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Ouch, my heart: an analysis of the Sectumsempra

Well, well well…. look who’s back from the dead (me, if you couldn’t guess).

First of all, I want to apologise for not doing these for so long. Things got a little insane in my life. I haven’t had time to blink these days, but here I am, because I love you all.

First of all: thank you and sorry it took me over a year to do this. And second of all: of course I can! 

I think this is the post everyone was waiting for and I have no idea if I’m ready for it. Wait. I know I’m not.

But since I’m either a masochist or already too numb from all the pain this ship causes me, I’ll try anyway. Fuck the police.

I’ll open this discussion with Harry’s last thought about Draco before the horrible tragedy that we call Sectumsempra:

Was it his imagination, or did Malfoy, like Tonks, look thinner? Certainly he looked paler; his skin still had that greyish tinge, probably because he so rarely saw daylight these days. But there was no air of smugness, or excitement, or superiority; none of the swagger that he had had on the Hogwarts Express, when he had boasted openly of the mission he had been given by Voldemort … there could be only one conclusion, in Harry’s opinion: the mission, whatever it was, was going badly.

Ok, let’s start by the fact Harry says Draco has a “swagger”. Not my words!

And also: Yer a stupid wizard, Harry.

The boy is falling behind in classes, he’s sad and lonely, he looks sick, you know he’s terrified he’s not pleasing Voldemort. So instead of trying to help him, you go and use a spell for enemies on him. A boy genius.

I don’t even know why I’ll point this out again, but it’s not normal to keep noticing those things about people you don’t care about, ok? It’s just not done. You’re fooling yourself!

Meanwhile, Harry is getting desperate here. If it’s because Draco looks sick or because he couldn’t find out what his mission was, we’ll never know. But he knows he’s running out of time, and he has other personal problems to deal with, like the horcruxes and his huge crush *sarcasm* on Ginny.

And coincidentally his crush on her seems to grow, suddenly. Almost like it’s a distraction… hm. She’s exactly like the opposite of his true crush, I mean, obsession, I mean… Malfoy. She makes him forget, instead of making him feel like everything is falling apart; she doesn’t have any problems besides boys and Quidditch, while Draco’s buried in shit.

But still, he thinks about her far less than he thinks about *someone else*. Because a constant in this book is that nothing is more pressing than Draco Malfoy. Not the Prince himself, not the horcruxes, not girls or Quidditch. Nothing.

In the midst of all his preoccupations Harry had not forgotten his other ambition: finding out what Malfoy was up to in the Room of Requirement. He was still checking the Marauder’s Map and, as he was often unable to locate Malfoy on it, deduced that Malfoy was still spending plenty of time within the Room.

Oh yeah, in the midst of his problems, one being he didn’t know if Ginny was worth upsetting Ron (and if that’s not an indicative that she’s not your one true love, Harry, I don’t know what is), he still has plenty of time to obsess over Draco Malfoy.

Just healthy, really.

And now, because I didn’t forget the real issue here, let’s read what brilliant thoughts Harry Potter has about the Sectumsempra:

…he saw the Sectumsempra spell, captioned ‘For Enemies’, that he had marked a few weeks previously. He had still not found out what it did, mainly because he did not want to test it around Hermione, but he was considering trying it out on McLaggen next time he came up behind him unawares.

Oh yeah! He was considering trying the Sectumsempra on Cormac! That’s how much of a genius he is. Harry, go study some latin before you use a fucking spell, will ya?

I mean, you would think that a boy who lost both parents to a curse and studied Charms for 6 years would think to at least check the etymology of a spell before using it on another human being. Or not, if you’re stupid as fuck!

Ok, so are you ready for the heartbreak? *takes deep breath*

Harry made his usual detour along the seventh-floor corridor, checking the Marauder’s Map as he went. For a moment he could not find Malfoy anywhere, and assumed he must indeed be inside the Room of Requirement again, but then he saw Malfoy’s tiny, labelled dot standing in a boys’ bathroom on the floor below, accompanied, not by Crabbe or Goyle, but by Moaning Myrtle.

First of all, Harry, why??? What kind of dodgy business could he be planning with the ghost of a muggleborn girl murdered by Voldemort? If anything, that shows he’s really not who you think he is.

It took me years after reading this book to realise Draco was confessing to a mudblood, and a victim of Voldemort. To me, that’s a symbol of how his views were changing and how, in the end, he was a victim, not a villain. He was like her in a way. 

Also, how fucking lonely he was. *sobbing*

God, that makes me so mad! This is the only time Harry really disappointed me and I think he fucking knows it. He disappointed himself too.

Draco Malfoy was standing with his back to the door, his hands clutching either side of the sink, his white-blond head bowed.

‘Don’t,’ crooned Moaning Myrtle’s voice from one of the cubicles. ‘Don’t … tell me what’s wrong… I can help you …’

‘No one can help me,’ said Malfoy. His whole body was shaking. ‘I can’t do it … I can’t … it won’t work … and unless I do it soon … he says he’ll kill me …’

And Harry realised, with a shock so huge it seemed to root him to the spot, that Malfoy was crying – actually crying – tears streaming down his pale face into the grimy basin.

To be honest, I can’t choose what’s worse about this whole thing. Draco confessing to a ghost, because he has no one (and not just any ghost, but the one everyone can’t stand)? The fact he is crying because he’s so scared?

Or maybe the fact that Harry is just so stupid he can’t use simple logic and understand that, whatever this is, Draco doesn’t have a choice???

Ouch, my heart just broke real quick.

Malfoy gasped and gulped and then, with a great shudder, looked up into the cracked mirror and saw Harry staring at him over his shoulder.

Malfoy wheeled round, drawing his wand. Instinctively, Harry pulled out his own. Malfoy’s hex missed Harry by inches, shattering the lamp on the wall beside him; Harry threw himself sideways, thought Levicorpus! and flicked his wand, but Malfoy blocked the jinx and raised his wand for another –


There was a loud bang and the bin behind Harry exploded; Harry attempted a Leg-Locker Curse that backfired off the wall behind Malfoy’s ear and smashed the cistern beneath Moaning Myrtle, who screamed loudly; water poured everywhere and Harry slipped over as Malfoy, his face contorted, cried, ‘Cruci—’

I can’t imagine how humiliated he feels, and how terrified he is, because not only was he crying because of Voldemort, but now Harry Potter knows too much. And Harry won’t help him, he’s sure of that.

You know what breaks me? They start do duel with childish hexes and curses, and it escalates so quickly, before any of them can take a moment to realise the seriousness of it.

And I wish Draco was going to say “Crucifix nail nipples!”, but we know he was not. But do you wanna know what I believe? If he had time to finish saying the word, nothing would happen, and Harry would be able to see he’s not evil. He obviously didn’t mean the Crucio. 

But before he has that chance, Harry goes and fucks up royally:

SECTUMSEMPRA!’ bellowed Harry from the floor, waving his wand wildly.

Blood spurted from Malfoy’s face and chest as though he had been slashed with an invisible sword. He staggered backwards and collapsed on to the waterlogged floor with a great splash, his wand falling from his limp right hand.

‘No –’ gasped Harry.

Slipping and staggering, Harry got to his feet and plunged towards Malfoy, whose face was now shining scarlet, his white hands scrabbling at his blood-soaked chest.

‘No – I didn’t –’

Harry did not know what he was saying; he fell to his knees beside Malfoy, who was shaking uncontrollably in a pool of his own blood.

To be honest, Harry never in a million years thought that would be a lethal curse. Never. He wanted to test it on McLaggen!

I can’t stand this moment, I can’t. I makes me tear up every time.

Because there is Draco’s physical pain, which was probably horrible, then there’s his emotional pain, because he’s at his most vulnerable moment and it’s such a betrayal! Harry is one of the good guys. He was afraid Voldemort would do something like that to him, not Harry. And that is so so so sad.

And there’s Harry’s pain as well, because he’s fucking terrified. He knows Draco is dying, he knows he did something unthinkable, he knows he fucked up. Sometimes I can’t believe Draco actually saved Harry after that, because this probably haunted him for a long time.

Just imagine seeing someone surrounded by their own blood, with deep cuts and shaking in pain. I don’t think you can forget it that easily. Especially if you were responsible for it.

And you know what makes me angry? That Harry compartmentalises what he’s feeling so well that it’s like two different people: one when he’s alone, looking at what he did, and one once he finds his friends. It’s maddening.

But there’s a reason for that, and we’ll get into it soon.

“Harry was still watching, horrified by what he had done, barely aware that he too was soaked in blood and water. Moaning Myrtle was still sobbing and wailing overhead. When Snape had performed his counter-curse for the third time, he half-lifted Malfoy into a standing position.

You need the hospital wing. There may be a certain amount of scarring, but if you take dittany immediately we might avoid even that … come …

He supported Malfoy across the bathroom, turning at the door to say in a voice of cold fury, ‘And you, Potter … you wait here for me.’

It did not occur to Harry for a second to disobey. He stood up slowly, shaking, and looked down at the wet floor. There were bloodstains floating like crimson flowers across its surface. He could not even find it in himself to tell Moaning Myrtle to be quiet, as she continued to wail and sob with increasingly evident enjoyment.”

I love the way JKR describes how Harry sees it, how vivid are the consequences of what happened. And I obviously love how Snape tells Draco it might scar, possibly more for Harry to hear than for him. Snape knows him well, he knows the guilt trip he could go into and is trying to push him into it. And Harry deserves it.

It doesn’t happen, though, because immediately after, he goes to find his friends (and Ginny), who make him forget about his feelings.

But before we get into that, I’d like to talk about the symbolism of Harry finding the room of hidden things when he’s trying to hide the book. It’s the room he’s been trying to get in all year, and it’s almost like a physical representation of Draco at this point.

It’s very interesting how he can suddenly get in, almost like the barriers are all down, almost like Draco stopped caring about hiding it from him. Almost like he’s so sad and hopeless he stops trying. Thinking about the wave of disappointment he must be feeling, it’s very possible that Draco’s feelings were an influence in the door showing up for Harry.

Anyway, then Harry tells his friends about what just happened and they respond exactly like you would expect them too, almost to a stereotypical extreme.

“I won’t say “I told you so”,’ said Hermione, an hour later in the common room.
‘Leave it, Hermione,’ said Ron angrily.”

Isn’t it interesting how none of them we just horrified by the whole thing? How Hermione just focuses on the book, not on the teenager almost bleeding to death?

“(…) Malfoy had already been visited in the hospital wing by Pansy Parkinson, who had lost no time in vilifying Harry far and wide…”

I just love this sentence. First of all, with all her flaws, I love Pansy. She’s just the best friend Draco could have in that moment, because she takes no bullshit. And to be fair, Harry deserved to be vilified. And you can sense his opinions on what he’s done are changing because his friends just excuse what he did, especially Ginny:

“Give it a rest, Hermione!’ said Ginny, and Harry was so amazed, so grateful, he looked up. ‘By the sound of it Malfoy was trying to use an Unforgivable Curse, you should be glad Harry had something good up his sleeve!”

I hated her so much in that moment. What Harry did it’s inexcusable, and he knows it. So it hurts my eyes to see her say something so dismissive. Draco would not be able to actually Crucio him and, deep down, Harry knows it. He doesn’t even try to convince himself he’s faultless, that it was self-defense.

Ok, so let’s expand on Ginny’s rare presence being right in this chapter.

It’s no coincidence this is the same chapter where Harry kisses Ginny for the first time. Remember what I mentioned in the beginning of this post? The whole of Half-Blood Prince is built using a parallel between Harry’s relationship with Draco and his relationship with Ginny to move the plot in the right direction.

“Hermione and Ginny, who had always got on together very well, were now sitting with their arms folded, glaring in opposite directions. Ron looked nervously at Harry, then snatched up a book at random and hid behind it. Harry, however, though he knew he little deserved it, felt unbelievably cheerful all of a sudden, even though none of them spoke again for the rest of the evening.”

I mean, come on. He literally buries his guilt in giddiness because Ginny is defending him. Defending him against something he knows is his fault. She’s helping him forget Malfoy. Again.

And this chapter is so cleverly written it splits his feelings with the places and situations he’s in: when he’s with Snape, in the dungeons, he can feel the guilt as a physical presence. Snape makes sure he understands that the detention is about making him feel guilty:

“Mr Filch has been looking for someone to clear out these old files,’ said Snape softly. ‘They are the records of other Hogwarts wrongdoers and their punishments. Where the ink has grown faint, or the cards have suffered damage from mice, we would like you to copy out the crimes and punishments afresh and, making sure that they are in alphabetical order, replace them in the boxes. You will not use magic.”

