clear message. RUN. You ignore it, looking over your shoulder to see if anyone’s coming. No one.

You wait there for a while, realizing how exhausted you are from running around the city all day. You probably have so much homework to catch up on, and you owe an explanation for not showing up to most of your classes. Your phone buzzes again, and you finally look at it.

Mom: Honey, why did your mother and I get an email saying that you didn’t go to any of your classes other than English today?

Mom: You know that you can talk to us about anything. You can tell us the truth.

Shit. You are so screwed when you go home. You quickly start thinking of excuses, because you obviously can’t tell them the truth in this situation. As you worry over this, you don’t notice that someone is behind you.

Suddenly, you feel metal clang against your skull, and you’re gone. You drop the ground instantaneously, unconscious.


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Mixed Emotions

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2394

Author’s Note: I thought of the idea of this when I started re-watching teen wolf season three. I fucking love to write angst and fluff so this is what it is! Thank you to my babes, @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me <3

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Hey how would the lords react to mc accidentally hurting herself in the kitchen?

Hey nonnie~! I’m sorry I took so long with this I FINALLY HAD THE TIME TO WRITE IT AND I HOPE YOU LIKE IT (◕▿◕✿) *goesbacktohidingundermybed*

Nobunaga would rush to MC’s side and scold her as he makes sure that she rests for the rest of the day. “You little fool, how many times do I have to tell you to be careful!” He doesn’t leave her side and gives her some konpeitō whenever he notices her wincing in pain. He attempted to cook some food for MC while she’s in bed, but he denies it and tells her that the maids made it.

Mitsuhide’s composure would shift, his mind would be distracted all throughout the day. He can’t leave Nobunaga’s side because of the various meetings going on, but he makes sure to visit her between each and every one. When he was finally free he remained by her side all the time. He would caress her cheek, stroke her hair and hold her hand while she’s sleeping. He wouldn’t scold her, but he tells her to be careful the next time. “Please be careful MC. I don’t want your hands to let go of mine.

Yukimura would freak out. He doesn’t know what to do. Should he stop the bleeding? Take her to the doctor’s office? Or treat the cut on MC’s hand himself. He decided to trusts his instincts and wash the blood away while wrapping a cloth around her hand, “H-here MC, this would stop the bleeding for now.” However, what he didn’t expect is MC wincing in pain when he tightened the cloth around the cut, “W-we’re going to the doctor right now!” He would say as he picks her up and rushes straight away to the nearest doctor office.

Saizo would sigh as he peeks at MC from behind, “How many times did I tell you to be careful, huh?” He would calmly look at her cut and disinfect it. He doesn’t waste anytime with unnecessary things and treats her immediately. Even though many people would say his eyes looked cold while treating her, his hand and touch were the most gentle. He then carried MC teasingly in his arms and took her to his room, “100 dango.” Saizo looked at her with a straight face as he laid her down on the bedding, “H-huh?” MC didn’t understand him at first, “100 dango as a payment.” Giggling, MC nodded to him. She knew that he had his own ways of making her feel better.

Masamune would have a similar reaction to Yukimura, however, he’d be much more composed on the outside compared to him. His worry might not show much on his face but his eyes reveal his deepest secrets. Seeing MC cry for the first in a long while shooked him. “M-MC..!” He let go of everything and gave his full attention to her, “Show me where it hurts.” He looks at her with the most worried and caring eyes there will ever be. His fingers would gently wipe her tears away and treat her injury. After that, he would wrap his coat around her and stroke her back while whispering words of comfort to her.

Kojuro would rush to MC’s side as soon as he hear her cries of pain, “MC! What happened? let me see.” He’s a mix of calm and shooked. He’d hold her hand and do what he can to ease the pain. Taking a wet cloth he’d press it to her palm and wipe the blood away. Thankfully, the cut wasn’t deep, but it was deep enough to make her bleed for a few minutes. After treating her injury, He’d pull her against his chest and whisper softly against her neck, “Never scare me like that, Precious girl.

