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I came to the realisation

Clearly after Keith and Lance’s bonding moment in season, he was a bit upset when Lance claimed he didn’t remember it. It is also seen in the bedroom scene, where Lance goes to Keith to talk. Keith seems quite happy saying “must really be bothering you if you’re coming to talk to me.” You can also see that when Lance says it’s because he’s the leader, Keith’s mood changes completely and he’s left sad.

And after seeing his vlog, where he mentioned he had a hard time connecting with people and he pushes people away before they reject him, I realised.

Lance forgetting the bonding moment upset him because he was letting Lance see a different side of him and he was opening up. He thought that when Lance came to his room it was for his comfort, not just because he’s the leader.

He wants to be Lance’s friend, but he’s terrified of rejection.


But to be together with Noctis again, even if only for short while, it would mean the world to me…”

“Let Luna know… I’m okay, and she won’t have to wait much longer - we’ll be together soon.” 

Even if Kentin was an asshole in this episode (because he really was, I’m so mad, omg fml) I’m glad we’re getting this arc, because Kentin was a fucking ghost of who he was before; he kept everything inside.

Have you compared the relationship Candy has with the other guys? They talk, as basic as it sounds. We know more stuff about the other guys, what they likes and dislike, what they aspire to be, but with Kentin, we know nothing, even though we’ve known him for longer. And that’s unfair.

Even if he was a fuck boi™ in this episode, I want to know what happened to him, why he’s acting like this, why he wouldn’t tell the person he loves the most about his problems.

He’s fucking insecure, the military school didn’t do anything good to him, he didn’t improve in all these years, though he himself thought he did.

I’m super mad at his behaviour still, but I want to know why someone as sweet as him, pulled off this façade to be accepted by others.


Part 2 of 2. Diamond scene with King Liam.

His mom was poisoned? Pardon my French but holy shit?? 

You mean during the Coronation Night King Liam had to deal with the pressure of being the new king + the scandal breaking out + having to choose an alternative bride + the knowledge that his own mother died from poisoning + the possibility that the love of his life could die the same way, perhaps even worse… how is he holding up?????

We all need to give King Liam more credit. He absolutely deserves it.


I’m five years late but this absolutely destroyed me. The whole season Betty was so careful expressing her love for Kate, one small daring step at a time. Kate kept responding positively, which made Betty only fall deeper and believe her feelings were mutual. 

Except, Kate had been sheltered her entire life and obliviously thinks this is how friendship between women is expressed. Not picking up on the underlying implications and signals she’s giving to Betty and Betty gives her in return.

Even before it all comes crashing down, Betty makes absolutely sure there’s no other reading. Kate rubs her shoulders and Betty takes her hand, kisses it and confesses her love verbally. Only when Kate tells her “she really likes her too” Betty goes in for a kiss. 

And that’s the moment everything Betty thought was possible - getting the girl - was all in her head. But it’s not just a rejection of her affections, it’s a rejection of who she is.