When he thinks about Gryffindor and Ginny, he forgets about any negative thing happening with him: 

“And while he copied out all their various offences and punishments, he wondered what was going on outside, where the match would have just started … Ginny playing Seeker against Cho …”

To be honest, that is one of the things that always bothered me with this ship being canon. Ginny never sees the Harry we see, she always sees someone who’s always right, someone who’s the hero. And Harry only sees Ginny as a ladder to a life he wants so desperately. A life with no complications, with a family, with giddiness and lightness. He holds onto her because she makes him forget all the horrible things he has gone through, and that’s one reason why he never tells her anything: he wants her in a bell jar, untouched by his traumas.

And we all know that’s not who he really is. The final proof is how this chapter ends:

Harry looked around; there was Ginny running towards him; she had a hard, blazing look in her face as she threw her arms around him. And without thinking, without planning it, without worrying about the fact that fifty people were watching, Harry kissed her.


The creature in his chest roaring in triumph, Harry grinned down at Ginny and gestured wordlessly out of the portrait hole. A long walk in the grounds seemed indicated, during which – if they had time – they might discuss the match.”

This moment is like a completely different book. It’s a fantasy. Something Harry knew couldn’t last. It was escapism.

This chapter is also the last before Malfoy finally figures out how to fix the cabinet and Harry goes with Dumbledore to retrieve the horcrux. It’s almost like a tragic farewell to the relationship the two of them had prior to thing getting fucking serious. It all changes after that.

The Sectumsempra in itself changes everything. Harry, someone who we know as heroic and honourable, commits an act that shifts what we know about him, and at the same time Draco, who up until then we see as a bidimensional character, comes alive and gets layers on top of layers. It’s the only possible introduction to what happens in Deathly Hallows. Tragic and horrible, but beautiful to watch.

I mean, I could go on and on. If I had the time, I would probably debate every single sentence in this book that, to me, is the most symbolic and crucial of them all.

But I do have a job, so this will do. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

Love Divided Ch. 1 (Peter Parker x reader)

Hello darlings! I just got confirmed to go to the D23 expo this summer and I’m so excited! I hope you’re all doing well, I’m trying to put my Bucky cosplay together.. I may or may not have the first chapter of Run Away Baby up tonight because I’m swamped with other things today. I’ll try and make up for it with a sexy one shot for tomorrow! Enjoy! xoxo

Description:The brewing conflict between Tony and Steve are finally surfacing, causing everyone to choose a side. The heat within the team is rising, and everyone is beginning to realize what is to come. What happens when your relationship with Peter is divided? Will you choose your love? Or your morals?  

Warnings: Cursing



His words were like a knife in the heart. You sat there on the bed, completely taken aback. Hurt was written all over your face as tears began to well up in your eyes. 

“What do you mean?” You furrowed your brows, your voice cracking as you spoke. 

“You know exactly what I mean.” His voice was monotone, matching his expressionless face as he stared right at you. “If you do this, we can’t-” There was long pause before he spoke the words that would make his heart ache. “We can’t be together anymore.” You could tell that in his eyes that this was something he fought himself on, and it was hurting him just as much as it was hurting you. You bit your lip, fighting back to hot tears that began to sting your eyes. He watched your pain, and he couldn’t bear to look at you anymore. Peter turned away from you and walk to the door. He stopped in the doorway when you spoke. 

“Don’t make me choose. Please.” You whispered on choked sobs, your eyes pleading him to stay. He turned his head to the side to look at you through his peripheral vision. 

“I’m sorry.” He felt his heart drop. Before anymore words were said, he walked down the hall, quickly wiping away any stray tears that might have fallen. 

Weeks went by with minimal contact. Peter was waiting for your decision, but you couldn’t make one. He was making you choose between him, and what you stood for. How were you supposed to make up your mind? The signing of the Accords was tomorrow, and you still had no final decision. You agreed with Peter that you would travel to Wakanda with the team, but you never voiced whether you would sign or not. 

“F/N, you need to choose. Are you going to sign or not?” Tony raised his eyebrows at you, his arms crossed over his chest. He needed to know, and he needed to know now. “I don’t care that you’re coming with us, but I need to know if you’ll be signing the Accords.” 

You sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose. “Tony, I can’t sign. I’m sorry.” You raised your head to look at him. “But, do not tell Peter. I’ll go with you to Wakanda, but I won’t show up at the conference. Nobody tells him.” You eyes begged him to do this. “Do this last favor for me before everything goes to shit. Please, Tony.” 

He debated in his mind, pursing his lips. “Fine. I’m sorry to see you go though, F/N.” He gave you a slightly disappointed smile before walking off back to his lab. 

The ride on the quinjet was awkward. It seemed that Nat found out that you weren’t signing, but she also knew she wasn’t to say a word about it. She would often glance back at you and give you sad smiles. Peter would often place his hand over yours, in hope that you coming with them was a sign that you weren’t going to leave him. He wanted you to stay, he loved you more than anything, but all he could do was hope and wait. 

“We’re about to land, so I suggest everyone take their seats.” Tony called over his shoulder and everyone buckled themselves back in, waiting for the wheels to touch ground again. 

When you finally landed in Wakanda, the private airport was flooded with journalists pestering each of you with questions about your recent actions and the signing. You all agreed that there would be no comments made, and you all made your way to the car in silence, dodging every question. You were to stop at the hotel first to drop off your luggage, then head straight to the embassy. 

“Go to your rooms, do what you need to do. There are separate cars waiting outside for each of you. Take one when you’re ready and we will all meet at the conference.” Tony was messing with a screen in the car, finalizing the plans. You all nodded. Everyone knew what you were going to do next, besides the one person that it really mattered to. 

As you walked to your room, you were holding back tears that begged to fall on your cheeks. You didn’t want to choose, but you had to. You loved him, but you couldn’t be with him and ignore all that you stood for. When you unlocked the door, you quickly stepped in, locking the door behind you. You threw your stuff on the bed, and looked out the window. On the street below you were a line of cars, the ones that Tony told you about. 

You were never to get in you car. You were going to stay here, or if anything, get away from there. With the crisis going on, the governments didn’t need an Avenger showing up to mock them by not signing. Over the next hour you saw Nat and Tony get in their cars, leaving the hotel. All that was left was Peter’s car, and yours. 

You had to make it look like you were running late, so that he wouldn’t get suspicious. Emotionally, you weren’t going to be able to have a confrontation with him. Not now. Looking out your window, you saw Peter get into his car, but not before he looked up at your side of the building. You quickly hid yourself out of view, hoping that he would just leave. And finally, he did. As you watched him leave, the hot tears came back and spilled onto your cheeks. It felt like someone was tearing your heart out, and your whole body ached. You fell to the floor, sobbing into your hands to muffle your cries. There was something you had to do; you couldn’t leave without giving Peter some type of closure. You were already going to cause him an immense amount of pain, and to leave without saying a word was going to make it even worse. 

Your sleeves were soaked with tears, but you managed to stifle your sobs and pick yourself off of the floor. You made your way over to the desk, and wrote a short letter. 

Dear Peter, 

You made me choose. I chose. Neither decision was perfect and each had its cons. I can’t go against everything that I believe in and sit and watch horrible things happen to the world. This was the hardest thing for me to do, and I hope that we get another shot at this, but I can’t love you in vain. I’m sorry. 

The amount that I love you will never change. I’ll always love you. 


A few tears smeared the ink on the page, but you finished, and folded it in your before heading out into the hallway. You slipped the note under his door, praying that he would see it. You gently placed your hand on his door. 

“I’m sorry, Peter. Please forgive me one day.” 

I hoped you liked it! I had a good time writing this, and I cannot wait to write the next chapter! Enjoy the rest of your day! xoxo



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Forgive Me (Sirius Black x plus size reader)

You and Sirius are the new guardians of Harry, but the problem is you both love each other, but when a secret is spilled cause Sirius be forgiven?

Warnings; Cursing, sadness, angst, small mention of self hatred, small mention of sex.  

Notes; This is kind of au cause Sirius isn’t in Azkaban and is raising Harry.

Originally posted by jean-bilius

You and Sirius had been in watching Harry, since you guys convinced Lily and James to go on a much needed vacation. Harry was only a year old at the time. Sirius was holding baby Harry trying to get him to say ‘Prongs.’ You were sleeping on Lily’s and James’ bed.

“Say Prongs, Harry.” Sirius whispered to the small child. The child just started mumbling words in return.

“Come on Harry, say P-r-o-n-g-s.” Sirius sounded out each letter of his nickname.

“Throngs.” Sirius gasped.

“Y/n! Y/n!.” Sirius happily exclaimed as he got up from the chair and walked over to you. You woke up with a shock as someone called your name.

 ’'What? What?“ You quickly looked around the room ’'Did you kill the baby?”

Sirius scoffed “What kind of babysitter do you think I am?”

“One that pisses me off.” You smiled at him, and reached your arms out signaling Sirius to hand you Harry. Sirius handed you Harry and you held him in your arms.

Sirius forgot about what he was going to say and watched as you held Harry in your arms. He admired your beauty. He was in love with you, he was in love with you when he first met you at the train station on the first day of Hogwarts, he loved you when he got kicked out of his house. He loved you when you both graduated Hogwarts. And now in this moment, watching you hold Harry, he fell in love with you all over again.

The only problem being you didn’t know he loved you. He was then bought out of his thoughts when Harry’s small fingers grabbed one of yours.

“No y/n guess what?” You rolled your eyes.


“Harry said Prongs. He said Prongs, y/n!” Sirius kneeled in front of you and Harry “Come Harry say Prongs again.” Harry stayed silent and you stifle out a laugh. “Shut up.” Sirius grumbled.

“Come on Harry, give your poor Uncle something to smile about.” Sirius nudged your side.

“Shut up. Now come on Harry say Prongs again. P-r-o-n-g-s.” You let out another laugh.

“I think you are going to have to try harder than that-” You were interrupted by Harry’s mumbling.

“P-p-p-” Harry stopped.

“He’s gonna say it y/n, he’s gonna say it.’' Sirius hopefully whispered.

’'Y/n!” Harry exclaimed. You gasped and smiled at the young child.

“That’s right, sweetie!” You looked up at Sirius who was now standing “Looks like I’m the favorite.”

“You wish.”

It happened. James and Lilly were dead. Killed by Voldemort. The minute you heard the horrible news you rushed over to their house. As you arrived in the front of the house, Sirius was already standing there. He turned as he heard you approach. His face was stained with tears, and were red and puffy.

“Sirius.” You ran up to him and pulled him into a bone crushing huge. He cried into the crook of your neck. “Shh it will-l be ok-k.” You choked out between sobs and started to pet his hair.

“What am I supposed to do without them, without him.” He cried.

“Oh, Sirius it will be ok.” You cooed

“I’m going to kill him, I’m going to kill Pettigrew.” He broke from your hug and started to leave the house.

“No Sirius, don’t” You grabbed Sirius’s sleeve causing him to stop “We-Harry doesn’t need you going to Azkaban.” He looked you in the eyes “I don’t need you going to Azkaban. I need you, Harry needs you.” Sirius nodded. You both walked into the house.

“I’ll go get Harry, you stay down here.” You nodded your head and waited for Sirius to come back with Harry. You waited for ten minutes and getting worried you walked into the house.

“Sirius?” You shouted but received no answer. You heard sobs coming from upstairs. You began to walk up the stairs. “Sirius?” You said as you watched him look down at James’s lifeless body. You covered your mouth with your hands and began to cry even more.

Sirius turned around to see your body. “I told you to stay outside.” Sirius snapped.

“You were taking a while, I got worried-d. I’m-m sorry-y.” You sobbed. Sirius walked up to you and pulled you into a hug.

“Shh, baby. I’m sorry I snapped at you. It’s just-just-”

“I know…I’m going to get Harry.” You walked down the hallway to Harry’s room. As you walked in you saw Lily’s lifeless body laying next to the crib. You almost couldn’t look at her, seeing your best friend dead. You walked up to Harry and pulled him out of his crib. Then quickly walked down the hallway to where Sirius was standing.

“Is he ok?” Sirius asked concerned. He moved his finger gently, over Harry’s face to make sure is head was ok. His fingers stopped at the lightening bolt scar.

“Yea, I think he’s ok, come on we need to leave.” You pulled Sirius down the stairs and out to door.

That was a night of many things. Both of your best friends had died. You both became Harry’s legal guardians. It was one of the many times Sirius fell in love with you even more, and most importantly it was the first time you realized you loved Sirius.