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Okay, so for the family au, cause I'm curious, does Shiro have a prothetic? If so, how does he work with it and how did he get it? If not, does he ever? And how?

[The Voltron Family] The first time they found out about it, Keith thought he was having a bad dream. When he found out it wasn’t, he wanted to die. Shiro revealed he had a cancerous tumor in his right arm.

Keith: Why aren’t you reacting like— *pounds at Shiro’s chest angrily* 
Shiro: *silently lets Keith do what he wants*
Keith: *sobbing while glaring at him* Why do you even have a tumor? We’ve been living a healthy a life. *abruptly stops upon realization* Is it my fault?
Shiro: Keith, don’t be ridiculous.
Keith: *grips into Shiro’s collar* It’s my fault, isn’t it? Is it because we don’t…. Is that why you’re…
Shiro: *raises his voice* Keith! None of this is your fault, alright?! 
Keith: *raises his voice* Then why the hell are you not worried—
Keith: *surprised at the outburst* *steps back* 
Shiro: *rubs his temple* *sighs* It’s malignant.
Keith: *covers his mouth* Malignant tumor. Takashi, that’s the deadliest.
Shiro: I know.
Keith: *grabs Shiro’s hand* Then what the hell are we doing here shouting at each other when you could have been at the hospital?!
Shiro: *doesn’t budge* Keith, don’t.
Keith: *glares* Is that what this is all about?
Shiro: They’re not going to let an amputee operate, Keith. 
Keith: *grabs Shiro’s collar and pushes him to the wall* How dare you say that. How dare you fucking say that in front of me?! I’D RATHER YOU LOSE AN ARM THAN LOSE YOU ENTIRELY, TAKASHI! So what if you lose your job? You think I cannot provide for this family?! We both know Hunk, Lance and Pidge are secured for life. We made sure of that. Do you think so lowly of my job? In case you forgot, I earn 7 digits yearly just as much as you do. So don’t you fucking dare imply that I cannot provide for this family. Think about the kids… about me. You promised we’d grow old together—
Shiro: *wraps Keith into a hug* I’m scared.
Keith: *deflates* *hugs back* Well, that’s a start. 
Shiro: I’m going to lose my arm.
Keith: Doesn’t make me love you less. *kisses Shiro’s cheek*

When Shiro got amputated, he was asked if he wanted a prosthetic arm. It was going to cost them a lot but Keith answered “Yes” quickly that Shiro didn’t even get to process anything.

Shiro didn’t lose his job, at least not yet. He was on leave trying to recover and trying to get a hang of his new arm. He’d come to accept that it was part of him now. Keith had always been there to help him put it on and take it off, most of the time pampered with kisses which made Shiro laugh. 

Keith: *kisses Shiro* You know…
Shiro: Hmmm?
Keith: This has always been one of those weird fantasies of mine.
Shiro: *cocks his head* What do you mean?
Keith: You’re like half cyborg—
Shiro: *groans fondly* Oh no.
Keith: *laughs* I was a teen who was into robots, okay?! I’ve read books of a human falling in love with a cyborg. 
Shiro: You’ve read too many weird books in your early days. *rolls eyes*

After a few months, the hospital called him that if he still wanted to continue being a brain surgeon, he could.

Shiro: But I have a— *looks pointedly at his prosthetic arm* 
Director: We don’t discriminate, Dr. Shirogane. *smiles* You’re one of the top neurosurgeons in the country and we’re grateful to have you working with us. It works like a normal arm, yes? *eyes Shiro’s arm*
Shiro: *nods* Yeah, it does. I don’t even feel like it’s artificial anymore.
Director: I can see that and I’m glad. I don’t see how you shouldn’t continue your practice then. 

When Shiro came home and told Keith the news, his husband might’ve cried.


Bruises ♡ Grayson

Request: ‘‘Babes your account so fresh! I was wondering if I could request something since you’re out of ideas. Your bestfriend’s with (G or E you pick) and you and your ex boyfriend just break up and he’s been harassing you and just being a straight up D bag. Finally the boys have had enough and they get into a fight with your ex. (of course you’ll have to take care of them and clean up their bruises and such and maybe some kissing idk :)‘‘

Response: Thank you so much, that means so much to me!! I may have changed the storyline a little bit, but I hope you enjoy :) xxx

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

While you’re making dinner and hum quietly on a song that is playing on the radio, you feel totally relaxed. But the thought that your boyfriend could be home any minute, freaked you out a bit. You guys have had a lot of fights the last couple of weeks, and they usually started when he got home after a long day of work or whatever he was doing. You didn’t even know what he was doing most of the time, because he didn’t tell you. Whenever you asked how his day had been, he just shrugged and didn’t answer your question. You didn’t dare to ask further questions because you were scared that he thought you didn’t trust him.

With a loud bang you hear your boyfriend closing the door, walking in the kitchen. You make a little jump of scaredness. You were so absorbed in your thoughts that you didn’t hear him coming in. ‘Hi babe,’ you greet him with a loving smile. ‘How are you?’ ‘Hm,’ he answers shortly and throws his car keys on the table. ‘Is dinner almost ready?’ You nod. ‘Yes, two more minutes, sweetie.’

He sighs and sits down at the table. He doesn’t ask you how you are or how your day has been. He was problaby just very tired, you thought. When the food is ready you scoop it on the plate and put it down in front of him. You walk around the other side of the table and sit down to join him.

‘I hope you like it. It’s a new recipe from my mom and she thought you would like it too.’ You smile at him but he doesn’t answer. He immediately starts eating, eyes focused on his food. When he has eaten two bites he puts his cutlery down and looks at you with frowned brows, eyes narrowed. You feel a nervous feeling coming up. ‘Are you fucking kidding me? This tastes like shit.’ He stands up so quickly that you dull backwards, processing what he just said.

‘I want you to make something else. I’m not gonna eat another bite of whatever this is.’ You don’t know what to say. ‘I-I don’t have anything else that I can cook… Maybe we can-’ He cuts you off by throwing his plate on the ground. You hear the sound of breaking porcelain and blink, not believing what he just did.

‘I don’t fucking care. Figure something out.’ ‘I-I can’t…’ you start, but he walks up to you and grabs you by your wrists. ‘You’re hurting me. Let me go!’ you try to liberate yourself, but he is much stronger than you. ‘What were you doing with HIM this afternoon?’ He had suddenly changed the subject, and now you finally knew why he was so mad. Of course it wasn’t because of the food. ‘With who?’ you say, while tears were running down your cheeks. You were scared that he was gonna do something to you. He brings his face closer to you so that he’s just a few inches away. ‘You know who! With that Grayson guy.’ He speaks out his name full of disgust.

You figure that he had probably seen you today while you were out, having lunch with Grayson. But he was just a friend and nothing more. He knew that. ‘He’s just a friend!’ you cry out while he pushes you against the wall. ‘Liar!’ he screams in your face. You try to look away, but he grabs you by your jaw so that you have to look at him. You gasp for air. ‘You dirty, little slut. How dare you going out with an other guy?! I do everything for you! Everything!’ he yells while he squeezes your hands, which are turning white.

‘Please let me go. I can’t take this any longer…. All these fights, I’m sick of it. We’re done,’ you say with a shaky voice. Finally he lets go of you. You rub your hands over your painful wrists. There is a long moment of silence, while you wait for him to yell again. ‘Fine. Leave then. Go back to that piece of shit,’ he says. You’re so surprised that you don’t know what to say, or do. You were paralyzed. When you finally can move again you slide past him.

You grab your phone and keys that were laying on the kitchen counter and almost run to the door. When you’re outside you sigh deeply, inhaling the fresh air. You walk to your car and get in, starting the engine. You knew exactly where you were going to.