It had been a year since the night, James and Lily were murdered. You, Sirius and Harry lived in a small apartment that only had two bedrooms, but it was all you could afford. But you made do with it. Remus also helped a lot visiting you guys, and babysitting Harry often so you and Sirius could get a break.

And things couldn’t be more awkward between you and Sirius. Between finally realizing your feelings for him and people thinking Harry is your actual kid, couldn’t get more awkward, but then occasionally people would ask you and Sirius how long you’ve been together. The answer always being no, but a lot of blushing coming from you and Sirius.  

That day Harry had been over at Remus’s. You were in the kitchen cooking some dinner, while Sirius was in the other. Sirius had been standing in your room, in front of the mirror. He ran his fingers through his hair and huffed looking into the mirror.

“Come on, Sirius. You promised James you’d do it after he married Lily. And that was a while ago. Come on you can tell, just say it, y/n I love you.” He mumbled to himself.

He walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. “Y/n I have to tell you someth-”

“Hello everybody!” The door opened to reveal Harry with Remus.

“Can it wait Sirius?” You said as Harry ran up to you. Sirius faked a smile.

“Of course, actually I will go speak to Moony in the other room.”

“What for?” Remus shouted as Sirius dragged him into the other room.

“What the hell Moony! I was about to tell her I love her.”

Harry ran from the kitchen to the room where Sirius was but you stopped him from entering as you heard Sirius say that.

“Oh don’t forget to mention the creepy ruining all her dates and relationships plan, she’ll love that.” Remus joked.

Wait is that why all your relationships at Hogwarts never worked out cause of Sirius? God the whole you thought that it was your size that ruined them. How could you be so stupid. Now it made sense why it seemed like Sirius excuses of why you couldn’t go on a date. You were so down on yourself, thinking no boy liked you, but it really was Sirius who ruined them.

Before Sirius could say anything, before Harry released himself from your grip and came running into the door.

“Sirius!” Harry yelled as he ran into the room. Sirius looked up at you with a face of horror as he noticed you heard what Remus said.

“I can’t believe you.” You said as you ran out the door and then out of the building.

“Y/n! Y/n! Please listen to me!” He ran over to you.

“Why you ruined my life when I was at Hogwarts, I hated myself cause I didn’t think anyone could ever like me, but when someone did you ruined that.” You shouted in Sirius’ face.

“Y/n! Please love, I was a stupid teenager when I did that. I was just stupid and jealous.”

“Yea no shit you were stupid. You ruined every happy relationship I was in, and then you would go around fucking every girl in the school. How did you think that made me feel?” Sirius opened his mouth but closed it not knowing what to say, “You couldn’t let me go on one simple date, but it was ok for you to do whatever the fuck you wanted.”

“I wanted to tell you I just-”

“Oh what you were afraid of what people would think of you. Worried people would think you like someone who wasn't skinny. Were you afraid that you couldn't go around fucking every girl, if you had a real relationship? Scared you were going to be 'tied down’.”

“I was afraid you were going to reject me!” Sirius shouted


“I was afraid you wouldn’t want to go out with me. I wasn’t like those guys you went for. They were usually smart and like you. I was stupid and was failing everyone of my classes. I was afraid I wasn’t the type of guy you went for.”

“Sirius, you weren’t stupid.”

“Compared to those guys I was.”

“Me wanting to date you wouldn’t have depended on your grades anyway.”

“I was a stupid idiot, I ruined all your dates, and slept with random girls to get you out of my head.” He grabbed your hands in his “But please, y/b please forgive me.’'  You looked into his eyes which were already looking at you.

’'Fine, I forgive you.” Sirius kissed your forehead.

“Thank you I promise you won’t regret it.” You smiled up at him

“I better not.”

anonymous asked:

yooo could we maybe get headcanons for how the tale, fell and swap skelebros would react to finding out their S/O was pregnant?

( *Oh hey, I just did an imagine on the skelebros finding out the details of human childbirth, so this is the follow-up to that! Enjoy~. )


His eyelights go out, and he’s completely still for so long that it seems as if he passed out standing up.  Pregnant?  So.. so it’s possible for a monster and a human..?  Okay, now he’s doing all the research he can, trying to make sure that this cross-breed spawn isn’t going to kill his S/O.  He’s not worried about raising the child–he raised his brother, after all, and he did when he was fairly young himself.  He’s just worried about the logistics and how society is going to handle this and are there going to be experiments involved and oh crap he'shavingapanicattackhelp.

While he tries to act supportive, he’s actually off in his own thoughts most of the time, so he comes across as distant.  He still makes puns and has that grin plastered on his face, but he’s sleeping even worse than usual, and it’s putting a strain on his laid-back facade–and his relationship.  There’s a whole mess of misunderstandings in his future.  


He’s absolutely OVER THE MOON EXCITED!  THERE’S GOING TO BE A BABY/BABYBONES IN HIS FUTURE AND IT’S GOING TO BE HIS?!  WOWIE!  THIS IS GREAT!  The first thing he does (after the initial jumping for joy and hugging his S/O) is update his status on the Undernet.  The world must know that he’s going to be a SUPER AWESOME DAD!  He reads every manual on childbirth and pregnancy he can find, and his S/O isn’t going to be doing anything soon.  Heck, she’s only two months pregnant, and he’s insisting she doesn’t lift anything and giving her foot massages every night.  He’s the type that’s going to make sure she eats a careful diet with just the right vitamins and nutrients, and he’s the perfect doting father.  The baby’s room is fixed to perfection within a day, and by the time the pregnancy is reaching its end, he’s a well of information.  Yeah, he’s well-prepared and a rock the entire time.


But.. then he remembers the conversation he had once upon a time with his neighbor about her being cut open, and his excited grin slowly fades.. and his eyesockets start watering.. and then he’s sobbing into his S/O’s stomach and shouting incoherent apologies.  He’s inconsolable, and his S/O is beyond confused and a little hurt.  Stretch has to be the one to explain the situation, and the S/O ends up comforting Blueberry and insisting that she’ll be all right.  After a gentler explanation of childbirth, Sans seems to take the news better, and he spends the rest of the night cuddling his S/O and asking questions like “WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY’LL LOOK LIKE?” or “DO YOU THINK THEY’LL LIKE PUZZLES?” and “WE NEED TO COME UP WITH A NAME BEFITTING A BABYBONES AS MAGNIFICENT AS OURS!”

Stretch ends up helping the both of them prepare for the baby because Blueberry can barely focus on one single task before he’s bounding to another, he’s so excited.


Well, holy crap, he didn’t think it was possible for a monster-human child to be conceived and yet.. here’s his S/O, holding that little stick with the plus sign on it. The details of childbirth still don’t freak him out, but the responsibility of being a father does.  Sure, he raised Sans (and he still dotes on him as if he’s still a babybones sometimes) so he has experience… but this is a hybrid child.  He has no idea what to expect, and that terrifies him.  

So… he simply stares at his S/O when she tells him, and he’s quiet for a long time.  Finally, he gets a cigarette out of his pocket and starts to light it up, but she snatches it from his teeth before he gets it lit and tells him he can’t smoke around her anymore.  His hands are shaking, but he hides that by stuffing them in his pockets and leaning back into the couch.  


And that’s… all he says.  It’s like he checks out, even though his demeanor never changes.  If she presses him (“Okay?  Is that all you have to say about this?”), he’ll shrug and mumble “congrats.”  

Things go south fast and he doesn’t see his S/O for a solid week.  But after a talk with Blueberry about how “YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE YOUR HUMAN IF YOU DON’T GET YOUR LAZY BUTT OFF THAT COUCH, PAPY!”, the gravity of the situation seems to kick in, and he goes over to his S/O’s house for a long conversation.  Things get better, and while he’s still absolutely terrified, he actually starts to get excited over the idea of having a child of his own with his S/O.  


He starts sweating immediately.  His eyelights are extinguished.  Is there a sudden earthquake, or is he shaking?  What’s that sound?  
… Shit, that’s the sound of his bones literally rattling.
He’s going to be a dad.  Him.  Much like his counterparts, he raised Papyrus by himself in a rather harsh Underground, so he knows he’s capable of raising a child in this cushy Surface world, but.. still.
“a-are sure?  absolutely.. p-positive?”  Ugh, his stutter’s rearing it’s ugly head.  "i-i mean, are you.. do you want.. i.. i’m really..“

*i’m really not good enough for you, sweetheart.

But, he doesn’t finish the sentence.  Instead, he holds onto his S/O tight and spends the night trying to envision what his life will be like as a family.  He’s planning out everything the child will need, and even trying to come up with names.  By the next day, he’s actually.. happy.  However, he’s still going to have the occasional Dark Day where he feels like something horrible is bound to happen (because, really, there’s no way things can be going this good for him) and he takes those feelings out on everyone around him.  



Edge is still scarred from that childbirth video he watched.  He was so scared that any kind of intimacy could lead to a pregnancy, but his S/O had kind of laughed off his fears.  She didn’t think it was possible for him to get her pregnant, and so he had finally given in to his desires.. over and over again.  

Okay, maybe he was wrong about the whole yelling thing being the ultimate stress relief.


… Yeah, he went there.  He didn’t mean it–he’s just absolutely terrified–but he still said it.  His S/O curses him, flips him off, and stomps out.  Then, he’s REALLY terrified because now he screwed everything up.  Did he just lose his child and his S/O?!  UGH, WHY IS EVERYTHING ALWAYS HAPPENING TO HIM??  He spends the day calming down and trying to come to grips with the fact that he’s going to be a father, and he stays up ALL NIGHT LONG researching human pregnancy.  The next day, he swallows his pride and apologies.  He’s holding a bag of pickles and ice cream, which only confuses his S/O, but then he launches into a big explanation of how he educated himself last night.  Well, at least he’s trying.  

He becomes fiercely protective the entire time and his S/O can barely even go to the bathroom without him trying to follow her in.  Edge has no chill for the next 9 months, and even less once the child’s born.  Sans ends up having to take on a lot of responsibility because Papyrus FLIPS HIS SHIT over every little thing.  


So this is like a super crossover between Teen wolf, My Baby Sitter’s a Vampire and occasionally Wizards Of Waverly Place. (Jenny Weir is an OC)

“Mrs Weir we have been patient with Benny and Jenny, their parents passing obviously troubled them but this time they have gone too far Benny and Jenny have angered Anastasia for the last time, the vampires of Whitechapel will not stand for the blatant disrespect they showed by bringing Jessie into Whitechapel again, you were told to control their magic it has been ten years since they accident and they have become unruly.”

“I understand but they are thirteen and losing their grandfather so soon after the accident didn’t help I’m sure some time together they will become less, well… wild after all once I’m gone all they will have is each other.” Mrs Weir looked up at the coven leader who was looking down on her from his position on his wooden throne, a scowl fixed firm upon his face. 

The old woman knew that the twins would be sent away but she had never thought it would be so soon.

The last time they had broken the Coven’s rules Jenny had been sent to Wiztech in hopes that she would learn discipline but ended up being sent back a few months later when she and another witch, Alex, had filled the school with plastic bool-pool balls.

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Dancing Around

* Thayne Jasperson × Reader

* Modern rpf

* 331: Why can’t they see that they’re meant for each other?

* Requested by anonymous

* Request: he and the reader used to be dancers together but then she goes more onto her school studies and they’re still best friends. Now she’s at NYU getting a masters in History and Thayne takes her to the theater and everyone can just see how much they really actually like each other more than friends?

A/N: Here’s another Thayne one for my legacy. I’m pretty sure my time frame is horribly off but just roll with it kay? Thanks. And I’ll answer my messages later tonight. But enjoy!

Word Count: 2,917


“No it’s really easy Thayne!” You urged your friend.

“I just don’t think I’d be a good dancer OK?” He said nervously. The two of you were only freshmen in high school but you were trying to get your friend to join a dance class you found.

“You’d be great.” You tried again. “Please?” You finally asked. He gave you a curious look. “I don’t know anyone in the class and everyone is already all paired up so I’m always awkwardly the third person of a group.” You explained.

You watched as Thayne debated his options. He sighed. “OK, I’ll go with you next time.”

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Don’t Say You Ever Loved Me - feysand fanfiction

Summary: AU in which Rhys never shows up to the cabin after Feyre finds out they are mates. Instead, she waits. And waits. And then has to figure out how to move on.

AO3 : no warnings except angst : based on this request


When I left Rhys, I hadn’t had time to develop a plan, to think about what I wanted, what I needed, how I really felt about him and what I had learned from the Suriel. Desperation had fueled me, and now I found myself isolated, in a cabin, in a place I wasn’t sure how to leave. Mor had delivered on my request to take me far away, and I hadn’t cared enough to ask her where she had left me. All I could do now was hope that she followed through on my request to keep my location from Rhys. At least, for the time being.

On the first day, I was angry. I wasn’t sure that I could call what Rhys had done a betrayal, but after everything that Tamlin had done, I tried to wrap my head around the idea that Rhys would hide information like this from me. That he could know, had known, for months, that we were mates, without saying a word. I felt like I had always had a choice with him, but I struggled to reconcile this with the fact that he kept vital information from me. What else might have he kept from me, in the name of protection?

I had never known that marriage or love or any of it would be a possibility, for me. My plans had been to live with my father, my sisters comfortably married and me with enough time to paint; a partner for myself had never crossed my mind. It was never something I wanted, unlike Elain, who dreamed of what her wedding dress would look like from the time she could walk. Nor was I like Nesta, who thought of making an advantageous match, before our change in social station had put an end to those dreams. Those plans were now back on track, since Tamlin had given them the resources to make it so. But me?

No, I had never wanted to tie myself to another for the rest of my life. And now the Cauldron was here telling me that it was fated, that I had no choice.

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anonymous asked:

gaywood is back with another freewood request, shocker!! just really love your freewoods. ok so. "i didnt think you were going to come back" in a musicians au :o

( @gaywood sorry this took a while and sorry the musician part of the au isn’t really emphasized. and just sorry overall for this haha. its largely unedited but i just had to finish it or id never get to any other prompts)

They didn’t fight often. Sure they had arguments, there was always something they were disagreeing on, but they rarely fought. Mostly because they’ve barely even had time to, from the time they’ve gotten together it feels like they’ve been going through tours and interviews and recording sessions. That’s probably what adds to it all. The stress of traveling and being on the road and paparazzi and it all just built up and up and up until they both eventually exploded.

Gavin doesn’t remember what started the fight even as they were in the middle of it, screaming in their trailer after a show. Something about being off beat one song, about not hitting the note quite as strong in another. Something about not cleaning the trailer up, something about not being around enough. They say horrible things as well, insults laced in pure venom hurled, accusations roared.

It’s the worst fight they ever had. It’s a fight that ends with Ryan storming out into the night and Gavin screaming “never come back!” after him. It’s a fight that Gavin realizes right after the door slams that could mean the end.

Gavin though, furious and aching, didn’t go after Ryan. He just lets him walk out.

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Amnesia part 4

Hey guys- at long last, here’s the latest chapter of ‘Amnesia’. Sorry for not updating earlier - things got in the way- work, and I had to attend a course during the weekend. But now it’s finally up! Thank you all for your patience and support for this story!

Special thanks to @jia911 for helping to proofread and give feedback and @francescabuccino for helping to give feedback as well!  You girls are the best  <3

Special thanks to @filterlessmia and @fight-till-u-cant-fight-anymore for giving me feedback for the idea I have about this story’s direction. You guys rock too! <3

Here are the links to the previous parts in this series: 

Amelia stared at the baby lying in her incubator as the baby stared back at her with her blue eyes. Was this really her baby? She did indeed look like her. But weirdly, she didn’t feel any connection towards the baby. She didn’t feel the special bond that mothers feel whenever they see their babies for the first time. She felt like she was looking at someone else’s baby.

She blinked back tears in her eyes as she turned her head away from the incubator.

‘ Please take her out of here.’ she ordered in a cold tone.

Upon seeing his wife’s reaction, Owen’s heart sank once again.

Alex and Owen exchanged glances as Owen shook his head sadly. Nope, the plan didn’t work out.

An hour earlier, he had met Alex in the NICU, and Alex had asked him whether Amelia would like to meet their baby. Owen had accepted, thinking that once Amelia saw their baby, her heart would warm up towards the baby, and maybe looking at the baby would enable her to recall her pregnancy.

But alas, that didn’t go as planned. It saddened him to see her cold reaction towards their own baby, their own flesh and blood. It broke his heart to see her unable to bond with their child. Watching her interact with the Shepherd children and noticing how great she was with them, he knew that she would be a wonderful mother to their baby and any future children they might have. But now, that illusion was gone. Amelia didn’t even acknowledge their baby, and even though he knew and fully understood that it was because she couldn’t even remember carrying the baby and thus couldn’t feel a connection with the baby, he would be lying if he said that it didn’t hurt. He had always looked forward to them being parents together, bringing their children to games, parks and family outings. But now- he wondered how was he going to bring their daughter up alone should Amelia never recover.

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wiseinnerwhispers  asked:

I need more Edi and Nik! Theyre actual gold! Okay. How about this: setting - boat, illness - seasick /AND/ (because Im horribly cruel) food poisoning. Maybe one of them is super seasick and then once their stomach settles a bit the other gets them to eat something (even if its just so they arent dry heaving anymore) and it turns out that that was a very bad idea. I don't know if this would actually work for them since I'm not sure if either boy gets seasick but if not that's totally fine!

*TW for eating disorder mentions*

As usual where Edi is concerned, there are mentions of an eating disorder in this fic (anorexia), so if you know you get triggered by that kind of stuff, please keep yourself safe and don’t read. My intention here is not to offend or upset or trigger anyone, and I have suffered with an ED myself so I just want y’all to be safe and happy <3

Also a warning for a small amount of scat, mostly because I wanted a clear difference between Edi being ill with travel sickness, and then food poisoning.

OMG thank you so much! I’m so pleased my new boys have gotten such a good reception! Edi is my little smol bean, bless him. This sounds exactly like something that would happen to him, since he has such a weak stomach, so enjoy a bit of self-indulgent Edi torturing!


It was a little after half an hour spent on the ferry that Nik began to notice Edi nuzzling in much closer to him than he normally would, especially since they were in full view of everyone around them. The small ginger boy was being even more clingy than usual, whining in an adorable little high pitched squeak if Nik so much shifted or moved his hand from stroking Edi’s hair for just a second.

Nik was sitting on one of the sofas where they could look out of the big windows on the side of the ship, and Edi was sitting beside him. However he wasn’t exactly sitting anymore, he was half sprawled in Nik’s lap, leaning into him dependently with his head resting on his chest. Nik was still  absent-mindedly caressing the small boys ginger curls, unsure if he was upset or something, when he noticed something unusual. Edi’s eyes were closed. It was unlikely he’d fallen asleep- being on moving transport was about the only time Edi couldn’t sleep, and besides, his eyes seemed closed in discomfort more than anything else. Nik frowned.

His face was paler too, his freckles barely visible. This was a major warning sign that something wasn’t right.

Just when Nik was about to ask Edi if he was ok, Edi lurched forward with a sickly sounding burp, breathy and acidic. Edi groaned and slapped a hand over his mouth, shutting his eyes and whimpering softly as his other hand found it’s way to rest on his stomach.

“Shit” Nik exclaimed, hastily fumbling in his bag for one of Edi’s sick bags, which he always carried with him for occasions just like this. He knew something wasn’t right. Of course, Edi had been getting so clingy because his tummy was bothering him and he wasn’t feeling well, but he had been too embarrassed to say anything. Really, you’d think being a nurse would give him more sense to get himself somewhere to be sick, or at least tell Nik so he could help him, but that just goes to show how embarrassed poor Edi gets when he’s ill.

As soon as Nik had opened the sick bag and held it under his chin, Edi was sick into it. Nik was surprised that Edi had so much in his stomach to throw up, considering he really hadn’t had a lot to eat for the last few days. The recovery meal plan had been going ok until Nik had caught him chewing and spitting food into an opaque plastic cup at the table, so it turned out most of the 1,200 calories Edi was supposedly eating a day, weren’t actually ending up in his body at all. Now they were back to square one, with Edi on a mere 600kcal a day to build him back up to larger amounts, although he quite often struggled just to get to 600.

A thick gurgling heave had Edi emptying the rest of his stomach contents into the small bag. He retched a few times, gagging up a few smaller streams and moaning in pain and humiliation. When he seemed to be done, Nik quickly sealed and disposed of the soiled bag, before producing a tissue to gently wipe the sad string of saliva stuck to Edi’s chin. The sick boy was sitting with his eyes closed, with both hands wrapped around his tummy. Nik pulled out another clean bag and placed it on Edi’s lap, just to be prepared.

“I’m guessing your tummy doesn’t agree with the movement of the boat, huh?” Nik said softly, rubbing Edi’s back reassuringly. The thought alone of the rocking boat had Edi gagging in his mouth unexpectedly, his cheeks bulging. He hunched forward and screwed up his eyes tighter, but didn’t have the presence of mind to open the bag, so Nik had to do it for him, holding it patiently under his chin as Edi got sick again.

“Hueerrrrggglllhh” he unexpectedly brought up another thick gush of vomit which took both him and Nik by surprise.

“Oh Edi…” Nik murmured comfortingly, throwing the second bag away and allowing an exhausted Edi to snuggle into him. He was blushing deeply in embarrassment, before hiccuping queasily.

“I’m sorry…” He sobbed. Nik stroked his sweaty curls.

“It’s alright, you couldn’t help it.” He soothed. There was no point telling Edi to give him some warning that he was feeling nauseous next time, he knew Edi wouldn’t.

“I don’t feel good…” Edi whined and Nik held him closer.

“I know, I know…Do you want some water?”

Edi shook his head miserably and groaned. “Feel too sick…”

“It might help you feel better? Come on, just a small sip…”

Edi grimaced as Nik raised the plastic bottle to his lips, but obliged nonetheless. Afterwards, Nik gently helped him lay down in his lap and resumed stroking his hair.

For a while, it seemed that Edi was so exhausted from feeling so poorly that he actually went to sleep, but when he suddenly awoke with a breathy burp, accompanied by a low guttural moan, Nik could tell what was coming.

“Hurrrrkkk! Hurrrrlllllkkk…” Edi heaved miserably, the awful retches wracking his tiny frail frame. He managed to get up a few thin trickles of sick which dripped patheticallly into the bag, but apart from that, most of it was horrible, unrelentless dry heaving. The poor boy was making so much noise that fellow passengers kept looking over in concern. One lady even approached Nik, who was busy holding a shaking Edi upright as he heaved, rubbing his back slowly, and gave him some seasick bands, and some tablets.
“Thank you…” Nik smiled gratefully. He wasn’t sure the tablets were gonna stay down, but it was a nice thought. He’d never seen anyone get quite so sick from a boat before, but then, this was Edi- he should have guessed.

“Shh.. shh…” Nik soothed Edi as he retched loudly again, starting to cry. “It’s ok, you’re alright.” He rocked the sick boy gently, and eventually Edi managed to calm down enough for Nik to dispose of the bag and lay him back down in his lap.

A passing crew member walked past and quickly saw the situation- a small pale and sickly looking boy spread out over his boyfriend with a hand holding his tummy and a sick bag in the other. She walked off and returned with a bucket.

“Here you go darling…” She whispered gently to Edi. “I know it’s not nice being sick into a bag. Can I get you some water or anything?” She turned to Nik, as Edi had his eyes shut as the boat went over another wave. He whimpered slightly and Nik frowned and looked down at him in concern.

“No thanks…” He smiled sadly. “ I don’t think poor Edi’s feeling up to water at the moment…” He grimaced. “Thanks though.”

“No problem honey, just give one of us a shout if you need anything.”

The next hour on the ferry passed in very much the same fashion- Edi throwing up and retching for about 10 minutes, then falling asleep before feeling progressively worse until he ended up getting sick again about 5 minutes later. The poor thing was an absolute wreck, his tummy was sore and his voice was hoarse. His cheeks were tear stained, and as he curled up into Nik for the 5th time, still clutching his tummy, he whimpered miserably as the boat rocked and swayed.

Eventually Nik managed to coax him into drinking small sips of water. He picked up Edi’s small delicate hands in his own and tenderly slipped the seasick bracelets into place. They actually seemed to help slightly- Edi was still being sick every so often, throwing up the tiny amounts of water he’d managed to put in his stomach, but he was feeling less nauseous then he was an hour ago.

“Do you think you’re ready to try taking this travel sick tablet yet?” Nik asked him gently as Edi moaned and squirmed restlessly. He hadn’t been interrupted by another bout of dry heaving in about 15 minutes, but he wasn’t particularly feeling any better for it. He was fed up and feeling utterly miserable. He just wanted it to end- he couldn’t wait to get off this awful boat.

“Might as well…” Edi muttered grouchily, turning over and sitting up slightly. He massaged his aching stomach with a look of discontent of his face. “It can’t exactly do any harm… I’m probably gonna puke again soon anyway…” He pouted. He took the tablet and Nik smiled reassuringly at him.