‘Y/N! What are you doing here so late? Is everything alright?’ Grayson says with a worried look on his face when he opens the door and sees you. His hair is all messy and he was wearing a tank top and some sweatpants. He was probably just editing a video or chilling on the couch. ‘I… We… I’m…’ You try to form words, but all you can do is cry and sob while your body shakes uncontrollable. He takes a step in your direction and pulls you in for a hug. ‘Sshh…’ he tries to calm you down. ‘It will be okay. Just take a deep breath. Everything is gonna be okay.’ He strokes your back gently while he keeps whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Slowly you allow yourself to stop crying. You feel safe and warm in his strong arms.

You guys stand there for at least two minutes, when Ethan comes up and sees Grayson hugging you. ‘Y/N? What’s going on? What happened?’ Grayson lets go of you and you look up to the twins, while Grayson still holds your arms. You wipe the tears from your cheeks and sniff. ‘Me and Logan broke up this evening. He thought I was cheating on him.’ You see Graysons jaw clenching and Ethans eyebrows frowning. ‘Come in. I want to hear what happened in detail,’ Grayson says and he puts an arm around you. Together you walk to the kitchen while Ethan grabs you a drink.

After you had told the twins the whole story, you could see that they were angry. But not just angry, they were really mad. With bald fists Grayson stands up. ‘I wanna talk to him.’ You stand up too. ‘Grayson, no. That will only make things worse.’ Ethan stands up and goes into the hall to grab his and Graysons jacket. ‘I’ll come too.’ ‘No E, I’m going alone. I don’t want him to be intimidated by the two of us.’ Ethan sighs and nod. ‘Okay.’ You walk behind them, trying to stop Grayson, but he already has his jacket on an his car keys in his hand.

‘Gray, no. I don’t want you to get in a fight. He’ll hurt you.’  Grayson laughs. ‘He won’t. And I’m just going to talk to him, don’t worry. There are just a few things I want to say. I promise,’ he adds when you look at him with an unconvinced look. ‘Okay, then. But I’ll come with you, to make sure you don’t do anything stupid.’ Grayson chuckles while he holds the door open for you.

While you ring the doorbell you look next to you, up to Grayson. He has a confident look on his face, like he exactly knows what he’s going to say. His muscles are tense. You wonder how Logan will react when he sees Grayson. Probably not happy. When he opens the door his eyes flicker from you to him with a confused look. ‘What the-’ But before he knows what’s going on, he gets slammed in the face by Graysons big hand.  ‘Here’s for hurting the most sweetest girl I know,’ he says with a low voice.

‘What the fuck, man!’ Logan says with a hand pressed to his cheek. ‘Gray!’ you cry out, but Logan had already recovered and he tries to hit Grayson in the nuts. But Grayson is faster – and stronger – and he grabs his wrist. But Logan is smart. With his other hand he hits Grayson in the face, causing Grayson to get a nose bleed.  ‘Guys, stop!’ you say in despair, but no one listens. They start fighting and before you know it, Logan – but Grayson too – is covered in bruises. You hear a cracking noise.

‘Please, stop! You’re hurting each other!’ you say, trying to grab their arms. Finally they let go of each other. The room now is filled with panting, Grayson and Logans forehead shiny from sweating. ‘Get the fuck out of my house,’ Logan hisses, while he looks with dark eyes at Grayson. ‘Gladly,’ Grayson answers. ‘And this is the last time you’ll ever see her. You don’t deserve a girl like Y/N.’ He grabs you by your hand and with big steps he walks to the door.

‘Gray, what the hell,’ you say accusingly. He is sitting on his bed while you walk through his bedroom. After the fight you decided to go his house. Ethan wasn’t home, he had gone out with a friend. ‘You say you just wanted to TALK,’ you say while you look at him. He looks at you with puppy eyes, and you know that you couldn’t stay mad at him. ‘Oh shoot,’ you say when you notice that his nose had started bleeding again. ‘What?’ Grayson asks confused. ‘Wait here,’ you demand while you rush to the bathroom. You hold a wash cloth under the water tap and when it’s wet enough, you grab a clean towel out one of the drawers.