“Well hopefully the tablet might help your tummy feel a bit better.” He said positively, but Edi looked doubtful.

“I think I’m gonna be sick…” Edi grate out in a thick, strained voice. He sat very still, hand over his mouth, the other wrapped firmly around his abdomen.

“You’re ok, just take deep breaths… There’s hardly anything inside you to throw up, and if you can keep those tablets down it’ll make you feel better…”

Edi panted nauseously, and gagged. Nik drew the bucket closer in preparation but remarkedly Edi managed to keep it down.

After a few tense moments of silence, a small voice piped up.

“Can I have a cuddle now?”

Nik laughed. “Of course you can darling, well done.” He said gently before pulling Edi into a hug.

Edi soon nodded off to sleep, and Nik absentmindedly started massaging his poorly stomach. Edi moaned in appreciation, still half asleep, otherwise he wouldn’t be letting Nik touch his tummy, especially when it was all gurgly and gross when he got sick.

Edi awoke later, and immediately felt the benefit of the tablets. Amazed they had worked, he snuggled into Nik and took hold of his hand, planting a gentle kiss on it.

“How’re you feeling, sweetie?” Nik asked him.

“Empty and sore, but better. I don’t feel so sick…” Edi said shakily and Nik smiled.

“Well it’s lunchtime. I’m gonna go and get a sandwich or something. Do you want anything?”

Edi immediately shook his head, his automatic response when asked if he wanted food. Nik sighed.

“600 Edi…” He reminded the smaller boy. “I know you’re not feeling great, but you need to at least eat something. Anything you want.”

“I still feel icky…” Edi moaned quietly. “I still feel a bit sick. I don’t wanna puke again.”

“Honestly, it will do you good. You haven’t had hardly anything to eat for 3 days now, you need to have something in your stomach, even if means you’re not dry heaving anymore. If you’re sick again, you’re sick again, but personally I think having something small to eat might help settle your stomach a little.

“Ok…” Edi sighed. “Can I come and choose?” He said, not wanting to be left alone.

“Are you feeling up to it?” Nik asked in concern. Edi had some of his colour back, but he was still quite pale.

“I’m alright…” Edi assured him, rising to his feet a little too fast. He stumbled and Nik grabbed him around the waist to steady him.

“You’re a stubborn little bean.” He laughed kindly, and supported Edi’s weak body as they walked off slowly to find a shop.


They came back to their seats 10 minutes later- Nik with a protein shake and and a KFC banquet box, and Edi with a chicken salad sandwich and a bottle of water. The sandwich was one of those reduced fat ones, which is what had drawn his eye to it, along with the fact that he could easily pick out the salad and eat that and nothing else. And if the worst really came to it, he really did like chicken too, even if he rarely allowed himself to eat it.

Nik sat and tucked into his greasy chicken thighs, and part of Edi was jealous. Once upon a time, he would of been able to sit here and munch on the succulent chicken and salty chips with Nik. It’s not that he didn’t want to. It’s that he couldn’t. As much as it was making his mouth water just smelling it, he knew at the end of the day there would be no way he would ever be able to eat one…they just contain too much fat, too many calories. He just couldn’t-

“Edi?” Nik prompted him, looking expectantly at the sandwich sat in Edi’s lap. Edi sighed and pulled off the plastic wrapper, grimacing when his hands came into contact with a layer of slimy mayonnaise.

Shit. He hadn’t realised it had mayonnaise in… that’s got to be another 98kcal at least…

His brain went into overdrive mode as he fervently checked the nutrition information on the packet again. Nik watched him with an eyebrow raised.

“Edi, you’ve just spent the last two hours throwing up what little you’ve actually eaten this week- I’m sure you can make allowances for one sandwich.” He said gently. Edi sighed.

He pulled the sandwich apart slowly, inspecting it as if something untoward was about to jump out of it at him. He took off the top layer of bread, and picked up a piece of lettuce, wiping the mayonnaise off on a serviette with a look of disgust.

He chewed on the lettuce innocently until Nik looked over and noticed what he was doing.

“Edi, it’s a sandwich. You’re supposed to pick it up and eat it, not pull it to shreds.”

“But bread…  carbs…” Edi muttered, more to himself than anything. He looked up at Nik with round but frightened puppy eyes.


Nik laughed kindly. “I know you don’t want it, but please try and eat some of the bread at least. You could do with something solid in your stomach. And if you really don’t want the mayonnaise you can wipe it off on the serviette if you must.”

Edi quickly took advantage of this, and wiped all the mayonnaise off the sandwich. He pulled off a piece of bread and took a few small bites of it. He then picked up some chicken and ate that. He hadn’t eaten chicken in so long. It tasted good.

He ate all of the chicken and the salad, and about half a slice of bread. Nik eventually encouraged him to finish the slice of bread, but by the end, Edi felt uncomfortably full.

Nik frowned when he told him this. Yes, Edi had a much smaller stomach than most people, but this was a record even for him. But then again, it was probably just because he wasn’t very hungry because of how sick he’d just been.

After eating, they settled back down into a cuddle again, with Edi laid comfortably in Nik’s lap. He still felt unpleasantly full, and he didn’t like the feeling one bit. He tried to inconspicuously rub at his stomach under his top, hoping Nik wouldn’t see.

Nik did notice, but didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to upset Edi, but he could quite clearly see that the younger man still wasn’t feeling very well. Maybe he shouldn’t of persuaded him to eat so much- now it seemed like his stomach was really bothering him.

However despite his concerns, Edi soon feel asleep. Nik let out a subconscious sigh of relief- maybe getting him to eat wasn’t such a bad idea after all, it seemed to have made him sleepy and relaxed anyway. Content that Edi was ok, Nik let himself nod off too.


“Heeuurrrlgggghh!” The first thing Edi was aware of when he suddenly awoke, it that he’d just been terribly sick all over himself and Nik’s lap. The second thing, is that he knew he wasn’t done.

“Heurrrrlllkk!” Hhheeurrlllghh…” A huge gush of vomit spattered all down his t shirt before he could even move. He felt absolutely awful- his stomach was tearing itself to shreds inside him and he felt unbearably nauseous.

Nik awoke to a sudden loud noise and the sensation of warm chunky liquid soaking through his top. He jerked awake and his heart fell when he quickly surveyed the scene.

“Edi? Oh god, Edi! Baby, it’s alright, you’re ok…” Nik soothed him as he wrapped his arm around the small shaking boy. Edi had been sick all down himself, and was still gagging and holding his stomach in pain. He was crying and trembling as he retched again bringing up a smaller wave.

“It- it hurts…” He cried, as Nik tried to ease him off his lap so he could reach the bucket.

“Heeurrrhh, heurrlllggh!” Edi sobbed as he was sick again, thankfully into the bucket this time.

“Oh god Edi… you’re so sick…” Nik fretted. Everything he had persuaded Edi to eat had made a vile appearance into the bucket and also a significant amount over Edi himself. He heaved again as another chunky undigested mess of sandwich splashed into the bucket.
Nik was still trying to work out what to do. This wasn’t normal…

“My stomach- it feels so bad…” Edi sobbed. He doubled over with another empty retch as another wave of cramps ripped through his system. “Ohh- oh god… I need the toilet!” He squeaked in alarm.

“It’s ok, we can stay here, I’ll get someone to bring us some wipes and another bucket…”

“No…” Edi shook his head quickly, shuddering through nausea. “Ohhh…” He stood up and started to walk unsteadily toward the bathroom, still almost bent double, clutching his stomach. He had to stop after a few steps to shut his eyes and moan, swallowing thickly.

“Oh god…” Nik muttered, running to help him. He now understood what Edi meant…

In the end Nik scooped him up, an easy feat for someone less than half his size. He carried Edi to the toilet, walking briskly. All the while, Edi retched and sobbed, folding in on himself as cramped wreaked havoc with his now very poorly stomach. He didn’t think he’d ever felt this awful in his life.

They got a few, ok a lot, of worried glances as Nik ran down the corridoor holding a whimpering and sick splattered boy in his arms. Sick like this, Nik imagined that Edi looked a lot younger than he actually was, especially combined with his much smaller than average frame. He probably looked like a frail trembling child held tenderly in his arms.

The same crew attendant lady saw the state they were in and quickly pulled Nik to the side.

“Here…” She said, thrusting a radar key at him. “You can use the disabled toilet.” Nik thanked her gratefully, but she frowned. “Is your son ok? He looks quite ill… this doesn’t look like seasickness anymore…”

“I don’t know…” Nik fretted. “He just woke up, and was so sick…” He paused. “Wait- he’s not my son, he’s my boyfriend!”

This made the lady look even more concerned, but before she could say anything else, Edi moaned sickly in Nik’s arms.


“Ok, ok buddy, there you go…” Nik soothed him, setting Edi down on the toilet and locking the door of the disabled bathroom behind them.

“Please leave…” Edi sobbed, holding his stomach as he sat, still fully clothed on the toilet lid.

“Darling, it’s ok. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, you’re really poorly darling…”

“Please…” Edi cried out as another cramp hit his stomach. He didn’t have long, and Nik wasn’t budging.

“Please just face the other way then…” He whimpered breathlessly, and Nik obliged reluctantly, hating that Edi wouldn’t even let him help him.

A few moments passed before Nik heard Edi get violently ill into the toilet. Nik shuddered at the sound, and longed to turn around and comfort the poor man, but knew he couldn’t.

For a few seconds the room was completely silent apart from Edi whimpering as his stomach gurgled sickenly. Then-

“P- please-could you help me?…I think- I think I’m going to be sick…” Edi said, his voice shaky with tears.

Nik immediately rushed to his side, picking up the waste paper bin and putting it on Edi’s lap. He held it there whilst Edi got sick again, and rubbed his back. When he’d finished, Edi hung over the bowl panting nauseously, and Nik held him tight, not caring about how sweaty his boyfriend was, or the fact that he was covered in puke and the whole room just smelt absolutely awful. His poor boyfriend was sick and that was all that mattered.

“Will you be ok here for a moment?” Nik asked him, an idea quickly forming in his mind. Edi nodded forlornly. He didn’t want Nik to leave him, but then again, he couldn’t blame him. A few minutes ago, Edi had begged to be alone. Now he just wanted to be cuddled and told everything was going to be ok- he felt so unwell.

Without saying anything else, Nik sprinted from the room.


“Heeuurghhhh! Heurrrllkk!” Edi was still retching miserably when Nik came back. He had a big bag in his arms, containing a towel, a blanket, 2 packets of baby wipes and a load of clean clothes. He’d ran all the way down 7 flights of stairs and back to their car and was panting hard.

He didn’t expect Edi to still be getting sick. He dropped to his knees beside him.

“There there…” He soothed, feeling a bit awkward but knowing that Edi loved to be comforted. “It’s gonna be ok. Now, do you think you’re finished on the toilet for now?”

Edi nodded sadly. He still felt horrendously sick more than anything. He cleaned himself up while Nik pulled out some clean clothes from the bag. Edi almost cried at the welcoming sight of them.


15 exhausting minutes and a lot of baby wipes later, Edi and Nik were both clean and dry, in fresh clothes. There was a clean bucket in front of their seat, and Edi was wrapped in a blanket huddled up in Nik’s lap. He still felt awful, but at least he was clean and dry, and as comfortable as he was going to get.

He was shivering, but at least he wasn’t crying. He moaned restlessly, letting Nik massage his tummy.

“I think it might of been the chicken…” Nik said quietly. Edi grimaced and blanched whiter at the thought. He buried his face into Nik’s jumper.

“Some start to our holiday…”

sawyer/juliet time!