You walk back to Graysons bedroom, where he is still sitting on the bed. You kneel down in front of him and hold the wash cloth against his nose. With frowned eyebrows you stroke your fingers over his forehead, where a red bruise had appeared. You notice Grayson staring at you, and you look him in the eyes. ‘I’m sorry…’ Grayson whispers. ‘I just wanted to protect you. And sometimes I overreact. Don’t me mad at me.’ ‘Sshh…’ you hush him, while you move the wash cloth to his forehead, gently stroking against his skin. ‘I understand. It’s okay. Thank you for standing up for me.’ ‘You deserve so much better than him, you should know that. Gosh, he is such a douchebag. I can’t understand that you would date him,’ Grayson says. You chuckle, and you feel yourself relax a little since the whole thing that had happened today. ‘Well, I don’t know it myself, to be honest.’

It is quiet for a moment, and your eyes flicker to Graysons face. He’s biting his lip, eyes wide. ‘You’re so beautiful, Y/N,’ he whispers, while he slowly takes your hand that is holding the wash cloth. Your breath sticks in your throat, you can’t speak a word. You’re totally lost in Graysons eyes, which are filled with lust. Slowly he pulls you closer, so close that you can almost feel his husky breath on your lips. He licks his lips and you know what he was going to do, but you didn’t even mind.

You close your eyes while he puts his warm, soft lips on yours and opens them with his tongue. Willingly you let him kiss you. He cups your face with his hands while you moan quietly in pleasure. After a few seconds he pulls back, a little out of breath. ‘I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know what happened to me. I just-‘ He stuttered, but you place a finger on his lips. ‘It’s okay… I actually enjoyed that,’ you giggle. ‘Well, in that case…’ He smirks and leans in for another kiss.

It’s Left Me So Undone

@likingthistoomuch recently said that the lyrics from “Shake It Out” by Florence + The Machine really fit Molly post the ILY phone call. I chewed up and digested the words as well and totally agreed! So I wrote a somewhat feelsy little one shot from Molly’s POV after the call. Though, naturally, I had to get an actual Sherlolly scene in there too hehe. Enjoy, readers! ;)) And thanks for helping and beta reading @artbylexie ❤️ 

Molly’s fingers lost their grip on her mobile phone and it clattered onto her kitchen counter. She jumped slightly but didn’t bother to pick it back up, instead covering her trembling lips with her hands while gulping back silent sobs. 

As anyone tends to do after an emotionally charged conversation or confrontation, Molly began desperately trying to replay it in her mind; trying to solidify and retain the details as best she could and understand it all fully. And often, after an experience like that, one would naturally tend to bring to mind the things they wish they’d said in hindsight. But strangely enough for Molly…

Not this time.

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When their S/O has been starving themselves (P)

Trigger Warning!


You and Jin would be cooking together seeing as RapMonster’s birthday was coming up and he wanted to make some of his favourite food. You and him had prepared about 4 dishes so far when Jin wanted you to try the Kimchi stew to see if you liked it. He scooped a little bit of it up together with a piece of kimchi and slowly brought it to your mouth “Y/N-ah, try it.” When you hesitantly moved away Jin thought nothing of it and just tried it himself. A little bit further into your cooking adventures Jin wanted you to try the glass noodles to see if they were soft enough but when you moved away again, he sensed something was wrong because glass noodles were your favourite. “Y/N-ah, when’s the last time you ate something? I’m worried about you.” He looked into your eyes and you immediately broke down. Jin couldn’t stand to see you crying and wrapped you up in his arms

“Please don’t do this to yourself, I love you and the thought of you starving pains me. You are beautiful the way you are so please eat something”


Namjoon was returning home from a busy day of work but still decided to pick up some of your favourite desserts from the nearby bakery. He walks into your apartment, box in one hand, hot chocolate in the other and sees you sitting on the couch so he places everything in front of you. He opens the box, takes out a funfetti cupcake and gives it to you. “I know these are your favourite so I picked some up on the way home.” You meekly grab the cupcake, hands shaking from not having enough energy. You pick at the cupcake for a long time while Namjoon watches you with concern. He looks at your shaking hands and immediately notices the purple hint on your fingernails, knowing exactly what was going on. He pulls you to him while you start sobbing on his shoulder.

“Y/N-ah why do you do this to yourself? Please, please stop. I love you with all my heart and if anything happens to you I won’t be able to live with myself”


Yoongi was asleep when he heard loud shuffling coming from the kitchen. When he walked in he saw all the cupboards were open and you were trashing all the food you saw. He had noticed you were acting off recently but didn’t pay much attention to it. He didn’t hesitate to walk over and stop you from doing what you were doing, while staring into your eyes with a harsh yet sad glare. Unlike Jin and Namjoon, Yoongi would be more angry rather than worried.

“Y/N stop right now. I don’t understand why you’re doing this to yourself”


You had asked Hoseok if you could join him at dance practice and he agreed. You had been dancing for multiple hours with breaks in between when you suddenly asked if you could take a break in the middle of a dance. You walked over to one of the tables in the corner and knelt down in front of it, resting your head on the cold surface. Hoseok thought you just needed a little break so he continued practising until he noticed how abnormally long it had been since you stopped dancing and that you were still in the same position. Hoseok was even more worried because of your strange behaviour recently. Hoseok walked over to you and lightly shook your shoulders “Y/N-ah are you okay?” When you didn’t respond Hoseok shook your shoulders a little harder as he grew more and more worried, stressed and scared. “Y/N-ah wake up!! Wake up!!” You finally woke up but pale and deathly looking. He held you in his arms close to his chest and you felt faint and light. 

“Y/N what are you doing to yourself?? Why do you hurt yourself like this? Please.. stop. I thought I lost you”


You and Jimin were watching a movie when he headed over to the kitchen to pick up some snacks as he knew you hadn’t eaten anything all day since you spent the day together. As he returned to his spot on the sofa he handed you a bag of chips but you rejected it, pushing it back to him. Jimin was concerned but didn’t do much about it. A few minutes pass and he notices you shivering and covering yourself with a blanket despite the scorching Seoul heat. Jimin thought about everything for a while trying to put the pieces together “Y/N, when was the last time you ate something?” You wanted to lie but when you looked him in the eyes you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Replied saying you don’t remember and like Yoongi, Jimin would be more angry rather than worried.

“Y/N you need to eat something. I don’t want you starving yourself.”


You and Taehyung went to the mall because Taehyung needed some new shirts. You passed by a cafe and Taehyung offered to buy you something to eat. You waited at the table while he ordered the food. When he started eating he noticed how you were picking at your food and how oddly quickly your food was dissapearing despite the fact that he never saw you chew, but he thought nothing of it. Later  while strolling around the mall, Taehyung saw a dress he thought would look nice on you. Despite the fact he liked when you wore trousers rather than skirts, he still wanted you to try it on. He held your wrist and dragged you into the store, pushing you into the dressing room. A while later he brought the dress in your size but when you tried it on it was too big, way too big. Taehyung managed to quickly put the pieces together. He looked in your eyes “Y/N when was the last time you ate?” You couldn’t hold back your eyes started tearing up and Taehyung quickly held you in his arms.

“Y/N-ah I’m worried for you. I don’t want you doing anything harmful to yourself. If something is wrong please talk to me. I love you and I want to care for you”


You and jungkook were playing video games when you got up to use the bathroom. Jungkook had noticed you were acting differently lately but didn’t pay much attention to it. Your phone buzzed loudly and Jungkook couldnt help but look over at your phone. He read the notification from Tumblr saying “proana4life is now following you ” Jungkook tapped on the notification, entered in your password and it opened up to a Tumblr page full of diet tips, insanely skinny girls and multiple ED posts. You walked out of the bathroom shocked to see Jungkook staring at your phone when he looked up at you with the most deathly yet worried glare.

“Y/N what is this? What are you doing to yourself?”