  • first meeting was electric! she tasered him i mean
  • second meeting she offers him water! but she’s also his captor
  • “why’d she call you james” !!!!!!!
  • (and he never calls her anything other than juliet. 100% sure sawyer’s read shakespeare and the irony is not lost on him either)
  • she kills danny, who has been beating up sawyer for six straight episodes
  • and right after, right after that scene, kate is having her teary “don’t stay” walkie talk with jack. AND SAWYER AND JULIET ARE RIGHT THERE watching. awkward fucking quad
  • sawyer and juliet on a suicide mission TO EARN COOL POINTS
  • “karma”
  • they are literally in better places in the next life. it worked
  • (IT WORKED uggggggh)
  • they spend a whole season on opposite sides, doing the same thing: helping who they can, and end up on the same beach.
  • with rum
  • look at that scene right before the light comes - the bottle is halfway done
  • yea they’re drunk in the beginning of season 5
  • they’re also never apart in season 5. like ever.
  • and juliet does this thing where she touches him to calm him down. she does it once every episode
  • best part though is: FLAMING ARROWS. the way it’s staged! so a lot o people are dying. very dangerous. daniel who loves charlotte goes back for her when she falls to reemphasize that he goes back bc he cares. a flaming arrow lands on the tree INCHES from sawyer’s face
  • he sees juliet, WHO FUCKING STOPS to help people of course never mind there are FLAMING ARROWS EVERYWHERE
  • and he has this bit right before he goes back for her where he’s frustrated. like, he GETS IT. but he doesn’t want her to die
  • plus he has to REASSURE her that this is the right choice bc she almost goes back
  • this is the guy who almost tortured her with sayid, who was her prisoner. they’ve literally seen each other kill people point blank no remorse. 
  • then when he steps on a branch and they’re just about to be killed again
  • this is very important people. SAWYER. sarcastic ass extraordinaire! thinks juliet burke is a wiseass.
  • “james. juliet. nice to see you”
  • he also beats up the guy that was going to holding juliet down. three hard as shit punches.
  • “let her go”
  • sawyer and juliet are literally not friends. have never been friends
  • LET HER GO. in the action genre this is called i love you
  • when they’re in richard’s camp in 5X03 in the last flash, Sawyer reassures her AGAIN
  • they WORK together just BECAUSE.
  • sawyer sees kate. it’s sad and heartbreaking and romantic. locke, who has been with him from the crash and on, who has witnessed the real sawyer die, who is a close enough friend to sawyer, asks him about it
  • sawyer’s like nope i ain’t tellin
  • BUT HE TELLS JULIET while they’re rowing that canoe just randomly because SHE NOTICES HE’S OFF SOMEHOW
  • “I saw kate. she was delivering claire’s baby’
  • “that was too months ago”
  • SHOTS FIRED bc time travel and lost. they survive 
  • (sawyer takes HER paddle and SHE takes the rifle to shoot, it could have easily been the other way around but nOPE)
  • they land and SHE CONTINUES THE CONVERSATION bc sawyer is just sad and more than wanting to know, this is just what juliet does. she listens. sawyer talks to her. tells her the truth about this women he loved and had to leave. and she understands!
  • “juliet” ( i am obsessed with lost’s refusal to have sawyer call her anything other than her name. like do you think sawyer wondered if she had a romeo? more sobbing)
  • There’s this another little moment when charlotte falls and they’re huddling around her. sawyer just gives her the gun and she takes it and sets it down. it’s two seconds. they don’t even look at each other. and he just passes it to her and she takes it and IT’S WONDERFUL
  • then HER nose starts bleeding again. but she’s not worried about that because HIS nose starts bleeding
  • “you just had to say something” 
  • is the present time line. it’s sawyer being the leader. it’s sawyer making choices for the group. it’s his plan that gets them all to safety
  • except
  • not really?
  • right after “absolutely” sawyer hears a gun shot and looks down to see if he’s been shot
  • And the next shot is a soft focus shot that goes into focus. juliet’s face is obscured and then clear. SHE SAVED HIM.
  • this whole plan works because juliet backs sawyer up. 
  • miles complains first. SAWYER’S RIGHT! aka JULIET NEVER USES THE NAME SAWYER. she understands that they see him as Sawyer and they respond to Sawyer, 
  • next is daniel to raise opposition, when they hear amy
  • juliet doesn’t just back him up she REASSURES HIM that she will
  • And RIGHT THERE, right after she does
  • HE NODS AT HER. like, thanks for backing me up. go and look at his face. it’s such a great nod. it’s almost questioning like, wow did you really back me up? 
  • this! this is the moment they became friends
  • sawyer ACKNOWLEDGES that she’s a big part of why all this shit is working. he does it by masking that he needs her with flirting
  • i don’t even think he realized he was flirting. i think he just realized he liked her. AND HE NEEDS HER. he needs her for peace of mind, he needs her as his right hand. he needs her because he’d rather talk to her than to miles and jin! he wants her around to talk!
  • AND JULIET’S IS INTO THIS DORK. this is a woman who’s seen herself as “the other woman” and as the second choice and second best, who doesn’t believe in being happy in love, who’s every relationship has ended horribly. AND SHE PUTS HER FAITH IN SAWYER
  • just because
  • and then other stuff happened right?

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you can make a alternate/happy ending of the interview (if you don't mind.) That story has been stuck in my head and I'd love to read another version of it. :)

Oh, I’d love to! I did like the idea then, and the format I was trying to reflect based off the film I was inspired by. (Its name is Jackie, I thought the film was rather good, here’s a link to the trailer if you’re interested!)

Also if anyone else hasn’t read the original version of Interview, I suggest you read that first.

Thank you and have an incredible day!


You sat beside the hospital bed, a hand wound about your husband. 

However, for once, there was no comforting thumb rubbing your knuckles, or gentle smile on his face.

Because he was asleep.

A coma, specifically. 

He’d been this way for weeks. 

But he’d been becoming responsive. 

It had even been recorded by medical staff.

A small squeeze of your hand when you cried.

A few murmured words when you spoke.

He was getting better.

He had to be. 

Your thoughts were interrupted, by a nurse, her voice soft.

“Mrs. Han? There’s a reporter here to see you.” 

“I thought…I thought I asked for no reporters.” You hummed, rubbing at your tired eyes.

You had hardly gotten a wink of sleep.

“Yes well…he was sent by your father in law. Mr. Han wanted some sort of update while he’s away and Mr. Jung was the closest in the area.” 

“Is that verified?” You asked, hesitance apparent in your words. 

“Yes, Mr. Han called us this morning to let us know.” She sighed. “He also believed…it may help you.” 

You scrunched up your nose, sitting up awkwardly. “N-No more than a few questions.” 

“Of course.” 

There was a period of silence before the journalist arrived that you couldn’t help but feel another wave of exhaustion crash over you, your body weak.

It wasn’t the type of exhaustion caused when you didn’t sleep, though.

It was the kind from when you felt drained. 

You had cried until your face seemed engraved with permanent tear stains. 

Your body was seemingly weighed down with cinder blocks, each step heavier than the next. 

Your grief swelled inside of you as though you may burst, your hope muddling with weary aches. 

“Mrs. Han?” An oddly bright voice chimed in your ears. 

You turned to see a young man, his hair disheveled and wrapped into a loose bun with strands slipping over his muddy eyes. 

You didn’t know entirely how to react when his lips stretched into a smile. 

A smile was refreshing, most of the time.

But not now. 

He understood immediately, anxiously clearing his throat as he approached you, reaching out a hand. 

“I’m sure the nurse already told you about me but I’m Jung Byeon.” 

You slowly took it, dipping your head lightly. “MC.” 

He pulled up a seat, sitting down beside you, tapping his notepad as though he was excited. 

That wasn’t appreciated by you. 

“So, what…exactly happened?” 

You narrowed your eyes, raising a perplexed brow. “What…? I-Isn’t it a-already all over the n-news?” 

“Well, a version of it. Mr. Han specifically requested to hear it from your point of view. Knowing that you were closest to your husband at the time.” 


The memories had sat in your mind, hints and reminders haunting you every moment it could.

You knew it better than you knew yourself. 

“I-It…It might give you some…closure as well to talk about it.” He remarked. “Think of me as like a friend, I’m just here to help.” 

You took a deep breath, soaking in his words. 


“So, would you be able to describe to me what happened?” 

You had been standing beside your husband, the two of you happily talking in the early morning before he had to attend one of his meetings. 

Your hands were entwined, you yourself pressing close against him, a dazed expression painting your face. 

“We were together early in the morning.” You felt a faint grin appear as you thought of him. “We’re almost always together. It’s nice to always have someone by your side. I-I hadn’t even thought that anything was off.”

You were too preoccupied to notice the figures upon the roof. 

Your frown quickly reemerged. 

“Do you have any idea as to why the perpetrator was after him?” 

“N-no, he’s the kindest, most considerate person I know!” You insisted. “I-I mean he can be cold b-but…he’s never needlessly aggressive. He’s polite with clients and coworkers. I-I can’t imagine anyone truly wanting him dead.” 

“They’ve stated it had to do with his business as a whole. Moreso what he represented than who he was. And what he represented was wealth and power, something many people want” 

“He didn’t deserve that.” You replied sharply. “H-He didn't’ deserve any of this. He didn’t choose to be born into the life he has! None of us get to choose for the environments we were raised in, so why do so many act as though he wanted any of this?” 

“I don’t know,” Jung mumbled. “I’m sorry.” 

You felt anger pour from your fingertips, drawing about you as though you were paper. 

“T-That bullet sounded like a train.” You said, your tone trembling. “The whole s-situation was like watching someone be pushed in front of a train.” 

“How so?” 

“I-It all goes by too fast for you to process at first. All you hear is a w-wailing, a-and s-screeching until it all comes to this horrible realization.” 

You had just assumed it was a car or something of the sort. 

Until you heard the breath be snatched from Jumin, a short, desperate gasp erupting from him before his body collapsed against you, sloppily pushing you behind him. 

“H-Honey?” You had switched your head back, a horror smashing into you as you found his eyes wider than dinner plates with surprise as blood dribbled from his mouth.

And as well, from the side of his head. 

His grip had tightened on you suddenly, as though some sort of attempt to shield you, or hide you away. 

He opened his mouth to speak, barely coherent words rasping from him. 

You could hardly believe what he was telling you. 

“And what did he say?” 

“Are you okay?” He asked as you drew him down to the ground, his strength dispersing from him in moments. 

You set his head in your lap, ignoring the security that raced about frantically. 

His blood was smearing against you.

His blood. 

He was bleeding. 

You threw off your jacket, covering the wound, refraining from breaking into furious sobs as you saw the bits of flesh dangling helplessly to his head. 

This shouldn’t be happening. 

Why was this happening?

“Are you okay, love?” He wheezed again, his eyes rolling towards you. 

“I-I’m fine!” You cried, tipping your head in the crook of his neck. “Y-You’re going to be fine too! I’ll make sure of it! O-Okay?” 

And you swore, after hearing you assure him, he grinned.

It was a small, feeble grin.

But one nonetheless.

“He held my hand, t-the entire time.” You felt the tears spill down your cheeks again, your chin quivering. “It’s l-like I was his lifeline.” You huffed. “And I’m not letting go until I see him awake! U-Until he’s okay!” 

“You care very much-” 

“I love him!” You snapped. “He’s everything to me!” 

“Well, what do you plan to do if he doesn’t wake up?” 

Your breath hitched. 

You were silent for a bit, before scowling.

“He’s going to wake up.” 

“There’s no guarantee.” 

“He’s been showing response signs! He’s expected to wake up-” 

“Expected doesn’t mean for sure-” 

“You need to leave.” You snarled. “Now.” 

“Ms. Han-” 

“Leave. Now. Please.” 

Jung opened his mouth to speak but clamped his mouth shut as he began to scramble to his feet. 

“Yes ma’am.” He returned. “T-Thank you.” 

You were silent. 

You didn’t dare move until you heard his steps fade away down the hall. 

You wiped at your face, turning back towards Jumin. 

You squeezed his hand, laying your head on the mattress. “I’m staying here. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you.” 

And to your utter surprise. 

You got a response. 

It was dry, yet each word was laced with a tenderness that could only come from him.

“I’m not leaving either darling.” 

Please.. (Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

Request:  An imagine where the reader gets hurt and stiles loves her and saves her before she can die and they confess their feelings?

A/n: Thank you to @fan-ficing-tastic for writing this! Enjoy x


 You glared over your shoulder at Stiles who was walking down the hall with his best friend Scott and Malia, you know it was stupid but you thought that after 4 months of dating he would at least trust you to do more then just research, but no, he didn’t.  After he forbid you from even leaving your house unless it was for school, you had stopped talking to him, and honestly he didn’t seem like he cared very much.

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Little fighter

Anonym request: Imagine request: Sam’s daughter (reader) is really depressed because she’s not completely human ( she’s part trickster) but her mom and Sam show her that she’s special and worth it ( fluff fluffity fluff fluff please💕💕💕)
Pairing: Uncle!Dean x reader, Father!Sam x reader
Summary: Sam’s daughter is depressed because she isn’t as human as her parents or her uncle.
Words: 1285
Warning: slight depressive thoughts,

So I decided to use uncle Dean instead of the readers mom, because I didn’t know who should be the mom ^^ and I didn’t want to just use a random name… I hope that’s ok :) 

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A Little Too Not Over You

Hope you like this one. why must wonwoo go through so much pain?

-Admin Plum

Part 2

Originally posted by the8ght

Relationships are a tricky thing. You can spend days upon days building your relationship with one person, devoting all of your time and effort just to make them smile. Then the next thing you know you’re living your life without them. And all of the days you spent together are nothing but memories.

“Do you think we’ll be like this forever?”

You cock your brows at his question, “That’s an odd question. What’s got you so sentimental?” You don’t mean to sound so teasing, but Wonwoo groans embarrassed, lying his head down on your lap.

You rest your back against the tree, taking in a deep breath and savouring the warm spring breeze, “Nothing, it’s just that…I can’t imagine my life without you.”

You look up at the sky, the corners of your mouth twitching to a small smile, “Don’t be so cheesy,” You whisper. You refuse to look down, knowing his signature toothy smile would probably be on his striking face. You didn’t need him seeing the blush that had risen on your face; he’d only tease you more.

“Are you going to keep studying even while you’re training? Are you going to finish schooling?” You intend for it to distract him and you’re thankful it works.

“Yeah, I have to. They’re moving me to a different school though, somewhere closer to the dorm,” he responds, “What about you though? What’s your plan?”

“Well, I definitely will finish college. Then I’ll look for a job in the city, so I can be closer to you,” You smile at the blush on his face, “What about you Mr. Big shot? What’s your plan after making it big?”

You wait for his answer, but it doesn’t come for a while. You turn your attention back to the sky. The tree rustles above you and several stray leaves cascade with the wind, dancing delicately in the air before gracing the ground. The sun rays that peer through the gaps in the tree light parts of your face and you wish this time would never pass. Everything was so peaceful and perfect; you begin to feel drowsy causing your eyes flutter shut.

You’re so caught up in enjoying the weather that you almost miss what he says, almost, “I’m going to marry you.”

Your eyes snap open and down at him, “What?”

He sits up, avoiding your eyes, but even with how fast he moved you notice his tainted, red cheeks, “I said I’m going to m-maim Gyu! Yeah, I’m going to maim Mingyu,” he laughs nervously.

You roll your eyes at his excuse, “You’re a horrible liar.” Resting on your knees, you wrap your arms around his torso, your chest pressing against his back, “But it’s ok. I would maim Gyu too.”

You lean forward and force him to look at you, kissing his lips as soon as he gathers the courage to do so. You feel him smile and you mimic his actions.

No matter how sincere someone is, change is bound to happen and sadly, even sincerity is temporary.

“You’re leaving me?” You choke.

Wonwoo stood in front of you with his head low, refusing to look at you.

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t mean anything Wonwoo! Why-why are you dumping me?” You bite back a sob, resting your hand over your mouth. Three years, you had spent three years of your life dedicating it to Wonwoo, supporting him when his friends hadn’t and acting as his most trusted confidant outside of Seventeen.  You were with him even before he got casted for Pledis, loving him with all of your heart.

How could he write you off so easily?

“We’re going to debut soon and the company has placed a dating ban on us,” he starts, “They’ll kick me out if I’m still with you and I’ve worked too hard for this-“

“Then what about us, Wonwoo!” You screech. Though you were surprised by your outburst, Wonwoo was even more so. His eyes were wide with shock but still he refused to look at you.

“I’ve worked hard for us too! I spent so much time investing in us. Do you have any idea how much torture it was not seeing you for so long? You don’t call me for days, sometimes weeks and when I plan dates on the very little day off that you have, you stand me up nine times out of then but I put up with it because I love you,” Your bottom lip tucks between your teeth and you don’t bother to wipe the tears streaming down your cheeks, “Every day I tell myself, ‘ Just keep supporting him. This is what makes him happy so it should be enough to make you happy as well’. And God, I was such an idiot.”

Wonwoo flinches at the sound your palm makes as it collides with your dining room table. Your hand is throbbing with pain but it was the least of your worries, “I can’t believe I let myself think like that.  I can’t believe I let myself-ugh!”

Your fingers curl at the base of your head, grasping your hair into your fists. Heartbreak and anger filled every morsel of your body and you couldn’t force yourself to stop. Not that you wanted to. All of the emotions you had stored for so long were taking advantage of the opportunity to escape and you had no will to halt your tirade.

You turn your gaze, locking Wonwoo’s gaze with the intensity of your own. You take a deep breath, trying to clear the emotions threatening to choke you. On your last shaky breath, you feel the hollowness inside of you drown your compassion into nothingness, leaving you feeling numb and stoic, “Get out of my life Jeon Wonwoo. I’ve wasted enough time on you and I can’t do that anymore. Take all of your things and delete my number from your phone because I never want to see or hear from you ever again.”

Wonwoo stood in front of the familiar hardwood door. It was quiet and he feared that no one would be inside, but its 8pm on a Thursday and that was your allotted time for rest and relaxation. He knows you’re home but he stops himself from knocking on the door. He’s not sure what he’s doing in front of your apartment or how he got there in the first place. But one thing’s for certain, he had to get you back.

After ending the relationship, he fell into a state of depression. He found difficulties in eating or sleeping and for the past 6 months you never left his mind. The only reason he lasted so long without crawling back to you was because of time constraints that prevented him from doing so. The same damn excuse that destroyed your relationship.

Wonwoo was constantly on the edge, yearning to hear from you and see you. But he had to admit, taking his time allowed for him to analyse your relationship and what went wrong. Of course he knows the clear reason why, but because the time apart he managed to devise the perfect plan for when you two get back together. The thought of being with you again made Wonwoo smile and as he knocks on the door, he just hopes things will work out the way he imagines.

Surprise was etched on your face when you see Wonwoo on the other side of the door, “Wonwoo? What are you doing back here? I thought I told you-“

“I know, Y/N, I know, but I have a proposition,” You grip the door handle, nodding your head and signalling him to continue, “I know I was an ass back then and I know I don’t deserve you, but I can’t stop thinking about you. You of all people know how much being an idol means to me and I’m sorry that I let that get in between us. There are a million and one things I have to do to make things right but I’m willing to do them all if you would take me b-“

“Hey babe, who’s at the door?”

Wonwoo freezes at the male voice resounding from your apartment. A shiver runs down his spine at the thought of you moving on to another man.

“Just a salesman, I’ll be right back Taeyong!” You shout as you close the door behind you. Wonwoo takes a few steps back, keeping a safe distance from you. You look at him with sympathetic eyes, gently latching a hand around his wrist and leading him up to the top of your building. Talking in your hallway would be dangerous, considering you neighbours were pretty nosy.

Wonwoo lets you guide him up a few flights of stairs but when the two of you walk through the rooftop door he stays rooted in his place.

He was afraid to ask but curiosity was eating him alive, “Babe? Taeyong? W-who was that?”

You disregard his gaze, instead choosing to stare into the horizon “Taeyong…is my boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend? T-that…that was a little fast, don’t you think?” Despite his smile, the tears were building in his eyes. His fists were shaking and the image of your shy smile as you accepted his offer to date him again vanished into thin air. He should have known better than to get his hopes up. Who in their right mind would welcome him back after all that he’d done. Or didn’t do.

A long silence hung in the air and the tension was almost tangible. You cross your arms in front of your chest, hand gripping at your forearm. There were a lot of things you wanted to say to Wonwoo, words of anger, words of guilt, but instead of scripting what to tell him you let your heart pour out of your mouth.

“You said you loved me, Wonwoo,” His name felt foreign on your tongue, “You told me you wanted us to be forever and that you wanted to marry me and I took your word for it. You said we were meant to be together and after all those years, you were embedded into me. I couldn’t imagine life without you. Then one day you tell me that you want to break up so you can continue pursuing a career after months of not seeing me…” You laugh, sniffling as a stinging sensation pricked your eyes.

“I thought you were joking, but I guess the only joke was me. I waited for you for so long Wonwoo…so long. I couldn’t wait anymore. I never planned to find someone so soon but Taeyong helped me a lot,” you confess, “After you left me a mess.”

Wonwoo searches your eyes frantically for any hint of lies, any glimmer of hope that would alert him that he still had a chance. But your eyes were void of such emotions. He licks his dry lips and shoves his hands into his pocket, “I shouldn’t have come today, huh?” He jokes and he’s never heard such a pathetic laugh in his life.

“No, you really shouldn’t have,” you whisper as you walk past him. Your hand clenches the door handle and you yank it open, “Good Luck with everything, Wonwoo. I…I wish you all the best.”

The sound of the door shutting close rings in his ears. His body feels heavy and his knees sink to the ground, both of his hands gripping his hair. A muffled sob erupts through his clenched teeth, tears flowing from his eyes with no pause.

Wonwoo hated himself for letting you slip away. He had taken you for granted and now he was paying the price, the memory of how much you loved him and how he won’t ever feel that love ever again, torturing him to no end.

natsuchan91  asked:

Hi! I was reading the last scenario where the boys and their s/o fight and they get into an accident. Could you write a continuation where they find out about the accident that killed their s/o and their reactions?I'm craving some angst ;-;U thanks!

I swear y’all love to wreck me with your angsty requests. I love to wreck y’all too. HAHA, I hope all of you will enjoy this!! <3 thanks for giivng my blog love xoxo.

Generation of Miracles

The moment you walked out of the door, Aomine regretted his harsh words. He knew he was the one at fault but his damn pride was in the way. With a loud growl, he stormed to the door and yanked it open, only to see you running onto the streets mindlessly.

“No!” he yelled as an oncoming car couldn’t slam its brakes in time.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. You getting hurt, him running and the driver of the car desperately trying to avoid you. Before he knew it, your body flew into the air and thudded onto the ground a few feet away. His body moved instinctively to you and he heard a weird choking sound, which he later found out that it was him after all.

“No, no, don’t leave me,” he gasped, watching as your eyelids fluttered weakly.

Shards of glass were embedded in your soft skin and Aomine could barely hold back the cries of dismay as you moaned in agony.

“Call… Call the ambulance!” he screamed.

Passerbys had gathered in a circle and a few of them already had their phones to their ears.

“Please, don’t do this. Please, I am sorry. I am sorry,” Aomine begged, holding your hand in his.

It was slick with the red fluid that was escaping your body at an alarming rate and he yearned to hold you to him but he was scared of causing you more pain.

“I love you, don’t leave me. Don’t leave me please,” he hissed, watching as your mouth opened and closed feebly.

No sound came out as you tried to tell him something and he leaned closer.

“I…. love…” you managed the first two words but before you could manage the last word, your body gave up on you.

Aomine watched in horror as your eyelids fluttered close and your body fell limp.

“No! Don’t do this! This is all my fault. I am sorry,” he broke down, gathering you to him in one swift move.

Ignoring the sharp pain from the glass, he rocked you back and forth. Your heartbeat has ceased and he still held you, crying horribly. He didn’t let go even when the ambulance came, only managing to mutter his apologies over and over again.

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Closing Argument StevexReader

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Request (Anon): Can I have a steve imagine where he and the reader are always arguing (whether in missions or not) but he only does that bc he loves her and he only wants to protect her? :) - UM YA THIS IS CUTE I DIG IT

Words: 1371

Warnings: Language?? A LOT of insults aha!

“Steve, incoming!” You called, knocking a HYDRA gunman to the ground with the heel of your boot before he could shoot you in the face.

Steve grunted and turned around to take down a whole squadron of enemies, his shield flashing in the dim light. When he finally punched the last opposing solider in the face, knocking him out, he was slightly out of breath. The magnet on his wrist pulling his shield back to him and he put it around his back. 

“Thanks for the warning, but I don’t need your help.” He standoffishly hissed.

You narrowed your eyes and he gulped nervously, knowing he was in trouble. “Listen here knuckle-head, we’re part of a team and a team has to work together.”

He took a deep breath and raised an eyebrow in return, “Then why didn’t you ‘work with me’ when I asked you to stay back at Headquarters?”

“Because I can take care of myself! And you know, surprisingly, you aren’t the boss of me!” You huffed, walking down the stone hallway, gun poised for any surprise attacks. You could tell from the extra foot steps that Steve was following you from behind, his feet slightly dragging.

He sighed, “Look Y/N, I’m sorry I - “

“No. You look Captain Rogers, I get that someone pissed in your cornflakes this morning, but it’s not really my main concern right now. So please shut up and continue with the mission so we can leave because my computer and I have a date with Netflix tonight.”

He fell silent and you were almost disappointed. Normally the two of you argue way more than this on team outings, Steve constantly trying to tell you what to do. Regardless of the fact that you’re 100% human with no superpowers, you could easily handle your own on the battlefront. If only Steve could understand that. But he normally didn’t give up this easily, so his silence was a change. 

You approached a T-split in the tunnel, the path leading in two very opposite directions. You touched your earpiece, “Steve and I are splitting up, there’s a divide in the tunnel.”

“There’s no other way?” Natasha asked over the walkie. “Steve?”

Steve stepped forward, tapping his ear. “We could explore one tunnel, then double back and - “

“No.” You cut him off swiftly, “That’ll take too much time. It’ll be faster and more efficient if we just split up.”

Natasha sighed, “Do what you have to do but just be careful.”

You turned to Steve with murderous eyes, “How dare you undermine my decision? Never mind, that our other team members were listening! How could you?”

“I thought I was helping!” He retorted angrily, his hand balling into fists beside him. “Why are you being so difficult?”

“Because you’re so goddam controlling all the time!” You roared back at him. “This is my first mission where I get to call the shots and you’ve literally questioned all of them. Then, to top it all off, you stand there and make me look like I’m unable to make decisions in front of my teammates. So yeah, maybe I’m being difficult, but you’re just fucking impossible! I’m so done with you right now.”

You quickly turned on your heel and marched away from him, leaving him with his mouth partially hanging open.

The point of the mission was to find the control room and to backup the software, files and everything else onto a back up drive and then destroy HYDRA’s intel. The divide meant that either Steve would find the right room, or you would. 

As you continued down the hall, checking each dark and empty room for what you were looking for, you started loosing hope. The last thing that you needed right now was for Steve to complete the mission before you, making you look like shit.

So when you threw open a bright red door and there were computers lined up in rows upon rows, you practically squealed with excitement. You were about to tell Steve you found it, but thought better of it. If you get the intel now and complete the mission yourself, then that’ll show him to question your authority ever again.

The download started off simple, the driver was loading quickly and it looked like you’d be making record time. But once the files were on the drive and you started trying to delete the excess files, an alarm sounded.

“Shit!” You pressed your hand to your ear, “Steve I found the room, the drive is loaded, but I - Ow fuck!”

A searing hot pain blasted into the back of your shoulder, then another to your thigh. You bit down on your lip to keep yourself from screaming out, you fingers deleting everything quicker.

“Y/N?” Steve called over the earpiece, his breath heavy like he was running. “Are you ok? What’s going on? I’m coming hold on.”

With the last file gone and two more shots - your abdomen twice - you slid to the ground in pain, hiding behind the desk for cover. The pain was too much now and you were sobbing silently at the horrible feeling spreading through your body. You spoke into the earpiece as steadily as you possibly could, “I’m down.”

The HYDRA agent was getting closer and the bullets from his machine gun were raining down around you. There was a loud bang and the gunfire stopped suddenly, a series of grunts taking place before the silence.


“Here.” You gasped through the pain, your arms wrapped tightly around your middle as if to physically hold your body together. “I’m here.”

When Steve saw you he swore, running to your side and picking you up in his arms. “You’re going to be ok. Everything’s going to be fine Y/N, I promise.”

You lay your tired head against his shoulder, hardly feeling the bumps as he ran through the enemy base. “Aren’t you going to yell at me?”


“Why not?”

“Because you didn’t do anything wrong.”

You were confused, the dizziness from blood loss was leaving you dazed. “You make no sense.” You whispered to him drunkly, a few seconds later losing your consciousness completely.


The first thing you saw when you woke up was Steve Rogers, laying face down on the end of your hospital bed. “Steve?” You mumbled groggily. 

His head snapped up, looking like complete and utter shit, a smile quickly replacing his frown. “You’re awake!”

You flinched at his volume and he uttered a shy apology. You felt very confused and even a little hazy, looking over you could see the IV dripping into your bloodstream and you figured that explained the lightheaded feeling.

“What are you doing here?” You questioned, “Come to tell me off for my stupid decision making skills?”

He chuckled, reaching out to grab your hand. “Y/N, I’m sorry that I was such a pretentious bastard before.” You hummed in agreement and he rolled his eyes before continuing. “You got the job to lead this mission and I was happy for you, until I saw how dangerous the plan was. So I wanted you to stay home that way you’d be safe. Then, I suggested we explore the tunnels together so that I wouldn’t have to leave you alone. I was trying to protect you, you silly girl.”

You blushed slightly at his confession, trying to frown at him but you started to giggle like a schoolgirl instead. “T-That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! You should have just asked me to dinner if you like me…”

He grinned, finding amusement in your drug-induced bluntness, “Would that have worked?”

You wagged your finger, encouraging him to come closer to you. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, thinking your were going to whisper in his ear. Instead you grabbed his face with both hands and pressed your lips gently against his.

“Yes you stupid, gorgeous, idiot.” You giggled, “Dinner would have worked. It also would have saved us a lot of arguing.”

He laughed, brushing your hair off your face and gently nudging you back down on the bed. “Ok, ok! Now lay down and get some rest you crazy druggie, we need you healthy again.”

Well that was really fun to write! I like writing banter, so that was a nice theme to expand on! I really hope you enjoyed it Anon! <3

Daniel's Christmas Star

A/N: Another anon request filled! I know that Christmas has passed and I’m soo sorry for the delay. The prompt was cute and I loved writing this. Hope you all like it too. Enjoy lovelies! :)

“Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree, your leaves are so unchanging…”

I hummed along to the song playing on the radio as I decorated the tree. A little tinsels there, a few ornaments here, and voila. The tree was perfect. I smiled as I stepped back to take a look at the tree in all of its glory. The ornaments sparkled beautifully against the shine of the sunset beaming through the window. I took out my phone and snapped a few pictures before giggling to myself. 

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Dark (`Eight’ part 2)


Characters: Liam, Mason, Melissa, mentions Hayden, Stiles, and also mentions both Scott and Theo like once each.

Word Count: 1,558

Pairing: liam x reader Kyra

Kyra = your name

other parts to the series

previous part   part 3 

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It was as if you were flying, even swinging really high maybe. You were just swinging back and forth trying to go higher and higher but you couldn’t see anything. It was completely dark and mostly silent, all you could hear were your panting laboured breaths and the sound of your legs pumping air as you subconsciously tried to go even higher. 

You heard a noise that didn’t belong in the silent fields of darkness that you currently occupied, it sounded like someone sniffling. You tried to scream but nothing came out, you tried to jump off the swing but nothing happened, you just climbed higher. You heard another noise, this time you focussed your hardest to hear what the words were, they sounded so far away at first but suddenly they became louder and stronger, and you could make out what the person was saying. Liam, it was Liam. He was talking to you.

“Kyra… I know you probably can’t hear me because you’re kinda in a coma..” he let out an awkward chuckle like he wanted to say so much more but was going to cry if he did, and all you could imagine was him reaching behind his neck and scratching at it lightly like he did when he was nervous or feeling awkward . He sniffled again, “ Hayden’s back.. and I don’t think you’d approve but we’re seeing each other again.” you felt a tear roll down your face and tried to reach up to feel it but found you couldn’t detach your hand from the metal chains of the swing. You wailed and thrashed and screamed but nothing happened and you felt drained, even more so than before. “ Kyra… please, please just wake up. I need you” suddenly all these senses came crashing right at you, they seemed to be radiating off of Liam. Sadness, anger, sorrow, anxiety. All floating off of him. And you realized, you were a werewolf now. The bite didn’t kill you obviously, but you had a sliver of hope that you wouldn’t change. Your hopes were crushed. Just like they were crushed when Liam told you about Hayden merely moments ago. Just as fast as the senses washed over you, they were gone. And you knew Liam had left you.

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you stayed in your comatose state for 4 days in total and once you woke up you found yourself a lone in the hospital room. At first you felt a great sense of relief that you had been a lone and not overwhelmed but as an hour passed by and Scott’s mom, Melissa, had been the only one come to check on you, you became hesitant and started to wonder about how close you really were with everyone. No one seemed to care. You called your dad who didn’t pick up and so you spoke to Melissa about checking yourself out instead. You ended up taking a cab home paid for by Melissa, even though you had tried to tell her she didn’t need to, she did it anyways and you couldn’t help but love her like she was your own mom. 

Once you got home, to yet again, an empty house, you decided to take a shower and eat something, you had no energy but you were also gross and starving so what could you do. As soon as you got out of the shower your phone buzzed, it was Mason. you sighed and took a deep breath before pressing answer.

“hel-” you started but Mason interrupted you “Are you okay? I stopped by the hospital with Liam but you weren’t there? Where are you? Once again… are you okay?” you groaned ad rolled your eyes. “I’m fine Mason…and i just wanna have some peace and quiet right now but I’m at home, so please don’t tell anyone I’m here…” 

“yeah, uh remember how I said I’m with Liam? Werewolf hearing Kyra… remember? He’s already on his way..” You felt yourself growing angry, even though this was something stupid to get angry about, rage was bubbling up within you, you didn’t want to see Liam, not when he was with Hayden, not when you couldn’t think straight, not when you knew you liked him but he’d probably never like you back. You snarled into the phone, and then realized what you had done and hung up before he could ask about it, then again, he already knew probably. You felt yourself getting more and more angry and rushed into the bathroom, slamming and locking the door behind you. You looked into the mirrors and saw your eyes beginning to glow the same yellow you’d seen Liam’s change to many times. You splashed freezing cold water onto your face and looked back up into the mirror looking into your eyes to see them going back to their normal emerald green. You sighed and slid down the wall facing the door. You cried into your hands for a good solid three minutes until you heard the sound of the front door creaking open and footsteps shuffling inside. You sensed anxiety, worry, and something you couldn’t quite place came radiating at you and you knew it was Liam. Oh god.. Liam

“Kyra..? it’s me.. Liam” you heard him calling from downstairs, you cautiously stood up and unlocked the door, peeking out and making eye contact with him as he walked up the stairs. As soon as he saw you and actually took you in he barrelled towards you, pulling you into a tight embrace. At first you felt awkward and didn’t want to be hugged by him, but you caved almost immediately and pressed your face into his chest, wrapping your arms around him. “Kyra..” he began sounding immensely worried but you cut him off and let out a sob, he pulled you in tighter, stroking your hair long blonde hair. You pulled away finally and looked up at him, watching as his sparkling baby blue eyes were filled with worry and concern. 

“what happened that night?” you mumbled as he wiped your tears away gently with the pad of his thumb. His heart began to pound faster, he was angry. “ He bit you, way too hard, you lost a lot of blood.” You saw the pain in his eyes as he remembered that night all over again. You reached up and caressed his cheek softly, his heart sped up but this time it wasn’t from anger. As soon as you noticed the change you dropped your hand and looked away from him. Your eyes rested on a little black gift box from Christmas last year, the box had contained a gift from Stiles, and that’s when it hit you. Stiles.. was he okay? “where’s stiles” you whispered suddenly. 

“Kyra.. Stiles isn’t doing all that well.. Theo.. he hurt him really badly.” you suddenly felt everything come flying at you all at once. you fell to the ground onto your knees and sobbed. Why was your life crumbling, what did you do to deserve all of it? “I cant do this Li, I’ve been bitten and I survived which means im a werewolf..I turned just before you showed up, i’m a werewolf, and I can’t handle this. I’m going to hurt someone, I know it.. plus everything has fallen apart” You began to cry harder and you knew he heard your heart shattering. He sat beside you and pulled you into his arms, so you were basically laying on him, he ran his hand up and down your back, trying his hardest to comfort you for the moment. You pulled out of his grasp and sat back, looking into his eyes, you needed to tell him how you felt, how you really liked him, and if you didn’t tell him now you never would. 

“Liam, I need to tell you something, and I hope this wont ruin our friendship, I’m not asking for anything from you or expecting you to feel the same, but I need to tell you now that I really like you, like, a lot, and I know you had something with Hayden I just needed to confess to it” as soon as the words left your lips you felt incredibly embarrassed. He didn’t say anything and you knew it was a horrible idea to have told him. He didn’t like you back, it was so obvious.

“i don’t know what to say… Kyra I-” you heard his voice crack and you could tell what words he was about to say and they were not the words you wanted to hear. “Just get out.” you whispered standing up abruptly and walking towards your bedroom, you spun around to look at him, “I shouldn’t have told you,” You murmured and slammed your bedroom door without looking him in the eyes. You heard his footsteps fading away, getting farther until you heard the door open then slam shut, shaking the house a bit. You sobbed and sobbed all night, feeling heart broken and miserable, until you decided it was time to get out, you needed to get as far away from Beacon Hills as possible, as far away from all the sadness and heartbreak as you could, and so a plan hatched in your head, a plan that would make your wish of disappearing easier than ever.